UVEPROM full form

Meaning : Ultra Violet Erasable Programmable read only memory

Category : Computers
Sub Category : Hardware / Technology

What does UVEPROM mean or stand for ?

The full form of  UVEPROM is a part of electronics,computers and mainstream memory modules.There are two main types of memory in electronics and computer systems- RAM and ROM.RAM memory gets emptied every time you switch off the device or computer and ROM is a type of memory that has a pre set list of commands that run every time you switch on the device.ROM does not get erased when you switch off the machine.

EPROM is an advanced type of ROM that is used widely in all types of electronics and we can program what instructions and commands need to be executed upon power up.Just like regular ROM,the EPROM will hold these instructions and execute them every time,and will not be automatically erased.

The UV- EPROM is a type of EPROM that can be erased and reprogrammed by exposing it to Ultra Violet radiation.