• GZIP full form
    Meaning : Compressed file type Category : ComputersSub Category :Software & Programs  Type : Initialism What does GZIP mean or stand for ? Compressed file archive also known as GNU Zip that uses compression to decrease the file size of multiple fields that are zipped in the archive.Tools like Winzip and WINRAR can be used to unzip and uncompressed these ...
  • GZ full form
    Meaning : Compressed file Category : ComputersSub Category :Software & Programs  Type : Initialism What does GZ mean or stand for ? GZ is a raw compressed image file extension used across multiple files.GZ is used like cars.GZ and can be unzipped and uncompressed with WinZip or RAR program
  • GYTS full form
    Meaning : Global youth tobacco survey Category : GovernmentSub Category :Census & Surveys  Type : Initialism What does GYTS mean or stand for ? Global Youth Tobacco Survey is one of the most important census operations of each country.It is a survey promoted by the individual governments of each state and its main aim is to target and ascertain the ...
  • GYPO full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GYPO mean or stand for ? Gypsy is the meaning of GYPO and this is a slang urban term that could also be derogatory to some people who take offense. Gypsies are people who strayed from north India a millennia ago and are now concentrated ...
  • GYP full form
    Meaning : Ripped off / Scammed Category : SlangSub Category :Urban Slang  Type : Abbreviation What does GYP mean or stand for ? When we say “I got GYPed” it means that we got ripped off,Swindled or scammed.It is urban slang for petty con jobs that involve a small hustle.Its easy to fall prey into these traps and its important ...
  • GY full form
  • GXL full form
    Meaning : Graphics library Category : ComputersSub Category : Filename ExtensionType : Initialism What does GXL mean or stand for ? Graphics library is the full form of XL.This is a filename extension for the graphics library type of file that is used by a program created by Genus.The main aim of this type of a file is to create ...
  • GWZ full form
    Meaning : Genigraphics graphics link presentation Category : ComputesSub Category :Filetype  Type : Initialism What does GWZ mean or stand for ? Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation is a type of filename extension that ends in .GWZ.Sometimes the filename extension also has a .GFX.These types of files contain images and graphic data and was first used by a virtual flight ...
  • GWX full form
    Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
  • GWTG-CAD full form
    Meaning : Get With The Guidelines – Coronary Artery Disease Category : MedicalSub Category :CardiologyType : Initialism GWTG-CAD full form- Get With The Guidelines – Coronary Artery Disease What is the full form of GWTG – CAD and meaning ? This was a heart registry and database whereby people with heart disease could sign up for this program and ...
  • GWT-SL full form
    Meaning : Google web toolkit server library Category : Internet Sub Category : Applications / ToolsType : Initialism What does GWT-SL mean or stand for ? Google Web Toolkit Server Library is a collection of applications that can be accessed in the free domain for all website owners and webmasters.These tools are all java based and can help the webmasters to easily ...
  • GWR full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GWR mean or stand for ? Guinness World Records is a body that recognizes achievements in various fields and awards these amazing feats with a trophy known as a Guinness record.In all types of fields and disciplines people from all over the world try and ...
  • GWOP full form
  • GWIM full form
    Meaning : Global Warming Impact Model Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Climate change  Type : Acronym What does GWIM mean or stand for ? Global Warming Impact Model was created in order to show the world leaders how an increase in climate change can adversely affect the weather patterns,sea levels, and natural disasters to name a few.This model can perhaps change ...
  • GWIJD full form
    GWIJD full form- Guess what i just did What is the full form of GWIJD and meaning ? This is a phrase that somebody uses online when he/she wants to show something that they did and then proceeds to share it with the other person digitally.
  • GWCCM full form
    Meaning :  George Washington certified contract manager Category : EducationSub Category : CredentialType :  Synonym What does GWCCM mean or stand for ? George Washington Certified Contract Manager is a certificate that is given by the George Washington University of Business to students who want an extra feather in their cap.This is not a program or course ...
  • GWA full form
    Meaning : General Work Area Category : CommercialSub Category :TerminologyType : Initialism What does GWA mean or stand for ? A General work area is a predefined allotted space that can be used for a particular purpose.This could be in an office,factory,fast food restaurant depending on the reference.
  • GVU full form
    Grand Valley University
  • GVT full form
    Global Virtual Time
  • GVSU full form
    Meaning : Grand valley state university Category : EducationSub Category :UniversitiesType : Initialism What does GVSU mean or stand for ? Grand Valley State University is one of the biggest campus grounds and public universities in the US.It spread over more than a thousand acres and enrolls more than twenty thousands thousands in various educational departments.It is situated ...
  • GVS full form
    Meaning :  Galvanic vestibular stimulation Category :  MedicalSub Category :  ProcedureType : Synonym What does GVS mean or stand for ? Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation is a process  of stimulating the vestibular system of nerves inside the ears. These affect sensory organs and increases posture and balance in people who are affected by this condition.It can be attached as ...
  • GVRP full form
    GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
  • GVPN full form
    Meaning : Global virtual private network Category : InternetSub Category : Domains and Hosting  Type : Initialism What does GVPN mean or stand for ? Global Virtual Private Network is a type of service that domain and hosting provides give to website owners.Like Godaddy and Hostinger to name a few,the GVPN gives exclusive access to resources of the hosting ...
  • GVE full form
    General Visceral Efferent
  • GVA full form
    Gross Value Added
  • GUTS full form
    Gaming Utility Tool Set
  • GUTI full form
    Meaning : Get used to it Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GUTI mean or stand for ? Its a phrase when two person chatting online in a chat room or an instant messaging application, When chatter say to the other chatter GUTI this means Get used to it and it also is a sarcastic ...
  • GUT full form
    grand unified theory
  • GUSTO full form
    Meaning : Global use of strategies to open occluded coronary arteries Category : MedicalSub Category : Trials & Treatment  Type : Acronym What does GUSTO mean or stand for ? Global Use of Strategies To Open Occluded Coronary Arteries is a clinical drug trial and treatment method used on patients that have angina and other possible coronony (heart) blockages.By using ...
  • GUST full form
    Gonzaga University Summer Term
  • GURL full form
    Meaning : Girl Category : SlangSub Category :Urban SlangType : Initialism What does GURL mean or stand for ? Girl or chick or dudette are some common ways of young people in urban chic neighborhoods to refer to a female as.Its also used when they talk online or text each other.
  • GUL full form
    GSE Utilization List
  • GUK full form
    Meaning :  Gate unicode kit Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & Programs  Type : Acronym What does GUK mean or stand for ? Gate Unicode Kit is a type of program bundle that is used to add Unicode to java applications. This is like a text editor that is used to input commands. The bundle of GUK  has ...
  • GUIDO full form
    Meaning : Gnome universal internet domain observatory Category : InternetSub Category : Domains & Hosting  Type : Acronym What does GUIDO  mean or stand for ? Gnome Universal Internet Domain Observatory is an online directory of Internet addresses.These domains can be bought from any online retailer like Godaddy,Namecheap etc.What they represent are static ip addresses in an easy alphabetical format ...
  • GUIDE full form
    Generalized Unbiased Interaction Detection and Estimation
  • GUID full form
    Globally Unique IDentifier
  • GUI full form
    Meaning : Graphic user interface Category : ComputerSub Category :Operating system  Type : Initialism What does GNM mean or stand for ? Graphical User Interface is a visual representation of a program on a computer screen and this was preceded by the character based interface that the user had to manually type commands in order to execute.
  • GUH full form
    Meaning : Galway University Hospitals group Category : MedicalSub Category :Hospital  Type : Initialism GUH full form – Galway University Hospitals group What is the full form of GUH and meaning ? This is a hospital that is situated in Ireland and has many department and facilities to help admitted patients as well as out patients who come for daily ...
  • GUG full form
    Meaning : Gimp user group Category : ComputersSub Category : Programming Type : Initialism What does GUG mean or stand for ? Gimp User Group is an online collection of users that can get together and discuss as well as troubleshoot problems with the “GNU “Image manipulation program – which is the full form of GIMP.A fair bit of programming ...
  • GUE full form
    Meaning : Gaussian unitary ensemble Category : EducationSub Category :MathematicsType : Initialism What does GUE mean or stand for ? Gaussian Unitary Ensemble is a branch of theoretical mathematics and is studied in the subject lattices and matrices.In  the subsystem of “random matrices” the GUE can best be described as a ensemble of random hermitian matrices.
  • GUAP full form
  • GUA full form
    GMS User Agent
  • GU2I full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GU2I mean or stand for ? Get used to it is the long form of GU2I and this is used while two users are chatting online.This slang phrase literally means what it says – to get used to something-depending what reference it is referring to.
  • GTUG full form
    Meaning : Google Technology user group Category : InternetSub Category :Forums & Groups  Type : Initialism What does GTUG mean or stand for ? Google Technology User Group is a joining of people from all over the internet who come together to discuss and help others with problems associated with google products.
  • GTTS full form
    Drops per minute
  • GTSS full form
    Meaning : Global telecom solutions sector Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Mobile Telephony What does GTSS mean or stand for ? GTSS was a subsidiary of Motorola in the early 2000s.It was formerly known as Network Solutions sector before being taken over by Motorola and is involved in production of hardware for the telecom giant.IT was in the news ...
  • GTS full form
    Green Tobacco Sickness
  • GTRN full form
    General Transients
  • GTP full form
    GPRS Tunneling Protocol
  • GTN full form
    Glyceryl TriNitrate
  • GTLD full form
    Meaning : Generic top level domain Category : InternetSub Category : Domains & HostingType : Initialism What does GTLD mean or stand for ? Generic Top-Level Domain are internet website name extensions. These are the most common, oldest and the most popular extensions like .com,.edu,.org,.net.,.gov.In total there are 7 generic top level domains and till today are the still ...
  • GTL full form
    Gunning Transceiver Logic
  • GTI full form
    Gross Trading Income
  • GTHU full form
    Meaning : Grow the heck up Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GTHU mean or stand for ? grow the heck up or grow the hell up are two of the same phrases denoted by GTHU and is used online in chatting or texting when you want to tell the other person to start ...
  • GTGMMILOMS full form
    Meaning : Got to go my mum is looking over my shoulder Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GTGMMILOMS mean or stand for ? GTGMMLOMS is one of the longest short forms and is used extensively when two young people are chatting and of the mother happens to peep into the conversation then that user ...
  • GTGFN full form
    Meaning : Got to go for now Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GTGFN mean or stand for ? Got to go for now is spoken between two users who are chatting online and one of them has to leave for some other work,he/she says GTGFN.With the intention that they might return.
  • GTGBB full form
    Meaning : Got to go bye bye Category : Internet chatSub Category : Slang What does GTGBB mean or stand for ? Its a online slang word people use on online chatting and instant messaging applications and while texting with their mobile phone. When one person while chatting with another person has to sign out from chat for ...
  • GTF full form
    Generalized Timing Formula
  • GTD full form
    Glyoxal Trimeric Dihydrate
  • GTCS full form
    Generalized TonicClonic Seizures
  • GTCP full form
    Meaning : Global Tropospheric Chemistry Category : Climate & WeatherSub Category : Measurement  Type :  Initialism What does GTCP mean or stand for ? Global Tropospheric Chemistry Program is a series of experiments that were conducted by NASA in the upper atmosphere and Stratosphere. These were mainly studied in order to survey the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as ...
  • GTAC full form
    Gene Therapy Advisory Committee
  • GT full form
    Meaning : Greater Than Category : EducationSub Category :MathematicsType : Initialism What does GT mean or stand for ? Greater Than is a mathematical expression that is used in a variety of situations and events.When two values are compared and an operation is inserted between them,then it might be necessary to use the phrase GT.
  • GSWP full form
    Meaning : Global Soil Wetness Project Category : GeologySub Category :Environment & Ecology  Type : Initialism Global Soil Wetness Project What is the full form of GSWP and meaning ? This is an old project that is still active and is used as a base model in order to compare datasets and environmental research information regarding the state of surface ...
  • GSWA full form
    Meaning :  Geological survey  of Western Australia         Category :  GeoglobeSub Category : Maps & Surveys  Type :  Initialism What does GSWA mean or stand for ? Geological Survey of Western Australia is a part of the department of mines and petroleum that conducts surveys,studies,research and analysis  about the geology,maps,soil conditions and tectonic activity in Western Australia.
  • GSTQ full form
    Meaning : God Save The Queen Category : EntertainmentSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GSTQ mean or stand for ? God Save The Queen is a song and also an anthem used by commonwealth countries globally.Those countries that still honor and want to pay respect to the Queen of England sing this anthem for events especially for the ...
