• QZZ full form
    Did you fall asleep at the mike?
  • QZY full form
    You are unreadable
  • QZU full form
    Qiongzhou University
  • QZT full form
    Receiver trouble
  • QZSS
    Meaning : Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellite  Type : Initialism Quasi-Zenith Satellite System What is the full form of QZSS and meaning ? This type of satellite positioning system is used by Japan and is extremely useful in all types of mobile and other telecommunications. 
  • QZL full form
    Quebrada Zona Leste
  • QZD full form
    Quantum Zero Dynamics
  • QYF full form
    Quebec Young Farmers
  • QYE full form
    Quan Yin Experience
  • QXY full form
    Phase Angle Shift
  • QXX full form
    Change the Operator
  • QXU full form
    Quad Expansion Unit
  • QXT full form
    Quark XPress Template
  • QXO full form
    Quartz Crystal Oscillator
  • QXM full form
    Quick eXtend Mast
  • QXL full form
    Quark XPress Element library
  • QXI full form
    Quantitative Xray Imager
  • QXH full form
    Flowrate by Height
  • QXF full form
    Quick Expert Facility
  • QXE full form
    Queue Execution Equation
  • QXC full form
    Quantum Health Center
  • QWZ full form
    Qizmo demo compression
  • QWS full form
    Qualitative Weight and Sum
  • QWK full form
    Every Week
  • QWIP full form
    Quantum Well Infra-Red Photodetector
    Meaning : Standard keyboard/typewriter layout Category : ComputersSub Category :Keyboard  Type : Acronym Standard keyboard/typewriter layout, order of the first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard What is the full form of QWERTY and meaning ? This is the first 6 letters that appear on the top left of a standard computer keyboard and also ...
  • QWD full form
    Quality Web Designer
  • QWAVE full form
    Quality Windows AudioVideo Experience
  • QW full form
    Quote Word
  • QVVT full form
    Qualified Verification Vibration Testing
  • QVU full form
    Quantity and Volume Used
  • QVT full form
    Qualified Verification Testing
  • QVR full form
    Qualified Vehicle Repairer
  • QVP full form
    Quality Verification Program
  • QVP 7 full form
    Quick View Plus 7
  • QVO full form
    Qualified Vehicle Operator
  • QVM full form
    Meaning : Qualified Vehicle Mechanic Category : ProfessionSub Category :Automobiles  Type : Initialism What does QVM mean or stand for ? Qualified Vehicle Mechanic is a professional vehicle engineer and inspector who has in depth knowledge of a particular vehicle.This mechanic can work in he capacity of a personal car repairman or be employed by an organization.In some countries ...
  • QVL full form
    Qualified Vendors List
  • QVL
    Meaning : Qualified Vendor List Category : CompanySub Category :Supply Chain Type : Initialism There are a total of 2 full forms for QVL 1.Qualified Vendor List 2.Quella Vecchia Locanda What is the full form of QVL and meaning ? 1.Qualified Vendor List – This is a list comprising of vendors or sellers of a particular product that a company will buy ...
  • QVI full form
    Quality Verification Inspection
  • QVG full form
    Quality Verification Group
  • QVF full form
    Quality Verification Factor
  • QVE full form
    Qualified Vocational Education
  • QVD full form
    Quadratic Variation Diminishing
  • QVC
    Meaning : Quality Value convenience Category : TelechoppingSub Category :Technology  Type : Initialism There are a total of 2 full forms for QVC. 1.Quality Value convenience 2.Qatar Vinyl Company What is the full form of QVC and meaning ? 1.Quality value convenience – This is one of the largest tele-shopping channels that try to sell products via the TV directly to customers ...
  • QV full form
    quod vide (which see)
  • QUU full form
    Quick Uuencoder/ Uudecoder
  • QUST full form
    Qingdao University Of Science And Technolgy
  • QUSL full form
    Quinnipiac University School of Law
  • QUR1 full form
    Have survivors received survival equipment?
  • QUPD full form
    Quality Upgradation and Product Diversification
  • Quora
    Meaning : Question or Answer Category : InternetSub Category :Website Type : Given name Question or Answer What is the full form of QUORA and meaning ? Many people don’t know that QUORA stands for question and answer.Users can both upload questions and answers to unanswered questions left by other members of the community.Its very informative and gives a first ...
  • QUJ full form
    Quick UML for Java
  • QUIZ full form
    Quick Uniform Intelligence Zone
  • QUIC
    Meaning : Quick UDP Internet Connections Category : InternetSub Category :Protocol Type : Initialism There are a total of 5 full forms for QUIC Quick UDP Internet Connections Queen’s University International Centre Quality Interagency Coordination   Queen’s University Investment Counsel Quick Urban & Industrial Complex What is the full form of QUIC and meaning ? 1 . Quick UDP Internet Connections – This is a networking ...
  • QUG full form
    QANTEL User Group
  • Qubit
    Meaning : Quantum bit Category : ComputersSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation Quantum bit What is the full form of Qubit and meaning ? Just like a bit in a normal computer language is the least amount of information that can be contained and have a value of either 0 or 1 (ON or OFF).Similar in the same way in ...
