• O_O full form
    Confused What is the full form of O_O and meaning ? These owl eyes are an expression of being confused and we type it on a keyboard when there are no yellow emoticons available to signify we don’t understand whats going on.
  • OZM full form
    OZone Machine
  • OZD full form
    OZ Debugger
  • OZCHI full form
    Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction What is the full form of OZCHI and meaning ? OZCHI is one of the earliest conferences that addressed AI in some form and brought together industry experts,academicians and technical experts from the computing industry to discuss and talk about computer human interaction in the future.
  • OZ full form
    Ounce What does OZ mean or stand for ? This is a metric unit for weight in certain countries like the US and few in Europe.The other part of the world uses grams to measure weight whereas 16 ounces make up a pound.-1LB.
  • OYW full form
    Outstanding Young Wilmingtonian
  • OYR full form
    Oh Yeah Right What does OPARS mean or stand for ? OYR is a way to acknowledge and affirm something when someone has said something to you or mentioned a sentence to which you need to give a reply or retort.
  • OYO full form
    on your own
  • OYM full form
    Outstanding Young Michiganian What does OPARS mean or stand for ? OYM is a sponsored ward that is given to a youth from the state of Michigan for an incredible feat that he/she achieved in the past year.
  • OYJ full form
    Outstanding Young Journalist
  • OYID full form
    oh yes i did What is the full form of OYID and meaning ? When we want to proudly admit something with great exuberance and passion then we wildly proclaim OYID !
  • OYI full form
    Outstanding Young Investigator
  • OYG full form
    Oh Your God What is the full form of OYG and meaning ? A satirical take on OMG – oh my god which is one of the most famous short forms of all time,OYG is just another way of saying the same thing and possibly mocking the other person at the same time,when they do something wrong ...
  • OYFA full form
    Outstanding Young Farmer award
  • OYE full form
    Listen up What does OYE mean or stand for ? This is a regional slang word that is used extensively in the UK when we want to get the attention of another person we simply say “oye”.
  • OYB full form
    On Your Bike What is the full form of OYB and meaning ? OYB is an uncommon short form to tell a tell a friend something cryptic about their bike,possibly in context with taking a ride on their bike,or something to that effect.
  • OY full form
    oh yeah What does OY mean or stand for ? OY or oh yeah ! is an statement of pure joy,confidence and affirmation to an event that that gone in a positive way and is expressed with loud reverence.
  • OXYCOD TER full form
    Oxycodone Terephthalate
  • OXYCOD full form
    Oxycodone Hydrochloride
  • OXY- WATER full form
    Oxygenated Water What does OXY WATER mean or stand for ? Normally most aerated drinks are infused under pressure with CO2,but sometimes new age “healthy” variant like mountain spring water and OXY WATER are a fad among the urban upper middle class.
  • OXY full form
    OxyContin (or
  • OXS full form
    Objective Crystal Spectrometer
  • OXR full form
    Orthochromatic Medical X-ray Film What is the full form of OXR  and meaning ? Orthochromatic medical xray film is a special type of film that is used by diagnostic laboratories in order to get an optical image onto this film when bombarded with high intensity radiation.
  • OXP full form
    Microsoft Office XP What does OXP mean or stand for ? This version of Microsoft office that sometimes came bundled with the operating system software had the regular Powerpoint,Word,Excel etc.It had a few changes and upgrades from the regular MS Office.
  • OXOXO full form
    Hugs & Kisses What does OXOXO mean or stand for ? This is an expressive way to tell someone bye.Many people type this at the end of a message of conversation indicating hugs and kisses.
  • OXON. full form
    Oxford (England)
  • OXL full form
  • OXFAM full form
    Oxford Committee for Famine Relief What does OXFAM mean or stand for ? The OXFAM is a committee that is comprised of eminent climate, environmentalist and humanitarian experts that have come together as an appointed set to chalk out procedures to deal with and overcome famine in struggling nations.
  • OXC full form
    Optical Cross-Connect
  • OX full form
    Oxide What does OX mean or stand for ? An oxide is a chemical compound that has been exposed to oxygen or has been made to react in the presence of the atmosphere,the resultant compound would be an oxide.
  • OWW full form
  • OWU full form
    Ohio Wesleyan University
  • OWTTE full form
    Or Words To That Effect What does OWTTE mean or stand for ? When we don’t have the correct sentences to phrase what we want to say,then we relate it using other words and say OWTTE.
  • OWT full form
  • OWST full form
    Open Water Spill Team
  • OWSE full form
    Operational World Weather Watch Systems Evaluation
  • OWS full form
    Occupational Wage Surveys What does OWS mean or stand for ? OWS are conducted by market research bureaus and other 3rd party survey companies in order to collect data regarding current pay scales offered by various corporations for different professions.
  • OWR full form
    Office for Women’s Research
  • OWQP full form
    Optimal Water Quality Parameters What is the full form of OWQP and meaning ? OWQP are a set of standards that are prescribed by the water and sanitation department and are a set of parameters that need to be satisfied by the quality department before it can be sanctioned for use by consumers.
  • OWOA full form
    One Way Or Another What does OWOA mean or stand for ? When we are determined to do or say something and go through any length to see it achieved then we say OWOA it will be done.
  • OWNZORZ full form
    Owned What does OWNZORZ mean or stand for ? OWNZORZ is a term used when a person publicly humiliates and embarrasses another person by attacking him with a slew of witty and funny insults similar to a roast.
  • OWNZER full form
    one who makes others look bad What does OWNZER mean or stand for ? An ONWER or OWNZER is a person who has made someone else look inflicting a string of witty insults onto them and embarrassing them in front of a group of people.
  • OWNZ full form
    owns What does OWNZ mean or stand for ? When one person insults,roasts and verbally destroys another person in a rather friendly competitive way then the winner is said to have “owned” the other.On the same lines as “yo mama” jokes.
  • OWNT full form
    made to look bad What does OWNT mean or stand for ? This is a take on the word “owned”.This happens when we roast a person and make them look like a fool and that’s when we say we “owned” them.
  • OWNM full form
    Oh Well Never Mind What is the full form of OWNM and meaning ? OWNM is a casual phrase that we say when we ask someone to do something and then immediately change our mind and say OWNM.Its possible that they could not do it or was hard for them to,so you didn’t want to put them ...
  • OWNED full form
    made to look bad What does OWNED mean or stand for ? OWNED is an urban slang word that is used when two people are involved in a verbal exchange of friendly insults,each trying to put the other down through witty retorts.The winner of the duel or the one with the last laugh is said to have ...
  • OWN full form
    Beat dominate (gaming)
  • OWM full form
    Order-Wire Message
  • OWLING full form
    Crouching and staring like an owl What does OWLING mean or stand for ? OWLING is a slang word that young people use when one of their friends is acting weird by sitting in a weird position and staring out into space,in essence trying to mimic an owl unintentionally.
  • OWL full form
    Object-Open Windows Library
  • OWK full form
    Other World Kingdom
  • OWF full form
    Observer Window bird Feeder
  • OWC full form
    Oregon Wheat Commission What does OWC mean or stand for ? The OWC is the premier body that regulates supply,produce and takes decisions related to the farming,harvest,collection and the commercial aspect of the wheat industry in the state of Oregon.
  • OWAYS full form
    oh wow are you serious What does OWAYS mean or stand for ? OWAYS is a way to ask someone if they were actually serious about something that was said or were they joking about it.
  • OWASP full form
    Open Web Application Security Project
  • OWA full form
    Occupational Work Adjustment
  • OW full form
    Order-Wire (signaling circuit)
  • OVZ full form
    sterreichische Vereinigung zur Zertifizierung
  • OVW full form
    HP OpenView for Windows
  • OVTG full form
    Optical Virtual Tributary Group (SONET) What does OVTG mean or stand for ? An OVTG is a an integral part of a SONET network that is used  in data transmission systems.
  • OVT full form
    Optical Video Technician What does OVT mean or stand for ? OVT is not your regular cable guy,but is a trained expert in the field of optical and digital video services.When cables,modems,nodes,switches and other optical lien equipment needs to be installed for a subscriber the OVT will handle all of that.
  • OVSP full form
    Offset-source Vertical Seismic Profile
  • OVSMC full form
    Ovine Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell
  • OVSF full form
    Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor
  • OVS full form
    Open Video System
  • OVR full form
    On-Venue Results
  • OVQMS full form
    Objective Video Quality Measurement System
  • OVQ full form
    Objective measurement methodologies for perceptual Video Quality
  • OVPQ full form
    Offshore Vessel Particulars Questionnaire What does OVPQ mean or stand for ? The OVPQ is part of a set of documentation that is filled in by one of the senior officers of the vessel regarding what cargo is being carried or the nature of trade and this is submitted at the port of entry.
  • OVPO full form
    Outside Vapor Phase Oxidation process (optical fibers)
  • OVPA full form
    Open View Performance Agent
  • OVP full form
    Organic Vegetable Production What does OVP mean or stand for ? OVP is a method of farming and cultivation that uses no pesticides, chemicals or harmful additives to the soil, fruit or plant. These crops produce a pure variety that is good for health.
  • OVO full form
    Obviously What does OVO mean or stand for ? OVO has many different avatars like OBVO – OBVI and more others but they all mean the same thing – obliviously or naturally.
  • OVNO full form
    Or Very Near Offer What is the full form of OVNO and meaning ? OVNO is a term that is used in eCommerce when the buyer and seller are haggling over a price and they are coming to terms on a settled price.
  • OVMA full form
    Ohio Veterinary Medical Association What is the full form of OVMA and meaning ? The OVMA is a medical federation that comprises of veterinary doctors that have come together on the behalf of their profession in order to take up issues, find remedies, discuss treatments and other activities.
  • OVM/J full form
    Open-source Java Virtual Machine
  • OVM full form
    Open Verification Methodology
  • OVL full form
    ONGC Videsh Limited What does OVL mean or stand for ? OVL is involved in oil and natural gas production,boring operations and refining of crude oil in India.It is in the top 5 largest companies in the country in terms of market capitalization.
  • OVID full form
    Object View and Interaction Design
  • OVF full form
    Overflow What does OVF mean or stand for ? OVF is a term that is used in many industrial factories,refineries and could be used sometimes in computing for a stack overflow.
  • OVER full form
    open versus endovascular aneurysm repair What does OVER mean or stand for ? A cardiac surgeon along with a neurosurgeon will perform an OVER – that is a medical procedure to remove a blood clot or aneurysm from a patient so that blood flow can be restored through the arteries.
  • OVD full form
    Optical Video Disk What does OVD mean or stand for ? An OVD is an old technology from the early 2000s whereby a movie was could be watched by inserting this type of video disk into a player or on the computer.
  • OVCST full form
    Overcast What does OVCST mean or stand for ? This is a weather condition that means partially cloudy with a chance of rain.This is the typical weather pattern that is seen in London and Europe in general.Its a dull and grey type of weather.
  • OVCBIPR full form
    Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation What is the full form of OVCBIPR and meaning ? The OVCBIPR is one of Americas leading neurological and brain rehabilitation clinics where advanced research programs coupled with highly trained medical doctors and neurologists work to ensure swift and efficient recovery of brain injury victims.
  • OVAL full form
    Ohio Valley Area Libraries
  • OVA full form
    over What does OVA mean or stand for ? The word over is used in many situations and references. It could simply means that this is the end of something or is also used in a one way communication radio when two people are talking and they say say “over” once they have finished their sentence.
  • OV2 full form
    Overlay file  What does OV2 mean or stand for ? An overlay file has the filename extension of Ov2 and forms part of a program that will be loaded by the OS when needed for execution.
  • OV1 full form
    Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) What does OV1 mean or stand for ? An OV1 file is the filename extension that is given to this type of file that forms part of a program that will be loaded if needed by the operating system.
  • OV full form
    Overflow What does OV mean or stand for ? An OV is is an abbreviation that is used in many types of situation like a computer stack overflow or also in an industrial or chemical process facility for a pipeline terminology.
  • OUV full form
    Over/Under Voltage What does OUV mean or stand for ? OUV is a technical term used by linesman and electrical engineering technicians when they want to refer to a spike in voltage or a low voltage and use the technical short form of OUV.
  • OUTWATS full form
    OUTward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
  • OUTTA full form
    Out Of What is the full form of OUTTA and meaning ? OUTTA is used most in the context of – im getting outta here, or lets get outta here.Its classic american slang and is also used in other parts of the world.
  • OUTSW full form
    Output Word String to Port
  • OUTSD full form
    Output Doubleword String to Port
  • OUTSB full form
    Output Byte String to Port
  • OUTS full form
    Output String
  • OUTBOX full form
    Outgoing mails box (e-mail) What does OUTBOX mean or stand for ? In an email client or website,an INBOX is one that stores all incoming mails including unread and read ones.An OUTBOX is a similar feature but it that stores mails that have been composed by you and sent already.
  • OUT full form
    Outlines (file name extension) What does OUT mean or stand for ? An *OUT file is a type of file that is created by the outlines program and it is saved in the filename extension format of *.OUT.
  • OURS full form
    Open Users Recommended Solutions
  • OUO full form
    Official Use Only What does OUO mean or stand for ? This is normally written on a document or form and this is the space which should be used only by a person working in that organization.It should not be filled up by the user or customer.Also it could be a sign in an office whereby only ...
  • OUL full form
    Ohio University – Lancaster
  • OUJ full form
    The Open University of Japan
  • OUI full form
    Organizationally Unique Identifier
  • OUHSC full form
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center What is the full form of OUHSC and meaning ? The OUHSC is a separate unit of the University of Oklahoma and is situated on campus but has an entire separate staff and infrastructure system dedicated solely to the study of Health sciences.
  • OUGS full form
    Office of Under- Graduate Studies What is the full form of OUGS and meaning ? The OUGS is a department that exists in colleges and universities and is the administration and student center of undergraduates courses, which can help students in various capacities as well as manage courses and admissions.
  • OUGHTA full form
    Ought to What does OUGHTA mean or stand for ? When  we tell someone that they ought to know something then we actually mean that they “should” know something.Ought is just another way of saying “should” or “need to”.
  • OUE full form
    Office of Undergraduate Education What does OUE mean or stand for ? The OUE is an administrative office that students may visit if they have any inquiries regarding a course related to undergraduate studies.This office may also manage various admissions and serves as a point of contact for other students.
  • OUCH full form
    Interjection said when experiencing pain What does OUCH mean or stand for ? OUCH is something that we all say when we experience a quick burst of pain suddenly without anticipating it.Sometimes people also just say AWW or OWW like a short form for ouch! 
  • OUC full form
    Ohio University – Chillicothe
  • OUAT full form
    Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology
  • OU full form
    Open University What does OU mean or stand for ? An OU is one that is not affiliate to the state university /board of education or neither is it managed by the an autonomous university, but is a privately run institute that does have a fair bit of cognizance and recognition. These universities give lots of easy ...
  • OTY full form
    Over To You What does OICIC mean or stand for ? OTY is usually said when two people are talking on a one way radio system that only allows one voice at a time.So it is common practice to say “OVER” or “OVER to you” – OTY when we have finished our sentence,to let the other person ...
  • OTX full form
    Object Tool eXtended
  • OTW full form
    on the way What does OTW mean or stand for ? When we are to meet someone and they message mid way asking where we are or where when we will be getting there, then we reply curtly – OTW.
  • OTTOMH full form
    Off The Top Of My Head What does OTTOMH mean or stand for ? When we want to say something quickly without giving it much thought then we say – OTTOMH – and then continue to give the advice.
  • OTTH full form
    On The Third Hand What is the full form of OTTH and meaning ? OTTH is also used in the same way as .On the other hand,and is a phrase that we use when we speak in order to tell the other person there is more than one possibility or outcome to the situation that they are ...
  • OTTFF full form
    One Two Three Four Five What does OTTFF mean or stand for ? OTTFF is a count-up that is used in a variety of situations when spoken online and could be used to give an ultimatum to someone else while chatting or through a smartphone.
  • OTTER full form
    Oregon Transect Ecosystem Research
  • OTT full form
    Over the Top
  • OTSR full form
    Optimum Track Ship Routing
  • OTS full form
    One Time Settlement What does OTS mean or stand for ? An OTS is a one time settlement amount that is paid in order to squash an issue, buy out a partner/party/stake or  is a sum of money offered in order to drop charges/drop a legal etc or convince someone to not go ahead with something that ...
  • OTRR full form
    Office of Therapeutics Research and Review
  • OTR full form
    Off The Rack What does OTR mean or stand for ? When we say something that is outside the ordinary or something unexpected to a particular situation.It could be something witty or surprising but is different from what one would expect.
  • OTQ full form
    Outgoing Trunk Queuing What does OTQ mean or stand for ? OTQ is an old technology of trunk dialing that was used all over the world in telephonic telecommunications.
  • OTPROM full form
    One Time Programmable Read Only Memory What does OTPROM mean or stand for ? The OTPROM is just another kind of ROM like EPROM etc that is used in electronics as a component that can read a set of pre programmed instructions that have been coded into it and on startup will load these programs or commands.
  • OTP full form
    One-Time Programmable What does OTP mean or stand for ? OTP is a short form for two things – One time password and One time programmable. A One time password is a set of digits – 4 or 6 characters long and is sent to a users registered mobile phone number whenever he/she tries to  login into a ...