  • GSTN full form
    General Switched Telephone Network
  • GSTF full form
    Ground Systems Test Flow
  • GSTA full form
    Meaning : Gangster Category : SlangSub Category :Urban SlangType : Initialism What does GSTA mean or stand for ? Gangster is an urban slang term that is used to describe someone or something that is funky,cool,rad or just amazing in an awesome way.
  • GSSB full form
  • GSSAP full form
    Generic Security Service Application
  • GSSA full form
    Ground Support Systems Activation
  • GSS full form
    Ground Support System
  • GSRTC full form
    Meaning : Gujarat state road transport Category : TransportSub Category :Road transport  Type : Initialism What does GSRTC mean or stand for ? Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation is a state run operator of passenger fleet of coach buses as well as goods carriers and operates within the perimeter of the state of Gujarat.
  • GSRP full form
    Ground Safety Review Panel
  • GSQM full form
    Global Supplier Quality Manager
  • GSPOT full form
    Graphics System Processor Operating Tool
  • GSPID full form
    Gain- Scheduled Proportional Integro-Differential
  • GSP full form
    Generalised Special Preference
  • GSOST full form
    Goldstein-Scheerer Object Sorting Test
  • GSOMIA full form
    General Security of Military Information Agreement
  • GSOM full form
    Meaning : Georgia school of ministry Category : EducationalSub Category : InstitutionsType : Initialism What does GSOM mean or stand for ? Georgia School Of Ministry is a school for people who want to take a course in preaching and Theology. It is affiliated and supported by the Christ of Georgia church that aids and conducts this educational ...
  • GSOE full form
    Glasgow School Of English
  • GSOD full form
    Meaning : General Surgical Outcomes Quality Improvement Database Category : MedicalSub Category :Database  Type : Initialism General Surgical Outcomes Quality Improvement Database What is the full form of GSOD and meaning ? This is a database that hospitals use in order to track surgical care and outcomes post operative.The idea if it is to improve the quality of post operative ...
  • GSO-FSS full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GSO FSS mean or stand for ? Geostationary Satellite Orbit is a stationary orbit above a selected place above a country in low Earth orbit.This satellite is known as geo stationary because it appears to be stationary above that exact point on the surface and ...
  • GSNW full form
    Gateway Service for NetWare
  • GSMS full form
    Meaning : Graduate School of Medical Sciences Category : EducationSub Category :InstitutesType : Initialism What does GSMS mean or stand for ? Graduate School of Medical Sciences is an educational institute that offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees in medicine to students. The courses are very selective and students are admitted to the school based on previous academic scores ...
  • GSMQ full form
    Meaning : Global Services Management Queue Category : InternetSub Category :Database Type : Initialism GSMQ full form- Global Services Management Queue What is the full form of GSMQ and meaning ? This is a system that is programmed into machines that allows for customers or visitors at a venue or online portal to be managed systematically in order and also ...
  • GSMPLMN full form
    Meaning : GSM public land mobile network Category : TelecomSub Category : Networks  Type : Initialism What does GSMPLMN mean or stand for ? GSM Public Land Mobile Network or simply known as a PMLN is a collection of mobile technologies offered by a service provider.This wireless technology  is valid over a geographical terrain and constricted only by geopolitical ...
  • GSMP full form
    Meaning : General Switch Management Protocol (ATM) Category : TechnologySub Category :NetworkingType : Initialism General Switch Management Protocol (ATM) What is the full form of GSMP and meaning ? This is also known as an ATM switch protocol because it helps a controller take charge and control the effects of a switch in a network circuit besides having other ...
  • GSMBE full form
    Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • GSM-R full form
    Meaning : GSM standard for railway applications Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Standards & Protocols  Type : Initialism What does GSM -R mean or stand for ? GSM Standard for Railway Applications is a specialised set of regulations and compliances that are needed for the smooth working and transition of voice and data communications between railway systems.This is a ...
  • GSM full form
    Meaning : Global system for mobile telecommunications Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Technology Type : Initialism What does GSM mean or stand for ? Global System for Mobile telecommunications or also known in French as Groupe Spécial Mobile is a modern day cellular phone protocol standard that was first initiated in Europe.Some of the these technical standards regulate and describe ...
  • GSLV full form
    Meaning : Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle  Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellite Type : Initialism What does GSLV mean or stand for ? Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle is a rocket that is used to transport a geosynchronous satellite into orbit.This satellite is positioned exactly above a particular place over the earths surface and maintains this position with respect to the ...
  • GSL MEDICINE full form
    General Sales List medicine
  • GSL full form
    Meaning : Goa shipyard limited Category : CorporateSub Category :ShippingType : Initialism What does GSL mean or stand for ? Goa Shipyard Limited is a corporation that maintains and manages the Shipyards at Vasco Da Gama in central Goa.This is the hub of mining activity and iron ore and other minerals that need to be transported by sea ...
  • GSK3 full form
    Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
  • GSK full form
    Meaning : Glaxo Smithkline  Category : PharmaceuticalSub Category :CompaniesType : Initialism What does GSK mean or stand for ? GlaxoSmithKline is an Indian major pharmaceutical that has many of its own proprietary drugs that it manufactures.It merged with Beecham to extend its range of drugs that are now available to consumers.
  • GSIU full form
    Ground Standard Interface Unit
  • GSIRD full form
    GSIRD full form- Ground Data System Information Requirements Document What is the full form of GSIRD and meaning ?
  • GSICS full form
    Global Spacebased InterCalibration System
  • GSI full form
    Meaning : Geological survey of India Category : CorporateSub Category :ConstructionType : Initialism What does GSI mean or stand for ? Geological Survey of India is an organization that is the premier institute in India that conducts geological surveys of soil samples and then submits the report of the soil data.This data is then analyzed and construed if ...
  • GSHV full form
    Meaning : Ground Squirrel Hepatitis B Virus Category : VeterinarySub Category :Virus & Bacteria  Type : Initialism Ground Squirrel Hepatitis B Virus What is the full form of GSHV and meaning ? This was a virus that was found most commonly in Ground squirrels and similar other rodents from the same family and had similar symptoms as the Hepatitis virus ...
  • GSGE full form
    Meaning : Gulf Society for Geoengineering Category : ProfessionsSub Category :Groups & Forums  Type : Initialism What does GSGE mean or stand for ? Gulf Society for Geoengineering is a group of professional who have come together from all over the gulf countries.As we know there is lots of mining operations for oil and gas in the middle east and ...
  • GSF full form
    Global Spectral Forecast
  • GSEC full form
    Meaning : General Secondary Education Certificate Category : EducationSub Category :CertificateType : Initialism What does GSEC mean or stand for ? General Secondary Education Certificate is similar to the GCSE and this is a course that is the equivalent of finishing high school.It can be taken up at any time and can be given as separate examination independently.
  • GSE full form
    Meaning : Ground Servicing Equipment Category : AviationSub Category :Ground SupportType : Initialism What does GSE mean or stand for ? Ground Servicing Equipment is used by crew of ground handling companies that help with the service and maintenance of aircraft just after they have landed.Ramps,trolleys baggage mounts are some of the equipment used.
  • GSDP full form
    Meaning : Gross state domestic product Category : EconomicsSub Category :GDPType : Initialism What does GSDP mean or stand for ? Gross State Domestic Product is similar to GDP of a country except it is a measure of a smaller section or state within a territory.It reflects the overall internal economic health of that state excluding exports,imports and ...
  • GSDN full form
    Global Software Defined Network (AT&T)
  • GSDL full form
    Ground Software Development Laboratory
  • GSDB full form
    Genome Sequence Data Base
  • GSCU full form
    Meaning : Ground Service Cooling Unit Category : AviationSub Category :Ground supportType : Initialism What does GSCU mean or stand for ? Ground Service Cooling Unit is a mechanical device that is used by airlines round service staff during the time the aircraft is in the docking bay and is being services.When the internal power and cooling systems ...
  • GSCT full form
    Goldstein-Scheerer Cube Test
  • GSCE full form
    Gas Source Control Equipment
  • GSCC full form
    General Social Care Council
  • GSC full form
    Glandular Stress Complex
  • GSAP full form
    General-purpose Sample Analysis Processor
  • GSA full form
    General Services Administration (USA)
  • GS TRUNK full form
    Meaning : Ground start trunk Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Telephony What does GS TRUNK mean or stand for ? GS TRUNK is used in your landline telephones.When you pick up the receiver you always hear a dial tone right?In order for you to get that dial tone,your phone sends a signal to the telephone exchange that will ground ...
  • GRWR full form
    Graft to Recipient Weight Ratio
  • GRU full form
    Glavnoye Razvedivatel’noye Upravileniye
  • GRTG full form
    Meaning : Getting ready to go Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does GRTG mean or stand for ? Getting ready to go is used as an initialism for GRTG which many users include in their online conversations. When one tells the other – “im GRTG so ill talk to you later maybe at night”.
  • GRTD full form
    Meaning : Graphical Real Time Display Category : ComputersSub Category :Technology  Type : Initialism Graphical Real Time Display What is the full form of GRTD and meaning ? This is a type of image generation with the help of a manual input into a computer.The use can change parameters of the image in real time by changing the input.
  • GRT full form
    Gross Rated Tonnage
  • GRS full form
    Gravitational Reference Sensor
  • GRRU full form
    Meaning : Guraru Category : GeoglobeSub Category : Places of interest What does GRRU mean or stand for ? Guraru is a small town located in the North Indian State of Bihar.It has not much tourism and the population survives working sin small industries like sugar and agiculture.It is in the province of Gaya which is close to the ...
  • GRQ full form
    Gatekeeper Discovery Request
  • GRP full form
    Group (file name extension)
  • GROOL full form
    Meaning : Great and cool Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GROOL mean or stand for ? When one person reply to other person in an online chatting or in an instant messaging application and first person say HI then the second person replies in excitement and happiness GROOL as short form of Great and ...
  • GRN full form
    Meaning : Goods receipt note Category : BusinessSub Category :Invoices & receipts  Type : Initialism What does GRN mean or stand for ? Goods Receipt Note is a documentary proof of purchase or delivery that is used by the sender to a customer / retailer.This GRN can be signed or stamped and returned to the delivery executive and serves ...
  • GRIM full form
    General Record Of Incidence Of Mortality
  • GRILLZ full form
    Meaning : Metal teeth Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang  Type : Acronym What does GRILLZ mean or stand for ? Metal teeth or also commonly known as braces,GRILLZ is an urban slang term for braces.Its not only used in everyday conversations but also online or even texting.
  • GRILL full form
    Meaning : Teeth Braces Category : GeneralSub Category :Slang  Type : Simile What does GRILL mean or stand for ? These are usually a slang word for tooth braces.Younger people usually go to a dentist to get their teeth corrected and aligned and this have to wear these metal braces for a few years.
  • GRIDCO full form
    The Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited
  • GRID full form
    Gradual Retrograde Immune Degeneration
  • GRIC full form
    Global Reach Internet Connection
  • GRH full form
    Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone
  • GRFG full form
    Green Frog
  • GRF full form
    Graph (file name extension)
  • GREJ full form
    Meaning : Group reject Category : Internet Chat / ForumSub Category : Slang What does GREJ mean or stand for ? A person is a victim of GREJ in either an online group,chatroom,social media group,Facebook group, or in the physical world like an Office group or school group.The reason for rejection may vary but the fundamental reason is ...
  • GREF full form
    General Reserve Engineer Force
  • GREEN full form
    Meaning : Global rivers environment education network Category : Ecology & EnvironmentSub Category :Digital librariesType : Acronym What does GREEN mean or stand for ? Global Rivers Environment Education Network is a project that provides data in a digital server to environmentalists and research scholars who wish to access this information regarding various attributes about water bodes of ...
  • GREAT full form
    Meaning : Groundwater recovery enhancement and treatment Category : MunicipalitySub Category :Water & SewageType : Initialism What does GREAT mean or stand for ? Groundwater Recovery Enhancement And Treatment is a task that is entrusted to a cities municipal hydraulic engineer. The water department sources freshwater natural reserves and filters it, treats it and then pipes it to the ...
  • GRDC full form
    Global Runoff Data Centre
  • GRBL full form
  • GRB(S) full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GRB mean or stand for ? gamma ray burst(s) are seen in far regions of space and these produce electromagnetic radiation.The exact nature and reason for these bursts are still not fully understood but there are some theories that they maybe energy bursts from ...
  • GRB full form
    Meaning : Gamma ray bursts Category : AstronomySub Category : Phenomena What does GRB mean or stand for ? GRB is characterized by a high energy bright explosions that occur in distant galaxies. Upon explosion they release high intensity electromagnetic radiation that maybe not harmful to humans. GRB bursts last for few seconds and are mystery to astronomers all ...
