GARF full form

Meaning : Geothermal aquaculture research facility

Category : Marine Biology
Sub Category :Research centers
Type : Acronym

What does GARF mean or stand for ?

Geothermal Aquaculture Research Facility is a non profit research foundation that aims to preserve,cultivate and display  a vast foray of unique aqua flora.In addition to these displays,the foundation also keeps documentation,data libraries and other valuable information for the public to absorb.


Meaning : Bachelor of music

Category : Education
Sub Category :Music  
Type : Initialism

What does BMUS mean or stand for ?

Bachelor of Music is a three year bachelors program offered by a university that teaches the advanced level of music theory,vocals or practicals.After doing this course there are many careers that can be chosen either as a performer,entertainment or even a music studio/company/record label.