PCOT full form

Meaning : Payload Center Operations Team

Category : Aerospace 
Sub Category : Mission Control

What does PCOT mean or stand for ?

The PCOT is based in one of the main space mission control centers in America.Just like mission control at NASA and ESRO,this PCOT is in charge of the ISS.

As everyone knows,the ISS is the longest serving space missions and its primary objective is to run experiments onboard by astronauts.The team at the Payload center focuses on coordinating these experiments and sharing results on earth with different research scientists all over the globe.

In addition to assisting in the research,they also are in charge of delivering the various payloads that arrive on the station every few weeks.Most of the cargo in the payload is equipment for the experiments as well as some personal items.

The PCOT is epicentre of ISS operations here on Earth.