  • GRAY full form
    Bitmap graphics (raw gray bytes) Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does BMUS mean or stand for ? Bachelor of Music is a three year bachelors program offered by a university that teaches the advanced level of music theory,vocals or practicals.After doing this course there are many careers that can be chosen ...
  • GRASP full form
    Animation (GRAphical System for Presentation format)
  • GRAPHICS full form
    allows Graphics to pass from screen to Printer
  • GRAND full form
    gamma ray and neutron detector
  • GRADS full form
  • GRADD full form
    Graphics Adapter Device Driver
  • GRAD. DIP. DENT. full form
    Meaning : Graduate Diploma in Dentistry Category : EducationSub Category :CertificationType : Initialism What does GRAD DIP mean or stand for ? Graduate Diploma in Dentistry is a degree awarded to students who successfully complete the course in medical school and receive this diploma. They can now be hired as professionals and start a career.
  • GRACE full form
    Meaning : Grieving Reverence After Christ’s Example Category : ReligionSub Category :Christianity  Type : Acronym GRACE full form- Grieving Reverence After Christ’s Example What is the full form of GRACE and meaning ? This is a piece of advice that all Christians must follow and it may mot be an official full form of what the word GRACE means but is ...
  • GRAB full form
    Galactic Radiation And Background
  • GRA full form
    Global Research Alliance
  • GR9 full form
    Meaning : Better than Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does GR9 mean or stand for ? Better than is what GR9 means and there is a logical reason for using this slang phrase online.GR8 means great and up one on great is GR9.That is the basis for using this term.
  • GR2 full form
    Screen driver (Windows 3.x)
  • GR&D full form
    Meaning : Grinning running & ducking Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GR&D mean or stand for ? GR&D is still used in online chat and forums quite a bit though it had more consequence in the early 2000s.It is used when someone says something sarcastic,funny/naughty and acts sheepish about it.Similar to a mischief monger ...
  • GR full form
    Meaning : Gotta run Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GR mean or stand for ? Gotta Run is used when we are talking to someone else either in an online chat or texting and suddenly have to quit the conversation due to unforeseen events. We then say “GR” and leave in haste.
  • GQOS full form
    Meaning : Generic Quality Of Service Category : CorporateSub Category :Standards  Type : Initialism What does GQOS mean or stand for ? Generic Quality Of Service is a standard quality of service that is expected from a company of any repute. This is the absolutely base quality of standards that needs to be offered to clients.
  • GQ full form
    Meaning : Gentlemen Quarterly Category : EntertainmentSub Category :Magazines & PublicationsType : Initialism What does GQ mean or stand for ? Gentlemen Quarterly is a men’s magazine and is the main competitor to FHM – for  him magazine.Although it does not contain explicit images of women like playboy / penthouse, it does feature famous actresses and celebrities scantily ...
  • GPWSI full form
    Meaning : General practitioner with Special Interest Category : MedicalSub Category :ProfessionType : Initialism What does GPWSI mean or stand for ? general practitioner with Special Interest (GPSI) is a type of physician or healthcare professional that is not really specialized in any stream of medicine like cardiology / gynecology but is well versed in a particular field ...
  • GPWS full form
    Meaning : Ground Proximity Warning System Category : AviationSub Category :SystemsType : Initialism What does GPWS mean or stand for ? Ground Proximity Warning System is one of the most important onboard flight systems that tells the pilots the altitude and it beeps an alarm if the descent towards the ground rapidly increases or also beeps while landing ...
  • GPVT full form
    Meaning : General Practitioner vocational training Category : MedicalSub Category : Professional course  Type : Initialism What does GPVT mean or stand for ? General Practitioner Vocational Training is a new modern age course for doctors,physicians and other medical professionals.These types of courses give a new approach to the new methods of clinical practice and also provide a hands on ...
  • GPVEC full form
    Meaning : Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center Category : EducationSub Category :VeterinaryType : Initialism What does GPVEC mean or stand for ? Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center is part of the University of Nebraska that has one of the most prestigious courses for veterinary education.
  • GPUR full form
    Meaning : Ground Power Unit Category : IndustrialSub Category :Power & EnergyType : Initialism What does GPUR mean or stand for ? Ground Power Unit is used by the ground handling company service provider in order to give power to the aircraft while it has just landed or is prepping for take off.This auxiliary power unit powers up basic ...
  • GPU full form
    Meaning : Graphics processing unit Category : ComputerSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does GNM mean or stand for ? Graphics Processing Unit is a hardware section of the computer and this is situated onboard in the motherboard. It uses software drivers to run the display hardware and also has memory allocated to it.
  • GPTS full form
    Meaning : General purpose timers Category : ElectronicsSub Category : ComponentsType : Initialism What does GPTS mean or stand for ? General Purpose Timers are a hardware component in modern day electronics and are used extensively in logic and circuit boards as well as micro controllers.There are several purposes for these timers including operations,delays,executions etc.they are essential to the working ...
  • GPTE full form
    General Purpose Test Equipment
  • GPTC full form
    General Post and Telecom Company (Libya)
  • GPT full form
    GUID partition table
  • GPSS full form
    General Purpose Systems Simulator (language)
  • GPSR full form
    Meaning : Global Positioning System Receiver Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :Devices  Type : Initialism What does GPSR mean or stand for ? Global Positioning System Receiver or also known as GPS receiver is a device that is used to download information about GPS coordinates and maps of a terrain from a satellite feed.This is visually displayed on the GPSR.
  • GPSC full form
    Gujarat Public Service Commission
  • GPRSG full form
    General Picture Recognition Software General
  • GPRS full form
    Meaning : General packet radio service Category : Cellular technologySub Category :ServiceType : Initialism What does GPRS mean or stand for ? General Packet Radio Service is a mobile phone technology that is used to convert signals into digital packets that maybe downloaded onto a mobile phone.It is the backbone of today’s cellular internet technology that allows us ...
  • GPRBC full form
    Meaning : Guinea Pig Red Blood Cell Category : MedicalSub Category :ResearchType : Initialism What does GPRBC mean or stand for ? Guinea Pig Red Blood Cell are extracted from the blood and plasma of a laboratory bred guinea pig. These animals are widely used as lab rats for a variety of experiments in drug research and science.
  • GPR full form
    General Purpose Register
  • GPPUG full form
    GP Pan User Group (GP PUG)
  • GPPA full form
    General Practice Psychotherapy Association
  • GPOYW full form
    Meaning : Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday Category : SlangSub Category :ExplicitType : Initialism What does GPOYW mean or stand for ? Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday is a fun filled and sometimes naughty or explicit picture of yourself that you send to a close fiend or partner digitally.Its more of a tease to try and entice or ...
  • GPOY full form
    Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself
  • GPOP full form
    Global Point of Presence
  • GPOH full form
    Gesellschaft fur Padiatrische Onkologie und Hamatologie (German Pediaatric Oncology Group)
  • GPNZ full form
    General Practice New Zealand
  • GPMSS full form
    General Practice Minimum System Specification
  • GPML4T full form
    Guest Page Map Level 4 Table
  • GPME full form
    General Purpose Mission Equipment
  • GPM full form
    General Program Manager
  • GPIRS full form
    Global Positioning Inertial Reference System
  • GPIEM full form
    International Marine Environment Award
  • GPI full form
    Graphics Programming Interface
  • GPGPU full form
    General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units
  • GPFH full form
    Meaning : General practice fund holder (extinct) Category : GovernmentSub Category :Schemes  Type : Initialism General practice fundholder (extinct) What is the full form of GPFH and meaning ? The GPFH was a medical program initiated in the early 90s by the Margaret Thatcher government in the UK.The general practice doctors were given a set amount of funds for the ...
  • GPFC full form
    Meaning : General practice finance corporation Category : BusinessSub Category : Companies  Type : Initialism What does GPFC mean or stand for ? General Practice Finance Corporation is a financial institution in the US that provides finance to small and medium size enterprises.They have been providing financial assistance by the way of corporate loans since the last three decades.
  • GPF full form
    General Protection Fault (A window error message that occurs when a program crashes)
  • GPES full form
    Goal Performance Evaluation System
  • GPEE full form
    General Purpose Encryption Equipment
  • GPEC full form
    General Practice Education Committee
  • GPDT full form
    Guest Page Directory Table
  • GPDPT full form
    Guest Page Directory Pointer Table
  • GPDB full form
    Generic Probe Database Browser
  • GPD full form
    Gross Primary Deficit
  • GPCU full form
    GPS Utility
  • GPCL full form
    General Premises Cabling License
  • GPAWG full form
    GP Appraisal Working Group
  • GPASS full form
    General Practice Administration System Scotland
  • GPAS full form
    Meaning : General PurPose Airborne Simulator Category : AviationSub Category :SimulationType : Acronym What does GPAS mean or stand for ? General PurPose Airborne Simulator is an aircraft simulator that is used for training and simulation by pilots and flight technicians.This is useful for testing new equipment and also serves as a practice demo for rookie pilots.
  • GPAQ full form
    General Practice Assessment of Quality
  • GPADL full form
    Guest Physical Address Descriptor List
  • GPA full form
    Guest Physical Address
  • GP2GP XX full form
    Meaning : GP to GP Category : MedicalSub Category :TerminologyType : Initialism What does GP2GP xx mean or stand for ? GP to GP is a phrase used between two general practitioner doctors.When they want to discuss something private just between the two of them then one of then initiates the conversation by saying GP2GPXX.This chat is ...
  • GP PUG XX full form
    General Practice Pan User Group
  • GP full form
    Meaning : General purpose Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology  Type : Initialism What does GP mean or stand for ? Also very commonly used for a general purpose doctor.In most other cases it can describe a very casual meaning anything related to a utility or object that is used for a general purpose.
  • GOX full form
    Meaning : Gaseous oxygen Category : ChemistrySub Category :Organic  Type : Acronym What does GOX mean or stand for ? Gaseous OXygen is available in its natural state and can be derived from H2O or N2O.This pure oxygen in the gaseous state has many industrial and medical uses from stored in a pressurized cylinder.
  • GOWM full form
    Meaning : Government office of the West Midlands Category : GovernmentSub Category : AdministrationType : Acronym What does GOWN mean or stand for ? Government Office of the West Midlands was one of thirteen regional offices that were spread out all across England.They managed policy and administration each region and has been dissolved since 2011.Now all under one ...
  • GOWG full form
    Meaning : Ground Operations Working Group Category : AviationSub Category :Ground support  Type : Initialism What does GOWG mean or stand for ? Ground Operations Working Group is a collection of industry experts and owners of ground handling operations who have come together to form this association to discuss new and improved methods of baggage handling.Apart from this they take ...
  • GOW full form
    gears of war
  • GOVT full form
    Meaning : Government Category : TerminologySub Category : Governing bodies What does GOVT mean or stand for ? GOVT is a set of people that rule and lay down the laws of the land.They also are liable to charges taxes from inhabitants of that country of which govern and are democratically elected by the people.These taxes are then used ...
  • GOU full form
    Meaning : Good On You Category : SlangSub Category :Online SlangType : Initialism What does GOU mean or stand for ? Good On You is used as GOU to give a compliment to someone with whom you are chatting with online or texting.Its like saying – “that dress looks GOU,you should wear it tomorrow for the game”
  • GOTO full form
    Meaning : An unconditional branch in a Batch file Category : ComputersSub Category :Programming & Coding  Type : Acronym an unconditional branch in a Batch file What is the full form of GOTO and meaning ? This is a computer command code that is used in programming of batch files in Binary.If we want to a certain lien of code ...
  • GOTHIC full form
    Generation Of Thermal Hydraulic Information For Containment
  • GOTC full form
    Meaning : Get on the computer Category : SlangSub Category :Online Slang  Type : Initialism What does GOTC mean or stand for ? Get on the computer is a slang phrase that is used when a friend tells another person to come online quick for either a chat or a multiplayer game etc.
  • GOT full form
    Glutamic Oxalic Transaminase
  • GOSS full form
    Ground Operations Support System
  • GOSH full form
    Meaning : Surprise/Shock Category : SlangSub Category :General slangType : Abbreviation What does GOSH mean or stand for ? GOSH is an Exclamation of surprise or shock.It is usually used in the phrase “Oh my GOSH” which also mean O my god!This is a natural reaction to an event or news that you have faced which is unbelievable.