  • QUB full form
    (Visual) Query Builder
  • QUANT. full form
    Meaning : Quantity  Category : ScienceSub Category :Metric  Type : Abbreviation What does QUANT. mean or stand for ? Quantity is the full form of quant. and this refers to a physical metric that is used in measurement ascribed in either litres,kilograms,pounds or cubic meters depends on if we are talking about weight or volume etc.
  • QUANGO XX full form
    quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation (quango)
  • Qualcomm
    Meaning : Quality Communications Category : AssociationSub Category :TechnologyType : Initialism Quality Communications What is the full form of QUALCOMM and meaning ? Many people have seen this logo but they don’t really know that it is short form for quality communications and they are manufacturers of all types of computer communication equipment.These maybe related to modems,routers,switches and Ethernet adapters ...
  • QU full form
    Qad University
  • QTZ full form
  • Qty
    Meaning : Quantity Category : MeasureSub Category :MetricType : Abbreviation Quantity What is the full form of QTY and meaning ? Quantity is a scientific term that is used to describe the amount of substance or matter contained which can be measured accurately.
  • QTX full form
    Meaning : QuickTime eXtension Category : ComputersSub Category :Software & Systems  Type : Initialism What does QTX mean or stand for ? QuickTime eXtension was used in order for other media players to play quicktime audio and video files.Many default players of operating systems did not support quicktime files directly and thus in order to play these types of ...
  • QTW full form
    Meaning : Apple QuickTime for Windows Category : ComputersSub Category :Media Players  Type : Initialism What does QTW mean or stand for ? Apple QuickTime for Windows is a software that was used to play media files especially audio and video.It was not all that popular in the 90s when it got some traction.A media player with the correct ...
  • QTVR full form
    Quick Time Virtual Reality
  • QTV full form
    Delta College Quality Public Television
  • QTT full form
    Meaning : Qualifying To Teach Category : EducationSub Category :TeachingType : Initialism What does QTT mean or stand for ? Qualifying To Teach or qualified to teach is referred to teachers when they pass through the prerequisites in order to teach at any level of education right from primary to high school and above.In order to do this,they ...
  • QTS full form
    Qualified Teacher Status
  • QTP full form
    Quick Test Professional
  • QTP
    Meaning : Quetiapine Category : MedicalSub Category :DrugType : Initialism Quetiapine What is the full form of QTP and meaning ? This is a medicinal drug that is used often when people have mental disorders,mood swings and possible violent behavior. It works in a way to relax  the mind so that these tendencies re reduced in the patient.
  • QTP
    Meaning : Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Category : GeographySub Category :Plateaus  Type : Initialism Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau What is the full form of QTP and meaning ? The QTP is widely regarded in geography and is of utmost importance in this field because it is known to be the highest flat plain plateau in the world.
  • QTP
    Meaning : Quick Test Professional Category : ComputerSub Category :Program  Type : Initialism Quick Test Professional What is the full form of QTP and meaning ? This is a programming tool that computer scientists use to diagnose and analyse software programs based on various parameters.
  • QTO? full form
    Have you left dock or port?
  • QTM full form
    Quantitative Techniques in Management
  • QTL full form
    Qt Template Library
  • QTK full form
    QuickTake digital camera Bitmap graphics
  • QTE full form
    Qualified Technological Equipment
  • QTC full form
    Quicktime Conferencing
  • QTAQ full form
    Quitting Time for Alcohol Questionnaire
  • QTAM full form
    Queued Teleprocessing Access Method
  • QTA full form
    Queensland Training Award
  • QSX full form
    Quality Software eXpert
  • QSW full form
    Q-switched laser
  • QSV full form
    Quake II Scene Viewer
  • QSU full form
    Quality and Standards Unit
  • QSTA full form
    Quantitative Sustainability Time-series Analysis
  • QSS full form
    Quindar Scanning System
  • QSR full form
  • QSPR full form
    Quantitative Structure Property Relationships
  • QSPC full form
    Canonical Spagyric Quintessence Of Paracelsus
  • QSMVT full form
    Quarter Scale Model Vibration Testing
  • QSM full form
    Quarter Scale Model
  • QSL? full form
    Can you acknowledge receipt?
  • QSL full form
    Qualified Source List
  • QSK full form
    Meaning : Can you hear me between your signals? Category : RadioSub Category :Codes  Type : Initialism Can you hear me between your signals? What is the full form of QSK and meaning ? When amateur radio operators use morse code to transmit information via radio dots and dashes,and they want to ask if they can be heard correctly,then they ...
