PDF full form

Meaning : Portable Document Format

Category : Computers 
Sub Category : Software & Programs

What does PDF mean or stand for ?

PDF is one of the most widely used file formats of the last two decades.It was created by Adobe systems and remains one of the most circulated format for ebooks,comics,journals, and technical manuals etc. Everyone who has worked on a computer may have come across this type of file at some point of time.

It is a document or text file but sometimes also contains images and is perfect for distributing information over a network to other users.It has the extension “.pdf”.

The beautiful part of PDFs is its versatility.Originally created for only viewing and reading purposes,off late, PDFs are also used for form filling.In order to fill in your details in a form, it has to be “writable” and not only readable.PDF editors allow you to edit these forms and type in your data,after which it can be printed,saved,sent to another user or submitted online.

The greatest use of the PDF came rather by chance.When printers with scanners came into the consumer market,scanning options include saving the scanned document into either JPG/GIF/TIFF or PDF among others.Millions of users all over the world prefer to save their scanned documents into PDF rather than an image format like jpeg,gif or tiff.This gives it more flexibility, especially if the scanned document contains more text than images.