Meaning : Japan Professional Photographers Society

Category : Societies & Groups
Sub Category :Photography  
Type : Initialism

There are 4 full forms of JPS

1.Japan Professional Photographers Society

2.Jewish Publication Society

3.John Peter Smith

4.Juvenile polyposis syndrome

What is the full form of JPS and meaning ?

1.Japan Professional Photographers Society – An association of photo editors,photographers and photojournalists that have come together to boost thier trade in the capital city of Tokyo in Japan.

2.Jewish Publication Society – This is an organization that works closely with authors and publishers of Jewish descent and coordinates efforts in order to get works of these writers published.

3.John Peter Smith – This is a hospital and healthcare facility that is named after a former mayor of the city of Fort worth in the Southern state of Texas.

4.Juvenile polyposis syndrome  РWhen polyps that usually grow in the nasal passages are found in the gastrointestinal tract of a young adult,the condition is known as JPS.