LB full form

Meaning : Libra / Pound

Category : Science
Sub Category : Metric

What does LB mean or stand for ?

If we talk about full forms,then the full form of lb or lbs is Libra which is an old roman measure meaning scaled of justice – same as the Astrological Star Sign -LIBRA.In today’s world it is known as Pounds and is a basic measure of mass or weight of an object.

1 pound is equal to 0.45 kgs or 1 kg is equal to 2.2 lbs.

LBS or pounds is a unit used in America and certain countries in the world but not Asia.This system is known as the FPS system – Foot,Pound,Second.In the rest of the world the units of measure are the MKS system – Meter,Kilogram,Second.

Distance,Weight and Time are known as the fundamental units in Physics and all things in the universe are basically comprised of either one of these.

LBS in force – Force also has the units of pounds – lbs.IF you hit something hard,the force that is exerted on that surface can be calculated in Pounds or Newtons – like “i hit the ball with 50 lbs of force”.

Pounds in currency – In the UK “Pound Sterling ” is also their medium of monetary exchange as approved by the government Treasury




What does GMYBS mean or stand for?

GMYBS is used in a variety of situations,here are two possible ones.When Lucy and James were chatting online on an instant chat box – Lucy wanted to go for her college reunion and couldn’t decide what to wear. She sent few shots of her apparels to John , then John replied to her  GMYBS .

When John is studying with Lucy’s help and struggling to answer many questions, Lucy shout out to John  –  GMYBS.