  • QSIG full form
    Q signaling
  • QSGVT full form
    Quarter Scale Ground Vibration Test
  • QSE full form
    Qualitative Studies in Education
  • QSD full form
    Quality System Design
  • QSB full form
    Quake 2 Scene Builder
  • QSAR full form
    Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
  • QSAM full form
    Queued Sequential Access Method
  • QSA full form
    Qualification Site Approval
  • QS full form
    Quantitative Sciences
  • QRY full form
  • QRW full form
    Quasi Random Word
  • QRT full form
    Meaning : Quick Response Time Category : MetricSub Category :Emergency services  Type : Initialism What does QRT mean or stand for ? Quick Response Time is time taken by an emergency service like the fire department or paramedical to reach to the victim of the trauma. The faster the QRT,the better is the efficiency of that unit.
  • QRSL full form
    QuickReaction Space Laboratory
  • QRS full form
    Quantitative Restrictions
  • QRS
    Quantron/Quantum Resonance System
  • QRS
    Quilon Radio Service
  • QRS
    Meaning : Quantron/ Quantum resonance system Category : CompaniesSub Category :Healing therapyType : Initialism There are 3 meanings of the full form of QRS 1.An electrocardiogram complex consisting of the Q, R, and S waves 2.Quilon radio service 3.Quantron/Quantum resonance system What is the full form of QRS and meaning ? 1.an electrocardiograph complex consisting of the Q, R, and S waves ...
  • QRR full form
    Quick Review Report
  • QRPS full form
    Quintana Roo Speleological Survey
  • QRP full form
    Quick Release Plate
  • QRO? full form
    Shall I increase power?
  • QRNG full form
    Quinolone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
  • QRM full form
    Quantitative Risk Management
  • QRIA full form
    QuickReaction Integration Activity
  • QRI full form
    QuickReaction Integration
  • QRHE full form
    quantum anomalous Hall effect
  • QRF full form
    Meaning : Quarterly Report Form Category : CorporateSub Category :Documentation  Type : Initialism What does QRF mean or stand for ? Quarterly Report Form is a document in which a companies financial figures for the quarter are systematically filled up so that they maybe submitted to various authorities.This may include profits,losses,expenditure and other required data.
  • QRE full form
    QuickReaction Estimate
  • QRD full form
    Quick Reaction Demonstration
  • QRBP full form
    Qualifications Review Board Process
  • QRB full form
    Qualifications Review Board
  • QRA full form
    Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • QR full form
    Quick Response
  • QR Code
    Meaning : Quick Response Code Category : ComputersSub Category :Application  Type : Abbreviation Quick Response Code What is the full form of QR CODE and meaning ? A QR code is a code that is readable by a smartphone application and this code will contain a link to other information that can be utilized by the person who scans the ...
  • QQY full form
    Hamot Medical Center library
  • QQW full form
    Quick Quote Windows
  • QQU full form
    Quantum QHM (Quadraphonic Headphones with Microphone) USB (Universal Serial Bus)
  • QQT full form
    Query QuickTime Player Plug-in
  • QQS full form
    QOS (Quality Of Service) Query Service
  • QQR full form
    QiNetix Quick Recovery
  • QQO full form
    Quasi- Quadrennial Oscillation
  • QQM full form
    Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
  • QPY full form
    Quantum Photoelectron Yield
  • QPX full form
    FoxPro Compiled executable QBE query file
  • QPW full form
    Quattro Pro Workfile
  • QPU-2 full form
    Quake Pack Utility 2
  • QPSK full form
    Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  • QPS full form
    QuadraPole Surround speaker
  • QPRK full form
    Quicken Password Recovery Key
  • QPR full form
    Queens Park Ranger
  • QPR
    Question, Persuade and Refer
  • QPR
    Meaning : Quality-Price Ratio Category : Food & BeveragesSub Category :Quality  Type : Initialism There are a total of 3 full forms for QPR Quality-Price Ratio Queens park rangers Question persuade and refer What is the full form of QPR and meaning ? Quality price ratio – This is a phrase used in the wine tasting industry.Before a wine can go for retail ...
  • QPR
    Queens Park Rangers
  • QPP full form
    Quadratic Permutation Polynomial
  • QPN full form
    Qualitative Probabilistic Network
  • QPM full form
    Queens Police Medal
  • QPL full form
    Qt Public License
    Meaning : Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Category : OrganizationSub Category :Legal  Type : Acronym Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House What is the full form of QPILCH and meaning ? This is a organization that offers legal aid and services to people from communities who find it difficult to pay the extremely high down payments that other law ...
  • QPH&B full form
    Quicken 2003 Premier Home and Business
  • QPG full form
    Quantum Phase Gate
  • QPF full form
    quantitative precipitation forecasting
  • QPE full form
    quantitative precipitation estimation
  • QPDT full form
    Quality and Practice Development Team
  • QPC full form
    Qualified Pension Consultant
  • QPA full form
    Quality Performance Analysis
  • QP full form
    Meaning : Quality Professional Category : CorporateSub Category :Performance  Type : Initialism What does QP mean or stand for ? Quality Professional is a person that is entrusted with keeping tabs on the performance and manufacturing or service of a company or unit.He/she has to randomly check the items that are being produced for errors and defects and if ...