  • GORU full form
    geriatric orthopaedic rehabilitation unit
  • GORP full form
    Ground Operations Review Panel
  • GORE full form
    Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering
  • GORD full form
    Gastro Oesaphageal Reflux Disease
  • GOR full form
    Ground Operations Review
  • GOPS full form
    Meaning : Giga operation per second Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & ProgramsType : Acronym What does GOPS mean or stand for ? One billion Operations Per Second is a measure of the speed of a computer.This can also be measured as GIPS – Instructions per second or GFLOPS – floating point operations per second.All these measuring standards are ...
  • GOPG full form
    Ground Operations Planning Group
  • GOP full form
    General Organisation Plan
  • GOOS full form
    Global Ocean Observing System
  • GOOMH full form
    Meaning : Get out of my head Category : SlangSub Category : Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GOOMH mean or stand for ? Get out of my head is a slang phrase used to tell the other person that they are getting obsessed and thinking about the other person too much.This conversation between the two parties occurs during ...
  • GOOGLE full form
    Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
  • GONA full form
    Meaning : Going to Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang Type : Initialism What does GONA mean or stand for ? Gonna is also written as “going to” and this is a quick way of writing it online.When we need to type things in short form online,we do so casually and the other person even understands what these short ...
  • GOMS full form
    Meaning : Ground Operations Management System Category : AviationSub Category :Ground operations  Type : Acronym What does GOMS mean or stand for ? Ground Operations Management System is used extensively by the operators of ground services of airlines.These maybe systems to manage the different ramps, rosters,ground avionics cooling units,trolley operations etc.It is highly useful to keep track of the entire ...
  • GOMMS full form
    Meaning : Ground Operations and Material Management System Category : AircraftSub Category :Ground staff  Type : Acronym GOMMS full form- Ground Operations and Material Management System What is the full form of GOMMS and meaning ? This is a branch of technology management at an airport and is a program that airline ground staff need to be familiar with in ...
  • GOMER full form
    Meaning : Get Out Of My Emergency Room Category : MedicalSub Category :Terminology  Type : Acronym Get Out Of My Emergency Room What is the full form of GOMER and meaning ? This is a phrase that was used in pop culture to tell a patient in a satirical way to leave the emergency room if their injuries or condition ...
  • GOMEN full form
  • GOME full form
    Meaning : Global ozone monitoring experiment Category :  Climate & weatherSub Category : InstrumentsType : Acronym What does GOME mean or stand for ? Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment or GOME is a set of devices and instruments that are placed on a satellite orbiting Earth. The aim of this experimental program is to study the distribution and composition ...
  • GOM full form
    Group of Ministers
  • GOLD full form
    Meaning : Global Online Directory Category : InternetSub Category :DirectoriesType : Acronym What does GOLD mean or stand for ? Global Online Directory was formed in the early years of the internet and it aimed to unite all commercial entities under one website.
  • GOLD DIGGER full form
    Meaning : Gold digger Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang  Type : Reference What does GOLD DIGGER mean or stand for ? In the real world a gold digger is a Person who loves someone just for their money.This same phrase is also used online and is spelled the same way.In online conversation also this phrase is used to ...
  • GOKW full form
    Meaning : God Only Knows Why Category : GeneralSub Category :Phrases  Type : Initialism What does GOKW mean or stand for ? This is a phrase that is used when we are frustrated and surprised both at the same time.Its something that we ask ourselves or even scream out loud when things don’t work out.
  • GOKIL full form
    Meaning : Crazy (Indonesian) Category : EducationSub Category :Language  Type : Translation GOKIL full form-Crazy (Indonesian) What is the full form of GOKIL and meaning ? This is a slang term used in the native Indonesian language that means crazy or foolish.
  • GOKID full form
    Meaning : Got observers – keep it decent Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Acronym What does GOKID mean or stand for ? GOKID stands for – got observers – keep it decent.This is a slang phrase as well as secret term used to convey a message to the other person that you are chatting with online ...
  • GOIA full form
    Meaning : Get over it already Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GOIA mean or stand for ? Get over it already is a phrase that is used in conversation and now also used often online with the initialism GOIA.It means to get over an event or a person that is not worth discussing ...
  • GOI full form
    Meaning : Government of India Category : PoliticalSub Category : GovernmentType : Initialism What does GOI mean or stand for ? Government of India or GOI refers to the governing authority and administrative services that make regulations and policies on a variety of issues.They are democratically elected to this positions via different representatives in the house of parliament.
  • GOH full form
    Geosynchronous Orbiting Habitat
  • GOFS full form
    Meaning : Global Ocean Flux Study Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Water bodiesType : Initialism What does GOFS mean or stand for ? Global Ocean Flux Study is a joint program that was conducted together with 20 other nations and their main aim was to find out the flux pattern and interaction between the various elements in the ocean ...
  • GOESECS full form
    Geochemical Ocean Section Study
  • GOES-NEXT full form
    next-generation GOES
  • GOES full form
    Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
  • GOER full form
    Global Operational Environmental Review What is the full form of GOER and meaning ?
  • GODAE full form
    Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
  • GOD full form
    Gravitational Orbits Dynamics
  • GOCA full form
    Ground Operations Control Area
  • GOC full form
    General Office in Commanding
  • GOBJ full form
    Object code (non-error-checking version) (Geoworks)
  • GOB full form
    The Go Programming Language
  • GOAT full form
    Generation Of Anti Tobacco
  • GOALS full form
    Global OceanAtmosphereLand System Program
  • GOAL full form
    Meaning : Ground Operations Aerospace Language Category : AviationSub Category :Ground operationsType : Acronym What does GOAL mean or stand for ? GOAL is a computer language that was developed by NASA engineers when writing programs and procedures for the test flights during the time of pre flight operations.This could later be used in the compiler and the ...
  • GO3OS full form
    Meaning : Global Ozone Observing System Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Weather & ClimateType : Initialism What does GO3OS mean or stand for ? Global Ozone Observing System is a program that is manned by climate experts and the main of this system is to gather data and record information regarding the current mapping of the ozone layer and ...
  • GO full form
    Global Open
  • GNX full form
    Meaning : Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation Category : ComputersSub Category :Filename extension  Type : Initialism Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation What is the full form of GNX and meaning ? This is the file extension for a graphics type file that is used in some high end simulators and game consoles.
  • GNVFC full form
    Meaning : Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Chemicals Category : CorporateSub Category :Companies  Type : Initialism What does GNVFC mean or stand for ? Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Chemicals Limited is one of the largest manufacturer of fertilizers in the country.It produces these chemicals in large volumes measuring the metric tonnes per annum.One of its biggest competitors Bengal fertilizers.GNVFC just like ...
  • GNU full form
    Meaning : Graphic unix kernel Category : ComputersSub Category :LanguagesType : Initialism What does GNU mean or stand for ? GNU means the recursive acronym for GNUs It is used in computer programming. Linux style build of the UNIX kernel
  • GNTST full form
    Meaning : General Nursing Training Selection Test Category : EducationSub Category :ExaminationType : Initialism What does GNTST mean or stand for ? General Nursing Training Selection Test is a competitive examination that is taken by thousands of nursing student in the hope to be selected into a nurse training program and thereby also increasing their chances of getting ...
  • GNSS full form
    Meaning : Global Navigation Satellite System Category : TechnologySub Category :Satellite systemsType : Initialism What does GNSS mean or stand for ? The GNSS is an interlinked array of satellites that are used primarily for navigation by both military and commercial operators.Some part of the system maybe accessible to the civilian population also.
  • GNSD full form
    Meaning : Good night sweet dreams Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GNSD mean or stand for ? GNSD is as old as the moon and has been used from the days of AOL messenger as a bedtime greeting.People who chat online as well as those who chat on instant messaging apps use this to ...
  • GNRH full form
    Gonadotropinreleasing Hormone
  • GNP full form
    Gross National Product
  • GNN full form
    Global Network Navigator
  • GNM full form
    Meaning : General nursing and midwifery Category : MedicalSub Category :ProfessionType : Initialism What does GNM mean or stand for ? General Nursing & Midwifery is a medical course that teaches nurses the fundamentals of being a midwife in the gynecology department of a hospital.They help the physician during childbirth and c section procedures.
  • GNLF full form
    Gorkha National Liberation Front
  • GNITE full form
    Meaning : Good night Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Acronym What does GNITE mean or stand for ? A good night greeting used very often wither in online chatting or texting.
  • GNIGHT full form
    Meaning : Good night Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GNIGHT mean or stand for ? To end the conversation during the night time .While texting each other through online messaging application and mobile text service . People message each other on a kindly to end the conversation. Lucy and John text each other before going ...
  • GNIE full form
    Government Not Included Elsewhere
  • GNG2 full form
    Meaning : Going to Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GNG2 mean or stand for ? Going to or also presumed as going too is the meaning of this short form which is used sometimes in online chat sessions and also while texting.It means  that you too are leaving the conversation like – “hey john ...
  • GNFPWLBN full form
    Meaning : Good news for people who love bad news Category : Internet chatSub Category :PhrasesType : Initialism What does GNFPWLBN mean or stand for ? This is probably a satirical and sarcatic playo n words.However there are some people who maybe called sadistic,who get pleasure by hearing bad news.Keeping that in mind,this phrase is used to give ...
  • GNFB full form
    Meaning : Good Night Facebook Category : InternetSub Category :Social Media Type : Initialism What does GNFB mean or stand for ? When we finish talking to all our online friends on Facebook chat / messenger or even a Facebook based game and want to tuck in,then we greet them goodbye by saying GNFB.
  • GNE full form
    Gateway Network Element (SONET)
  • GNDN full form
    Meaning : Go Nowhere and Do Nothing Category : SlangSub Category :OnlineSlangType : Initialism What does GNDN mean or stand for ? Go Nowhere and Do Nothing is the long form of GNDN and this is used to tell your friend on chat to stay put wherever they are and just laze it out.
  • GNDG full form
    Meaning : Gigabit national data grid Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : InternetType : Initialism What does GNDG mean or stand for ? Gigabit National Data Grid is a technological marvel that provides high speed data connections of internet to home users through a fiber optic cable known as a fiber to home.This is not only extremely cost effective but also ensures ...
  • GNDC full form
    Chassis Ground pin
  • GNDA full form
    Meaning : Analog ground pin Category : ScienceSub Category : ElectronicsType : Initialism What does GNDA mean or stand for ? Analog Ground pin is a reference base in a PCB design.It is used in all types of digital electronics especially when converting digital to analog and vice versa.These points are grounded with the help of a pin and is also ...
  • GNCS full form
    Meaning : Guidance and Navigation Control System Category : AviationSub Category :Systems  Type : Initialism What does GNCS mean or stand for ? Guidance and Navigation Control System is one of the most important avionics functions that are onboard an aircraft of space craft.This system is the heart and soul of the craft and is instrumental in providing basic ...
  • GNB full form
    G. N. Balasubramaniam
  • GNAS full form
    Meaning : General national airspace system  Category :  Aviation     Sub Category : AuthorityType :  Initialism What does GNAS  mean or stand for ? General National Airspace System is a sub system of the FAA and includes all types of flight data,airspace, policies and types of regulations that encompass civilian,commercial as well as military flights.It is an entire ...
  • GNARLY full form
  • GMY full form
    Meaning : Good Man Yourself Category : GeneralSub Category :Compliments  Type : Initialism What does GMY mean or stand for ? Good Man Yourself is used as a compliment when we are talking to someone online and they do something for you or say something nice.You then reward them back by paying them this compliment and thereby re affirming ...
  • GMU full form
    Gyro Mechanical Unit
  • GMTA full form
    Meaning : Great minds think alike Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GMTA mean or stand for ? Great minds think alike is an old phrase coined eons ago.Its similar to the phrase “birds of a feather flock together”.It means that people with the same level of intellect and thought process ultimately tend to agree ...
  • GMT full form
    Meaning : Greenwich mean time Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Time zonesType : Initialism What does GMT mean or stand for ? Greenwich Mean Time or GMT is a universal longitudinal fixed time line based on which other longitudinal times can be calculated with respect to this. Greenwich is a town in the UK and is used as the ...
  • GMSK full form
    Meaning : Gaussian filtered MSK Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Modulation / TechnologyType : Initialism What does GMSK mean or stand for ? Gaussian-filtered MSK or GMSK is a type of frequency modulation that is used to transmit data through voice calls and data transfer over a high speed network.The technology used to attain this high efficiency transmission is ...
  • GMSC full form
    Meaning : Gateway Mobile Switching Center Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :Cellular technologyType : Initialism What does GMSC mean or stand for ? Gateway Mobile Switching Center is an important part of a cellular network providers infrastructure. Just like normal landline operators need to switch calls at transmission nodes the GMSC is one such places where switching services for ...
