Meaning : Journal of Trans-personal Psychology

Category : Education
Sub Category :Psychology  
Type : Initialism

There are 3 full forms of JTP

1.Jayem Tata Performance

2.Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

3.Journal of Theoretical Politics

4.Justin Thomas Pawlak

What is the full form of JTP and meaning ?

1.Jayem Tata Performance – This is a joint venture between Jayem auto and Tata motors whereby they jointly manufacture automobiles.

2.Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Transpersonal psychology is a branch of studies that scholars and phd students research and then actively publish their findings and deductions in this journal.

3.Journal of Theoretical Politics – Theoretical politics and the study behind political science is debated,reviewed and published in this journal of theoretical politics.

4.Justin Thomas Pawlak – JTP is one of  drifting races prominent faces and has been featured several times on the podium.