Meaning : Joseph Cyril Bamford 

Category : Business
Sub Category :Construction  
Type : Initialism

There are 6 full forms of JCB

1.Joseph Cyril Bamford 

2.Japan Credit Bureau

3.Journal of Cell Biology 

4.Joint Centre for Bioethics  

5.Journal of Crustacean Biology 

6.Santa Terezinha Municipal Airport

What is the full form of JCB and meaning ?

The full form of  JCB is not only restricted to the construction equipment that we see all over the place,but also also has its roots in scientific journals,banking,aviation and more.

1.Joseph Cyril Bamford – One of the most widely known companies that manufacture construction equipment as well as farming equipment.The next time you see an excavating machine of the road with the symbol JCB written on it,you know what it stands for.

2.Japan Credit Bureau – This is an investment company that also lends out money to people in the form of credit cards and soft loans.

3.Journal of Cell Biology – This is an academic journal of research papers and findings related to Cell Biology

4.Joint center for Bioethics  – This prestigious center that focuses primarily on Bioetchics is part of the University of Toronto in Canada.

5.Journal of Crustacean Biology – This collection of research papers and academic journal publishes documentation of zoologists and animal experts.

6.Santa Terezinha Municipal Airport – This mid size airport that is located in Brazil has the IATA airport code of JCB.

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