  • GMS2 XX full form
    New General Medical Services contract
  • GMS full form
    Games Management System
  • GMRS full form
    General Mobile Radio Service
  • GMR full form
    Giant Magneto-Resistive
  • GMPLS full form
    Generalized Multi Protocol Label Switching
  • GMPCS full form
    Global Mobile Personal Communications System
  • GMP full form
    Global Mobile Professional
  • GMM full form
  • GML full form
    Meaning : Generalized markup  Category : ComputersSub Category :LanguagesType : Initialism What does GML mean or stand for ? Generalized Markup Language is a computer language based on HTML and FTML that is used to create a varied range of web pages and internet constructs.
  • GMIL full form
    Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network
  • GMFCS full form
    Gross Motor Function Classification System
  • GMF full form
    Meaning : Genital male function Category : MedicalSub Category : Redproduction  Type : Initialism What does GMF mean or stand for ? Genital Male Function is most commonly associated only with sperm production as well as the depositing of it in the ovaries during intercourse.In addition to this the genitals in males which include both the penis as well as ...
  • GMES full form
    Meaning : Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellite  Type : Initialism Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security What is the full form of GMES and meaning ? This is a space program that is used to monitor,track and report all facets of the environment and is used primarily by the European countries.
  • GMDB full form
    Meaning : Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Category : BusinessSub Category :Insurance  Type : Initialism What does GMDB mean or stand for ? Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit is a clause in an insurance claim that awards the nominee of a life insurance policy a guaranteed sum of money in the event the insurance holder dies.There are many terms and conditions associated ...
  • GMCSF full form
    Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor
  • GMCR full form
    Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation
  • GMCL full form
    Ground Measurements Command List
  • GMC XX full form
    Meaning : General medical clinic Category : MedicalSub Category : Clinics / FacilitiesType : Initialism What does GMC XX mean or stand for ? General medical clinic or GMC XX is a casual term used to describe a medical facility that treats patients with mild illnesses and conditions.There are doctors that are known as general physicians or general practitioners who do ...
  • GMBH full form
    Gesellschaft mit Beschr
  • GMAX full form
    maximum Gain
  • GMAT full form
    Meaning : Graduate management admission test Category : EducationSub Category :TestsType : Acronym What does GMAT mean or stand for ? Graduate Management Admission Test is a common examination that students need to take in order to be eligible to get admission into a range of management institutes that come under the  affiliation umbrella of the GMAT.
  • GMA full form
    Meaning : Gold Medal Of Achievement Category : EducationSub Category :AwardsType : Initialism What does GMA mean or stand for ? The Gold Medal Of Achievement is a distinction award given to young boys who are members of the adventure group Royal rangers.This is a similar group just like the boy scouts and teaches them about the wilderness and ...
  • GM2 full form
    Meaning : Graphic mode 2 -bitmap Category : ComputerSub Category : Filename ExtensionType : Initialism What does GM2 mean or stand for ? Bitmap graphics (mode 2 black/white) is a filename extension that was used in old computer video games.This type of file needed to be executed in order for the game to play.It often had primitive graphics unlike today’s technology ...
  • GM-CSF full form
    Granulocyte Macrophage Colony- Stimulating Factor
  • GM STAIN full form
    Gram (biologic) stain
  • GLY full form
    Meaning : Glossary Category : ComputersSub Category :File type  Type : Initialism What does GLY mean or stand for ? Glossary (file name extension) has an extension of *.GLY.These are types of files that can be opened by Microsoft word and contain a large list of words in it.
  • GLWD full form
    Meaning : Global Lakes and Wetlands Database Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Water bodies  Type : Initialism What does GLWD mean or stand for ? Global Lakes and Wetlands Database is a digital glossary of mapped and discovered water bodies.This can be used as a reference and research for scientists and others who work in the geophysical industry.
  • GLW7 full form
    Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Phosphorescent Spinning Crescents
  • GLW13 full form
    Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Colored Rays Emanating from Ships
  • GLW full form
    Meaning : Great lakes water Category : Environment & EcologySub Category : Water bodies What does GLW mean or stand for ? The five great lakes Ontario,Eerie,Michigan,Huron,superior collectively are the biggest freshwater body in the world and its resources are shared between USA and Canada.There are many industries that survive on the great lakes.The GLW primarily supplies fresh water ...
  • GLTA full form
    Meaning : Gonioscopic laser trabecular Ablation Category : MedicalSub Category : Procedures & Techniques  Type : Initialism What does GLTA  mean or stand for ? Gonioscopic Laser Trabecular Ablation is a surgical method used in surgeries and procedures of the eyes,and in particular the cornea.In most cases of Glaucoma this technique is used.The main apparatus used is a laser ...
  • GLR-N full form
    Meaning : Global Location Register Category : CellularSub Category :Technology  Type : Initialism Global Location Register What is the full form of GLR-N and meaning ? This is a set of requests that mobile subscribers can take advantage of by requesting for a location and address/subscriber number.
  • GLOW full form
    Guiding Lives Organically Worldwide
  • GLONASS full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GLONASS mean or stand for ? Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System is a government satellite that is launched into low Earth orbit by Russia in order to provide GPS services and other navigational features.
  • GLOL full form
    Meaning : Geology labs online Category : EducationSub Category : E-learningType : Initialism What does GLOL mean or stand for ? Geology Labs On-Line is a website that conducts virtual classes on Geology.It is aimed at teaching school children and is an interactive media course after which completed will also give you a virtual certificate.This is a fun way to learn ...
  • GLOBE full form
    Global Learning by Observations to Benefit the Environment
  • GLO3 full form
    Glyoxalase II gene
  • GLO2 full form
    Glyoxalase II gene
  • GLO full form
  • GLMM full form
    generalized linear mixed modeling
  • GLIS full form
    Global Land Information System
  • GLHF full form
    Meaning :  Good luck have fun Category : SlangSub Category :Greeting  Type : Initialism GLHF full form – good luck have fun What is the full form of GLHF and meaning ? This is a parting greeting that we tell each other when we are exiting a conversation or a conversation on messenger.
  • GLE full form
    Grade Level Equivalency
  • GLBP full form
    Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
  • GLB4 full form
    Rod-Shaped Ball Lightning
  • GLB3 full form
    Ball Lightning with Rays
  • GLB21 full form
    Meaning : Miscellaneous Observations of Bizarre Ball Lightning Category : ScienceSub Category :Phenomena  Type : Initialism What does GLB 21 mean or stand for ? Miscellaneous Observations of Bizarre Ball Lightning are the frequent sightings and recording of ball lightning that occur over the world.These sightings or observations are carefully registered with time,place and approximate time of the phenomenon. It ...
  • GLB19 full form
    Repeating Ball Lightning
  • GLB11 full form
    Ball Lightning’s Electromagnetic Effects
  • GLA8 full form
    Auroras with Unusual Geometries
  • GLA27 full form
    Challenges to the Theory of Aurora Origin
  • GLA16 full form
    Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Weather or Storm Lights
  • GLA14 full form
    Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Transient Sky Brightenings
  • GLA10 full form
    Auroras Correlated with Earthquakes
  • GL full form
    Graphics Language
  • GKL full form
    Graphics Kernel Language
  • GKI full form
    Meaning : Graphics Kernel interface Category : ComputersSub Category : Hardware What does GKI mean or stand for ? GKS or GKS as it was also known is the Graphics Kernel System was the first graphics system to get an ISO certification for computer graphics.IT was used in many programs and video games in the early 80s and was ...
  • GJP full form
    Meaning : Good job partner Category : SlangSub Category :MPhrases  Type : Initialism GJP full form – Good job partner What is the full form of GJP and meaning ? GJP is a full form used between two friends in an online messaging application when one of them accomplishes something massive and gets congratulated by the other person.
  • GJEPC full form
    Meaning : Gems & Jewelry Export Promotion Council Category : BusinessSub Category :Forums & GroupsType : Initialism What does GJEPC mean or stand for ? Gems & Jewelry Export Promotion Council is a group of industry experts and business leader who come together to make decisions and promote the trade and export of precious jewels and gem stones.
  • GIYF full form
    Meaning :          Google is your friend Category :        Internet ChatSub Category : SlangType :                 Acronym What does GIYF mean or stand for ? Google is your friend is a phrase that is used often casually in conversation between users.It is a slang phrase explaining ...
  • GIX full form
    Global Internet Exchange
  • GIWG full form
    Ground Interface Working Group
  • GIW full form
    Meaning : Global Image Workflow Solutions Category : MedicalSub Category :ImagingType : Initialism GIW full form – Global Image Workflow Solutions What is the full form of GIW and meaning ? This is an imaging solution that is used all over the globe especially by medical centers for diagnostic tests and radiology.
  • GITS full form
    Meaning : Gastrointestinal therapeutic system Category : MedicalSub Category :Drugs  Type : Acronym What does GITS mean or stand for ? Gastro Intestinal Therapeutic System are a drug class that slowly dissolves in the  Gastrointestinal tract in the body.The release can be controlled according to the dosage that is administered by the physician over a 24 hour period cycle ...
  • GITAR full form
    Meaning : Guitar Category : MusicSub Category : Instruments What does GITAR mean or stand for ? Not much of a full form,but the guitar is probably the most iconic 5 string instrument in all of rock n roll.No band is complete with the riffs of a guitar and no genre of music can be melodised,harmonised and everything in ...
  • GITAM full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GITAM  mean or stand for ? Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management is a educational institution with three campuses all over India.It enrolls thousands of students into admission every year and has many courses ranging from technical sciences to management related that students can ...
  • GIT full form
    Glass And Instrument Technology
  • GIST(S) full form
    Meaning : Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Category : MedicalSub Category :ConditionsType : Acronym What does GIST mean or stand for ? Gastrointestinal stromal tumor(s) are masses that develop by rogue cancerous cells in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • GISM full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GISM mean or stand for ? Go Into Sleep Mode is a power saving mechanism of most Windows based PCs.This sleep mode can be activated manually and setup after a certain time of no activity.It helps conserve power of the battery and all basic functions ...
  • GISIS full form
    Global Integrated Shipping Information System (IMO)
  • GISC full form
    Global Information System Centres
  • GIS full form
    Geographic Information System
  • GIRL full form
    Meaning : Genius intelligent rational liberal Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does GIRL mean or stand for ? A fun and humorous way of what a girl means is by the following representation  – g=genius i=intelligent r=rational l=liberal. It is a  modern day version of the new generation of independent women who are career ...
  • GIRD full form
    Ground Integration Requirements Document
  • GIP full form
    Gastric Inhibitory Peptide
  • GIOP full form
    General Inter Orb Protocol
  • GIMPS full form
    Meaning : Great internet Mersenne prime search Category : InternetSub Category : Trivia & Forums  Type : Acronym What does GIMPS mean or stand for ? Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search is a collection of internet users who went on a hunt together on a voluntary basis to search the internet for programs that can compute Mersenne prime numbers.There ...
  • GIMP full form
    GNU Image Manipulation Program (software)
  • GIMM full form
    Meaning : Gastro intestinal motility monitor Category :  MedicalSub Category : Clinical studyType : Acronym What does GIMM mean or stand for ? Gastro-Intestinal Motility Monitor is an visual arrangement that is recorded and studied.In experimental stage,the setup consists of various hardware devices like a computer to capture,record and process the data,special baths for the organs and pumps.The idea of the ...
  • GIM full form
    Generalized Information Management
  • GILS full form
    Government Information Locator Service
  • GILD full form
    Gas Immersion Laser Doping
  • GIL full form
    Galileo Interconnected Libraries
  • GIGO full form
    Meaning : Garbage in garbage out Category : ComputersSub Category : Slang & Phrases  Type : Acronym What does GIGO mean or stand for ? Garbage In Garbage Out is a type of computer language slang phrase first used in the era of IBM PCs.What it actually means is the output received from a computer is directly proportional to the ...
  • GIGI full form
    General Imaging Generator and Interpreter
  • GIGE full form
    Meaning : Gigabit ethernet Category : InternetSub Category :Broadband network  Type : Initialism What does GIGE mean or stand for ? GIGabit Ethernet is a high speed broadband internet service that aims to promote network service providers with state of the art ultra fast data transfer. Nowadays internet transmission is getting faster and this in turn should be offered to ...
  • GIFT full form
    Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer
  • GIFS full form
    Global Interactive Forecast System
  • GIFF full form
    Bitmap graphics (GIF87A/GIF89A CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format)
  • GIF full form
    Graphics Interchange Format
  • GIE full form
    Generate Irreversible Error
  • GIDC full form
    Meaning : Gujarat industrial development corporation Category : CorporateSub Category :Development Type : Initialism What does GIDC mean or stand for ? Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation is an infrastructure project company that allocates space and tenders contracts for construction of industrial premises in sanctioned parts of an industrial area.
