LCD full form

Meaning : Liquid Crystal Display

Category : Technology / Science
Sub Category : Electronics

What does LCD mean or stand for ?

LCD TVs are in everyone’s homes since the last decade.Even our computer monitors and smartphones use this technology.Our old TVs and computer monitors used the CRT technology to project images.These were heavy,bulky and used more power.

How does LCD technology work? – Have you ever eaten a sandwich?Yes,everyone has.Think of the LCD as a sandwich made up of layers of – 2 polarizing films,2 electrodes,2 filters and in the middle is a Liquid Crystal and a light source (CCFL,diode)

The funny thing about LCDs are they work on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting it.

By passing a current through the electrodes,the polarized filters that pass through the liquid crystal layer and control the light which is emitted by the light source, so that it can form a dark patch.A series of dark patches will create images,which is what we can see.

LCD and LED РThe TVs that we all use are nowadays are LEDs  and not LCD right? WRONG. All flat screen TVs use LCD technology and an LED TV also uses the same LCD technology to create images.The only difference is that LED TVs use a diode as the light source whereas the older LCD tvs used a different type of lamp to create the light source.