POA full form

Meaning : Power of Attorney

Category : Legal
Sub Category : Documentation

What does POA mean or stand for ?

POA is a legal document that is drawn up by a lawyer of solicitor and which needs to be notarized,only after which can it be admissible in court of law.This power of attorney gives the holder of it certain freedom,rights and privileges to act and take decisions on behalf of the one who it represents.

For example if my grandmother or elder relative is a petitioner in a court case but she is too old to attend court hearings,so she entrusts me to appear on her behalf by making a POA in my name.

There are two main types of POA – A General POA or a Special or Specific POA.A special POA grants the holder only a limited set of powers determined by the clauses specified in the POA.He or she may only act in the interest of those subjects and is bound by limitation.

A General POA gives the holder a much wider control over matters pertaining to a particular purpose,but is still limited to one facet of power.Like,he cannot try and sell or lease,bequeath,transfer another part of the estate of the one he represents.