  • GICS full form
    Geographic Identification Code Scheme
  • GIC full form
    Meaning : General insurance corporation Category : BusinessSub Category :Insurance  Type : Initialism What does GIC mean or stand for ? General Insurance Corporation is one of the biggest insurance companies that provide all types of personal,accident,medical and corporate packages to individuals and companies.
  • GIAC full form
    General Inquiry Access Code
  • GIA full form
    GastroIntestinal Anastomosis
  • GI SERIES full form
    Meaning : Gastrointestinal series Category : MedicalSub Category : Diagnostic testType : Acronym What does GI SERIES mean or stand for ? GastroIntestinal Series is a test that is performed by a radiologist.This medical technician operates an x ray machine and takes out an x ray image of your upper digestive tract.The GI series xray will show the Esophagus,stomach and Duodenum ...
  • GI full form
    Meaning : Government Issues Category : FinanceSub Category :InvestingType : Initialism What does GI mean or stand for ? Government Issues are financial instruments that can be used as a way of investing money.Similar to bonds and units,common citizens and commercial institutions can invest and also except lots of tax benefits with these GIs.
  • GHZ full form
    Meaning : Gigahertz Category : ComputersSub Category :HardwareType : Initialism What does GHZ mean or stand for ? A gigaHertz  is approximately a billion cycles or computations per second.It is used to denote the speed of computer hardware in most cases and in particular computer central core processor speeds.In general science it can also be a means to measure ...
  • GHU full form
    Gnome Hamradio Utilities
  • GHRS full form
    Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
  • GHR full form
    Meaning : Growth hormone releaser Category : MedicalSub Category : Physiology  Type : Initialism What does GHR mean or stand for ? Growth Hormone Releaser is a type hormone that is used by the pituitary gland in order to release the hormone directly into the bloodstream.This in turn stimulates the various muscles and bones.It is imperative that a finite amount ...
  • GHQ full form
    Meaning : General Headquarters Category : OfficialSub Category :Installations  Type : Initialism What does GHQ mean or stand for ? General Headquarters are the main official office,facility or station for a commercial enterprise,company or military unit.In this place,the top ranking officials are usually given a seat and they hold their business here.
  • GHOSTS full form
    Genealogy Helper And Organizer Search And Tracking Software
  • GHO full form
    Meaning : Ghost file extension Category : ComputersSub Category :File types  Type : Initialism What does GHO mean or stand for ? Ghost file extension (ghs when image is spanned across multiple media) Ghost is a tool used to create an image of a disk or drive similarly like an ISO image file that is burned onto a storage ...
  • GHC full form
    Meaning : Gorkha Hill Council Category : GovernmentSub Category :CouncilType : Initialism What does GHC mean or stand for ? Gorkha Hill Council is a district/village level group of elected members who represent the territory just like a panchayat and zilla parishad.They take important decisions like infrastructure and employment.
  • GHA full form
    Meaning :  Growth hormone antagonist Category : MedicalSub Category : DrugsType :  Initialism What does GHA mean or stand for ? Growth Hormone Antagonist is a class of drugs that is invented that inhibits the release of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland. The condition known as Acromegaly that is a type of gigantism stems from this ...
  • GGT full form
    GammaGlutamyl Transferase
  • GGSS full form
    Gravity Gradiometer Survey System
  • GGPSSO full form
    Meaning : Guidelines for Good third-party-access Practice for Storage System Operators Category : IndustrialSub Category :Oil & Gas  Type : Initialism Guidelines for Good third-party-access Practice for Storage System Operators What is the full form of GGPSSO and meaning ? These are a set of regulation that are advised to natural gas operators in order to safely and securely storage ...
  • GGPAW full form
    Meaning : Gotto go parents are watching Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GGPAW mean or stand for ? GGPAW is a phrase used by mostly teenagers and young adults when they chatting online or when the chat on whatsapp and parents just enter their rooms suddenly middle of the conversation and the exclaim GGPAW ...
  • GGOH full form
    Meaning : Gotta get outta here Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GGOH mean or stand for ? GGOH is a phrase used during an online conversation when two or more users are chatting and one of them as to suddenly leave the chat session in haste, Then he exclaim GGOH and leave the conversation ...
  • GGL full form
    Meaning : Giggle Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GGL mean or stand for ? Giggle is a full form for GGL and this is an expression that is used in chat sessions and chatrooms. Also used in instant messaging apps to verbally describe an emoticon with the same meaning. Giggle means to laugh under ...
  • GGI full form
    GATE Graphical Interface
  • GGG full form
  • GGA full form
    Meaning : Good game all Category : EntertainmentSub Category :SlangType : Initialism What does GGA mean or stand for ? Good game all is used online either in a multiplayer online game environment which involves strategy and action adventure. It can be messaged on the common leader board to congratulate everyone about the game just played.
  • GG full form
    Gamma Globulin
  • GFV full form
    Meaning : Government furnished vehicle  Category : GovernmentSub Category : TransportType : Initialism What does GFV mean or stand for ? Government Furnished Vehicle is a means of transport that is allotted by the government to an official for their use while in office. This may even include elected ministers and other government servants who according to their position ...
  • GFRC full form
    Meaning : Glass fiber reinforced concrete Category : IndustrialSub Category :Material  Type : Initialism What does GFRC mean or stand for ? Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is used to strengthen the existing tensile strength og a column or face of concrete wall.There are many practical and industrial uses of GFRC.
  • GFN full form
    Meaning : Gone For Now Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GFN mean or stand for ? Gone For Now is a phrase that is mainly used in chatroom or chat groups where there are more than two persons involved in the group chat. If one user has left the chat, then another user ...
  • GFM full form
    Government Furnished Material
  • GFLOPS full form
    Meaning : Giga floating point operations per second Category : ComputersSub Category : Hardware  Type : Acronym What does GFLOPS mean or stand for ? One billion Floating-point Operations Per Second is a measure used to determine the speed and efficiency of a computer processing chip.The metric value used here is FLOPS or floating point operations per second.As we innovate ...
  • GFF full form
    General Feature Format
  • GFEDCBA full form
    Meaning : Girls Forget Everything Done Catches Boy Again  Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does GFEDCBA mean or stand for ? G – Girls F – Forget E – Everything D – Done & C – Catches B – (new) Boy A – Again is a fun and funny way of talking of modern ...
  • GFE2E full form
    Meaning : Grinning from ear to ear Category : SlangSub Category :Online Slang  Type : Initialism What does GFE2E mean or stand for ? Grinning from ear to ear is the long form of GFE2E and is used when we chat online.This is a long phrase to type fully when we are chatting on the PC or smartphone an hence ...
  • GFE full form
    Government Furnished Equipment
  • GFCE full form
    Government Final Consumption Expenditure
  • GFB full form
    Meaning : GIF blast Category : ComputersSub Category : Filename extensionType :  Initialism What does GFB mean or stand for ? Compressed GIF image is also known as GIFblast and this is a file extension for a type of GIF file that can be viewed or opened using a special tool or program.GIFs are moving image files that are ...
  • GFAR2CU full form
    Meaning : Go find a rock to crawl under Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GFAR2CU mean or stand for ? The phrase – go find a rock to crawl under is now also used in texting or chatting in order to make the other chat partner feel ashamed and embarrassed of what he/she ...
  • GFAP full form
    Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein
  • GFA full form
    General Framework Agreement
  • GEWE full form
    Meaning : Global energy and water cycle experiment Category : GeoglobeSub Category : Environment & EcologyType : Acronym What does GEWE mean or stand for ? Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment is a international program of cooperation and environmental studies.Its main focus was to aid the World climate research program in its effort to collect data and analyze it over ...
  • GEWD full form
    Meaning : Good Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GEWD mean or stand for ? A way of saying good when we are talking online or even while texting.It means the same thing just a different spelling.
  • GEU full form
    Gyroscope Electronics Unit
  • GETTY full form
    get tty
  • GETS full form
    Ground Equipment Test Sets
  • GETM full form
    Meaning : General Estuarine transport model Category : Climate & WeatherSub Category : Software Programs  Type : Initialism What does GETM mean or stand for ? General Estuarine Transport Model is a mathematical and numerical model of the ocean that is used to study various analytics about it.It is based on another model known as the GOTM – general ...
  • GET full form
    Meaning : Graduate engineer trainee Category : EducationSub Category :Careers & JobsType : Acronym What does GET mean or stand for ? Graduate engineer trainee is a title given a student who has completed the requisite number of years and holds an engineering degree or diploma.He/She then gets a temporary position in a job and is still not ...
  • GET DOWN full form
    Party dance
  • GESS full form
    Meaning : Graphics executive support system Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & ProgramsType : Acronym What does GESS mean or stand for ? Graphics Executive Support System is a type of computer software program that is used by company executives and senior managers to view data and information about the company.This could be financial data related to the company’s ...
  • GESG full form
    Gorlicka Ekologiczna Strefa Gospodarcza
  • GESAMP full form
    Meaning : Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Ecology & EnvironmentType : Initialism What does GESAMP mean or stand for ? Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection is an association of scholars who come together to discuss,research and implement various solutions to conserve ...
  • GES6 full form
    Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Non-Eclipse Shadow Bands
  • GES4 full form
    Meaning :  Geophysics electromagnetic shadow phenomena Category : Climate & WeatherSub Category : PhenomenaType :  Initialism What does GES4 mean or stand for ? Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Shadow Bands Seen Through the Telescope are a visual spectacle and is a weather pattern phenomena that is sometimes seen in high altitude places.It usually occurs during solar eclipses when ...
  • GES full form
    Goddard Experiment Support System
  • GERT full form
    Gas Emission Reduction Trading
  • GERQ full form
    Meaning : Gastroesophageal reflux questionnaire Category :  MedicalSub Category : SurveyType : Acronym What does GERQ mean or stand for Gastroesophageal Reflux Questionnaire or GERQ is a series of questions that are related to GERD – Gastroesophageal reflux disease.The patients who are suffering from GERD are made to answer these survey questions based on the symptoms they feel and the ...
  • GERP full form
    GIMP Enhanced Robot Photographer
  • GERO full form
    Gerontology courses
  • GERC full form
    Meaning : Glendora emergency response communications Category : HobbiesSub Category :Radio  Type : Acronym What does GERC mean or stand for ? GGlendora Emergency Response Communications is a group of hobbyists who use radio communication.These collective lot of amateurs that form the GERC are completely voluntary and together they assist local services in times of emergencies like evacuations,crimes,natural disasters etc.
  • GERB full form
    Meaning : Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget experiment Category : AerospaceSub Category :SatelliteType : Acronym Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget experiment What is the full form of GERB and meaning ? This was one of the earliest observations made by satellite in order to observe and study the effect of space radiation and solar radiation on the magnetosphere of the EArth. 
  • GERAN full form
    Meaning : GSM edge radio access network Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : TechnologyType : Acronym What does GERAN  mean or stand for ? GSM Edge Radio Access Network is a technology standard developed in Europe by ETSI and now being used all over the world to collectively encompass three main technologies which are EDGE,GPRS and HSCSD.Together these are now ...
  • GER full form
    Gross Enrolment Ratio
  • GEQ full form
    Gain Equalizer
  • GEPD full form
    Meaning : Georgia Environmental protection department Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Ecology & Environment  Type : Initialism What does GEPD mean or stand for ? Georgia Environmental Protection Division is a department by the state government and also mooted by the parks and recreation department which aims to conserve and protect the environment and natural habitats in the state of Georgia.
  • GEP full form
    General Education Program
  • GEOSS full form
    Meaning : Global Earth Observing System of Systems Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellite  Type : Acronym Global Earth Observing System of Systems What is the full form of GEOSS and meaning ? This is a complex channel of scientific observing systems that collects data from the earths oil,water and atmosphere and analyses it and then stores it so that other ...
  • GEOSAT full form
    Geodetic Satellite
  • GEOM full form
    Meaning :          Geometry Category :        EducationSub Category : SubjectType :                 Abbreviation What does GEOM mean or stand for ? Geometry is the mathematical study of shapes and angles associated with it.It is the stepping stone to trigonometry. Geometry is an extremely important fraction of ...
  • GEOLOGY full form
    Meaning :          General earth or lithology of great Yarmouth Category :        ScienceSub Category : GeologyType :                 Acronym What does GEOLOGY mean or stand for ? General Earth Or Lithology Of Great Yarmouth is actually the  full form of the word GEOLOGY.This is different from ...