  • OTOOH full form
    On The Other Other Hand What does OTOOH mean or stand for ? OTOOH is a phrase that we use when we are giving more than one option to a person to choose from and start out by listing all the merits and drawbacks of all the options.
  • OTOMH full form
    Off the Top of My Head … What does OTOMH mean or stand for ? OTOMH is said when the first thing that comes to mind is spoken without giving it much thought.
  • OTOH� full form
    On the Other Hand What is the full form of OTOH and meaning ? OTOH is phrase that we use in casual conversation when we are giving more than one choice to someone and explaining them the benefits of both the options that are presented to them.
  • OTOH full form
    On The Other Hand … What does OTOH mean or stand for ? OTOH is a verbal phrase that we use when we are talking to someone and giving them more than one option and explaining to them the pros and cons of each option so that they can come to a conclusion and choose one.
  • OTO full form
    One-Time-Only (memory)
  • OTN full form
    Oncology Therapeutics Network What does OTN mean or stand for ? OTN is a network of cancer researchers,cancer doctors and other healthcare professionals who have come together for a common cause to act as therapeutics to people afflicted with this dreaded disease.
  • OTM full form
    Object Transaction Monitor
  • OTLTA full form
    One Thing Led To Another What does OTLTA mean or stand for ? When we are trying to explain to someone how a chain of events happened,usually ending up in an unfavorable outcome,we link each step by saying OTLTA.
  • OTL full form
    out to lunch What does OTL mean or stand for ? OTL is the simplest and easiest way to tell someone that we are not at our desk or at home, and have gone out for a quick bite and will be back soon.
  • OTKSL full form
    One Time Key Subsidy Lock
  • OTK full form
    Over The Knee
  • OTJT full form
    On the Job Training What does OPARS mean or stand for ? OTJT or also known as OJT – on job training is a method of inducting a new employee in to the workforce by directly putting him into the operations field so that he can experience a first hand account of how things work without the ...
  • OTIA full form
    Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications
  • OTI full form
    on the internet What does OTI mean or stand for ? OTI is something is not used so much nowadays and when we want to tell someone that we are “on the internet” we simply say that we are online.
  • OTH full form
    Over-The-Horizon (microwave)
  • OTGR full form
    Operations Technology Generic Requirements
  • OTG full form
    On The Go What does OTG mean or stand for ? When we want to get something done while traveling then we say “ill get it done on the go”. This happens when we are strapped for time and the only time we have is in the car while we travel – this could be eating a ...
  • OTFLOL full form
    on the floor laughing out loud What does OHGVT mean or stand for ? ROTFL is one of the most famous chat sangs that we say when we come across so funny and hilarious.It has spawned a variety of similar acronyms like OTFLOL .
  • OTFL full form
    on the floor laughing What does OBA mean or stand for ? A shortened version of ROTFL which was the original, OTFL is also used in chat or text message when we are discussing something real funny and hilarious and we cant stop laughing.
  • OTFCU full form
    on the floor cracking up What does OTFCU mean or stand for ? When he hear something very funny while talking to someone online then we burst out laughing and type OTFCU.
  • OTFC full form
    Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate
  • OTF full form
    Open Token Foundation
  • OTEPP full form
    Occupational Therapy examination and practice preparation project (Canada) What is the full form of OTEPP and meaning ? Just like any other medical entrance test,the OTEPP is one such preparatory exam that needs to be attempted by students who wish to practice in the profession of an occupational therapist in Canada.
  • OTEC full form
    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion What does OTEC mean or stand for ? OTEC is a technology for power generation that has been used since decades and involves diverting a section of ocean water through a plant whereby a difference in temperate inside the plant tubules will convert the thermal energy into electrical energy which is then distributed ...
  • OTE full form
    Over The Edge What does OTE mean or stand for ? OTE means  – beyond common sense or beyond good taste – and is often used with reference to a bad decision that was made when a person went a little too far.
  • OTDS full form
    Overall Trade-distorting Domestic Support
  • OTDR full form
    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  • OTDOA full form
    Observed Time Difference of Arrival (GSM)
  • OTD full form
    On The Dot What does OTD mean or stand for ? When we want to specify a particular time to someone then way say 12 – on the dot.This implies that we are particular about the time and expect it sharp OTD.
  • OTCEI full form
    Over the Counter Exchange of India
  • OTCD full form
    Organizations of Turkic Cooperation and Development
  • OTC full form
    off the chain
  • OTB full form
    Off to Bed What does OPM mean or stand for ? When its late and we want to tell our friends that we want to retire for the day then we say to them we are OTB !
  • OTAY full form
    Okay What does OTAY mean or stand for ? Not sure of the origins of OTAY or why it is used in place of OKAY whereas even a simple okay could be used to meant the same thing.
  • OTASP full form
    Over-The-Air Service Provisioning What is the full form of OTASP and meaning ? OTASP is a new method of providing technology services by mobile service providers by directly sending software patches and other files directly to the handset.
  • OTAR full form
    Over-The-Air Rekeying
  • OTAPA full form
    Over-The-Air Parameter Administration
  • OTAM full form
    Over-The-Air Management (HF network nodes)
  • OTAKU full form
    Obsessive fan What does OTAKU mean or stand for ? OTAKU is a peron who is crazy about a certain anime character,real life celebrity or a personality that he/she tries to talk and dress like them.
  • OTA full form
    Over The Air Activation What does OTA mean or stand for ? OTA is a service that is provided by mobile cellular providers for their subscribers whereby they send a software patch directly to the handset of the subscriber which can be installed directly.In addition to being a patch,it could also be some scheme that needs to ...
  • OT3 full form
    One True Threesome What does OT3 mean or stand for ? OT3 can be used in a variety of situations but in most cases its just a fun way of counting up to something – like one two three !Some may argue that it is also used to invite another person for a threesome!
  • OT full form
    Off Topic What does OT mean or stand for ? While discussing something important, a colleague starts talking about something that is totally irrelevant – this means going off topic OT or not adhering to the current topic of discussion.
  • OSW full form
    Out-band Service Word
  • OSU full form
    Observational Stimulation Unit
  • OSTP full form
    Office Of Science And Technology Policy
  • OSTI full form
    Office of Scientific and Technical Information
  • OSTG full form
    Open Source Technology Group What is the full form of OSTG and meaning ? An OSTG is a group of programmers that share software that is open source code whereby it can easily be altered and tweaked by these programmers to give a different output or act differently.It could be a hobby or some of these coders ...
  • OSTAC full form
    Ocean Science and Technology Advisory Committee What is the full form of OSTAC and meaning ? OSTAC is a scientific body comprising leading oceanographers,marine biologists and others who give advice on all matters related to ocean technology and wildlife habitats. 
  • OSTA full form
    Optical Storage Technology Association
  • OST full form
    Office of Science and Technology
  • OSSV full form
    Open Systems SnapVault
  • OSSTMM full form
    Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
  • OSSS full form
    Office of Student Support Services What does OSSS mean or stand for ? An OSSS is a department in a university that caters exclusively to the woes and issues faced by students related to academics, grants, tuition , scholarships and possible on campus employment etc.
  • OSSP full form
    Object Serialization Stream Protocol
  • OSSN full form
    Originating Station Serial Number What does OSSN mean or stand for ? OSSN is a unique multiple digit serial code that is assigned by a logistics partner from the originating station when the cargo leaves for the destination.
  • OSSIM full form
    Awesome What is the full form of OSSIM and meaning ? OSSIM is just another way to say awesome and we use this term when we are extremely excited and happy about the amazing outcome of a situation.
  • OSSI full form
    Open Source Software Institute
  • OSSE full form
    Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment
  • OSSD full form
    Ontario Secondary School Diploma What does OSSD mean or stand for ? The OSSD is a diploma that is given to students once they have successfully completed their secondary school examinations just before they enter high school.
  • OSSA full form
    Office Of Space Science And Applications
  • OSS7 full form
    Operator Services Signaling System Number 7
  • OSS full form
    Operations Support Systems
  • OSRTC full form
    Odisha State Road Transport Corporation What does OSRTC mean or stand for ? The OSRTC is the official state government owned and operated road transportation service that operates a fleet of buses that ferry passengers within the state.
  • OSRM full form
    Office of Standard Reference Materials
  • OSRI full form
    Operating System Re-Installation What does OSRI mean or stand for ? Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall the operating system if one of the files get corrupted.This will cause an error and not load the OS upon startup.A Repair reinstall by using the setup disk  is needed to solve this error.
  • OSRA full form
  • OSR full form
    Original Service Release What does OSR mean or stand for ? Am OSR is part of a service contract that allows the service provider to be released from the contract and could be a digital contract that was provided at the time of purchasing a software program.
  • OSQL full form
    Object Structured Query Language
  • OSQA full form
    Open Source Question and Answer system What does OSQA mean or stand for ? The best example of an OSQA is the website Quora that allows users to write,remove,edit and answer a series of questions and answers themselves without being regulated.
  • OSPS full form
    Operator Services Position System (AT&T;)
  • OSPR full form
    Optical Shared Protection Ring
  • OSPM full form
    Operating System Directed Power Management What does OSPM mean or stand for ? This is a power saving option that is part of the operation system that allows the user to change power setting,sleep modes etc so that there is optimum power savings in laptop computers.
  • OSPHE full form
    Objective Structured Public Health Exam What does OSPHE mean or stand for ? An OSPHE is an objective type examination that candidate and job seekers may apply for if they have any intention of working for a state public health department.
  • OSPFW full form
    Online Service Portal FrameWork
  • OSPFIGP full form
    Open Shortest Path First Internet Gateway Protocol
  • OSPF full form
    Open Shortest Path First
  • OSPE 2 XX full form
    Objective structured practical examination Part 2 What does OSPE mean or stand for ? An OSPE is a practical examination for some sort of professional degree course that does not entail any theoretical written test but focuses on the practical applications of the course and tries to derive what the student has learnt from it.
  • OSPE 1 XX full form
    Objective structured practical examination Part 1
  • OSP full form
    OutSide Plant
  • OSOA full form
    Oil Sector Officers’ Association
  • OSO full form
    Other Significant Other What does OSO mean or stand for ? When we want to politely refer to someones partner then we say their “significant other”.These two could be in a romantic relationship or dating or married.
  • OSNS full form
    Open Systems Network Support
  • OSNLR full form
    Ocean Science in Relation to Non-Living Resources
  • OSN full form
    Operand Segment Number
  • OSMR full form
    oncostatin M receptor beta
  • OSMINE full form
    Operations Systems Modifications for the Integration of Network Elements
  • OSM full form
    Off-Screen Model
  • OSLT full form
    or something like that What does OSLT mean or stand for ? When we want to mean something but not exactly that, then we OSLT – which is on the same lines as “or something to that effect” which is more commonly used in everyday life as well.
  • OSLR full form
    Intergovernmental Committee for Ocean Science and Living Resources What is the full form of OSLR and meaning ? The OSLR is a diplomatic cum environmental organization that is formed by the governments of several countries in order to promote marine biology,oceanography, marine life research etc.
  • OSLIS full form
    Oregon School Library Information System
  • OSLA full form
    Oklahoma Student Loan Authority
  • OSL full form
    Optimization Subroutine Library
  • OSK full form
    On Screen Keyboard What does OSK mean or stand for ? An OSK is a program that comes bundled with most operating systems and this keyboard can be operated by the mouse by clicking on these and is used in the absence of a physical keyboard.
  • OSJ full form
    Ocean Science Journal What does OSJ mean or stand for ? OSJ is a peer reviewed journal that is subscribed and also written by oceanographers,marine researchers and scientists to express their views,share research and theoretical data.
  • OSIRM full form
    OSI Reference Model
  • OSINET full form
    OSI Test Network
  • OSIFGT full form
    oh shit i forgot What does OSIFGT mean or stand for ? OSIFGT is a slang term that we tell someone else when we totally forget something that was quite important and use this as a means to apologize.
  • OSIE full form
    Open Systems Interconnection-Environment (ISO)
  • OSI-TP full form
    Open Systems Interconnection-Transport Protocol
  • OSI-SM full form
    Open Systems Interconnection-System Management
  • OSI-SD full form
    Open Systems Interconnection-Service Definition
  • OSI-RM full form
    Open Systems Interconnection-Reference Model (ISO)
  • OSI full form
    Open Systems Interconnection (Suite of standard protocols for internet communication)
  • OSHA full form
    Occupational Safety and Health Act What does OSHA mean or stand for ? The OSHA is a set of guidelines and regulations that are to be followed by companies, organization and places of employment in order to provide a safe working environment and follow regulated health safety practices.
  • OSH full form
    Occupational Safety and Health
  • OSGP full form
    Ohio Supercomputer Graphics Project
  • OSGI full form
    Open Source Gateway intiative
  • OSG full form
    Object Systems Group
  • OSFA full form
    One Size Fits All What does OSFA mean or stand for ? when we go to a clothing store or are purchasing garments online and its written OSFA.This means that there is only one free size available and this material is probably stretchable and will fit everyone and anyone.
  • OSF1 full form
    Open Software Foundation version 1
  • OSF full form
    Open Software Foundation
  • OSERA full form
    Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association What does OSERA mean or stand for ? The OSERA is an associated that is comprised of academicians, professionals and members of the scientific education community who have come together to promote and share knowledge and data regarding this industry.
  • OSEC full form
    OnSite Electrolytic Chlorination
  • OSDPD full form
    Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution
  • OSDM full form
    Optical Spatial-Division Multiplexing
  • OSD full form
    On Screen Display
  • OSCR full form
    Oncology Symptom Control Research
  • OSCI full form
    One Stroke Certified Instructor
  • OSCHR full form
    Office for Strategic Co-ordination of Health Research
  • OSCE full form
    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  • OSCB full form
    Other Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank What does OSCB mean or stand for ? An OSCB is a type of bank that has the backing of the government of India and is a scheduled bank that is involved in providing loans to corporations and mid sized companies.
  • OSCAR full form
    Occupational Skills Competition And Review
  • OSCA full form
    Objective Structured Clinical Assessment
  • OSC full form
    Oversight Committee
  • OSBL full form
    OutSide the Battery Limit
  • OSAP full form
    Oberlin Sustainable Agriculture Project
  • OSAA full form
    Operational Satellite Active Archive
  • OSA full form
    Open Scripting-System Architecture
  • OS2 full form
    Operating System/2 What does OS2 mean or stand for ? OS2 could be referring to an operating system version 2 that maybe a new updated or patched release to the original operating system that was running on a particular device.
  • OS/360 full form
    IBM 360 operating system  What does OS/360 mean or stand for ? The OS/360 was one of the first operating systems that was created for the first range of vacuum tube computers by IBM in the 1960s.
  • OS/2 full form
    Operating System version 2 (IBM) What does OS/2 mean or stand for ? OS/2 was the second version of IBMs character based operating system that was used in their hardware and networking machines.
  • OS-E full form
    Operating System-Environment
  • OS-2 full form
    IBM graphical operating system
  • OS full form
    Operating System What does OS mean or stand for ? An OS is a software interface that runs the hardware of a machine or device.It can either be operated by the user by virtue of him giving a character line command or a graphic user interface like Windows system through which a pointing device can give inputs. The ...
  • ORZ full form
    Frustration despair What does ORZ mean or stand for ? ORZ is what we say when we are absolutely down and out due to be frustrated, disappointed and in a great deal of despair due to a certain incident.
  • ORX full form
    Non-Prescription Medicine What does ORX mean or stand for ? An ORX is just the opposite as RX – These are symbols that doctors write in prescriptions with the name of a drug that needs to be consumed. ORX could be a over the counter medicine,an ointment,cream or something that does not even require a prescription.
  • ORV full form
    Ocean Research Vessel
  • ORU full form
    Orbital Replacement Unit (remote sensing)
  • ORTHOPHOS full form
    Orthophosphoric Acid
  • ORTH full form
    Orthopedics What does ORTH mean or stand for ? This is a short form for the department of orthopedics that exists in hospitals.This is a specialty section that deals with all problems of the bones,tendons and muscles attached to the bone.
  • ORT full form
    Oral Rehydration Therapy What does ORT mean or stand for ? When a person is sick from some type og gastro intestinal infection and cannot digest solids or liquids due to regurgitation, then the doctors put them on a course of ORT. This way important salts, minerals and fluids can be ingested and dehydration can be avoided.
  • ORSA full form
    Operations Research and Systems Analysis
  • ORS full form
    Output Record Separator
  • ORRF full form
    On-line Referral Request Form What does ORRF mean or stand for ? When we want to refer another person for a job or a position the most companies and institutes allow this to be done on their website.It can be easily filled out on the online page.
  • ORR full form
  • ORPTR full form
    Optical Repeater
  • ORPRC full form
    Oregon Regional Primate Research Center What is the full form of ORPRC and meaning ? The ORPRC is one of the worlds leading research centers that deals with different types of primate mainly apes and chimpanzees for different purposes and conducts a variety of stimulating psychological exercises with them.
  • ORPG full form
    online role playing game What is the full form of ORPG and meaning ? Nowadyas many multiplayer games are classified as ORPG,these could be strategy,action and adventure.In these types of games the player can assume different roles,along with new set of gear or costumes to wear,new personalities and live in a world of pure fantasy.
