LED full form

Meaning : Light emitting diode

Category : Science / Technology
Sub Category : Physics

What does LED mean or stand for ?

LEDs are a common phrase in today’s electronics like LCD- LED televisions,LED lamps and have come to replace all incandescent bulbs and light sources in our homes.But ever wondered why they have become so popular in the last decade?for one thing,they absorb less electrical power and provide cheaper power bills.Also, technically,they have no end life-meaning they can be used forever without needing to be replaced! amazing isn’t it?

In order to understand the true working of this marvel,we will have to dive deep into semiconductor electronics that i studied in engineering college.In semiconductor electronics,there is a P junction and an N junction which stands for PN junction and this is the boundary between positive and negative portions in a semiconductor.When current is passed the positive proton move out and this leave “holes,which the electrons fill up.Energy is released in the form of photons and this is seen as visible light to us! Voila Light emitting source.