  • QOZ full form
    General term used for sand dunes
  • QOX full form
    Quality of eXperience
  • QOV full form
    Quality Of Voice
  • QOUT full form
    Charge going OUT
  • QOU full form
    Al- Quds Open University
  • QOTY full form
    quote of the year
  • QOTSA full form
    queens of the stone age
  • QOTS full form
    Quality Of Telephone Services
  • QOT full form
    Did the game go into OverTime?
  • QOSOI full form
    Quality Of Service Over IP (Internet Protocol)
  • QOSM full form
    Quality Of Service Manager
  • QOSC full form
    Quality Operating Systems Coordinator
  • QOS full form
    Quality of Service (first used with ethernet measurement of data transfer)
  • QoS
    Meaning : Queen of the South Category : SportsSub Category :Football  Type : Initialism Queen of the South What is the full form of QoS and meaning ? This is a football club that is as old as the hills and till today plays in the Scottish national league and is a first division club.
  • QoS
    Meaning : Quality of Service Category : TechnologySub Category :ProtocolType : Initialism Quality of Service What is the full form of QoS and meaning ? The Qos is not what is sounds like and this phrase is actually used to describe protocols and technologies that combine to form various types of network managers,traffic controller etc for a data transmission ...
  • QOR full form
    Quality Of Reception
  • QOOLZ full form
  • QOOL full form
  • QOOE full form
    Quantum Optics and Opto- Electronics
  • QOL full form
    Quality of Life
  • QOH full form
    Quantification of Humans
  • QOF XX full form
    Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • QOF TARGET XX full form
    Quality and Outcomes Framework target (QOF target)
  • QOD full form
    Every Other Day
  • QO full form
    Quality Oncology
  • QNX4 full form
    QuiNuclidinyl- Xanthene
  • QNX full form
    Indexes to Data (file name extension)
  • QNX
    Meaning : QNX is Not Unix Category : CompanySub Category :TechnologyType : Initialism QNX is Not Unix What is the full form of QNX and meaning ? QNX is a technology company that was at the forefront of software solutions for mobile telephony and especially operating systems for text based mobiles.
  • QNS full form
    Quantity Not Sufficent
  • QNR full form
    Quantitative Quality Indicator
  • QNN full form
    Quake Name Maker Help File
  • QNHT full form
    Qualified Negative Herd Test
  • QNB full form
    3-QuiNuclidinyl Benzilate
  • QNA full form
    question and answer
  • QMURR full form
    QualMed Utilization Review Report
  • QMUR full form
    QualMed Utilization Review
  • QMUL full form
    Queen Mary University of London
  • QMUC full form
    A Queen Margaret University College
  • QMU full form
    QualMed Utilization
  • QMT full form
    Memorized List (file name extension)
  • QMS full form
    quality management system
  • QMS
    Meaning : Quality Management System Category : ManagementSub Category :SystemType : Initialism Quality Management System What is the full form of QMS and meaning ? This is a management system that is used in any company,manufacturing unit or plant where the product or service needs to.It comprises of the entire quality assurance team,analysis tools and process to implement a ...
  • QMRS full form
  • QMRP full form
    Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
  • QMR full form
    Quality Management Team
  • QMQ full form
    Quality Management Review
  • QMP full form
    Quantitative Methodology Program
  • QMO full form
    Quality Management Plan
  • QMM full form
    Quality and Manufacturing Management
  • QMJ full form
    Quad Manager Judge
  • QMI full form
    Quality Milk Isolator
  • QMHS full form
    Qualified Mental Health Specialist
  • QMHP full form
    Qualified Mental Health Professional
  • QMG full form
    Quarter Master General
  • QMF full form
    Meaning : Qualified Marine Firefighter Category : NauticalSub Category :Emergency services Type : Initialism What does QMF mean or stand for ? Qualified Marine Firefighter is a professional emergency services personnel who is trained to douse fires and conduct rescue operations on the high seas and on merchant vessel.
  • QME full form
    Qualified Medical Examiner
  • QMD full form
    Quality Management Director
  • QMC full form
    Quadratic Matrix Constraint
  • QMAS XX full form
    Quality Management and Analysis system
  • QMAS full form
    Quality Management and Analysis subsystem
  • QMAES full form
    Quarterly Monitoring Accident and Emergency Services
  • QMA full form
    Meaning : Quality Manager Category : CorporateSub Category :Professional  Type : Initialism What does QMA mean or stand for ? Quality Manager is an employed professional in a company who manages a team of quality analysts.This team is tasked with inspecting the produce of the plant/factory or can even be a company that offers a service instead of a ...
  • QM4 full form
    QMail Options or services file
  • QM full form
    Meaning : Quantum Mechanics Category : EducationSub Category :ScienceType : Initialism What does QM mean or stand for ? Quantum Mechanics is an advanced level of physics which is taught and learnt at university and high levels of education.It looks at matter and mass at at the atomic and quantum level.At this depth,the laws of physics dont always ...