  • ORO full form
    Expression of confusion
  • ORNL full form
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • ORN full form
    Oh Really Now What does ORN mean or stand for ? When someone says “oh really” or ORN – this is a sarcastic way of asking – “did that really happen or did you really do that?” .Its possible used more when a female is saying it to her male partner in a sarcastic tone.
  • ORM full form
    Occupational Risk Management
  • ORLY full form
    Oh Really What does ORLY mean or stand for ? ORLY is used sarcastically to mean – “is that really so – or did you really do that?”.Its often used by women to boss around their male partners.
  • ORL full form
    Oto RhinoLaryngologist
  • ORKUT full form
    Google’s social network What does ORKUT mean or stand for ? Before 2005 when there was no Facebook to rule the roost,Orkut was extremely popular in Asia and Brazil and some parts of Europe.America had Myspace as the number 1 social network.
  • ORITE full form
    Alright hello What does ORITE mean or stand for ? ORITE could just simply mean alright,but people use this as a way to greet one another by meaning to say hello also at the same time.
  • ORISE full form
    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
  • ORIS full form
    Office of Research Information Services (UW)
  • ORION full form
    Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Network
  • ORIGIN full form
    Outcome Reduction with an Initial Glargine Intervention
  • ORIF full form
    Open Reduction Internal Fixation
  • ORI full form
    Online Retrieval Interface
  • ORH full form
  • ORG full form
    Organization (organization Domain name) What does ORG mean or stand for ? A domain name extension of an internet web address that ends with ORG like www.unesco.org is usually given to a non profit organization that maybe involved in some sort of relief work or humanitarian work.
  • ORFEUS full form
    Orbiting And Retrievable Far And Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer
  • OREO full form
    Black on the outside white on the inside What does OREO mean or stand for ? Almost everyone knows about OREO biscuits and their advertisement campaigns always describes them as “black on the outside and white on the inside” .This is with reference to the white cream inside covered with chocolate biscuit.
  • ORDIG full form
    Open Regional Dialog on Internet Governance
  • ORDA full form
    NIH Office of Recombinant DNA Activities
  • ORD full form
    Operational Readiness Demonstration
  • ORCID full form
    Open Researcher and Contributor ID
  • ORCAD full form
    Oregon + CAD
  • ORCA full form
    Occupational Researcher’s Computer Assistant What does ORCA mean or stand for ? People who are researching occupational studies, occupational therapies and other forms of theory need to constantly takes notes, write or type lots of details in order to present a thesis with some original work, this is where the ORCA comes in and is a huge ...
  • ORC full form
    Organizational Readiness for Change
  • ORBI full form
    Stock Ticker Symbol For OSC What is the full form of ORBI and meaning ? ORBI is the four letter stock symbol which is used for intra day trading on the major national stock exchanges for the OSC corporation.
  • ORBCOMM full form
    Orbital Communications Corporation  What is the full form of ORBCOMM and meaning ? ORBCOMM is a communication company that deals with administering and operating a range of communication satellites in orbit and manages the data transmission here on Earth though a variety of channels and systems.
  • ORB full form
    Object Request Broker
  • ORAU full form
    Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • ORANO full form
  • ORAM full form
    Organisational Readiness Assurance Model
  • ORAI full form
  • ORACLE full form
    On-line Inquiry and Report Generator (Unix db)
  • ORAC full form
    oxygen radical absorbance capacity
  • ORA full form
    Organizational Research Analyst
  • OR8 full form
    Oracle 8 database model report (Rational Rose Oracle8)
  • OR full form
    Other Ranks
  • OQW full form
    Operation Quality Wheat
  • OQS full form
    Occupied Quantum State
  • OQPSK full form
    Offset Quadrature PSK (modulation)
  • OQH full form
    Online Quiz Hell
  • OQA full form
    Oregon Quality Award
  • OQ full form
    Of Quickness
  • OPX full form
    Chart (MS Organization)
  • OPW full form
    On-Premises Wiring
  • OPV full form
    Oral Pulse Vaccine
  • OPUS full form
    Octal Program Updating System
  • OPTISOLATOR full form
    optically coupled isolator
  • OPTIS full form
    Overlapped Phase Trellis-code Interlocked Spectrum
  • OPT full form
    Open Protocol Technology
  • OPSYS full form
    Operating system What does OPSYS mean or stand for ? Operating System is the heart and soul of any hardware device.It is the software program that runs the machine and with this the user can configure all the different parameters on the interface.
  • OPSW full form
    Ontology Pattern for the Semantic Web
  • OPSUM full form
    OPerational SUMming amplifier
  • OPSU full form
    Oklahoma Panhandle State University
  • OPSS full form
    Ontario Provincial Standard Specification
  • OPSQ full form
    Office of Patient Safety and Quality What is the full form of OPSQ and meaning ? the OPSQ is a department in a large hospital that addresses issues and grievances related to patient safety,quality of treatment,infrastructure issues of the institution and other quality concerns.
  • OPSOSA full form
    OPeratore SOcio SAnitario
  • OPSN full form
    Open Packet Switching Network
  • OPSL full form
    Old Plank Sonic Laboratories
  • OPSK full form
    Old Pratumnuk SuanKularb
  • OPSEC-S full form
    Operational Security Survey
  • OPSEC-A full form
    Operational Security Assessment
  • OPSEC full form
    Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity
  • OPS/INE full form
    OPerations System/Intelligent Network Element
  • OPS full form
    Operations What does OPS mean or stand for ? OPS or operation is a set of activities that maybe a military operation or a mission task force.It could also refer to a commercial operation like a production facility,industrial product line.
  • OPRR full form
    Object Property Role Relationship
  • OPRP full form
    Office of Physical Resources & Planning
  • OPQ full form
    Occupational Personality Questionnaire What does OPQ mean or stand for ? An OPQ is a questionnaire that is given to a job candidate by the HR department of a company when he applies for a job.The candidate will then fill in the survey regarding his/her occupation and based on this might be selected for the job position.
  • OPPV full form
    Order-ahead Pay Per View (pay TV) What does OPPV mean or stand for ? OPPV or pay per view TV is a new system of paying ahead for a particular program,sports broadcast,game or one particular sitcom series.Instead of the user subscribing to the entire channel for the month,this option is better where he/she can select and pay ...
  • OPPS full form
    Outpatient Prospective Payment System What does OPPS mean or stand for ? OPPS is a payment system that exists in some hospitals and it is created for the benefit of outpatients in the OPD – outpatient department or ward.
  • OPPI full form
    Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India What does OPPI mean or stand for ? The OPPI is a trade organization of drug makers in the pharma sector that includes industry leaders, owners of drug producing companies and other s who come together to set prices, formulate policies and control other parameters of the trade.
  • OPPA full form
    Older brother What does OPPA mean or stand for ? Not sure in which language or dialect OPPA means big brother but it definitely has some regional backing to it.
  • OPP full form
    Order Pizza for Programmer
  • OPOS full form
    OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) for Point Of Sale
  • OPO full form
    Order Pizza for Operator
  • OPN full form
    Active options (Exact)
  • OPMAS full form
    Oncology Patient Management Audit System What is the full form of OPMAS and meaning ? OPMAS is a digital system that takes care of details of cancers patients like medication charts,chemo cycles,treatment dates etc and categorizes them systematically so that the referring oncologist can easily keep tabs on the progress of each patient.
  • OPM full form
    Operations Per Minute What does OPM mean or stand for ? OPM is a feature to measure the speed, efficiency and processor power of a computer by analyzing the number of operations it can perform per minute.
  • OPLT full form
    Operational Acceptable Level of Traffic
  • OPLL full form
    Optical Phase-Locked Loop
  • OPLIN full form
    Ohio Public Library Information Network
  • OPL full form
  • OPK full form
    Open Product Key What does OPK mean or stand for ? An OPK is a security key that is issued with every software program purchase.It gives the user a 12 or 16 digit code by which they can install the program and operate it like a license.
  • OPIP full form
    Output Power Intercept Point (microwave)
  • OPI full form
    Open Prepress Interface
  • OPHTH full form
  • OPH full form
  • OPGW full form
    Optical Ground Wire What does OTC mean or stand for ? PGW is part of an elaborate system of an optic fiber cabling network and is used to connect to end subscriber terminal.
  • OPF full form
    Orbiter Processing Facility What does OPF mean or stand for ? The OPF is an integral part of a space center where different parts of the orbiter are inspected,tests are done,fittings are made and loaded all prior to the launch of a mission.
  • OPEX full form
    Operating Expenditure on a recurring annual basis What does OPEX mean or stand for ? Every commercial entity, company or corporation needs a certain amount of funds in a financial year to stay afloat and take care of basic  expenses like staff salaries, utility bills, operating expenses etc. These are collectively known as OPEX.
  • OPEVAL full form
    Operational evaluation What is the full form of OPEVAL and meaning ? OPEVAL is the systematic checklist of various parameters of a running operation at a company office,industrial unit or manufacturing facility.This evaluation is monitored by the chief of operations based on reports filed by subordinate officers of various departments.
  • OPERA full form
    Open Process Engine For Reliable Activities
  • OPENGL full form
    Open Graphics Language (Silicon Graphics)
  • OPENDOC full form
    Open Document file system What does OPENDOC mean or stand for ? OPEN DOC is a MAC/Apple- and NT-40 terminology for FAT systems that will allow the 2 to share files between them.
  • OPENDAP full form
    Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
  • OPECC full form
    Outpatient Pharmacy Electronic Claims Coordinator What is the full form of OPECC and meaning ? The OPECC is an employee of a hospital that is in charge of the in house pharmacy claims and has approves,coordinates and manages the claims.
  • OPEC full form
    Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries What does OPEC mean or stand for ? OPEC is an organization of some of the biggest oil producers and exporters in the world and some people believe that the OPEC is a “cartel” which it probably is not but nevertheless,OPEC controls crude oil prices and decides on other policies and procedures ...
  • OPEB full form
    Other Post Employment Benefits What does OPEB mean or stand for ? OPEB are a set of perks and extra benefits other than the wages that employees of a certain type of company will get if they are eligible for depending on their position,grade and other factors.
  • OPE full form
    Oshkosh Placement Exchange
  • OPDAR full form
    Optical radar What does OPDAR mean or stand for ? An OPDAR is a type of scanning radar that is used in many types of search and rescue marine vehicles,sometimes by the military in order to accurately pinpoint the location of another vehicle or vessel.
  • OPD full form
    Out patient Department What does OPD mean or stand for ? An OPD is a section of a hospital that treats patients who are not admitted to that hospital.There are various lines of treatments,consultations and clinical tests that are performed by staff at the OPD.Patients will pay the requisite fees and leave without getting admitted.
  • OPCW full form
    Organization of Prevention of Chemical Weapons What does OPCW mean or stand for ? The OPCW is an international diplomatic organization which has many member nations who try to work together to eliminate the use of chemical weapons just like the Nuclear disarmament of the 60s took place.
  • OPCODE full form
    Operational Code
  • OPCAB full form
    Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass What is the full form of OPCAB and meaning ? When  a heart bypass procedure is done in an operation theater,then the heart is stopped and connected to a lung machine pump.This machine is an artificial heart and continues to pump blood throughout the body of the patient.Sometimes this machine is not used ...
  • OPC full form
    Optical Photoconductor
  • OPBS full form
    One-Piece Building Specifcation
  • OPBO full form
    Output Power Back-Off What is the full form of OPBO and meaning ? OPBO is a type of output power that is generated by a system in an industrial installation.
  • OPBH full form
    Outpatient Behavioral Health
  • OPB full form
    Optical Power Budget
  • OPARS full form
    Old Post Amateur Radio Society What does OPARS mean or stand for ? OPARS is a society for old post amateur radio enthusiasts that is similar to HAM radio and these hobbyists come together to discuss,brainstorm and share tips and tricks about their passion.
  • OPAN full form
    Occam Packet Access Network
  • OPAMP full form
    OPerational AMPlifier
  • OPAL full form
    Outstanding Philanthropic Award For Leadership What does OPAL mean or stand for ? The OPAL is an award that is presented to a person who has done immense work in the fields of philanthropy, charity and helped with humanitarian issues.
  • OPAG full form
    Open Programme Area Group
  • OPAC full form
    Online Public Access Catalog
  • OPA full form
    Overseas Performing Artist What does OPA mean or stand for ? An OPA is a person who is in employ of a troupe or theater company and has valid documentation to work in a foreign country and earn there by doing work related to theater or music.
  • OP-TDLAS full form
    Open Path Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • OP MODEL full form
    Operations Model What does OP MODEL mean or stand for ? An operations model is a project schematic and blueprint plan that is drafted on paper before it can be visualized into a product or service and operations can being on it.
  • OP full form
    Operation Optical Output
  • OOYM full form
    out of your mind What is the full form of OOYM and meaning ? When two people are talking online and then one of them says something ridiculous then the other person will immediately  respond by saying are you OOYM !
  • OOYL full form
    Out Of Your League What does OOYL mean or stand for ? When there is a person who will not date you because they seem to be better looking or unattainable for whatever reason then we say “she is out of your league” or OOYL.This is also a way top tease a friend.
  • OOX full form
  • OOW full form
    On our way What does OOW mean or stand for ? When we need to meet with someone and they message asking where we are at or where have we reached then we tell them we are OOW.
  • OOV full form
    Object Oriented Verification
  • OOUI full form
    Object Oriented User Interface
  • OOTW full form
    Out Of This World What does OOTW mean or stand for ? Something that is truly fantastic in every way and will blow your mind because how perfectly put together it is,is what we call OOTW !
  • OOTU full form
    Origin Of The Universe What does OOTU mean or stand for ? OOTU is a terminology made famous by the big bang theory and by other astrophysicists who use data and analytical patterns to theorize various ways to come up with how the universe was formed.
  • OOTO full form
    Out Of The Office What does OOTO mean or stand for ? A secretary or a receptionist at a corporate office might use this phrase when she answers the phone in order to tell someone that a particular employee if OOTO – out of the office.
  • OOTF full form
    Office of the Future (UNC)
  • OOTD full form
    Offer Of The Day What does OOTD mean or stand for ? the OOTD is an ecommerce 
  • OOTC full form
    Obligatory On-Topic Comment What does OOTC mean or stand for ? An OOTC is a polite way for netizens to show appreciation for a post,article or image that is posted on social media or on a website,discussion board or forum.This comment keeps the discussion alive and encourages other author to post better content more regularly.
  • OOTB full form
    Out Of The Box / Out of the Blue What does OOTB mean or stand for ? OOTB is either out of the box or out of the blue and is when we spring a surprise on someone without them having the least bit of suspicion. In most cases it is something fun and entertaining that the ...
  • OOTAP full form
    Operator Outreach Technical Assistance Program
  • OOT full form
    Object-Oriented Technology
  • OOSP full form
    Object Oriented Software Process
  • OOSOOM full form
    Out Of Sight Out Of Mind What does OOSOOM mean or stand for ? This is an old saying which means if you need to get something done then keep it right in font of you,else if its stashed away where it cant be seen then we usually forget about it.
  • OOSM full form
    Object- Oriented Systems Modeling
  • OOSE full form
    Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  • OOSDP full form
    Ocean Observing System Development Panel
  • OOSC full form
    Out of School Children What does OOSC mean or stand for ? OOSC could be referred to school going children who have probably quit school or cut classes.
  • OOS-AUMA full form
    Out Of Synchronization – Autonomous Unit – Manual Override
  • OOS-AU full form
    Out Of Synchronization – Autonomous Unit
  • OOS full form
    Object-Oriented Systems
  • OORE full form
    Operations Order Review
  • OORDBMS full form
    Object-Oriented Relational DataBase Management System
  • OOR full form
    Occupational Outlook Report
  • OOPT full form
    out of programme for clinical teaching
  • OOPS full form
    Object Oriented Programming System
  • OOPR full form
    out of programme for research
  • OOPL full form
    Object-Oriented Programming Language What does OOPL mean or stand for ? OOPL and OOPS are two languages that are used and studied intensely by computer science engineers and they have many real world applications in programming.
  • OOPE full form
    out of programme for experience
  • OOPC full form
    out of program for career break What does OOPC mean or stand for ? When a working professional is part of a learning program and quits because they have just been offered a good position in another company then they say they have been OOPC.
  • OOP-ED full form
    Object Oriented Programming / Event Driven
  • OOP full form
    Object Oriented Programming
  • OOOS full form
    Object-Oriented Operating System
  • OOO full form
    out of the office What does OOO  mean or stand for ? OOO is a phrase that an office employee would tell you when you are looking for a certain person and he is not at this desk. Its probably the receptionists job to use these words when on the phone.
  • OON full form
    Object Oriented Notation
  • OOMR full form
    Out-of-Module Reference
  • OOMM full form
    OrbittoOrbit Stage
  • OOML full form
    Out Of My League What does OOML mean or stand for ? OOML is a fairly common thing to say even in the real world when a girl is way better looking than you are,and could get any guy she wants,then we say that she is OOML.
  • OOMF full form
    One of my followers What does OOMF mean or stand for ? Followers in this context refers to a social media follower on various platforms like Instagram,Twitter or Facebook.When we “follow” someone,we get daily updates about them like posts,images,news stories that they have shared etc.
