Meaning : Quick UDP Internet Connections

Category : Internet
Sub Category :Protocol 
Type : Initialism

There are a total of 5 full forms for QUIC

Quick UDP Internet Connections

Queen’s University International Centre

Quality Interagency Coordination

Queen’s University Investment Counsel

Quick Urban & Industrial Complex

What is the full form of QUIC and meaning ?

1 . Quick UDP Internet Connections – This is a networking protocol similar to TCP/IP that is used in all types of internet connections.

2.Queen’s University International Centre – This is a branch of Queens University in Canada that acts as a liaison between students and faculty members and addresses their concerns.

3.Quality Inter agency Coordination – this is a group that comprises of Federal healthcare agencies and aims to provide coordination and easy working between the different factions.

4.Queen’s University Investment Counsel – This is a group that is fronted by members of the student counsel at Queens college and thier aim is to assist other students with investment and funding.

5. Quick Urban & Industrial Complex – This is a very technical software system that uses coordinates and data to create 3 dimensional models for scientific purposes.