Meaning : Yellow Roadway Corporation

Category : Logistics
Sub Category :Company
Type : Initialism

There are 4 full forms of YRC

1.Yellow Roadway Corporation

2.Yokohoma Rubber company

3.York Railway

4.Youth Red cross

What is the full form of YRC and meaning ?

1.Yellow roadway corporation – this is a company much like Fedex where they deliver cargo from one location to another known as logistics as well as warehouse services.

2.Yokohoma rubber company – Named after the city if ytokohoma in Japan,but now headquartered in the capital,this is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the country.

3.York Railway – This is a short distance rail line connecting just a handful of places en-route and is terminates in York in the state of Pennsylvania.

4.youth red cross – This is part of the parent organization of the Red cross and is actively involved in providing relief and aid material to refugees and people in distress.