  • OOMD full form
    Object Oriented Modeling and Design
  • OOM full form
    Out of mana
  • OOL full form
    Object-Oriented Language
  • OOK full form
    On-Off Keying (modulation)
  • OOJA full form
    Object-Oriented Japanese Analysis
  • OOJ full form
    Object Oriented Javascript
  • OOI full form
    Out Of Interest What does OOI mean or stand for ? When we want to give an expression of interest regarding a something that is currently being discussed or shown,then we message the person who brought up the topic by saying “OOI how much is a gallon of it ? ” .
  • OOHM full form
    out of his/her mind What is the full form of OOHM and meaning ? when we come across someone who is behaving in a crude and ridiculous way or says something damaging,ignorant and stupid then we exclaim with frustration is he/she OOHM !!.
  • OOH full form
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • OOFT full form
    Sound made when impressed by something What does OOFT mean or stand for ? OOFT is supposedly a sound people make when they are pleasantly surprised and impressed by something .
  • OOF full form
    Object Oriented Finite
  • OOE full form
    Object-Oriented Engineering
  • OODR full form
    Out Of Plane Spectrometer
  • OODPM full form
    Object Oriented Design by Prototype Methodology
  • OODP full form
    Out of Position
  • OODB full form
    Object-Oriented Database
  • OOD full form
    Organizational Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • OOCM full form
    Object-Oriented Call Model
  • OOC full form
    out of character What does OOC mean or stand for ? When a friend or colleague is acting differently from the way he normally does then we say that he is acting OOC, or acting plain weird.
  • OOBMAN full form
    Out of band Manager
  • OOBL full form
    out of breath laughing What does OOBL mean or stand for ? When we are talking to a friend online and are laughing so hard that it hurts and we are going blue out of breath then we describe it as  OOBL.
  • OOBE full form
    Out Of Box Experience What does OOBE mean or stand for ? Like a never before experience or something new,we describe a sensational different type of experience as one that is an OOBE.
  • OOB full form
    out of business What does OOB mean or stand for ? OOB is usually written as a sign outside a store that is about to close down permanently as as sad as it may seem for the owners to post such a heartbreaking message, its necessary to let customers know.
  • OOAS full form
    West African Health Organization
  • OOAK full form
    One Of A Kind What does OOAK mean or stand for ? OOAK is what we say to someone when we want to mean that a thing or person is rare and hard to find.Its like saying one in a million for something that is precious and not easily there.
  • OOA full form
    Out Of Ammo What does OOA mean or stand for ? This is a phrase used mostly by online video game enthusiasts who play multiplayer real time games and can communicate with each other using headsets.These action games usually involve shooting and that’s when one player may say OOA.
  • OO full form
    over and out What does OO mean or stand for ? OO is an old terminology in radio communication. Its used in a one way radio where only voice can be transmitted at a time. In this case when one person speaks and finishes their sentence they said “over and out” in order to let the other ...
  • ONYD full form
    oh no you didn’t What is the full form of ONYD and meaning ? ONYD is a sarcastic way of telling someone – how dare did you do that,and is probably used a lot when a woman says this to her partner,if he did something that he shouldn’t have,but still did it anyway,infuriating her.
  • ONV full form
    OpenNet View
  • ONUD full form
    oh no you didn’t What is the full form of ONUD and meaning ? ONUD is used when someone does something that they ought to have not done,or shouldn’t have done.
  • ONU full form
    Optical Network Unit
  • ONTO full form
  • ONTD full form
    Oh No They Didn’t What does ONTD mean or stand for ? ONTD is a sarcastic way of saying “how could they have done that or how dare they do that”.Its said with grim disappointment and a little frustration when something that is unexpected is done.
  • ONTC full form
    Open Networks Technology Consortium
  • ONT full form
    Open Network Terminal
  • ONSD full form
    optic nerve sheath diameter
  • ONS full form
    Office of National Statistics What does ONS mean or stand for ? The ONS is an agency that collects various statistical data from all states then compiles it systematically, prepares charts, reports and analysis and keeps it ready for when a government ministry may require these statistics.
  • ONS FORMAT XX full form
    Office for National Statistics format
  • ONR full form
    OutofDetent Roll
  • ONP full form
    Open Network Provision
  • ONOZ full form
    oh no What is the full form of ONOZ and meaning ? Oh no ! is spoken in the same light as OMG ! and both these are a verbal way to showing disappointment and shock.
  • ONOEZ full form
    oh no What is the full form of ONOEZ and meaning ? OH no ! is an expression of exasperation and disappointment when something does not turn out as we expected and we proclaim the phrase ONOEZ.
  • ONO full form
    Or Nearest Offer What does ONO mean or stand for ? ONO almost means – the closest offer and this is used in online trading or selling groups when a seller marks a price and agrees to sell it to a bidder that offers the closest price to what has been advertised.
  • ONNTA full form
    Oh No Not This Again What does ONNTA mean or stand for ? ONNTA is similar to ONNA – oh no not again which are both ways of sounding dissapointed because something that happened again that you wished wouldn’t.
  • ONNA full form
    Oh No Not Again What is the full form of ONNA and meaning ? ONNA is a phrase used when we come across something that has happened in the past and has not been a good experience,but nevertheless happened again.
  • ONMS full form
    Optical Network Management System
  • ONM full form
    Oh Never Mind What does ONM mean or stand for ? ONM is what someone may say as an after thought when they have already asked a favor from you and then change their mind for whatever reason,like they don’t want  you to go through the trouble of ding it possibly.
  • ONL full form
    Online What does ONL mean or stand for ? ONL is a term used when a person is available on the internet through a messaging platform,chat program or some other means.
  • ONICRA full form
    Onida Individual Credit Rating Agency of India
  • ONI full form
    Optical Network Interface
  • ONGS full form
    Oil and Natural Gas Commission
  • ONGC full form
    Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited What does ONGC mean or stand for ? ONGc is a government owned corporation that has interests in oil and natural gas boring, refining, distribution and export from India. It is one of the largest companies that is publicly traded and has one of the highest market capitalizations.
  • ONG full form
    Optic Nerve Glioma
  • ONER full form
    Oceanic Navigational Error Report
  • ONE OFF full form
    Happened Once What is the full form of ONE OFF and meaning ? A ONE OFF is an event or something that happened just once in a rare case and is just one of those things that are left to chance with the probability of never happening again.
  • ONE full form
    Over Nearly Everyone
  • ONDS full form
    Open Network Distribution Services
  • OND full form
    Journal of Aerospace Science What does OND mean or stand for ? The OND is a peer reviewed journal that is written by academicians, scientists and industry experts. It contains new research articles and stories about the latest happenings in the aerospace industry.
  • ONCO full form
    Office of NOAA Corps Operations
  • ONCE full form
    Odd North Central Even
  • ONC full form
    Open Network Computing
  • ONBT full form
    Office of Naval Research
  • ONBD full form
    Orbiter Neutral Buoyancy Trainer
  • ONB full form
    Olfactory Neuroblastoma
  • ONAL full form
    Off-Network Access Line
  • ONAC full form
    Operations Network Administration Center
  • ONA full form
    Open Network Architecture (Bell packet networks) What does ONA mean or stand for ? ONA is a technology that was used by the Bell corporation in their packet networks for data transmission. 
  • ON9 full form
    Stupid (Chinese) What does ON9 mean or stand for ? Not exactly sure how ON9 is pronounced or made to look like its original Cantonese /mandarin symbol,but what we do know is that it means stupid.
  • ON full form
    Operational Navigation
  • OMZ full form
    Oxygen Minimum Zone What is the full form of OMZ and meaning ? In most cases when we see the sign OMZ,this is probably an indicator on a high altitude plateau on a mountain or hill station advising tourists not to ascend any higher as the atmospheric oxygen would start to thin down.It could also be used ...
  • OMY full form
    oh my! What is the full form of OMY and meaning ? OMY is a shortened version of the much more famous OMG – oh my god and is used to describe awe,shock and excitement all at the same time.
  • OMX full form
    ObjectMetrix Estimation Process
  • OMWTS full form
    on my way to school What does OMWTS mean or stand for ? Nowadays kids use the smartphone like an extension of their social lives and is a great way to be connected.When someone messages them on the phone asking where they are,they can reply OMWTS – if they are going to school that is.
  • OMWH full form
    on my way home What does OMWH mean or stand for ? When someone messages us when we are on our way home and we want to tell them via chat quickly we then say OMWH.
  • OMW full form
    on my way What does OMW mean or stand for ? If and when we are en route to meeting someone and they message un expectantly asking for our whereabouts, we reply by telling them OMW.
  • OMVPE full form
    Organo-Metallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
  • OMV full form
    Oxygen Manual Valve What does OMV mean or stand for ? An OMV is an outlet valve that can be manually screwed open and can control the flow of oxygen through an intricate pipeline or even on  a smaller scale through an attached hose and breathing apparatus.
  • OMUX full form
    Output Multiplexer
  • OMU full form
    Optical Measuring Unit What does OMU mean or stand for ? An OMU is used for very precise measurements in a laboratory or an industrial workplace.Also,it maybe part of a digital system thereby giving a point to point decimal value of a measurement. 
  • OMT full form
    Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapist
  • OMSS full form
    Open Market Sale Scheme
  • OMSP full form
    Operational Maintenance Support Plan
  • OMSJ full form
    Oh My Sweet Jesus! What is the full form of OMSJ and meaning ? OMSJ is almost the same as OMG which is way more popular but used in the same context when we hear something truly shocking,disturbing,gross or terrifying then we exclaim OMSJ !
  • OMSH-N full form
    Olaniba Memorial & Specialist Hospital-Nigeria What is the full form of OMSH N and meaning ? OMSH is one of the leading medical care centers in Nigeria and has dedicated wards for different in patient services with a fully staffed set of specialists in all fields of medicine.
  • OMSF full form
    Office of Manned Space Flight (now OSTS) What is the full form of OMSF and meaning ? Now known as OMSF,this department of a space center is the administrative center of all manned space flight missions that have taken off from that flight center and also for upcoming ones.
  • OMSCO full form
    Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative What is the full form of OMSCO and meaning ? OMSCO is a cooperative or federation of all orgnic mil suppliers and dairy farmers who directly source their milk from cattle without any process of pasteurization or preservation.They directly sell their produce to a company to retail.
  • OMS full form
    Output per Man Shift What does OMS mean or stand for ? OMS is a terminology that is used in factories and industries so as to calculate how much of a product can be produced by each worker per hour of his shift.This gives us a way to calculate costs and wages.
  • OMRSD full form
    Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Specifications Document
  • OMRS full form
    Operations and Maintenance Requirements Specification
  • OMRP full form
    Operations and Maintenance Requirements Plan What is the full form of OMRP and meaning ? An OMRP is a draft document that is prepared by the operations staff and submitted to the chief of operations at a company or production facility.It will contain a list of hardware,equipment,manpower and systems that will be essential to either start or ...
  • OMRF full form
    Orbiter Modification and Refurbishment Facility
  • OMRC full form
    Operational Maintenance Requirements Catalog
  • OMRB full form
    Operating Material Review Board
  • OMR full form
    Optical Mark Recognition
  • OMPT full form
    Observed Mass Point Trajectory
  • OMPS full form
    Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite
  • OMPR full form
    Operational Maintainability Problem Reporting
  • OMP full form
    Operations and Maintenance Plan What does OMP mean or stand for ? An OMP is a well documented roadmap and schematic chart that outlines the basic operation and maintenance parameters of a company or project.
  • OMO full form
    Open Market Operations
  • OMNS full form
    Open Network Management System
  • OMNI XX full form
    Organising Medical Networked Information
  • OMN full form
    Oculomotor Nerve
  • OMMH full form
    Orbiter Maintenance Man Hours What is the full form of OMMH and meaning ? OMMH is a phrase that is used with reference to a space orbiter that was set in orbit and requires a certain number of maintenance hours within a certain time frame of operation.
  • OMM full form
    Orbiter Major Modification
  • OML full form
    Outside Mold Line
  • OMJC full form
    Oh My Jesus Christ What does ONL mean or stand for ? OMJC is used in the same way that OMG -oh my god is.People tend to use the good lords name in vain when they are frustrated,fed-up or just plain pained.
  • OMJ full form
    oh my jesus What does OMJ mean or stand for ? Just like OMG – oh my god is used when we are shocked and surprised about something,in the same way OMJ is what we type in a similar moment of awe.
  • OMISS full form
    Operation and Maintenance Instruction Summary Sheet
  • OMIS full form
    Operational Management Information System
  • OMI full form
    Open Messaging Interface
  • OMHO full form
    Office Of Mental Health Ombudsman
  • OMHG full form
    oh my hell god What does OMHG mean or stand for ? OMHG is just another derivation of the world famous OMG (oh my god ) but is a little more forceful way of saying it when we are a little shocked and freaked out about something we use this version of OMG.
  • OMH full form
    Online Marketing Hero What does OMH mean or stand for ? OMH is a phrase coined for someone who is brilliant at digital marketing and has seen a lot of success in selling different types of digital products on an online platform.
  • OMGZORS full form
    oh my god What is the full form of OMGZORS and meaning ? OMGZORS is a longer more cumbersome form of just saying OMG which is one of the most famous acronyms that ever existed.Both means the same and are used to show shock and awe.
  • OMGZ full form
    oh my God What does OMGZ mean or stand for ? OMGZ is possibly a plural version of OMG – oh my god,but we are not quite sure why there would be a plural version of it but its used in the same light to show shock and awe.
  • OMGYG2BK full form
    oh my god you got to be kidding What does OMGYG2BK mean or stand for ? When we want to show our surprise and shock to  someone for what they said then we say OMGYG2BK.This actually means – you are not serious! stop joking around!.
  • OMGWTF full form
    Oh My God What The F*** What does OMGWTF mean or stand for ? An exaggerated and forceful way of showing frustration,disappointment, amazement and shock all at the same time is by loudly yelling OMGWTF ! This is a hash of two of the most famous acronyms OMG and WTF .
  • OMGUKK full form
    oh my god you killed kenny What does OMGUKK mean or stand for ? This famous line is taken from the satirical TV show South park.When the character Kenny gets killed in every episode,someone also says OMGUKK.
  • OMGTY full form
    Oh my god thank you What does OMGTY mean or stand for ? When we want to show our gratitude for something that was done and was unexpected,then we thank the person by saying OMGTY with joy !
  • OMGSH full form
    oh my gosh What does OMGSH mean or stand for ? OMGSH is similar to OMG – og my god and was probably derived from that acronym in past.It is also used in the same reference to express shock,awe,admiration and sometimes disgust.
  • OMGOSH full form
    Oh my gosh What is the full form of OMGOSH and meaning ? OMGOSH is used in the same way we say OMG – oh my god and is an expression for disbelief,shock and awe.
  • OMGNY full form
    oh my god no way What does OMGNY mean or stand for ? When we talk to someone online and they tell us something shocking or surprising and you just cannot believe it then you exclaim OMGNY.
  • OMGNA full form
    Oh My Gosh Not Again What does OMGNA mean or stand for ? When we are shocked about something and want a way to vent it out at the person giving us the bad news then we say OMGNA. 
  • OMGN full form
    oh my goodness What does OMGN mean or stand for ? OMGN is similar to OMG – oh my god and is used by people when they are both excited and surprised because of something that has just unfolded in front of them.
  • OMGINBD full form
    Oh my God
  • OMGIH full form
    Oh My God In Heaven What does OMGIH mean or stand for ? OMGIH is said out loud to oneself when we are extremely frustrated and shocked by the events that has unfolded and is another way of exclaiming OMG !
  • OMGGM full form
    Oh My Goodness Gracious Me What does OMGGM mean or stand for ? OMGGM is taken from another more famous acronym known as OMG – oh my god.It is used in similar situations when a person is surprised,shocked or astonished.
  • OMGG full form
    Oh my gosh girl What does OMGG mean or stand for ? When a guy is ultra impressed with a girl or his girlfriend then he may say OMGG ! in order to make her know that not only is he excited but joyous as well.
  • OMGE full form
    Organisation Mondiale De GastroEnterologie
  • OMGD full form
    Oh my gosh dude What does OMGD mean or stand for ? OMGD is derived from the more common OMG – oh my god and this phrase is used mostly when two guys are talking and one of them is surprised or shocked.
  • OMGA full form
    Oh My Giddy Aunt What is the full form of OMGA and meaning ? Many of youll will not know this but OMGA is actually another way to say OMG – oh my god. There are some people who dont want to take gods name in vain, so they say OMGA, which is a funny satirical take ...
  • OMG’S full form
    oh my god’s What is the full form of OMG and meaning ? OMG’s is the same as OMG but used in a possible plural form when we are amazed or excited about more than one event or happening.
  • OMG full form
    Oh My Gosh – OH my GOD What does OMG mean or stand for ? Although its usually used with the Lords name in place of “gosh” – it has come to become one of the most famous acronyms in pop culture as well as for us normal folks in real life. In most cases it just means ...
  • OMFUG full form
    Other Music Found UnderGround What is the full form of OMFUG and meaning ? This phrase refers to the different types of independent musicians who only release their music to certain communities on the internet and do not want to make them mainstream.