  • GEO full form
    Meaning : Geostationary earth orbit  Category : AerospaceSub Category :SatelliteType : Abbreviation What does GEO mean or stand for ? Geostationary-Earth-Orbit is a low lying orbit over earth that a satellite is launched into in order to hold its course and present location directly above a certain point on the surface.It matches speed of the rotating earth and ...
  • GENIE full form
    General Electric Network Information Exchange
  • GENIAC full form
    Meaning : Genius almost automatic computer Category : ComputersSub Category : HardwareType : Acronym What does GENIAC mean or stand for ? Genius Almost-Automatic Computer is an old prototype of a computing machine that existed in the 1950s.It was a learning device and needed manual action to compute.It was in no way self reliant and could not do basic ...
  • GENESIS full form
    Generalized Early Sepsis Intervention Strategies
  • GEN full form
    Meaning : General Category : TerminologySub Category :TermsType : Abbreviation What does GEN mean or stand for ? General or in general is the full form of the abbreviation GEN that is used to describe something randomly or casually. Like in general terms or generally speaking.
  • GEMVS full form
    Meaning : Generic Equipment Model Verification System Category : ManufacturingSub Category :System  Type : Initialism Generic Equipment Model Verification System What is the full form of GEMVS and meaning ? This is a system that checks the veracity and technical interoperability of OEM manufactured equipment and  also verifies if it meets industry standards.  
  • GEMM full form
    Meaning : General edit and manipulate molecules Category : ComputersSub Category : ProgramsType : Acronym What does GEMM mean or stand for ? Generate Edit And Manipulate Molecules are a command and function of molecule editors.These molecule editors are computer software programs that are used to create a two and three dimension visual array of chemical composition and ...
  • GEMA full form
    Meaning : Georgia Emergency management agency Category : GovernmentSub Category : Disaster managementType : Acronym What does GEMA mean or stand for ? Georgia Emergency Management Agency is an organization that is made up of elected representatives that respond and effectively manage all types of man made and natural disasters. These may include storms, hurricanes,pandemics,medical,climate disasters and even ...
  • GEM full form
    Global Enterprise Manager
  • GEIS full form
    General Electric Information Service (Web based catalog service)
  • GEF full form
    Global Environment Facility
  • GEEP full form
    Meaning : Group of experts on effects of pollutants Category : Environment & EcologySub Category : Organization What does GEEP mean or stand for ? The GEEP is a collective of scholars and experts in the fields of pollution and climate change.They represent various world organizations like UNESCO,WHO etc and have come together to ascertain,research and evaluate the effects ...
  • GEEA full form
    Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards
  • GED full form
    Meaning : General Education Degree Category : EducationSub Category :DegreeType : Initialism What does GED mean or stand for ? This is the end level examination that a student gives after completing high school.It confers a diploma and is a basic certification that one needs in order to goto college or further studies.
  • GECOS full form
    Meaning : General Electric comprehensive operating system Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & OSType : Acronym What does GECOS mean or stand for ? General Electric Comprehensive Operating System was an operating system that was designed for the use in mainframe computers back in the day.It was developed by GE – General Electric and later on was sold to ...
  • GEB full form
    Meaning : Gujarat electricity board Category : CorporateSub Category : Company What does GEB mean or stand for ? Now known as the Gujarat State Electricity Corporation limited is a state owned Power producer in the Western state of Gujarat in India.It operates 10 power plants that generate electricity for the entire state and these comprise of Coal powered,Water ...
  • GEAR UP full form
    Meaning : Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs Category : EducationSub Category :ProgramsType : Acronym What does GEAR UP mean or stand for ? Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs is a preparatory course that is given to students of low in come in order to get them mentally ready to face a college ...
  • GEA full form
    Global Endometrial Ablation
  • GE-OPC full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GE OPC mean or stand for ? Group of Experts on Ocean Processes and Climate are an association of scholars and educational specialists in oceanography and also climate experts.Their main aim of this association is to try to find the link and the relevance ...
  • GE REFLUX full form
    Meaning : GastroEsophageal reflux scan Category : MedicalSub Category : Clinical testingType : Abbreviation What does GE REFLUX mean or stand for ? This type of scan is ordered by a physician for a patient who suffers from frequent indigestion,acidity or GERD.Due to the reflux action of the stomach gases to rise into the Esophagus,this can cause discomfort and ...
  • GDU full form
    Gelatin Digesting Units
  • GDSO full form
    Ground Data Systems Officer
  • GDSM full form
    Meaning : Ground Data Systems Manager Category : AviationSub Category :CrewType : Initialism What does GDSM mean or stand for ? Ground Data Systems Manager is an employee of the airline ground  and also for a space test readiness program by a space agency like NASA/ESA/ISRO.He/She handles and records all the various data systems that are connected to ...
  • GDSII full form
    Geometrical Data base for Information Interchange
  • GDS full form
    Generic Digital Services
  • GDR full form
    Global Depository Receipt
  • GDPS full form
    Meaning : Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex Category : ComputersSub Category :Networking  Type : Initialism Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex What is the full form of GDPS and meaning ? This is an IBM technology known as Parallel sysplex and is integrated in such a way that if there are two remote systems that are spread out across separate regions and they ...
  • GDPFS full form
    Meaning : Global data processing forecast system Category : Weather & ClimateSub Category :Observation centersType : Initialism What does GDPFS mean or stand for ? Global Data Processing and Forecast System is a network of many meteorological weather centre spread across the globe.What the GDPFS does is coordinate, compile,process and collect the data from these individual centres and ...
  • GDP full form
    Meaning : Gross domestic product Category : BusinessSub Category :Economy   Type : Initialism What does GDP mean or stand for ? Gross Domestic Product is an economic term that is used to measure the value of all industrial produce within a specified tenure.This usually gives a fair value of the economy of a country .
  • GDOP full form
    Meaning : Geometric dilution of precision Category : AstronomySub Category : Maps & ChartsType :  Initialism What does GDOP mean or stand for ? Geometric Dilution Of Precision is a method of estimation used by the sea farers and also scientists to determine the errors in calculating relative positions of satellites.When these satellites in orbit are closer together then the error ...
  • GDNF full form
    Meaning : Glial cell derived neurotrophic factor Category : MedicalSub Category : Research & Analysis  Type : Initialism What does GDNF mean or stand for ? Glial cell line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor is a type of living protein that is used in experimental basis to test its ability to enhance the effects when added to another neurons.A lack of GNDf could ...
  • GDMC full form
    Meaning : Gastrointestinal diagnostic motility center Category : MedicalSub Category : Healthcare centers  Type : Initialism What does GDMC mean or stand for ? Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Motility Center is a healthcare enter that devotes its resources and personnel solely to the cure and diagnosis of Gastrointestinal motility disorders.This center will focus on treatment and effective prognosis of issues related to ...
  • GDLC full form
    Generic Data Link Control
  • GDIAF full form
    Meaning : Go die in a fire Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GDIAF mean or stand for ? Go die in a fire is a malicious insult and also sometimes used in a humorous way between close friends who chat online.This initialism of GDIAF is mostly called for by young adults and teens who ...
  • GDI full form
    Graphical Device Interface
  • GDF full form
    Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
  • GDE full form
    General Diagnostic Engine
  • GDDM full form
    Meaning : Graphic data display manager Category : ComputerSub Category : Operating systemType : Initialism What does GDDM mean or stand for ? Graphics Data Display Manager was an old graphic operating system that was used in IBM mainframe computers in the early 1980s.Its primary function was to aid the output visual display of the mainframe computer.Nowadays we have onboard hardware ...
  • GDC full form
    Genetic Disease Control
  • GDBA full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GDBA mean or stand for ? Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is a collection of owners of guide dogs that aid their visually impaired owners.This association helps other new members to get a guide dog and also helps with problems that owners may ...
  • GDAY full form
    Meaning : Good day Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GDAY mean or stand for ? GDAY is a full form of Good day mainly used during any chat between two person or in a group message to end or start online chatting , instant messaging applications and during Text/sms . GDAY is a slang ...
  • GDA full form
    Global Data Area
  • GD&T full form
    Meaning : Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Category : EngineeringSub Category :Modelling  Type : Initialism GD&T full form- Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing What is the full form of GD & T and meaning ? This is a software system that product designers and engineers use in order to check whether a certain design will be able to bear the tolerance of ...
  • GD full form
  • GCVS full form
    Meaning :   General catalog of variable stars Category :  AstronomySub Category : Maps & Catalogs  Type :  Initialism What does GCVS mean or stand for ? General Catalog Of Variable Stars is a catalog of all visible stars that have been discovered so far.It is released by the Sternberg astronomical institute of |Moscow and is also available in electronic ...
  • GCU full form
    Gyro Coupling Unit
  • GCSE XX full form
    Meaning : General certificate of secondary education Category :  EducationSub Category : ExaminationType :  Initialism What does GCSE mean or stand for ? General Certificate of Secondary Education is also sometimes referred to as GCE and is a certificate examination for students after they complete high school.This GCSE is only prevalent in the UK.This test is a marked and ...
  • GCRP full form
    Meaning : Global Change Research Plan/Program Category : EnvironmentSub Category :Climate & Ecology  Type : Initialism Global Change Research Plan/Program What is the full form of GCRP and meaning ? This is a program oriented to researching climate changes within an ecosystem and on a global scale.This aims to predict climate changes and share data with agencies concerned. 
  • GCN full form
    Ground Control Network
  • GCM full form
    Meaning : Greatest common multiple Category : EducationSub Category :Mathematics  Type : Initialism What does GCM mean or stand for ? Greatest Common Multiple is a mathematical derivation of two numbers and the prime common number that is a common multiple of them both is known as the GCM.
  • GCIP full form
    Meaning : Gewex continental scale international project Category : GeoglobeSub Category : Climate changeType : Initialism What does GCIP mean or stand for ? GEWEX Continental-scale International Project is a book based climate change,weather and water harvesting methods.Its primary focus is to predict beforehand the weather patterns by forming a committee of expert on the subject.These include people familiar with Geophysics ...
  • GCI full form
    Ground Controlled Interception
  • GCE full form
    Meaning : Graduate Certificate of Education Category : EducationSub Category :CertificateType : Initialism What does GCE mean or stand for ? Graduate Certificate of Education is a certificate of completion that is conferred onto students. Depending on the length of the course and the institution that is awarding it,the GCE is usually given after a bachelors course in ...
  • GCDCS full form
    Meaning : Ground checkout display control system Category : AerospaceSub Category : TechnologyType : Initialism What does GCDCS mean or stand for ? Ground Checkout Display and Control System is used in the pre launch of satellites into orbit.Before the satellite is assembled and each module is checked and tested it is readied for the launch pad.The ground checkout system consists ...
  • GCCB full form
    Ground Systems Configuration Control Board
  • GCC full form
    GNU C Compiler
  • GC3 full form
    Meaning : Golden Common Lisp 3.1 Category : ComputersSub Category :Language  Type : Initialism What does GC3 mean or stand for ? Golden Common Lisp 3.1 Lisp language source code file.This is a filename extension for a file that was created with the LISP compiler.
  • GC1 full form
    Meaning : Golden common lisp 1 Category : ComputerSub Category : Programming & CodingType : Initialism What does GC1 mean or stand for ? Golden Common Lisp 1.1  is a LISP language source code file for computer programmers.By using this programming tool that has a bundle of a compiler,debugger and interpreter all built into one.It is very common programming language and ...
  • GC full form
    Governing Council
  • GBYF full form
    Meaning : Go bother your father Category : SlangSub Category : Internet slang  Type : Initialism What does GBYF mean or stand for ? Go Bother Your Father is a phrase used often when during a conversation using an online method of chatting.This informal text based chat happens between two users and one of them tells the other in a ...
  • GBU full form
    Ground Based Unit
  • GBT full form
    Green Bank Telescope
  • GBS full form
    Gross Budgetary Support
  • GBRS full form
    Generic Block Recording System
  • GBPUAT full form
    Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agricultural and Technology, Pantnagar
  • GBP full form
    Meaning : Great Britain pound Category : GovernmentSub Category :Monetary tenderType : Initialism What does GBP mean or stand for ? Great Britain Pound or GBP is the legal tender in the UK.It is also simply known as the pound and is one of the highest currencies in the world even more than the Euro and US dollar.
  • GBNF full form
    Meaning : Gone but not forgotten Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does GBNF mean or stand for ? Gone but not forgotten is a tributary phrase that is used in the real world and also in online conversations.It relates to someone who has passed or an event that has ended but still lives on in ...
