MIR full form

Meaning : Music Information Retrieval

Category : Music
Sub Category : Electronic / Technology

What does MIR mean or stand for ?

MIR is a relatively new technology where music is “uncomposed”.Yes you heard that right !Music Information Retrieval is the reverse of composing – its is separating,segregating the rhythms,melodies,notes,instruments,vocals and all the components that make a tune.

Once the song is stripped off its fabric,it can be analysed,converted to new formats, mixed, shared across social networks and sampled by other musicians.

There are many types of technicians and experts who indulge in MIR – musicians of course but also machine learning and AI professionals,sound engineers and audio analysts.

How does MIR help today? In the big businesses of smartphone apps,there is an increasing number of musical apps that users can download.In order to make these apps more useful,more features need to be added so that the app provides value to the user who downloaded it.Professional musicians can use these apps for all sorts of compositions and in order for them to play around with each component of the audio physiology,MIR is needed.