  • OMFU full form
    oral and maxillofacial unit
  • OMFSM full form
    Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster What does OMFSM mean or stand for ? Atheists invented the religion where the flying spaghetti monster is a god and they worship him.Its just a way to mock religion and iterate that they are all man made.
  • OMFS full form
    Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon
  • OMFG full form
    Oh My F***ing God What does OMFG mean or stand for ? OMFG is a more illustrative and aggressive form of saying OMG and is probably used in extreme times when we are very shocked, frustrated, agitated or disappointed with what we have just experienced.
  • OMFED full form
    Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited What does OMFED mean or stand for ? OMFED is a milk cooperative which means they comprise of many dairy cattle farmers who collect this raw milk and then sell this milk to a large corporation or government company through a big brand.for example the Gujarat milk cooperative collects and ...
  • OMF full form
    Object Management Framework
  • OMER full form
    Optical Music Easy Reader
  • OMEP full form
    Office of Minority Engineering Programs
  • OMEGA full form
    Open Multi Environment Grid Adapter
  • OMEF full form
    Ohio Medical Education Foundation
  • OME full form
    Open Messaging Environment (protocol)
  • OMDZ full form
    Oh My Days
  • OMDR full form
    Operations and Maintenance Data Record What is the full form of OMDR and meaning ? OMDR is a digital record of operations and maintenance rosters,registers,schedules and other details of a company  that are stored and can be retrieved by chief of operations or another high ranked management level employee.
  • OMDP full form
    Orbiter Maintenance Down Period
  • OMDG full form
    oh my dear god What does OMDG mean or stand for ? Another way of exclaiming OMG (oh my god ) is by saying oh my dear god.Both are used when we are extremely fed-up or frustrated.
  • OMDB full form
    Over My Dead Body What does OMDB mean or stand for ? OMDB is a phrase that has been around since a long time and is used as a form of defiance used by a stubborn person to proclaim that they will not allow or give in until they die.
  • OMD full form
    Orbiter Mating Device
  • OMCF full form
    Orbiter Maintenance and Checkout Facility What is the full form of OMCF  and meaning ? The OMCF is a department in a space center that has the primary goal of maintaining,inspection and engineering of a space orbiter before it is prepped for launch for a space mission.
  • OMC-WAN full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Wide Area Network
  • OMC-T full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Transmission
  • OMC-S full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Switching What does OMC-S mean or stand for ? The OMC S is a department that exists in a mobile or cellular switching station or a data transmission base station and handles switching requests from the network.
  • OMC-R full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Radio
  • OMC-MISC full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Miscellaneous purposes
  • OMC-M full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Mobile
  • OMC-IN full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Intelligent Network
  • OMC-ENV full form
    Operations and Maintenance Center for Environment
  • OMC full form
    Operations and Maintenance Centre (GSM)
  • OMB full form
    Office of Management and Budget
  • OMAT full form
    Operational Measurement and Analysis Tool
  • OMAP full form
    Open Multimedia Applications Protocol (Texas Instruments)
  • OMANTEL full form
    Oman Telecommunications Company (operator) What is the full form of OMANTEL and meaning ? OMANTEL is one of the biggest telecommunications and cellular network services providers in the country and has plans to enter the broadband internet market space.
  • OMAN full form
    LEOS Summer Topical on Optical Multiple Access Networks
  • OMAFRA full form
    Ontario Ministry Of Agriculture Food And Rural Affairs What is the full form of OMAFRA and meaning ? The OMAFRA is a state wide ministry that is based in Ontario Canada that regulates the agriculture industry pertaining to food produce,issues various types of licenses,grants and is an administrative body for rural affairs.
  • OMAB full form
    Object Management Architecture Board
  • OMA full form
    Object Management Architecture
  • OM-1 full form
    Open MPEG Consortium
  • OM NOM full form
    Sound of eating
  • OM full form
    the Old Man
  • OLXT full form
    Office Live Extended Technologies
  • OLX full form
    OnLine eXchange What does OLX mean or stand for ? Many people have heard of and used OLX.com and it is a popular website for selling and trading of products new and old.However few people know that the full form of OLX is actually online exchange !
  • OLTU full form
    Optical Line Terminal Unit What does OLTU mean or stand for ? When optical lines are used to transmit  data in a cheap and efficient manner by a network service provider,then after it connects to a subscriber,it will terminate into a unit known as an OLTU.
  • OLTS full form
    Optical Loss Test Set
  • OLTP full form
    On-Line Transaction Processing
  • OLTL full form
    One Life To Live What does OLTL mean or stand for ? This is famous quotation that means to live life to fullest because we just have one life and should not waste it.
  • OLTEP full form
    On- Line Test Executive Program
  • OLTE full form
    Optical Line Terminal Equipment What does OLTE mean or stand for ? OLTE is a device that forms part of a terminal device that is part of an optical transmission network that is used as an end point after the last subscriber has been connected to the network.
  • OLTCA full form
    Ontario Long Term Care Association
  • OLTC full form
    Optical Line Terminal Controller
  • OLTAS full form
    OnLine Tax Accounting System What does OLTAS mean or stand for ? There are several companies like TurboTax etc that allow users to file their taxes online through the software provided and upload the figures onto the portal. These websites calculate the numbers, show you how much tax needs to be paid and helps you submit the ...
  • OLT full form
    Operation Land Transfer
  • OLSA full form
    Orbiter Logistics Support Plan
  • OLS full form
    Organizational Leadership And Supervision
  • OLRX full form
    Orthotopic Liver Transplantation What does OLRX mean or stand for ? OLRX is a type of medical surgical procedure that is complicated and highly risky method of liver transplantation.There are risk of the body rejecting the new liver.
  • OLRU full form
    Optical Line Regenerating Unit What does OLRU mean or stand for ? An OLRU is an integral part of an fiber optical line that transmits data in a broadband network and is used for the regeneration of certain attributes.
  • OLRT full form
    Organic Lateharvest Regional Trial
  • OLR full form
    Off Line mail Reader What does OLR mean or stand for ? An OLR is a type of email client that lets the user save a mail in offline format so that it can be accessed later on when the person is not connected to the internet.
  • OLPC full form
    One Laptop Per Child What does OLPC mean or stand for ? OLPC was a government initiative to give children a chance to get educated and connect to the vast knowledge of the internet by trying to provide each child with a laptop.
  • OLPA full form
    Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (National Science Foundation)
  • OLOY full form
    Only Losers Obey Yolo
  • OLOW full form
    Orbiter Lift Off Weight What does OLOW mean or stand for ? OLOW is the official recorded weight of the orbiter module before it is attached to the rocket booster section in order to have it carried into orbit.It has to be within a specific weight range in order for the rocket to be able to bear ...
  • OLOS full form
    Obstructed-Line-Of-Sight (transmission) What does OLOS mean or stand for ? In overhead lines that send data transmission through signals from one point to another,there is a direct line of sight that needs to be maintained for clear distribution of data over a medium.Since these signals only travel in a straight line,any obstruction will hamper signal quality known ...
  • OLO full form
    Other Licensed Operators
  • OLNS full form
    Originating Line Number Screening
  • OLMC full form
    Output Logic Macrocell
  • OLM full form
    ocular larva migrans
  • OLLG full form
    One Less Lonely Girl
  • OLL full form
    online love What does OLL mean or stand for ? When people search for a partner online through a dating site,dating app,multiplayer game,social game or any other internet based program,then its termed as OLL.
  • OLK full form
    Address book (MS Outlook) What does OLK mean or stand for ? Microsoft outlook is still used as one of the most popular email clients that had a very well systematically arranged contacts in an easy to preview known as OLK for short.
  • OLIU full form
    Optical Line Interface Unit
  • OLIF full form
    Orbiter Landing Instrumentation Facilities What is the full form of OLIF and meaning ? The OLIF are a set of diagnostic onboard systems that help safely land the orbiter if it is manned and carrying a set of astronauts. The OLIF helps to steer, navigate, correct trajectory and maintain descent velocity among other things.
  • OLIDS full form
    Open Loop Insulin Delivery System
  • OLIC full form
    Official Language Implementation Committee
  • OLI full form
    Optical Line Interface What does OLI mean or stand for ? An OLI is an important part of the AT & T transmission network and is integral to the transfer of data through optical cables.
  • OLGF full form
    On- Line Grants Facility
  • OLF full form
    Orbiter Lifting Frame
  • OLEV full form
    Orbital Life Extension Vehicle
  • OLER full form
    Orbital Life Extension Rocket What does OLER mean or stand for ?
  • OLEP full form
    Office of Law Enforcement Programs What is the full form of OLEP and meaning ? OLEP is a department which hosts programs related to law enforcement.
  • OLEM full form
    Orbital Life Extension Maneuver
  • OLEI full form
    Oak League Education Institute
  • OLEDS full form
    Object Linking and Embedding Directory Services
  • OLEDB full form
    Object Linking and Embedding Data Base
  • OLED full form
    Organic Light Emitting Diode What does OLED mean or stand for ? OLED is a type of LED that is used more consumer centric  electronic appliances and lighting solutions.
  • OLEC full form
    Originating Local Exchange Carrier
  • OLE full form
    Object Linking and Embedding
  • OLE DB full form
    Database that supports objects- linking- and embedding
  • OLDFAG full form
    Long established member of an online community What is the full form of OLDFAG and meaning ? A slang and crude sounding term OLDFAG is used to describe a person that is part of a forum,discussion thread or online community that has been around since a long time and still takes part in the daily activities of ...
  • OLD LADY full form
    Wife What does OLD LADY mean or stand for ? Sometimes we say “old man” or “old lady” for our parents,however in some cases,a married man who has kids may refer to his wife also as OLD LADY.
  • OLD full form
    Old version (file name extension) What does OLD mean or stand for ? An OLD file is a type of file that is saved on a system and acts as a predecessor of a software version.It has a filename extension of *.OLD.
  • OLD BAG full form
    Grumpy old woman What does OLD BAG  mean or stand for ? A rather rude way to refer to an old woman who is nasty and perpetually grumpy is by calling her an OLD BAG.
  • OLC full form
    Optical Loop Carrier
  • OLB full form
    Open Liver Biopsy What does OHGVT mean or stand for ? OLB is a procedure to check if the there are cancerous cells in the liver and the biopsy will extract a small tissue sample and analyze it if is malignant or benign.
  • OLAP full form
    OnLine Analytical Processing (32 bit applications with links to ActiveX and Java Beans)
  • OLAM full form
    On-Line Analytical Mining
  • OLA full form
    Office of Legal Affairs
  • OL full form
    the Old Lady What does OL mean or stand for ? Not the perfect way to refer to a senior,but OL is used sometimes in online conversation to talk about an old lady.
  • OKW/E full form
    OK What-Ever What does OK W/E mean or stand for ? When we want to be sarcastic to our friend and do not care much about what they are saying,then we put them off by saying OK W/E.Its like saying ok – not you can shut the hell up.
  • OKT full form
    Oktalyzer 8-channel Music format What does OKT mean or stand for ? An OKT file is a music file that is created by the Oktalyzer program and these types of files have a filename extension of *.OKT.
  • OKS full form
    Approves What does OKS mean or stand for ? When we get an “OKAY” from a higher upper management in order to act as an affirmation or permission to go head and do something that is what “OKS” stands for and is another way to say that what we requested has been approved.
  • OKIES full form
    Okay What does OKIES mean or stand for ? A cute and short way of casually agreeing or affirming something is by saying OKIES which simply means ok.
  • OKI full form
    Okey Dokey OK What does OKI mean or stand for ? OKI is another way of saying okie dokie which is just a fun cute way of being affirmative and positive when someone asks or requests something from you and is used in the real world also.
  • OKHA full form
  • OKEY DOKEY full form
    OK What does OKEY DOKEY mean or stand for ? OKEY DOKEY jsut means okay but the way it is said is what makes it so unique due to its sprightly,optimistic and fun way of execution.
  • OKC full form
    Odontogenic KeratoCyst
  • OKAY full form
    Object Kit Across Yaml
  • OKA full form
  • OK-QPSK full form
    Offset-Keyed QPSK (modulation)
  • OK full form
    Only Kidding
  • OJT full form
    On-the-Job Training
  • OJSU full form
  • OJD full form
    Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder What does OJD mean or stand for ? Just like OCD is a mental disorder,the die hard fans of the band Jonas brothers call themselves OJD because they are so crazy in love with the three brothers.
  • OJB full form
    ObJectRelational Bridge
  • OJ full form
    Only Joking What does OJ mean or stand for ? When we are pulling a prank on someone or just messing with them and they dont know, they we tell them that we are OJ and shouldn’t take things seriously.
  • OIYD full form
    Only In Your Dreams What does OIYD mean or stand for ? OYID is said to someone when they cannot attain something because it is out of their league and the only way they can get it is in their dreams !
  • OIY full form
    Hey What does OIY mean or stand for ? OIY is pronounced as OYE and is a way of saying hello or hi in many parts of the UK.More common in the northern UK,its a slang way to greet or call someone by getting their attention.
  • OIVS full form
    Orbiter Interface Verification Set
  • OIV full form
    Oxidizer Isolation Valve
  • OIT full form
    Office Of Information Technology What does OIT mean or stand for ? The OIT could be an IT cell in a company that takes care of technology, hardware and networking issues of the employees or it could also be referring to a government ministerial department office that network service providers go to for documentation, licensing and other ...
  • OISSP full form
    Office of Interim Space Station Program
  • OISS full form
    Office for International Students and Scholars
  • OISR full form
    Open Item Status Report
  • OIS full form
    Office Information Systems What does OIS mean or stand for ? OIS are a set of networked computers that are used by employees and upper management to retrieve data and information on operations, projects, staff and other systems when necessary.
  • OIR full form
    Operations Integration Review
  • OIOS full form
    Office of Internal Oversight Services
  • OIO&T; full form
    Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology
  • OIO full form
    Object Input/ Output
  • OIN full form
    OINtment What does OIN mean or stand for ? An ointment is a cream or soluble medication in a tube that is used to treat skin and muscle tissue injuries or conditions.
  • OILS full form
    Open Integrated Learning System
  • OILLS full form
    Online Inter-Library Loans System
  • OIL full form
    Oil India Limited
  • OIK full form
    Unpleasant unpopular person What does OIK mean or stand for ? An OIK is an internet slang term that is used sometimes to describe a person who is unpopular and a menace to everyone in an online environment.
  • OIH full form
    Office of International Health
  • OIGS full form
    On India Government Service
  • OIF full form
    International Organization of the Francophonie
  • OIE full form
    Office International des Epizooties
  • OIDL full form
    Object Interface Definition Language
  • OIDIA full form
    oops i did it again What does OIDIA mean or stand for ? This is the most famous song of 1997 by Britney Spears who instantly became a teen sensation and sold hundreds of records.
  • OIDB full form
    Oil India Development Board
  • OIDA full form
    Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
  • OID full form
    Object Identifier
  • OICWYDT full form
  • OICU full form
    oh i see you What does OICU mean or stand for ? OICU is just a way to greet someone online and is not used very often in general but is used in a special occasion when you meet an acquaintance after a long time.
  • OICIC full form
    oh i see i see What does OICIC mean or stand for ? Just like when we say oh i see or simply just okay, both are examples of affirmations or positive replies to someone. In the same way OICIC is one such affirmation that is given to another person online through typing this acronym.
  • OICETS full form
    Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite What is the full form of OICETS and meaning ? An OICETS is a commercial communications satellite that was put into orbit in order to test various signal patterns,strength and other technological parameters. 
  • OICAN full form
    Orthopaedic International Clinical Audit Network
  • OIC full form
    Oh I see What does OIC mean or stand for ? OIC is a an affirmation like oh ok and is a very causal and uninterested way of giving an acknowledgement to someone who has just said something to you or has just requested something from you.
  • OIBMPC full form
    oops I broke my computer What does OIBMPC mean or stand for ? When we mess around with the native settings of an operating system or the bios and it starts behaving differently then we say OIBMPC.
  • OIB full form
    Orbiter Interface Box
  • OIAP full form
    Object-Independent Authorization Protocol
  • OIA full form
    Orbiter Interface Adapter
  • OI full form
    Orbiter Instrumentation What does OI mean or stand for ? OI refers to the complex instrumentation technology in the orbiter that is used for virtually everything like  guiding, telemetry, navigation, firing thrusters and other purposes.
  • OHZ full form
    Ohrenschmerz ( English translation = Ear Pain)
  • OHY full form
    oh hell yeah What does OHY mean or stand for ? OHY is an enthusiastic way of saying YES ! or oh yeah! when we are excited and happy for something that has just happened.
  • OHW full form
    One Hit Wonder What does OHW  mean or stand for ? A OHW is an extremely famous song that also happens to be the only hit of a particular band or artist. People call that artist as a OHW because they dont produce any more hit songs after that.
  • OHVA full form
    Off-Hook Voice Announce
  • OHU full form
    Occupational Health Unit
  • OHTEX full form
    Ocean Heat Transport Experiment What does OHTEX mean or stand for ? Ocean currents around the world especially near the tropics and equator transport various degrees of heat through winds and weather to shores of countries it borders.As part of a series of oceanographic studies,the OHTEX was conducted to analyze this phenomena.
