Meaning : Japan Trans ocean Air

Category : Airline
Sub Category :Regional
Type : Initialism

There are a total of 7 fullforms of JTA

The full form of JTA has mroe than 7 different meanings and each of them is very specific ranging from transport,airlines,job titles,sports and computers.

1.Japan Trans ocean Air

2.Jacksonville Transportation Authority

3.Japan Tourism Agency

4.Jewish Telegraphic Agency 

5.Junior Technical Assistant 

6.Japan Tennis Association 

7.Java Transaction API

What is the full form of JTA  and meaning ?

1.Japan Trans ocean Air – This is a small airline that operates from the island of Okinawa in Japan.

2.Jacksonville Transportation Authority – This is a appointed authority that takes care and manages all public transportation in the city of Jacksonville on the east coast of the US in the sunny state of Florida.

3.Japan Tourism Agency – This is a government department that handles all matters related to tourism in the country.

4.Jewish Telegraphic Agency – This is a media company that primarily reports on news and events related to the Jewish community. 

5.Junior Technical Assistant – Candidates from backgrounds in technology,engineering,science etc can apply to this job post if they fit the pre requisite qualifications and experience. 

6.Japan Tennis Association – This is the sporting association of Tennis that regulates the sport in Japan. 

7.Java Transaction API – This is a technology that is used in web-pages whereby transactions need to be effectively managed.

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