VCD full form

Meaning : Video Compact disk

Category : Technology
Sub Category : Storage media

What does VCD mean or stand for ?

A Video CD or VCD as they were called back in the day was a compact disk that stored a video in the space of 700 MB ( megabytes).A full movie usually fit on a 2 set VCD each of 700 MB.This was the norm for most movies that were written onto VCDs.

VCDs were extremely popular in Asia and found little penetration into the markets of Europe and America.The western world found the transition from VHS to DVD/Blueray simpler.In the middle they experimented with Laser Discs,but that too didn’t find much of an audience in the West.

VCDs used a video compression known MPEG in order to fit a full length feature film onto a 70 minute VCD.The quality of video was subpar at best and the average resolution was 352*240.

VCDs were infamously used in the piracy of millions of movies in Asia which cost the studios immensely.