  • OHT full form
    One Handed Typing What does OHT mean or stand for ? OHT is a term used when a computer user is typing with just one hand because the other hand is pre occupied with doing something more important like eating or some other activity.
  • OHSU full form
    Oregon Health & Science University
  • OHSS full form
    Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome What does OHSS mean or stand for ? OHSS is a medical condition in which the ovaries are in a constant state of stimulation to produce more ovules and this could affect the menstrual cycle and also possible cause hormonal changes. 
  • OHSAS full form
    Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services
  • OHS full form
    Office of Hearing Services
  • OHRU full form
    Open Heart Recovery Unit What does OHRU mean or stand for ? An OHRU is a a part of a cardiac intensive care unit in a hospital where patients who have just undergone an open heart surgery are kept for observation and recovery for a few days.
  • OHRRPGCE full form
    Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine
  • OHRR full form
    Open Heart Recovery Room What does OHRR  mean or stand for ? After a patient has undergone a open heart surgery then he/she is taken to an OHRR that is part of a cardiac care intensive care unit for 48-72 hours for observation.This is so that if there are any complications from the surgery it can be ...
  • OHR full form
    Office of Human Resources What does OHR mean or stand for ? The human resources office or OHR is a department in any office that takes charge of hiring of employees, managing employees wages, benefits, leave, payrolls and conduct among other things.
  • OHQ full form
    Off-Hook Queue
  • OHP full form
    Occupational Health Psychology
  • OHNOEZ full form
    Oh no What does OHNOEZ mean or stand for ? OHNOEZ or OH NO are both one and the same thing to express disappointment and frustration because the desired outcome or result didnt happen.
  • OHN full form
    Optical Nerve Head
  • OHM full form
    Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping
  • OHL full form
    Office Hours Live What does OHL mean or stand for ? OHL is a web presentation complete with question answer session conducted by a person from an organization or office who hosts the OHL.
  • OHKO full form
    One Hit Knock Out What does OHKO mean or stand for ? OHKO could be a metaphor for something like “hit it out of the park” but if taken literally then it could just mean a boxer knocking out his opponent with one swift jab.
  • OHK full form
    OhOk What does OHK mean or stand for ? When we want to acknowledge someone for what they said to asked us to do then we reply with an OHK,in order to let them know that we have affirmed their request.
  • OHIM full form
    Oh Hell It’s Monday
  • OHIC full form
    oh I see What does OHIC mean or stand for ? OHIC is a way of affirming or acknowledging something that was asked or said to you and this is a reply in a calm and casual manner.
  • OHI full form
    Overhead Interface
  • OHGVT full form
    Orbiter Horizontal Ground Vibration Test What does OHGVT mean or stand for ? OHGVT was one of the pre requisite tests that were conducted before the actual mission launch and this test was experimented so that the amount of stress and vibrations that the orbiter can withstand was measured and a threshold value was set.
  • OHG full form
    Operators Harmonization Group (cellular networks)
  • OHF full form
    Occupational Health Facility
  • OHER full form
    Office of Health and Environmental Research
  • OHD full form
    Optical Hard Drive
  • OHCI full form
    Open Host Controller Interface
  • OHC full form
    Optics Hand Controller
  • OHB full form
    Overhead Byte (MUX)
  • OHAM full form
    Orbital Height Adjustment Maneuver What does OHAM  mean or stand for ? OHAM is a practical maneuvers that the orbiters does while it is in orbit over the Earth in order to adjust its height, telemetry or position, and this is achieved by delicate, precise and coordinate thrusters.
  • OHAI full form
    Oh Hi What does OHAI mean or stand for ? OHAI is just another way of saying hi with a slight hint of surprise when we meet a friend or acquaintance after a long time online.
  • OHAC full form
    Own House And Car What does OHAC mean or stand for ? This is a phrase that is used when we want to make a note regarding a client and mention whether he owns a house and car.This is important if a person wants to apply for a loan or mortgage.
  • OHA full form
    Overhead Access (MUX)
  • OH NOEZ full form
    Oh no!
  • OH NOES full form
    oh shit!
  • OH full form
    Off Hook What does OH mean or stand for ? OH or “off the hook” can mean two things – firstly it could be with reference to an old telephone landline system that is not kept on the receiver.Also when we want to tell someone that they are free and wont get into trouble we say ” ...
  • OGW full form
    oh guess what What does OGW mean or stand for ? OGW is used when a person is super excited to reveal a secret or some big news to a person that she/he is close to.
  • OGV full form
    Oxygen Gauge Valve What does OGV mean or stand for ? An OGV is part of the installation of an oxygen equipment facility setup and not only is the pressure of the gaseous oxygen displayed on a dial gauge but this valve can control the flow of oxygen to other sections in the plant.
  • OGU full form
    Osaka Gakuin University
  • OGTT full form
    Oral Glucose Tolerance Test What does OGTT mean or stand for ? OGTT is a type of blood sugar test whereby the patient is made to drink a sugar solution  then wait for 1 hour.After this time the blood is extracted and sent for analysis to determine the sugar level.This is used to check gestational diabetes of ...
  • OGT full form
    O-linked N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) Transferase
  • OGSI full form
    Open Grid Services Infrastructure
  • OGSF full form
    Outside Gross Square Footage What does OGSF mean or stand for ? Square footage is a term that is used in measurement of real estate and when we say it is OGSF means the area exceeds a certain parameter that was expected.
  • OGSA-SEC-WG full form
    Open Grid Services Architecture Security Working Group
  • OGS full form
    Oxygen Generation System What does OGS mean or stand for ? An OGS is a setup with a deoxygenating plant that consists of equipment that uses atmospheric air that is sucked into the OGS and tries to filter out pure oxygen that is then collected.
  • OGRE full form
    Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
  • OGPA full form
    Overall grade point average What does OGPA mean or stand for ? The OGPA is usually a point based average system out of 4 or in some countries 5.It is an aggregate GPA of various courses and subjects taken as a single unit and maybe extremely useful in getting admission into higher studies for college or university ...
  • OGP full form
    Office of Global Programs
  • OGO full form
    Orbiting Geosurvey Observatories What does OGO mean or stand for ? An OGO could refer to a type of satellite in orbit that is used for geo-surveying , collecting image data and recording visual and graphical data over various parts of the earth from orbit. This data is then transmitted to an earth station where it can ...
  • OGNL full form
    Object-Graph Navigation Language
  • OGN full form
    Online Gaming Network What does OGN mean or stand for ? An OGN is a private network of multi-gamers that are all involved in a particular game play together simultaneously server will hold a specific amount of players who can interact with each other
  • OGMT full form
    Orbiter Greenwich Mean Time
  • OGM full form
    Out-Going Message What does OGM mean or stand for ? An OGM is a text or SMS – short message service that is sent from a cellular phone to another phone and can be only a certain number of characters long. Nowadays people use chat apps much more than traditional text messages.
  • OGL full form
    Open General Licence
  • OGK full form
    Only God Knows What does OGK mean or stand for ? If we do not know what something means or what/where someone something is then we say god only knows or OGK.This is used as a way to show our ignorance about a particular subject.
  • OGIM full form
    Oh God It’s Monday What does OGIM mean or stand for ? Everyone has heard of TGIF ! Its a fast food restaurant and also a fantastic way to celebrate the start of the weekend!Keeping this in mind the satirical opposite of TGIF is OGIM ! which is a sad disappointing phrase that signifies the start of ...
  • OGD full form
    Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy What does OGD mean or stand for ? OGD is type of medical procedure whereby a tiny camera is placed into the gastro intestinal tract of the patient and various recordings and observations are made.
  • OGCM full form
    Ocean General Circulation Model
  • OGA full form
    Outer Gimbal Axis
  • OG full form
    original gangster What does OG mean or stand for ? OG is a sang term that is used for someone who is extremely cool and accomplished like a pop star – celebrity  or even for a person who has given a witty response or acted in a very clever way to a situation.
  • OFX full form
    Open Financial Exchange
  • OFWGKTA full form
    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers)
  • OFU full form
    Ohio Farmers Union
  • OFTR full form
    Orbital Flight Test Requirement What does OFTR mean or stand for ? OFTR is a set of pre requisites that need to be fulfilled before a space mission test flight is initiated.Orbital test flights have a certain level of failure so these requirements need to be systematically addressed before launch.
  • OFTPC full form
    off topic What does OFTPC mean or stand for ? When there is a conversation or discussion currently being carried out online in a thread or forum,or even a comment board,and we want to talk about something else,then the best way to do this politely is by first saying OFTPC then continuing with your grouse.
  • OFTP full form
    Odette File Transfer Protocol
  • OFTN full form
    often What does OFTN mean or stand for ? OFTN is not much of a short form for often but is still used sometimes when we want to mean something that is recurring more than once.
  • OFTM full form
    OnOrbit Flight Technique Meeting
  • OFTEL full form
    The Office of Telecommunications (U.K.) What does OFTEL mean or stand for ? OFTEL is a government office under the ministry of telecommunications that regulates and makes policies regarding spectrum allocation,GSM,fair usage etc.
  • OFTDS full form
    Orbital Flight Test Data System
  • OFTC full form
    out for the count
  • OFTA full form
    Office of the Telecommunications Authority (HongKong) What does OFTA mean or stand for ? OFTA is a government office that regulates and monitors telecom activity and operations of network service providers in Hong Kong.
  • OFT full form
    Orbital Flight Test What does OFT mean or stand for ? OFT is one of the earliest tests that were conducted by NASA whereby they sent the orbiter module into standard orbit and performed various tests on it,related to avionics,propulsion,telemetry etc and then got it safely back to earth.
  • OFSCFC full form
    Optical Fiber Cable and Solar Cell Fabrication Company (Iran) What is the full form of OFSCFC and meaning ? OFSCFC is one of the largest solar cell fabrication companies that is used to convert solar energy into electrical energy as well as producers of optical fiber cables that are used in broadband data services.
  • OFSAAI full form
    Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure
  • OFS full form
    Object File System Output Field Separator
  • OFR full form
    Office of the Federal Register (U.S.A.)
  • OFP full form
    Orbiter Flight Program What does OFP mean or stand for ? The OFP was NASAs first foray into the manned space race and in the early 1960s initiated the orbiter missions that sent astronauts into low orbit path in an orbiter to run tests and simulations before the shuttle program could be conceived.
  • OFOC full form
    Overwhelming Feelings of Concern What does OFOC mean or stand for ? When we want to show our concern and affection for someone that has gone through a hard time or is facing an uphill task at hand,then we refer to this as an OFOC.
  • OFNR full form
    Optical Fiber Non-conductive Riser
  • OFNP full form
    Optical Fiber Non-conductive Plenum
  • OFNE full form
    Oxygenated Fluorocarbon Emulsion
  • OFN full form
    Document (MS Office) What does OFN mean or stand for ? An OFN file is a type of document file that is saved by one of the programs of Microsoft office and has the filename extension of *.OFN.
  • OFMT full form
    Output Format for Numbers
  • OFM full form
    Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • OFK full form
    Optical Flight Kit
  • OFJ full form
    Objectivity For Java
  • OFIT full form
    Optical Fiber Installation Tester What is the full form of OFIT and meaning ? An OFIT is a device that is used to check many parameters of an optical fiber transmission line like signal strength,connectivity etc.this is done so that when it is connected to the server,there wont be any breaks in transmission between the subscriber and ...
  • OFI full form
    Other Financial Institutions What does OFI mean or stand for ? While referring to other financial institutions besides banks or traditional credit unions, OFI is a phrase that is used to talk about these investment centers that could operate on a more commercial level rather than dealing with domestic customers.
  • OFHR full form
    Oil Filled Heat Radiator What does OFHR mean or stand for ? An OFHR is an old type of machine that is used to dissipate heat emanated from another device or engine or generator of some sort.
  • OFHC full form
    Oxygen Free High Conductivity
  • OFH full form
    Old Folks’ Home  What does OFH mean or stand for ? This is a seniors home that is also known as an old folks home which is a specialty center that takes care of the elderly.They have lots of activities,recreation and also medical care for the residents.
  • OFGS full form
    Oh For God’s Sake What does OFGS mean or stand for ? This is a nicer way of saying GODDAMIT or venting out our frustration in a decent way when we are fedup and agitated does the trick in this case and makes us feel better.
  • OFFO full form
    Objects For Formatting Objects
  • OFFICE full form
    O – our f- fast & f-furious i-intelligent c-circle of e-enemies What does OFFICE mean or stand for ? OFFICE is a professional working space that acts as an administration unit of a business.There is no official full form for an office however a fun form of it is O – our f- fast & f-furious i-intelligent ...
  • OFFER full form
    Organic Food And Farming Education And Research What does OFFER mean or stand for ? Organic foods and farming is a relatively new produce for many countries and the OFFER is one such organization that advocates health living,healthy eating and demotes the usage of pesticides and chemicals in agro products.
  • OFFA full form
    Office for Fair Access
  • OFF full form
    Object Factory Framework
  • OFE full form
    Office of Field Experiences
  • OFDS full form
    Oxygen Fluid Distribution System What does OFDS mean or stand for ? OFDS is a distribution system in order to allow the controlled flow of liquid oxygen.These are used in space missions for propellants and life support systems  because the gaseous form of O2 is highly unstable in space due to the high pressure.
  • OFDPS full form
    Offshore Flight Data Processing System
  • OFDMA full form
    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • OFDM full form
    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  • OFDI full form
    Optical Frequency Domain Imaging
  • OFD full form
    Office of Fuels Development
  • OFCR full form
    Optical Fiber Conductive Riser
  • OFCP full form
    Optical Fiber Conductive Plenum What does OFCP mean or stand for ? The OFCP is one of the integral parts of an optical transmission network and this device is known as a conductive plenum.
  • OFCOL full form
    oh for crying out loud What does OFCOL mean or stand for ? When you hear a person say – ” for the love of god…” its generally  phrase used when the person is frustrated and annoyed.When things dont go your way or when someone is acting ridiculous then we say OFCOL.
  • OFCM full form
    Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology
  • OFCH full form
    Oil-Fired Central Heating What is the full form of OCFH and meaning ? OCFH is an old method of providing heating to a large household or residential premises. It involves the burning of a combustible fuel to provide heating and since the dawn of electric heaters, this has become obsolete.
  • OFCCP full form
    Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
  • OFCC full form
    Office of Federal Contract Compliance
  • OFC full form
    of course
  • OFBG full form
    Optical Fiber Bragg Grating
  • OFB full form
    Output Feedback (mode)
  • OFAY full form
    Offensive term for a white person What is the full form of OFAY and meaning ? OFAY is sometimes used in order to insult a white person and is considered a derogatory term when used in the wrong context.
  • OFAR full form
    On Farm Adaptive Research
  • OFA full form
    Office of Flight Assurance
  • OF10 full form
    often What does OF10 mean or stand for ? Just another way of typing out often when we are talking to someone online and want to refer to something that has been said or done frequently.
  • OF full form
    Overflow Flag
  • OEX full form
    Orbiter Experiments What does OEX mean or stand for ? OEX was a series of experiments conducted on the orbiter that were formulated by a set of highly skilled engineers at mission command.
  • OET full form
    Office of Educational Technology
  • OESS full form
    Orbiter ET Separation Subsystem
  • OESO full form
    Occupational & Environmental Safety Office
  • OES full form
    Other Error Sources What does OES mean or stand for ? In any sort of system that is complex and involves lots of variables, the margin or error and also the sources of error will increase. This is when we conclude that there are OES – other error sources that need to be investigated.
  • OERD full form
    Ocean Environment Research Division What is the full form of OERD and meaning ? OERD is a science division that deals with various forms of research with respect to the oceans and is often headed by experts in the field of oceanography and marine scientists.
  • OEQ full form
    Ocean Ecology Quotient
  • OEPAF full form
    Odessa Emergency Providers Achievement Fund
  • OEP full form
    Operand Execution Pipeline
  • OEO full form
    Optical-to-Electrical-to-Optical regeneration
  • OEMT full form
    Object Exchange Model Template
  • OEMP full form
    Office of Environmental Monitoring and Prediction What is the full form of OEMP and meaning ? OEMP is a sophisticated weather bureau of sorts that handles documentation and collects reports from other smaller weather stations regarding upcoming forecasts and future weather predictions.
  • OEM full form
    Original Equipment Manufacture What does OEM mean or stand for ? An OEM is a manufactuere of an unbranded product – mostly technological /electronic in nature who sells to large corporations.They are mostly based in China due top cheap labor and excellent infrastructure. For example if a big company like Apple Inc wants to manufacture an IPAD then ...
  • OELR full form
    Overall Echo Loudness Rating
  • OEL full form
    Organic Electro luminescent (display technology)
  • OEIC full form
    Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuit What does OEIC mean or stand for ? OEIC are a type of integrated circuit that are mounted on PCBs and used in certain consumer electronics that combines both optical and electronic components.
  • OEI full form
    Obesity Education Initiative What does OEI mean or stand for ? The OEI is an educational platform and knowledge based course that is taught at some schools in order to teach kids about the dangers of overeating and the adverse effects it can have on your health.