  • QLW full form
    Query Languages Workshop
  • QLTM full form
    Meaning : Quietly laughing to myself Category : PhrasesSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does QLTM mean or stand for ? Quietly laughing to myself is a slang phrase that people use online and in this case it means when we are smirking and giggling under our breath.This is used mainly by young adults who want ...
  • QLTC full form
    Qualified Long Term Care
  • QLS full form
    Qualification Motor
  • QLR full form
    Quick Look Report
  • QLP full form
    Quick Little Program
  • QLN full form
  • QLM full form
  • QLF full form
    Quality Leadership Forum
  • QLED
    Meaning : Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode Category : Electronic Sub Category :Devices Type : Acronym Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode What is the full form of QLED and meaning ? A new technology that is sometimes utilized in consumer products like monitors and television sets.this type of technology uses quantum dots that are small particles that when excited with an ...
  • QLDS full form
    Quick Look Data Station
  • QLDR full form
    Quick Look Data Reference
  • QLD/FC full form
    Quad-Level Dimmer/Flicker Controller
  • QLD full form
  • QLC full form
    Queuing Library Code
  • QLA full form
    Quark License Administrator
  • QL full form
    Quick Loading
  • QKOA full form
    Quarantine Kennel Owners Association
  • QKM full form
    Quadratic Kohn Method
  • QKI-5 full form
    Quaking I-5 Protein
  • QKH full form
    Meaning : Queen bed and Kitchen (Handicap) Category : Interior designSub Category :Bedroom Type : Initialism Queen bed and Kitchen (Handicap) What is the full form of QKH  and meaning ? When designing a room that is friendly towards a handicapped person or for someone who has a disability,then this phrase is used.
  • QKE full form
    Quadrupolar Kondo Effect
  • QKC full form
    Quick Kanji Converter
  • QKA full form
    Qualified 401k Administrator
  • QIY full form
    Qualified Instructor Yeoman
  • QIV full form
    Quick Image Viewer
  • QIS full form
    Q-devices Information System
  • QIR full form
    Quality Information System
  • QIQ full form
    Quality Inspection Requirement
  • QIP full form
    Quick Investigation of Quality
  • QIO full form
    Quality Improvement Program
  • QINMS full form
    Quality Improvement Organization
  • QIM full form
    Quadruple Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer
  • QIL full form
    Quality Inspection Management
  • QIK full form
    Quality Inspection Line
  • QIJ full form
    Quality Improvement Kit
  • QIF full form
    Quicken Import File-Interchange Format (file name extension)
  • QIF
    Meaning : Quicken Interchange Format Category : ComputersSub Category :Company  Type : Initialism Quicken Interchange Format What is the full form of QIF and meaning ? Created by the company known as Quicken,this was a technology whereby the format of a data could be changed and stored from one format to another.
  • QIE full form
    Quality Inspection Engineer
  • QID full form
    Quality Inspection Directorate
  • QIC full form
    Quarter Inch Cartridge (refers to tape drives used for backups)
  • QIC
    Meaning : Quarter – Inch Cartridge Category : ComputersSub Category :Storage Media Type : Initialism Quarter – Inch Cartridge What is the full form of QIC and meaning ? One of the earliest types of storage media that made its way into the retail market more than 4 decades ago and stored data on a magnetic tape.
  • QIB full form
    Qualified Institutional Buyer
  • QIA full form
    Quality Inspection Agent
  • QI full form
    Quit If
  • QHT full form
    QR code Handy Terminal
  • QHS full form
    Bedtime ( Hour of Sleep)
  • QHS
    Meaning : Quincy High School Category : EducationSub Category :High School  Type : Initialism Quincy High School What is the full form of QHS and meaning ? One of the better known high schools in the US,it has students from all religions and races attending here.
  • QHPS full form
    Qualified Health Plan System
  • QHP full form
    Qualified Hardware Professional
  • QHN full form
    Quality Health Network
  • QHM full form
    Meaning : Queens Harbor Master Category : NauticalSub Category :CareersType : Initialism What does QHM mean or stand for ? Queens Harbor Master is an individual who is entrusted and commissioned or employed to be in charge of shipping vessels going in and out a harbor,in this case we are talking about the sea harbor Queens,New York.He has ...
  • QHI full form
    Meaning : Qualified Helicopter Instructor Category : AviationSub Category :Careers Type : Initialism What does QHI mean or stand for ? Qualified Helicopter Instructor is a professional trainer that has received a formal education in order to be able to teach others how to fly a helicopter.Besides having a professional degree and theoretical knowledge,this QHI also needs to be ...
  • QHI
    Meaning : Qualified Helicopter Instructor Category : Aircraft Sub Category :Pilot  Type : Initialism Qualified Helicopter Instructor What is the full form of QHI and meaning ? A trained instructor who inturn is used by the military forces of a country to teach and advice other potential candidates to become helicopter pilots.QHI is not used in private companies only by the ...
  • QHD full form
    QSound High Definition audio library
  • QHD
    Meaning : Quarter Horse Directory Category : WebsiteSub Category :Animals  Type : Initialism Quarter Horse Directory What is the full form of QHD and meaning ? This is a website that has a listing of hundreds of quarter horse breeds with detailed descriptions of each.
