PhD full form

PhD full form – Doctor of Philosophy

A PhD is a degree that bestows a doctorate on the candidate whos doing it.They can put “Dr.”before their name,even though this is different from a medical doctor.PhD can be attained in any academic field.

A PhD is a terminal degree of any discipline of field of study and there once you achieve this,you can call yourself a master or an expert on that subject.

In order to achieve this great feat,you need to research and analysis  on your chosen subject,provide your unique insight and write a thesis or dissertation.It can take anywhere from 2 to 8 years or more to complete the doctorate.In the end you will present it to a panel of the universities professors who will judge it and question you on your findings.

Doctors degree and a Phd – Some universities around the world offer a similar program known as a doctors degree.It is on par with the PhD academically and this also requires the same level of research and thesis to submit.

Some examples of doctors degrees are:

You may wonder how these differ from a regular PhD?

A PhD is a degree that people attain if they want to continue theoretical research in a company.They maybe hired in the R&D department of that corporate industry to innovate and invent new products.Also PhDs are a requirement for many university professors and teachers of higher education.

A Doctor’s degree on the other hand has more practical real world solutions and is perfect for a hands on job.To put in simple terms,the PhD is for back office work and Doctors degree is for front office workers.