  • OEE full form
    Office of Economic Education
  • OED full form
    Oxford English Dictionary What does OED mean or stand for ? The Oxford dictionary is often regarded as the epitome of the English language with respect to words,phrases,meanings and pronunciation. Every year the new edition adds new words to its list and some of these include slang terms.
  • OECV full form
    Overall Error Coefficient of Variation
  • OECO full form
    Organisaton for Economic Co-operation
  • OECD full form
    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • OEC full form
    Other Eligible Community
  • OEB full form
    Organismic and Evolutionary Biology What does OEB mean or stand for ? OEB is a branch of Biology and under the guise of Natural selection which was made famous by Richard Dawkins and revolved around Darwin’s principles,organismic and evolutionary biology is based.
  • OEAS full form
    Orbital Emergency Arresting System
  • OEA full form
    Office of
  • OE full form
    Operator Error What does OE mean or stand for ? Errors in general can be of two types- machine errors and user/operator errors. An operator error is a human error by which wrong values would be entered which inturn causes a cascade reaction and the desired output would not be seen.
  • ODX full form
    Occular Dynamic eXperiment
  • ODU full form
    Output Display Unit What does ODU mean or stand for ? An ODU is a type of VDU – visual display unit and in most cases is a computer monitor or another visual interface that can show the output after a programmer or operator has input some values or given commands to the machine.
  • ODTS full form
    Overseas Doctors Training Scheme What does ODTS mean or stand for ? ODTS is a scheme whereby doctors are given the opportunity to undergo training in a particular field of medicine that they specialize in or a medical seminar in another country.
  • ODTR full form
    Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation (Ireland) What does ODTR mean or stand for ? The ODTR is a  government appointed authority that creates regulations and policies for network service providers in Ireland.
  • ODTAA full form
    one damn thing after another What does ODTAA mean or stand for ? When we are frustrated because things are not going the way we planned them,and a serious of successive misfortunes compel us to say ODTAA.
  • ODT full form
    Open Desktop
  • ODST full form
    Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
  • ODSI full form
    Open Directory Service Interface
  • ODS full form
    Operational Data Store
  • ODS CODES full form
    Organisation Data Service codes
    Organisation Data Service Access Database
  • ODRAN full form
    Operational Drawing Revision Advance Notice
  • ODR full form
    Optical Document Recognition
  • ODP full form
    Open Distributed Processing
  • ODMR full form
    On Demand Mail Relay
  • ODMG full form
    Object Database Management Group
  • ODMA full form
    Open Document Management API
  • ODM full form
    Object Data Manager
  • ODLC full form
    Optimum Data-Link Control (protocol)
  • ODL full form
    Open and Distance Learning
  • ODIS full form
    Oceanographic Data Interrogating Station
  • ODINSUP full form
    Open Data-link Interface/Network Support (networking)
  • ODIN full form
    Orbital Design Integration What does ODIN mean or stand for ? ODIN is a process of drawing board to final product of the schematic representation of the orbital module from the planing to the final implementation and integration stage with the rest of the rocket and booster stage.
  • ODIF full form
    Open Document Interchange Format
  • ODI full form
    Open Datalink Interface
  • ODG full form
    oh dear God What does ODG mean or stand for ? ODG is used in the same way we say OMG – oh my god – when we are in despair, disappointed ,frustrated or hurt. This is when we turn to god, albeit in vain.
  • ODF full form
    Object Definition File
  • ODES full form
    Orbit Determination Facility What does ODES mean or stand for ? The ODES is a department at a space center that researches and studies the optimum trajectory of a spacecraft/payload and decides the orbit around Earth.It needs to take many things into consideration like not colliding or coming in the path with other satellites that are already ...
  • ODEPR full form
    Optical Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
  • ODEND full form
    Optical Detected Electron Nuclear Double Resonance
  • ODDS full form
    Optical Discrimination Evaluation Study
  • ODCSOPS full form
    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
  • ODCM full form
    Off-site Dose Calculation Manual
  • ODCDR full form
    Operational Data Delivery Services
  • ODCB full form
  • ODC full form
    Other Direct Charges What does ODC mean or stand for ? ODC are a set of fees that need to be paid by the consumer or user  and is issued by either a financial institution, lending bank, credit card issuer or a service or utility provider for a product or service that has been offered to the ...
  • ODBMS full form
    Object-Oriented Database Management System
  • ODBMG full form
    Object Data-Base Management Group
  • ODBE full form
    Object Data Base Extractor
  • ODBC full form
    Open DataBase Connectivity (2 Components) (Microsofts shared data connections)
  • ODB full form
    Operational Data Book
  • ODAY full form
    software illegally obtained before it was released What does ODAY mean or stand for ? Similar to Warez,ODAY is also content,media and documents that are available in the dark web and the underbelly of the internet.It consists of a range of mostly pirated and cracked software programs that young users can use with a cracked code.
  • ODATA full form
    Working Symposium on Oceanographic Data Systems What does ODATA mean or stand for ? ODATA is a peer attended symposium that oceanographers and marine scientists are part of in order to share collective ideas, research and data amongst each other.
  • ODAS full form
    Onboard Data Acquisition System
  • ODAR full form
    Office of Development and Alumni Relations What is the full form of ODAR and meaning ? An ODAR is an administration office that is present in a university/institute or college and deals with past alumni members and acts like a liaison between the institute and these past alumni.
  • ODAPS full form
    Oceanic Display and Processing Station
  • ODAPI full form
    Open DataBase Application Programming Interface
  • ODAL full form
    Omnidirectional Approach Lighting System
  • ODAAT full form
    One Day At A Time What does ODAAT mean or stand for ? When we tell someone to take one day at a time this means that we want them to take things slowly like baby steps and not rush into a decision too fast.
  • ODA full form
    Official Development Assistance
  • OD full form
    Over Draft What does OD mean or stand for ? A bank overdraft is a loan that the bank will extend to a customer if there are funds or investments in that bank which is more than what is lent.This fixed deposit or investment will be kept as collateral and security by the bank and on the ...
  • OCXO full form
    Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • OCX full form
    Active X file extension What does OCX mean or stand for ? An OCX file is one that is used by browsers in order to load certain types of information into the browser and they are denoted by the filename extension of *.OCX.
  • OCWN full form
    Orange County Wireless Network What is the full form of OCWN and meaning ? The OCWN is a county wireless network that provides data transmission services to residents of this affluent California area.
  • OCW full form
    OpenCourseWare (ICT)
  • OCVCXO full form
    Oven-Controlled/Voltage-Controlled Crystal
  • OCUR full form
    Opencable Unidirectional Receivers
  • OCUDP full form
    Office Channel Unit Data Port
  • OCUA full form
    Ontario Council on University Affairs
  • OCU full form
    Objective C Use
  • OCTW full form
    Optical Communications Through The Shuttle Window
  • OCTS full form
    Ocean Color And Temperature Scanner
  • OCTO full form
    Oncology Clinical Trials Office What does OCTO mean or stand for ? The OCTO is a department in a hospital or oncology research center that manages experimental trails of drugs and treatment and also analyzes and records these trial results.
  • OCTG full form
    Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • OCT full form
    Object Code Technology
  • OCST full form
    Office Of Commercial Space Transportation
  • OCSP full form
    Obsessive Compulsive Service Processor
  • OCSI full form
    Olds College School of Innovation
  • OCSEAP full form
    Outer Continental Shelf Environment Assessment Program
  • OCSAB full form
    Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Board
  • OCS full form
    Overseas Communication Service
  • OCRM full form
    Orbiter Crash and Rescue Manuals What does OCRM mean or stand for ? These are the technical manuals of instructions that are to be followed in the unfortunate event that a space orbiter,due to a malfunction will crash land after re entry. 
  • OCRI full form
    Ottawa Center for Research and Innovation (Canada)
  • OCRF full form
    Ovarian Cancer Research Fund What does OCRF mean or stand for ? The OCRF is a research fund in which people can donate in order to keep the research active in order to pay the doctors involved in finding preventive cures and treatment for ovarian cancer.
  • OCRD full form
    Ocean Climate Research Division
  • OCR full form
    Optical Character Recognition What does OCR mean or stand for ? OCR is a scanner terminology for software and is sometimes used in order to scan a capcha code of a website automatically.It is a basic AI feature that tries to read characters and figures that are presented in from of them.
  • OCQA full form
    Ottawa Chow Qigong Association
  • OCPS full form
    Oral Contraceptive Pills What does OCPS mean or stand for ? Known in common terms as “the pill” – OCPS are taken by women as a contraceptive measure to stop an unwanted pregnancy and must be taken for a specific amount of time for it to work.
  • OCPD full form
    Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder What does OCPD mean or stand for ? Also just known as OCD,this is one of the most common mental disorders in which the affected person tends to repeat things,either said or done compulsively.This gradually gets more sever with time and certain medication needs to be prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist in order ...
  • OCPAR full form
    Optically-Controlled Phase-Array Radar
  • OCP full form
    Output Control Pulse
  • OCO full form
    Oven Controlled Oscillator
  • OCNMAP full form
    Ocean Map What is the full form of OCNMAP and meaning ? An OCNMAP is a topographical map of a certain section of the ocean that is created by oceanographers to be used by their peers,marine biologists or scientists that want to go an on expedition for research purposes.
  • OCNA full form
    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance What is the full form of OCNA and meaning ? The OCNA is a national federation that is comprised of a list of eminent physicians,medical healthcare experts,research scholars and oncologists who specialize in ovarian cancer,in order to promote this disease and find ways to prevent it.
  • OCN full form
    Order Control Number
  • OCMO full form
    Office of the Chief Medical Officer (Wales) What is the full form of OCMO and meaning ? The OCMO is one of the most prestigious positions that houses the CMO in the country and is one of the most important administrative and decision making bodies.
  • OCMD full form
    Office Of Communication Management And Development
  • OCMB full form
    Oberlin College Marching Band
  • OCM full form
    Ocean Colour Monitor
  • OCLV full form
    Optimum Compaction Low Void
  • OCLOCK full form
    O shaped clock
  • OCLC full form
    Ohio College Library Catalog
  • OCL full form
    Operation Control Language Operator Control Language
  • OCIS full form
    Output Costing Information System What does OCIS mean or stand for ? OCIS is a system that generates and stores data related to a factory or industrial produce and tells the upper level management the amount it will cost in order to manufacture a certain amount of product.
  • OCIR full form
    Overcoat Incident Recording
  • OCID full form
    Online Chemical Inventory Database What is the full form of OCID and meaning ? OCID is a digital library of a list of stocks of chemicals along with their chemical composition, name, visual representations and other glossary information.
  • OCIA full form
    Organic Crop Improvement Association
  • OCI full form
    Overseas Citizens of India
  • OCH full form
    Orbiter Common Hardware
  • OCGG full form
    Oh Crap What does OCGG mean or stand for ? OCGG is one of those slang phrases that are used when we are frustrated and disappointing with the outcome of a certain event that just occurred.
  • OCGF full form
    Organic Crystal Growth Laboratory Facility
  • OCG full form
    Operational Coordination Group (ETSI)
  • OCFC full form
    Organizing Committee Finance Committee
  • OCF full form
    Objects Components Framework
  • OCEANAV full form
    Oceanographer of the Navy What does OCEANAV mean or stand for ? There are many posts in the Navy besides being a sailor,and if you are part of the scientific and technical side of the Navy then you can be recruited as an Oceanographer and will have the post of an OCEANAV.
  • OCE full form
    Open Collaborative Environment
  • OCDU full form
    Optics Coupling Data Unit
  • OCDS full form
    Obsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale What does OCDS mean or stand for ? This is a reference tool used by healthcare providers to ascertain the level of addicted if any and the extent of the OCD in a person.Based on that,a line of treatment can be suggested.
  • OCDR full form
    Orbiter Critical Design Review
  • OCDMA full form
    Optical CDMA (access)
  • OCD full form
    Operational Capability Development
  • OCCS full form
    Off Campus and Commuter Services
  • OCCO full form
    Office of the Chief Clinical Officer
  • OCCAM full form
    Ocean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling What does OCCAM mean or stand for ? OCCAM is model that is created by oceanographers and climate theorists in order to visualize and explain various phenomena relationship between the ocean and climate effects. 
  • OCC. full form
    occupation What does OCC. mean or stand for ? OCC. is used more often in a formal chat or conversation and refers to the the profession or work that a person does. So if someone ask what is your OCC. – you will then reply with what your livelihood is.
  • OCC full form
    Obscure Canon Character What does OBA mean or stand for ? In TV/comic book  terminology, a canon series is the original and the follow-ups are new versions with new characters and storylines. If a character appeared in a minute role in the original series we refer to them as OCC.
  • OCBC full form
    Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative
  • OCB full form
    Overseas Corporate Bodies What does OCB mean or stand for ? OCBs can sometimes be compared with MNCs – multinational companies which are businesses that have a presence in more than one country and do business by forming a joint venture with a local company in that foreign country.
  • OCAST full form
    Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology What is the full form of OCAST and meaning ? OCAST is one of the leading scientific research centers that tries to find advanced solutions to current technological shortcomings and also develops new tech.
  • OCALC full form
    Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center What does OCALC mean or stand for ? The OCALC is the central logistics center for the movement of cargo through the city.It is here that cargo is sorted and distributed and acts like a hub for all logistical activity.
  • OCAC full form
    Odisha Computer Application Centre What does OCAC mean or stand for ? The OCAC is a computer institute in the state of Odisha that imparts various forms of learning through applications and programming.
  • OCA full form
    Olympic Council of Asia
  • OC-N full form
    Optical Carrier level n
  • OC-96 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 96 (4.976 Gbps) What is the full form of OC-96 and meaning ? An OC 96 is a very high frequency carrier signal that is transmitted in a much higher wavelength of the communications spectrum and is used often for military and space missions to relay data and as a communications channel.
  • OC-9 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 9 (466.56 Mbps) What does OC-9 mean or stand for ? The OC 9 is a high frequency carrier signal that is used in some forms of telecommunications transfer to propagate at a speed of 466 megabits per second.
  • OC-48 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 48 (2.488 Gbps)
  • OC-36 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 36 (1.866 Gbps)
  • OC-3 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 3 (155.52 Mbps)
  • OC-256 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 256 (13.271 Gbps)
  • OC-24 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 24 (1.244 Gbps)
  • OC-192 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 192 (9.952 Gbps)
  • OC-18 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 18 (933.12 Mbps)
  • OC-12 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 12 (622.08 Mbps) What does OC 12 mean or stand for ? An OC12 carrier signal is one that is operated at a high frequency of 622.08 mega bits per second and is used to transmit signals of optical fiber networks carrying data to and from a subscriber base.
  • OC-1 full form
    Optical Carrier Signal | Level 1 (51.84 Mbps)
  • OC full form
    Optical Carrier What does OC mean or stand for ? An Optical carrier is a type of carrier signal that is used to transmit digital signals through a fiber optic network and forms the basis of today’s broadband internet systems.
  • OBX full form
    Outer Banks
  • OBWR full form
    On-Board Waveform Regenerator (Intelsat)
  • OBVZ full form
    Obviously What is the full form of OBVZ and meaning ? Also abbreviated as OBVI,they both mean the same thing -something that states the inevitable.
  • OBVY full form
    Obviously What is the full form of OBVY and meaning ? ONVY is the abbreviation for the word obviously and we use it when we want to state the obvious or what should come naturally to a particular situation.
  • OBVS full form
    Obviously What is the full form of OBVS and meaning ? OBVS or OBVI are just some of the many abbreviations that people use online to talk about an obvious situation or event that seems natural.
  • OBVP full form
  • OBVI full form
    obviously What does OBVI mean or stand for ? OBVI or OBVS are just one and the same thing and are different ways of spelling out things that are inevitable or natural.
  • OBV full form
    obviously What does OBV mean or stand for ? When something is supposed to be self explanatory or naturally then we say that is OBV.This does not need further explanation .
  • OBU full form
    On-Board Unit
  • OBTW� full form
    Oh By The Way What does OBTW mean or stand for ? OBTW is derived from another very famous acronym BTW- by the way and this is just another way of getting someones attention by saying OH – btw – like a response to something that was said earlier.
  • OBTW full form
    oh by the way What does OBTW mean or stand for ? When we want to get someones attention and tell them something that we forgot to tell them earlier we say to them OBTW and then continue.
  • OBT full form
    Order of the Burdened Tyger
  • OBSS full form
    Orbiter Boom Sensor System
  • OBSN full form
    Optical Burst Switching Network
  • OBSAI full form
    Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
  • OBS. full form
    observed What does OBS mean or stand for ? OBS. is either an abbreviation for observation or for the word observed, and in most cases is referring to a clinical or laboratory experiment observation that is recorded and analyzed by scientists and technicians.
  • OBS full form
    Operational Biomedical System
  • OBS & GYNAE full form
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology What does OBS & GYNAE mean or stand for ? This is the deportment in a hospital that deals with female fertility,pregnancy and other things related to the reproductive system.The doctors that work here are known as gynecologists.
  • OBR full form
  • OBQ full form
    Oh Be Quiet What does OBQ mean or stand for ? When we are talking to someone online and want to disregard what they are saying and tell them to shut-up in a nice way we say OBQ !