  • qHD
    Meaning : Quarter High definition Category : TechnologySub Category :Resolution  Type : Initialism quarter High definition What is the full form of QHD and meaning ? Everyone knows about high definition resolution in computers and mobile phones.A quarter high definition is 25% of a full HD which is the standard of 1080 pixels.
  • QGS full form
    Quantity Gaging System
  • QGR full form
    Quantitative Genetic Recursion
  • QGP full form
    Quark Gluon Plasma
  • QGG full form
    Quasi- GlottoGram
  • QGE full form
    Quantitative Genetic Epidemiology
  • QGCM full form
    Quadratic Guaranteed Cost Matrix
  • QGC
    Meaning : Questar Gas Company Category : CompaniesSub Category :Oil & Gas  Type : Initialism Questar Gas Company What is the full form of QGC and meaning ? QGC is the ticket for the company known as Questar gas company that is involved in the production,refining and retailing of derivatives of oil like gasoline,crude,natural gas,propane etc.
  • QFX full form
    Fax (QuickLink)
  • QFT&GJ full form
    quoted for truth and great justice
  • QFT full form
    quoted for truth
  • QFP full form
    Quad Flat Pack
  • QFO full form
    Qualification For Operation
  • QFL full form
    Quartz Feldspar Lithics
  • QFK full form
    Quest For Knowledge
  • QFJ full form
    Quad Flat J-leaded Package
  • QFII
    Meaning : Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor Category : FinanceSub Category :Investments  Type : Initialism Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor What is the full form of QFII and meaning ? Similar to FIIs all over the world who are commercial entities who purchase bulk stocks on behalf of real people.The QFII is a term used in China whereby FIIs from overseas can ...
  • QFI full form
    Qualified Foreign Investors
  • QFEX full form
    Quantim Field Theory under the influence of EXternal conditions
  • QFEU full form
    Quick Fix Engineering Update
  • QFET full form
    Quantum Field Effect Transistor
  • QFEP full form
    Quad Fast Ethernet PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)
  • QFEM full form
    Quadratic-Finite-Element Method
  • QFEC full form
    Quantitative Formalin Ethyl acetate Concentration
  • QFEB full form
    Quasi-Free Electron Bremsstrahlung
  • QFE full form
    Quick Fix Engineering
  • QFDS full form
    Quigo Fraud Detection Server
  • QFA full form
    Quick File Access
  • QF-PCR full form
    Quantitative Fluorescent-Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • QF full form
    Quit Function
  • QETD full form
    Quality Engineering Technology Department
  • QET full form
    Quality Engineering Technology
  • QEQ full form
    Quality Evaluation Questionnaire
  • QEP full form
    Quality Environmental Professional
  • QEO full form
    Quality Evaluation Organization
  • QEMM full form
    Quarterdeck Extended Memory Manager
  • QELS full form
    Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science
  • QEI full form
    Quod Erat Inveniendum (Which was to be found)
  • QEHB full form
    Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham
  • QEF full form
    Quod Erat Faciendum (Which was to be done)
  • QEDI full form
    Quod Erat Demonstrandum
  • QEDA full form
    Quantum ElectroDynamics Atomic theory
  • QED full form
    Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Which was to be proved)
  • QED
    Quantum Electrodynamics
  • QED
    Quantum Explosion Dynamo
  • QED
    Meaning : Quantum Electrodynamics Category : EducationSub Category :PhysicsType : Initialism There are a total of 3 full forms for QED 1.Quod Erat Demonstrandum 2.Quantum Explosion Dynamo 3.Quantum Electrodynamics What is the full form of QED and meaning ? 1.Quod Erat Demonstrandum – An old latin phrase used in derivations of science which literally means – what needs to be proven is ...
