LOL full form in chat

Meaning : Laugh out Loud

Category : Internet Chat
Sub Category : Slang

What does LOL mean or stand for ?

The full form of LOL needs no introduction and is used enormously in the online world.LOL is probably THE MOST USED slang acronym on the entire planet and means “laugh out loud”.Ever since the internet graced us with its inception in the mid 1990s,internet slang has been used in electronic text communication to converse quicker.

Its origins can be traced back to the days of instant web messengers like AOL and MSN messengers.We used them in our chat sessions in our teens and it has remained part of urban culture to this day.Infact many of us even used LOL as a reply to a sentence when we didn’t have anything else to say and this posed as a filler.

In vocal real world conversations also people sarcastically say “LOL” in a retort to something unconventionally funny.

Another form of LOL is ROFL which is the short form for “rolling on the floor laughing”.