PRO full form

Meaning : Professional

Category : Corporate
Sub Category : Terminology

What does PRO mean or stand for ?

A PRO is someone we call who excels at a certain craft.Its an acronym for professional and the first thing you think might be a suited man in an office.Yes that could be one way of summing it up,but he would be a white collared professional.

It stems from the word “profession” or occupation.What job you are doing if deemed to be “special” or something that not everyone can do- because its hard,will make you a professional in that area.

A professional could be anyone who is a master at what he/she does.This well developed expertise in a particular field like healthcare,sales,banking,Information technology etc.

People who go to offices and help run businesses are also professionals on a managerial level.Blue collared professionals are handymen,skilled laborers,factory workers – those who work with their hands.