CUCKOO full form

Meaning : CrazyCategory : PhrasesSub Category :General Slang  Type : SimileWhat does CUCKOO mean or stand for ?Mad bonkers or crazy is what Cuckoo stands for.It can also be used in a lite hearted comic…

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COLL full form

Meaning : Onward and front-end meetingCategory : GeneralSub Category :Terminology  Type : AbbreviationWhat does COLL mean or stand for ?Collision is the onward and front-end meeting of two or more objects and this is…

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CBLTH full form

Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard is an expression of extreme humor that we use when chatting online.This short form is used to convey that you are laughing too much.

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CZ full form

Meaning : Campus ZoneCategory : EducationSub Category :InstitutionsType : InitialismWhat does CZ mean or stand for ?Campus Zone is a territorial marker used to designate the area of the campus of a university or…

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CATWOT full form

Meaning : Complete and total waste of timeCategory : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : InitialismWhat does CATWOT mean or stand for ?Complete and total waste of time is a expression of frustration when something…

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CTPOS full form

Meaning : Can't Talk Parent Over ShoulderCategory : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : InitialismWhat does CTPOS mean or stand for ?Can't Talk Parent Over Shoulder is a similar "spy lingo" used by teens and…

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CIHY full form

Meaning : Can I Help You? Category : SlangSub Category :General  Type : InitialismWhat does CIHY mean or stand for ?Can I Help You? is part of "professional slang" and this is used by customer…

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CYW full form

Meaning : Call Your WifeCategory : PhrasesSub Category :General  Type : InitialismWhat does CYW mean or stand for ?Call Your Wife is a shot message sent by someone in the office or also used in…

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CANON full form

Meaning : OriginalCategory : GeneralSub Category :TermsType : SimileWhat does CANON mean or stand for ?This term is usually used in TV series as to imply what is Original or official.For instance take the…

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CTRT full form

Meaning : Chemotherapy Thoracic Radio TherapyCategory : MedicalSub Category :ProcedureType : InitialismWhat does CTRT mean or stand for ?Chemotherapy Thoracic Radio Therapy is a type of medical procedure that is usually performed on the…

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