NOC full form

Meaning : No objection certificate

Category : Law
Sub Category : Documentation

What does NOC mean or stand for ?

An NOC is a document that is issued by an authority,company,person or someone in power stating that they do not have any objection in the matter that it is being asked of.This NOC can be used as a legal document in a court of  law and is also proof that there is no hurdle to your progress.

For example,if a real estate developer wants to build a high rise close to the bay,he will seek a NOC from the Navy or Military for their compliance and approval.

An internet service provider who wants to install fiber optic cable in an apartment building will ask the landlord for an NOC.

A liquor shop vendor will need the NOC from the local community condo residents association before he can start his business.

So we can see that these NOCs are a requirement asked mostly by government authorities before they can grant you a certain privilege or license.