  • QECIS full form
    QEC Internet Services
  • QEC full form
    Quick Engine Change
  • QE full form
    Quick Estimate
  • QDX full form
    QDX Compression Format
  • QDW full form
    Quantum Density- Wave
  • QDT full form
    Data (file name extension)
  • QDS full form
    Quality Data System
  • QDR full form
    Qualification Design Review
  • QDQ full form
    Quake Done Quick
  • QDPB full form
    Query Default Portfolio Balance
  • QDP full form
    Quality Documentation Proposal
  • QDOS full form
    Quick and Dirty Operating System (often used by bootable floppy diagnostic software due to low overhead- and small files size)
  • QDN full form
  • QDK full form
    Backup of startup files created by Optimize (QEMM)
  • QDI full form
    Dictionary (file name extension)
  • QDG full form
    Quality Design Group
  • QDFM full form
    Quantitative DNA Fiber Mapping
  • QDF full form
    Quadruple Point Failure
  • QDE full form
    Questioned Document Examiner
  • QDD full form
    Quality Document Developer
  • QDC full form
    Quad Digital Channel
  • QDB full form
    Query DataBase
  • QDAEMON full form
    queue daemon
  • QDA full form
    Quick Defect Analysis
  • QD9 full form
    Data file – segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD8 full form
    Data file – segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD7 full form
    Data file – segment 7 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD6 full form
    Data file – segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD5 full form
    Data file – segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD4 full form
    Omnis Quart Data file – segment 4
  • QD3D full form
    QuickDraw 3D Metafile (QuickDraw)
  • QD3 full form
    Data file – segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD2 full form
    Data file – segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD1 full form
    Data file – segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD0 full form
    Data file – segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
  • QD full form
    Quick Disconnect
  • QCW full form
    Quality Control Workstation
  • QCV full form
    Quick Coupling Valve
  • QCU full form
    Quality Control Unit
  • QCT full form
    Quality Control Tool
  • QCSW full form
    Qualified Clinical Social Worker
  • QCS full form
    Quality Control Supervisor
  • QCR full form
    Quality Control Representative
  • QCPU full form
    Quezon City Polytechnic University
  • QCP full form
    Quality Control Program
  • QCOP full form
    Quality Control Operating Procedure
  • QCO full form
    Quality Control Officer
  • QCM
    Meaning : Quality Control Manager Category : CompaniesSub Category :Quality assurance  Type : Initialism There are a total of 2 full forms for QCM –  Quality Control Manager Quartz crystal micro balance What is the full form of QCM and meaning ? A QCM is an inspector that is in charge of checking and routinely assessing the product quality at a facility,factory ...
  • QCIF full form
    Quarter Common Interchange Format
  • QCI full form
    QoS Class Identifier
  • QCF full form
    Quantitative and Computational Finance
  • QCEL full form
    Quantum Computer Emulation Library
  • QCDR full form
    Quality Control Deficiency Report
  • QCD full form
    Quality Control Directorate
  • QCC full form
    Quadrupole Coupling Constant
  • QCB full form
    Quality Control Board
  • QCARE full form
    Center for Quality of Care Research and Education
  • QCA full form
    Quality Control Analyst
  • QC OK full form
    Quality Control OK!
  • QBurst
    Meaning : Quasar Bursts Category : CompanySub Category :Computer software  Type : Abbreviation named after “Quasar Bursts”, which are the brightest electromagnetic events occur in the universe What is the full form of QBURST and meaning ? This is a computer software company the name of which is derived from a cosmic phenomena known as a quasar.It has a handful ...
  • QBT full form
    Quail Botanical Tour
  • QBSA full form
    Quarterly Bulletin on Solar Activity
  • QBS full form
    Meaning : Qualification Based Selection Category : ProfessionalSub Category :Jobs & Career  Type : Initialism What does QBS mean or stand for ? Qualification Based Selection is a method of filtering out a select few candidates from a large pool of applicants.This system could be used either for a job based selection or for a chance to appear for ...
  • QBO full form
    QuasiBiennial Oscillation
  • QBM full form
    Quad Band Memory
  • QBIC full form
    Query By Image Content
  • QBF full form
    Query by Form
  • QBE full form
    Query By Example
  • QBD full form
    Breakdown Charge
  • QBB full form
    Intuit QuickBooks Backup file
  • QBASIC full form
    Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • QBasic
    Meaning : Quick Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Category : ComputersSub Category :Language  Type : Abbreviation Quick Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code What is the full form of Qbasic and meaning ? After the massive success of Microsoft operating system BASIC that used only character based interface for input of commands,this language was upgraded with new commands and was known ...
  • QBA? full form
    How big is your antenna?
  • QAX full form
    Quick Access to X-ray
  • QAW full form
    Quality Assurance Work
  • QAVT full form
    Qualification for Acceptance Vibration Testing
  • QAV full form
    Quantum Atlas V Hard Drive
  • QATT full form
    Qualification for Acceptance Thermal Testing
  • QATDC full form
    Quality Assurance and Technology Diffusing Centre
  • QAS full form
    Quality Assurance Software
  • QARC full form
    Quality Assurance Reference Centre
  • QAR full form
    Quality Assurance Representative
  • QAP full form
    Quality Assurance Procedure
  • QAM full form
    Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  • QALYS full form
    quality adjusted life years
  • QALY(S) full form
    quality adjusted life year(s)
  • QALY full form
    Quality Adjusted Life Year
  • QAL full form
    Quaid-e-Azam Library
  • QAJ full form
    Quality Assurance Journal
  • QAINS full form
    Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Nursing Service
  • QAI full form
    Quality Assurance Inspector
  • QAH full form
    Quality Assurance Hold
  • QAG full form
    Quality Assurance Group
  • QAFP full form
    Quality Assurance of the Foundation Programme
  • QAF full form
    Quick Acting Fuse
  • QAE full form
    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • QADD full form
    Quad word ADD (256-bit addition)
  • QAD full form
    Quality Assurance Evaluator
  • QACAD full form
    Quality Assurance Corrective Action Document
  • QAC full form
    Quality and Accounting Capsule
  • QAB full form
    Quality Assurance Board
  • QAA full form
    Quality Assurance Audit
  • QA
    Meaning : Quality Assurance Category : CompaniesSub Category :Quality checking  Type : Initialism There are a total of 5 different full forms for QA. Quality Assurance Qatar Qatar Academy Cimber Aerocaribe What is the full form of QA and meaning ? QUALITY ASSURANCE – This is a management term that is used in corporate language but simply means to ascertain the quality of a product ...
