VIP full form

Meaning : Very Important Person

Category : Terminology
Sub Category : Status

What does VIP mean or stand for ?

The full form of VIP is very important person.It is a  privilege and status symbol given to people with power and wealth.Corporate honchos,political personas and heads of state are bestowed with this honour.

VIPs are shown special treatment like security, vehicles, accommodation and other perks depending on the position of the VIP.

VVIPs are one rung higher than VIPs.You would think there was nothing better right?You would think they already have it all dont you?Wrong! VVIPs are the creme de la creme and that is a title that is given to Emperors,Royalty,Presidents,CEOs and other billionaires.

VVIPs are provided police and state security by the government as well as having their own private security and maybe military escorts also.They are so powerful that if they were harmed, it could start a civil war or make a company shed 10% of its stock.