ID full form

Meaning : Identification

Category : Social security
Sub Category : Documentation

What does ID mean or stand for ?

ID is the identification of who you are.It is an identity proof of who you claim to be.This can be a drivers licence,or voting card, social security card or some document that can be used to identify yourself with.

In most cases this identification will have a photo of you also on it.This is the best way to prove who are,by visual ID.In America,it is mandatory at all times to have some sort of identification on your person especially while you are driving.

Cops can pull you over anytime “just to check your credentials”.They do not need a warrant or prior permission to do so,and can perform random checks at will.

In order for a document to be valid ID,it needs to reveal some personal details about you.Starting with your name,address,DOB- Date of Birth and Blood type. Additional details can be your social security details,spouse details and contact person -ICE – in case of emergency.