  • OBP full form
    On-Board Processing (Intelsat)
  • OBO� full form
    Or Best Offer What does OBO mean or stand for ? This is a phrase that is used often in e commerce public marketplaces.when a seller posts an advertisement for goods he wants to sell,he will write a base price and also OBO.This means whichever is higher,will be value that it is sold at.
  • OBO full form
    or best offer What does OBO mean or stand for ? OBO or also ONO – or nearest offer both meant the same thing and are used in ecommerce and marketplace groups where buyers and sellers get together to haggle over goods and prices.OBO is the best price or closest price to which the seller will let ...
  • OBNM full form
    Out-of- Band Network Management
  • OBN full form
    Out-of-Band Noise (Intelsat)
  • OBL full form
    Operational BaseLine
  • OBJECTPAL full form
    Object oriented Program Application Language What does OBJECTPAL mean or stand for ? OBJECTPAL is a type of programming language that came bundled with several software like  Borland , Paradox and Corel.
  • OBJ full form
    Object file- often used with 3D file generation programs  What does OBJ mean or stand for ? An OBJ file is a 3D file that is generated by certain programs and is saved in the local hard drive with a filename extension of *.OBJ.
  • OBIT full form
    Obituary What does OBIT mean or stand for ? An OBIT is an advertisement in a newspaper of daily that gives details of a dead person and funeral arrangements.It may show a picture,with birth and death dates and informs the public of the demise.
  • OBIEE full form
    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • OBIC full form
    Optical Beam Induced Current
  • OBI full form
    Open Buying on the Internet Consortium (standards)
  • OBHWF full form
    One Big Happy Weasely Family
  • OBGYN full form
    Obstetrics and gynecology What does OBGYN mean or stand for ? OBGYN is a department in a hospital that tends to women’s reproductive issues as well as pregnancies sections and patient care for treatment of the uterus or any other pregnancy related conditions.
  • OBGJFIOYO full form
    old but good job finding it on your own What is the full form of OBGJFIOYO and meaning ? OBGJFIOYO is a rather long short form and is used in conversations when we want to tell someone that something is hard to find or discover, and there is a small chance that you will find it on ...
  • OBFLW full form
    Outgoing Breakpoint Forced Long Wave
  • OBF full form
    Ordering and Billing Forum What does OBF mean or stand for ? An OBF is a company promoted service whereby customers and employees can discuss under a common thread different issues of their orders,billing and other details directly with one another.
  • OBEX full form
    Object Exchange
  • OBER full form
    Office of Biological and Environmental Research What does OBER mean or stand for ? OBER is department that manages different attributes of biological and environmental research,studies,analysis,collects data reports and coordinates with the scientists who are involved in various projects.
  • OBEM full form
    Object-Based Equipment Model
  • OBE full form
    Outboard Booster Engine
  • OBDH full form
    On Board Data Handling
  • OBDD full form
    Ordered Binary Decision Diagram
  • OBD full form
    On Board Diagnostics
  • OBCS full form
    Onboard Checkout Subsystem
  • OBC full form
    Other Backward Class What does OTS mean or stand for ? OBC is a class of people in India that comprises of select castes of people and some tribes that are considered “socially and economically backward” by the government of India as stipulated by an annexure in the constitution. These OBC class of people will enjoy certain reservations,privileges ...
  • OBBY full form
    Oh Baby What does OBBY mean or stand for ? OBBY is a rather corny short phrase here but this is used by young couples in love and school kids to refer to one another in a cheesy romantic sort of way.
  • OBA full form
    Oxygen Breathing Apparatus What does OBA mean or stand for ? An OBA is the entire setup of oxygen tanks, nozzles, hose, mouth cup and pressure gauge that is used to supplement a person with oxygen when he/she needs it either in a hospital or in  scuba diving gear. 
  • OB/GYN full form
    Obstetrics and Gynecology What does OB/GYN mean or stand for ? OB/GYN is a department in a hospital that treats women’s reproductive disorders,pregnancy,c section operations and other ailments and conditions related to the uterus etc.
  • OB full form
    Operation Blackboard
  • OAZ full form
    Fax (NetFax Manager)
  • OAW full form
    Offairway Weather Station
  • OAVT full form
    Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians What is the full form of OAVT and meaning ? OAVT is a medical association that comprises veterinary technicians in the field of animal care that have come together  for the benefit of their profession in order to discuss issues and treatment/care methods.
  • OAV full form
    Object Attribute Value
  • OAUTH full form
    Open Authentication
  • OAUS full form
    On An Unrelated Subject What is the full form of OAUS and meaning ? OAUS is a phrase that is used in spoken English but is now adapted as a short form. When an ongoing conversation is taking place,but one of the speakers wants to talk about something else that is different from the current discussion topic,then ...
  • OAU full form
    Organization of African Unity What does OBA mean or stand for ? OAU is an organization that brings together many African nations in order to show solidarity for a common cause like a humanitarian crisis, healthcare, famine etc.
  • OATUS full form
    On A Totally Unrelated Subject What is the full form of OATUS and meaning ? When we are having a conversation about a particular topic and want to discuss something else then a polite way of changing the topic is by first saying OATUS then proceeding to talk about something else that is equally important.
  • OATS full form
    Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System
  • OAT full form
    Operational Acceptance Test
  • OAST full form
    Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology What does OPARS mean or stand for ? OAST is a department at a space center that takes care of administration, equipment,technology,research data,engineering and other technical aspects  of any space mission.
  • OASPL full form
    Overall Sound Pressure Level
  • OASLMS full form
    Oklahoma Association of School Library Media Specialists
  • OASIS full form
    Old Age Social and Income Security What does OASIS mean or stand for ? OASIS is a scheme by the government to provide a stable income to senior citizens of the country so that it can take care of their basic necessities and food.
  • OASDI full form
    Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance What does OASDI mean or stand for ? Many countries provide disability ad old age funds to citizens and the check comes in the mail if you claim for it. In order to claim these benefits however, you need to fulfill certain conditions and pre requisites.
  • OASCB full form
    Oceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information System
  • OAS full form
    One-to-All Scatter
  • OART full form
    Orbiter Atmospheric Simulator What does OART mean or stand for ? In the orbiter space program that started in the 60s,one of the main components of the module was the OART that tried to mimic certain features of the atmosphere
  • OARS full form
    On-line Academic Registration System What does OARS mean or stand for ? An OARS is a computer system that handles all online admission queries, accepts documents, files and documents them. University employees will man the OARS and accordingly accept or message back a student if there are documents missing.
  • OARG full form
    Osteoporosis And Arthritis Research Group What is the full form of OARG and meaning ? OARD is a medical physiotherapy research group that comprises of a panel of experts in the fields of osteoporosis,bone specialists and physicians that have immense experience in the fields of muscle regeneration and healing techniques.
  • OARE full form
    Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment
  • OAR full form
    on a roll What does OAR mean or stand for ? When somebody finds successful consecutively for a period of time,and seems likes hes lucky on a good streak then we say that he is on a roll or is OAR for short.
  • OAPO full form
    Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization What is the full form of OAPO and meaning ? The OAPO is a trade organization that is comprised of Tuna fish trawler owners,fisherman’s associations and others in the commercial trade of Tuna fishing.
  • OAPNA full form
    Organization of Asia and Pacific News Agency What does OAPNA mean or stand for ? The OAPNA is an inter nation news agency that collectively sources news stories and sells is to media channels and print media in the Asia Pacific region.
  • OAPECO full form
    Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries What does OAPECO mean or stand for ? Built on similar lines as the OPEC,the OAPECO is comprised of all countries in the Middle East that produce and export oil to other nations.They are a trade organization that regulates prices of crude oil per barrel and takes other commercial decisions regarding ...
  • OAP full form
    Old Age Pensioner
  • OAOT full form
    Orbital Astral Observatory Technologies
  • OAOA full form
    over and over again What is the full form of OAOA and meaning ? When we have to repeat a thing over and over again to someone, or if any event has been recurring continuously then we refer to this phenomena in a short form by saying OAOA.
  • OAO3 full form
    Orbiter Avionics System What is the full form of OAO3 and meaning ? The orbiter is space module that is launched into orbit by a rocket booster and can be manned.the OAO3 system is responsible for all the Avionics controls onboard that are controlled by a hydraulics system.
  • OAO full form
    Office of Advanced Research and Technology
  • OANS full form
    Orbiting Astronomical Observatory What is the full form of OANS and meaning ? An OANS is a type of satellite that is used for stellar observation, imaging and research by collecting digital data and transmitting it down to an Earth station. 
  • OAN full form
    Optical Access Node
  • OAMT full form
    Operations Administration and Maintenance Terminal What is the full form of OAMT and meaning ? The OMAT is a computer system that is pre programmed with extensive software to manage all the facets of operations,maintenance control and other administrative tasks all from one primary master terminal.
  • OAMS full form
    Orbiter Ancillary
  • OAMP full form
    Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation Program
  • OAML full form
    Oceanographic and Atmospheric Master Library What is the full form of OAML and meaning ? the OAML is one of the largest repositories of oceanographic and atmospheric data that is archived by years of research of scholars and also collected from expeditions.
  • OAME full form
    Own Account Manufacturing Enterprise
  • OAMC full form
    Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College
  • OAM&P; full form
    Operations | Administration | Maintenance and Provisioning What is the full form of OAM&P and meaning ? OAM&P is a complete administrative range of  departments duties and responsibilities that a 3rd party may take over from the current management.This new management may employ a new set  of employees and give them roles in different sections of operations.
  • OAM full form
    Order of Australia Medal
  • OALT full form
    Operational Acceptable Level of Traffic
  • OALOS full form
    Office for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
  • OALC full form
    Orbital Attitude and Maneuvering System What is the full form of OALC and meaning ? OALC is an onboard system that is found in space orbiters vehicles,satellites systems and other modules that have a pre programmed trajectory and are kept in orbit around the Earth.
  • OAL full form
    Oem Adaptation Layer
  • OAINN full form
    Ohio Aerospace Institute Neural Networks
  • OAI-PMH full form
    Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
  • OAI full form
    Open Applications Interface
  • OAG full form
    Official Airline Guide Online Air Guide
  • OAFTO full form
    Ogden Air Logistics Center
  • OAFD full form
    Orbiter Atmospheric Flight Test Office What is the full form of OAFD and meaning ? The OAFD is a department that is part of a flight test center at a space launch program in a space center.This division is entrusted in conducting pre launch tests and keeping tabs on weather formations and patterns so that on the ...
  • OAF full form
    Object Activation Framework
  • OAE full form
    Ohio Award for Excellence
  • OADM full form
    Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (MUX)
  • OADB full form
    Open Architechture Data Base (like supporting standards like SQL)
  • OADA full form
    order-of-acquisition diffusion analysis
  • OAD full form
    Open Architecture Driver
  • OACSU full form
    Off-Air Call Setup (GSM)
  • OACES full form
    OceanAtmosphere Carbon Exchange Study
  • OAB full form
    One-to-All Broadcast What does OBA mean or stand for ? An OAB is a type of radio communication broadcast whereby a single signal is transmitted to an entire network of receiving devices.
  • OAA full form
    Open Agent Architecture What does OAAA mean or stand for ? OAAA is a new interface architecture for human/PC interaction including hand written- typed – and spoken commands – being developed by a company known as SRI International.
  • OA&M; full form
    Operations | Administration and Maintenance
  • OA full form
    Object Address
  • O:-) full form
    Innocent angelic What does O:-) mean or stand for ? When we do something bad and are feeling guilty but want to show our innocence in a cute way then we type this emoticon expressing our side of the story.
  • O:) full form
    Innocent angelic What is the full form of O:) and meaning ? O:) is a symbol that is typed on a regular keyboard to masquerade as a make shift angel face.It works well when there are no ready emoticons available.
  • O7 full form
    Salute What does O7 mean or stand for ? This is an emoticon of sorts that we can type on the computer keyboard in order to salute a person for their brilliance.This looks like a person saluting hence we represent it this way,
  • O2I full form
    Object-Oriented Interface
  • O2 SAT full form
    Oxygen SATurated hemoglobin What does O2 SATmean or stand for ? This medical phrase measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood.It is tested with a small device that can be worn on the finger. Anything less than 90% O2 SAT is considered abnormal and investigations should be done.
  • O1H … O2H … O3H … O4H … O(AD INFINITUM)H full form
    on (the) one hand … on the other hand … then (there) again … (adverb). What does O1H O2H mean or stand for ? One one hand,on the second hand are just ways of giving options to people by laying out the different choices on the table  in front of them giving the pros and cons,until they ...
  • O/\O full form
    High five What is the full form of O^O and meaning ? Another way to visually represent a high five emoticon while we are cahtting online is to create the keyboard shortcut of  O^O.
  • O/W full form
    otherwise What does O/W mean or stand for ? When we want to describe “if or anything else” while giving a choice to another person then we use the short form of O/W.This says that there is more than one option to choose from.
  • O/R full form
    Originator and Recipient (X.400)
  • O/P full form
    output What does O/P mean or stand for ? This is used mostly in computer applications and programming when the user types in some code and hits enter.The result that the computer displays is known as the output.This could be also used in other industries and situations like factories and plants.
  • O/E full form
    (findings) on examination What is the full form of O/E and meaning ? O/E is actually observations on examination and is a medical term used by doctors to note down what they have observed like symptoms and findings from tests,before they can start a line of treatment.
  • O/A full form
    old age What does O/A mean or stand for ? When we are talking about pensioners or a discussion that pertains to seniors then we can use the short form O/A in the conversation.
  • O/ full form
    High five What is the full form of O/ and meaning ? O/ is an old keyboard shortcut to signify a high five visually without any emoticons,when we want to congratulate a friend online.
  • O.U. full form
    oculus uterque – both eyes What does O.U mean or stand for ? O.U is a medical phrase which has its roots in Latin and is used by optometrists in order to mean both the eyes.
  • O.S. full form
    left eye (ocularis/oculus sinister (Lat.) What is the full form of O.S and meaning ? Used more in medical terminology,O.S refers to the left eye or oculus sinister in Latin and is used mostly by an optometrist in an eye clinic.
  • O.R.N. full form
    Operating Room Nurse What does ORN mean or stand for ? These are a special type of nurses that are trained in certain operating room practices.They know the routine and have a greater understanding of procedures,drugs and medication
  • O.P.D. full form
    once per day What does O.P.D mean or stand for ? This short form has been used in many different situations for example when a doctor is writing a prescription for medications -then writes O.P.D meaning that pill needs to be ingested once daily.
  • O.P. full form
    osmotic pressure What is the full form of O.P and meaning ? The O.P is a term in physics whereby it is the least amount of pressure that a liquid can exert on a solution to allow it to permeate into another medium.Take an example of a raisin placed in water,the water molecules will exert a force ...
  • O.O full form
    Wide eyed What is the full form of O.O and meaning ?
  • O.D. full form
    Doctor of Optometry What does O.D mean or stand for ? This type of doctor specializes with the eyes of the human body.When we want corrective lenses,glasses or even sun glasses then we goto an optometrist who checks and evaluates our eyes for deficiency and then recommends a correction.
  • O-T-C full form
    over-the-counter What does OTC mean or stand for ? When we goto a drug store and can directly purchase certain ointments, balms, cold relief pills and other medication without the need of a doctors prescription, then these are known as OTC drugs.
  • O-QPSK full form
    Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (modulation)
  • O-O full form
    Shock What does O_O mean or stand for ? This is actually a graphical emoticon that show two eyes that are open wide expressing shock and awe.
  • O-M full form
  • O-BAND full form
    Optical Frequency wavelength ranging from 1260 to 1310 nm What is the full form of O BAND and meaning ? There are difference bands of frequency in the optical wavelength spectrum and different bands of frequency correspond to a different band,the O BAND has a wavelength of 1260 to 130 nano meters.
  • O-ADM full form
    Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (MUX)
  • O+I full form
    Outings and Innings
  • O&O; full form
    Over and Out What does O & O mean or stand for ? This has been an old tradition of people when they talk on any type of radio or communication equipment.These are only used in one way radio voice messages,and both the speakers cannot talk together at the same time.In order to tell the other person ...
  • O&M; full form
    Operations and Maintenance What is the full form of O & M and meaning ?  O & M are two most important attributes of a commercial entity or company that are sometimes given out to a  3rd party to manage for a set tenure.
  • O&G; full form
    Obstetrics and Gynecology What does O & G mean or stand for ? The O & G department of any hospital treats pregnancy,women’s reproductive issues and other problems that any individual would face related to their sex organs.C section surgeries and other pregnancy lines of treatment are managed in this department.
  • O&E; full form
    Observation and Examination What is the full form of O & E and meaning ? O & E is an medical phrase that physicians and doctors use when they want to conduct an investigation on a patient i order to find out exactly what the condition is that they need to diagnose.A series of tests,observations and examinations ...
  • O&A; full form
    Odontectomy and Alveolectomy
  • O$$ full form
    Outfile (Sprint)
  • O RLY full form
    oh really What is the full form of O RLY and meaning ? O RLY is a sarcastic way of saying – is that really what you did,or is it really what u said? Probably used in a condescending way by a woman talking to her partner.
  • O full form
    Oh What does O mean or stand for ? We say “oh” when we are a little surprised and not very bothered about something that happened or what was said.