  • Q4U full form
    question for you
  • Q4PM full form
    at 4pm
  • Q4-8H full form
    Meaning : Every 4 To 8 Hours Category : GeneralSub Category :Phrases  Type : Initialism What does Q4-8H mean or stand for ? Every 4 To 8 Hours is what Q48H means and in many cases “Q” stands for “every”.In another example “Every other day” is also denoted as Q other day and this representation can be also applied ...
  • Q4
    Meaning : Quake 4 Category : ComputersSub Category :Gaming  Type : Abbreviation Quake 4 What is the full form of Q4 and meaning ? The fourth installment of the famous multi shooter video game developed for many platforms was released more than a decade ago to much fanfare.
  • Q4
    Meaning : Fourth Quarter Category : CalendarSub Category :Financial  Type : Abbreviation Fourth Quarter What is the full form of Q4 and meaning ? The last quarter in the financial year extends from October 1st to December 31st and is the most hectic for any business because all the tax returns and documentation needs to be completed in this quarter.
  • Q3W full form
    Meaning : Every 3 weeks Category : GeneralSub Category :Phraes  Type : Initialism What does Q3W mean or stand for ? Every 3 weeks is what Q3W stands for and this is used in all modes of communication all over the world.It is usually used by industry and formal conversations while discussing an event and tenure/date.In this short form,the ...
  • Q33R full form
    Meaning : Queer Category : GeneralSub Category :Lifestyle & Culture  Type : Simile What does Q33R mean or stand for ? Queer is a rather controversial term and is usually used to represent members of the LGBT community.This is sometimes used in a derogatory way to insult a person or demean somebody.Movements and parades specifically arranged in order to ...
  • Q3 full form
    Network Management Interface (ITU-T)
  • Q3
    Meaning : Quake 3 Category : ComputersSub Category :Gaming  Type : Abbreviation Quake III What is the full form of Q3 and meaning ? Quake 3 is also known as Quake 3 arena and is a multiplayer shooting game that was released after the massive success of the earlier versions of the game.
  • Q3
    Meaning : Third Quarter Category : FinanceSub Category :Calendar  Type : Abbreviation Third Quarter What is the full form of Q3 and meaning ? The third quarter is a set of 3 months from July 1st to September 30th.This is usually referred to in business and in the corporate world.
  • Q2C full form
    Meaning : Quick to cum Category : ExplicitSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does Q2C mean or stand for ? Quick to cum is rather explicit phrase that young people use online and it means “quick to ejaculate”.It maybe used as a way to poke fun at a male and could be used as a meas for ...
  • Q2
    Meaning : Quake 2 Category : ComputersSub Category :Gaming  Type : Abbreviation Quake II What is the full form of Q2 and meaning ? Quake 2 is one of the oldest 3 D games which is a first person action adventure game that involves guns ,arms, ammunition and explosions!
  • Q2
    Meaning : Second Quarter Category : FinanceSub Category :Calendar  Type : Abbreviation Second Quarter What is the full form of Q2 and meaning ? The second quarter starts from April 1st to June 30th and is the second set of three months in a business calendar.
  • Q1
    Meaning : First Quarter Category : FinanceSub Category :Calendar  Type : Abbreviation First Quarter What is the full form of Q1  and meaning ? Quarter 1 is the first three months of a financial year from January to March 31st.In some countries the first quarter starts from March 1st to May 31st.There are three more quarters in the calendar year.
  • Q0 full form
    Japanese Q0 image format 24bit Bitmap graphics
  • Q.S. full form
    quantum sufficiat – a sufficient quantity
  • Q.P.M. full form
    quaque die post meridiem – every day after noon
  • Q.O.D. full form
    every other day
  • Q.I.D. full form
    quattuor in die – four times a day
  • Q.H.S. full form
    quaque hora somni – every night at bedtime
  • Q.H. full form
    quaque hora – every hour
  • Q.D.S. full form
    quater die sumendus – four times a day
  • Q.A.M. full form
    quaque die ante meridiem – every day before noon
  • Q.A.D. full form
    quoque alternis die – every other day
  • Q.1H full form
    Quaque 1 Hora (every 1 hour)
  • Q-carbon
    Meaning : Quenched-carbon Category : ChemicalsSub Category :Industrial  Type : Abbreviation Quenched-carbon What is the full form of Q – carbon and meaning ? This is a type of carbon that produces diamonds that are more shiny and also harder than naturally formed diamonds.The amorphous carbon material is heated up hundreds of degrees then rapidly cooled by placing in a ...
  • Q-12H full form
    Every twelve hours
  • Q 4 full form
    Quake 4