YAHOO full form

Meaning : Yet another hierarchically organized oracle

Category : Internet / Corporate
Sub Category : Websites

What does YAHOO mean or stand for ?

YAHOO is one of the oldest web search engines that started off in the early 1990s,much before the advent of GOOGLE.Many remember YAHOO as their first internet search tool and it often was the homepage or starting page of any web browser.

They named it YAHOO for two reasons – One that tries to sound serious and technical and the other is probably the real reason why it was named so.

The founders Jerry and David were renegades and rebellious by nature- they also were brilliant engineers from Stanford.They wanted a name that would reflect who they were and what it would represent.

YAHOO is something we shout out  loud when we are crazed and excited.It represents raw,crazy,exuberance of an unpolished rule breaker which is what David and Jerry stood for.

The “more civil” full form of YAHOO which is Yet another hierarchically organized oracle” refers to the arrangement of pages and files in the yahoo database and how efficiently they were stacked in order for users to easily retrieve them.They saw themselves s “godsends of digital information” that’s why they included the Oracle in it.