  • GBN full form
    GPRS Backbone Network
  • GBL full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does GBL mean or stand for ? Government Bill of Lading is a document that importers and exporters use to transport goods by ocean freight or air cargo.It is one of the mandatory documents required for successful customs clearance and it includes the description of ...
  • GBIT full form
    Meaning : Gigabit Category : ComputersSub Category : Storage unitType : Acronym What does GBIT mean or stand for ? GigaBit is a storage unit in computer memory or even in electronic digital memory devices.One Gigabit is equal to one billion bits and bits make up one byte of information.Not only is gigabit or gigabytes used for storage of information but ...
  • GBIC full form
    Meaning : Gigabit Interface Converter (Ethernet) Category : ComputerSub Category :Networking  Type : Initialism GBIC full form – Gigabit Interface Converter (Ethernet) What is the full form of GBIC and meaning ? This is a hardware tool that fits onto an Ethernet plug socket and its main job is to convert signals from the network into  electric signals so that ...
  • GBH full form
    Giving Bodies Harm
  • GBE full form
    Meaning : Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire Category : MonarchySub Category :FelicitationsType : Initialism What does GBE mean or stand for ? Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire is an award conferred upon citizens of the world for outstanding contribution in various fields and also for war efforts.It is an order for most excellent and is ...
  • GBCS full form
    Global Business Communications Systems (AT&T)
  • GBC full form
    Governors Business Council
  • GB2 full form
    Meaning : Go back to Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GB2 mean or stand for ? Go back to is a phrase that people use online when they are talking to each other.when one tells the other that they need to GB2 what they were doing before signalling they need to get back ...
  • GB full form
    Meaning : Gigabyte Category : ComputerSub Category :Storage unit  Type : Acronym What does GB mean or stand for ? 1-000-000-000 bytes (Gigabyte) is 20 raised  to 9 bytes or a billion bytes of data.This is used in computer terms to describe the unit of storage. All storage hardware is now measures in gigabytes and also tera bytes.
  • GAWU full form
    Meaning : Graduate student employees united Category : EducationSub Category : UnionType :Acronym What does GAWU mean or stand for Graduate Student Employees United is a collective union consisting of students who are working part time jobs in their university campus.These students also receive wages therefore are also considered employees of the same university in which they study.By forming ...
  • GAURAV full form
    Globally Approving Unix as Reconfigurable Advanced Version
  • GAU full form
  • GATT full form
    General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
  • GATES full form
    Government Authorised Tax Elimination Strategies
  • GATE full form
    Meaning : Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Category : EducationSub Category :ExaminationType : Acronym What does GATE mean or stand for ? Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is one of the most important and popular examinations.In order to secure admission into any one of the best engineering colleges for a post graduate degree – MS/ME,the student has to ...
  • GAT full form
    General Any Topic
  • GASBT full form
    Meaning : Governmental Accounting Standards Board Technical Bulletins Category : GovernmentSub Category :Accounting  Type : Initialism Governmental Accounting Standards Board Technical Bulletins What is the full form of GASBT and meaning ? This is a technical bulletin or rather a manual that can be accessed by officials and staff when they want to address issues related to complaints filed due ...
  • GASBI full form
    Meaning : Governmental accounting standards board interpretations Category :  GovernmentSub Category : OrganizationType : Initialism What does GASBI mean or stand for ? Governmental Accounting Standards Board Interpretations is an organization that sets standards for government accounting and financial reporting.In addition to setting accounting standards,it also issues guides,technical manuals and statements.
  • GASBC full form
    Concepts Statements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
  • GASB full form
    Governmental Accounting Standards Board
  • GAS full form
    Group A Streptococcal
  • GART full form
    Graphics Address Remapping Table
  • GARP full form
    Gross Anatomy Review Program
  • GARNET full form
    Global Applied Research Network
  • GARF full form
    Meaning : Geothermal aquaculture research facility Category : Marine BiologySub Category :Research centersType : Acronym What does GARF mean or stand for ? Geothermal Aquaculture Research Facility is a non profit research foundation that aims to preserve,cultivate and display  a vast foray of unique aqua flora.In addition to these displays,the foundation also keeps documentation,data libraries and other valuable ...
  • GARD full form
    Gameboy Advanced Real-time Debugger
  • GARCH full form
    Generalised Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
  • GAPL full form
    Meaning : Group Assembly Parts List Category : IndustrialSub Category :Systems  Type : Initialism Group Assembly Parts List What is the full form of GAPL and meaning ? This is a list of parts,components and installation units that comprise the entire product specifications.
  • GAPI full form
    Gateway Application Programming Interface
  • GAP full form
    Good Agricultural Practices
  • GAO full form
    Government Accountability Office
  • GANK full form
    Meaning : Steal Category : SlangSub Category :Regional  Type : Given name Steal What is the full form of GANK and meaning ? This is the slang word for steal and rob something and is used by young people often.
  • GAMS full form
    Meaning : Female legs Category : SlangSub Category :Urban Slang  Type : Initialism What does GAMS mean or stand for ? This is a slang phrase for Female legs.It is used online in chatroom and messengers to refer to the “stems”.
  • GAMMA full form
    Meaning : Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol Category : EducationSub Category :Groups & ForumsType : Acronym What does GAMMA mean or stand for ? Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol is a group of college fraternities and sororities that have come together to advocate safe drinking habits and practices to their fellow frat groups.
  • GAMEZ full form
    Meaning : GAMEZ Category : EntertainmentSub Category :Games & Consoles  Type : Acronym What does GAMEZ mean or stand for ? Illegally obtained games are known as GAMEZ and they exist in the dark web in the underbelly of the internet.There are a type of websites known as WAREZ which also hosts illegal software,books and other media besides GAMEZ.Teens and ...
  • GAME full form
    Game Animation Music Editor
  • GALV full form
    Meaning : Gibbon Ape leukemia virus Category : MedicalSub Category : ConditionsType : Initialism What does GALV mean or stand for ? Gibbon Ape Leukemia Virus is a retrovirus that is found in some species of gibbons and monkeys and is capable of causing cancer in these animals. It causes leukaemia and lymphoma in gibbons and is also sometimes cross species ...
  • GALT full form
    Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue
  • GALE full form
    Meaning : Giant Aperture Lidar Experiment Category : PhysicsSub Category :Optics  Type : Acronym Giant Aperture Lidar Experiment What is the full form of GALE and meaning ? This is an optical experiment and the uses of LIDAR as seen in all types of telescopes and other devices that need fine precision lens.
  • GALC full form
    Meaning :          Galactocerebrosidase Category :        MedicalSub Category : EnzymeType :                 Initialism What does GALC mean or stand for ? Galactocerebrosidase is an enzyme that is secreted in the human body and is a vital regulator on a cellular level.Its deficiency can produce Krabbs disease ...
  • GAIS full form
    Gateway Access for Internet Services
  • GAIQ full form
    Meaning : Google analytics individual qualification Category :Internet / EducationSub Category : QualificationType : Initialism What does GAIQ mean or stand for ? Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a certificate examination that is divided into two separate papers.Each of these are 1 hour long and the student who is giving the exam will have to know basic and advanced levels ...
  • GAIL full form
    Meaning : Gas Authority of India Limited Category : CorporateSub Category :Companies  Type : Acronym What does GAIL mean or stand for ? Similar to the government backed SAIL – steel authority of India,the GAIL is a public domain company that has interests in dredging,refining and rigging oil basins.  
  • GAIA full form
    Global Astrometric Interferometer For Astrophysics
  • GAGTL full form
    Meaning : Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory Category : BusinessSub Category :Jewels & Gems  Type : Initialism What does GAGTL mean or stand for ? Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory is a collection of business owners who have come together in order to valuate gemstones and precious metals.This can assure fair testing policies and standardization for gem stones ...
  • GAGAN full form
    Meaning : GEO and GPS augmented navigation system Category :GeoglobeSub Category :Navigation & Tracking  Type : Acronym What does GAGAN mean or stand for ? GEO and GPS Augmented Navigation System is a useful tracking and positioning application that is extremely useful in search and rescue operations as well as is used in deep sea vessels in time of ...
  • GAFIA full form
    Meaning : Get away from it all Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does GAFIA mean or stand for ? GAFIA is a short form of Get Away From it all when two or more users are chatting on online instant messaging application and of them wants a change of atmosphere and just wants a break ...
  • GAFI full form
    get away from it
  • GAF full form
    Growing Annuity Factor
  • GADS full form
    Gilliam Asperger Disorder Scale
  • GADO full form
    Meaning : General aviation district office Category : AviationSub Category : Hubs & StationsType : Acronym What does GADO mean or stand for ? General Aviation District Office is a small branch office of the FAA and is present in remote areas of the country.These offices are mostly used by Charter aircraft in order to get licenses,certificates and other documentation.Also some ...
  • GACU full form
    Meaning : Ground Avionics Cooling Unit Category : AviationSub Category :Ground support  Type : Initialism What does GACU mean or stand for ? Ground Avionics Cooling Unit is a mechanical unit that is used by the ground staff at any airport or airbase.The primary purpose of this is to control the temperature of all the avionics parts of the aircraft ...
  • GAC full form
    Generic Artificial Consciousness
  • GABHS full form
    Group A Beta-Haemolytic Streptococcus
  • GABA full form
    Gamma Amino Butyric Acid
  • GAB full form
    General Agreement to Borrow
  • GAASP full form
    Gallium-Arsenide Phosphide (semiconductors)
  • GAAR full form
    General Anti Avoidance Rule
  • GAAP full form
    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • GAA full form
    Meaning : General accredited appraiser Category : BusinessSub Category : Certification What does GAA mean or stand for ? A GAA is an certification that a real estate agent receives when he/she completes the course and procedures to become a State General Appraiser. In order to earn this the realtor must meet the necessary qualifications and be affiliated to ...
  • GA TECH full form
    Meaning : Georgia Institute of Technology Category : EducationSub Category :InstitutesType : Initialism What does GA TECH mean or stand for ? Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top 5 schools of engineering and technology in the US.Along with Harvard,Stanford and MIT being others.It is also extremely hard to get admission into and only the best minds ...
  • GA full form
    Meaning : Go ahead Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does GA mean or stand for ? Go Ahead is a phrase used online denoted by GA and this is used as a short form online to tell the other chat recipient to carry on with whatever else they have to do and exit the ...
  • G6PD full form
    Glucose 6- Phosphate Dehydrogenase
  • G4Y full form
    Meaning : Good for you Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does G4Y mean or stand for ? good for you is the same as G4U and means the same thing too.It means to give confidence and a go getting attitude to the chat recipient.
  • G4U full form
    Meaning : Good for you Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does G4U mean or stand for ? Good for you is used online in chatting to signify a complimentary and power phrase to the other person to continue on their endeavor.
  • G4S full form
    Group 4 Securicor
  • G4P full form
    GUI for Processing
  • G3P full form
    Meaning : Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Category : BotanySub Category :EnzymesType : Initialism Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate What is the full form of G3P and meaning ? This is an important enzyme that is found in plants and other life forms and is also known as triose phosphate. and is used to break down sugars into energy.
  • G3 full form
    Meaning : Macintosh processor Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does G3 mean or stand for ? The G3 was a Macintosh processor that was used in early computers produced by Apple INC.they were instrumental in bringing a small scaled down version of the personal computer that could be used in everyone’s home.
  • G2K full form
    Meaning : Good to know Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does G2K mean or stand for ? A Slang phrase spoken between two people on instant online chat or mobile texting and is an affirmation or reply to a set of sentences that got addressed to that user. If John tells Lucy there is choir practice ...
  • G2GE full form
    Meaning : Got to go eat Category : Internet ChatSub Category : Slang What does G2GE mean or stand for ? Its a slang word being used during instant texting and chat for one or for a chatting group to see off when one of the instant messaging chatter has to leave chat room to go for meal ...
  • G2E full form
    Meaning : Got to eat Category : SlangSub Category : Online slang  Type : Initialism What does G2E mean or stand for ? Got to eat – is what we say when we are talking to a friend online and then need to politely excuse our self. This way we can come back at a later time to the ...
  • G2B full form
    Meaning : Government-to-Business (e-commerce) Category : BusinessSub Category :E commerce  Type : Initialism What does G2B mean or stand for ? G2B is a government to business internet model that offers goods and services directly from government backed companies directly to private companies.These are not sold to consumers but only to private organizations.These order values are much higher than ...
  • G2 full form
    go to
  • G/T full form
    Gain-to-noise Temperature (ratio)
  • G/G full form
    Meaning : Ground-to-Ground communication Category : TelecommunicationSub Category :Military  Type : Abbreviation What does G/G mean or stand for ? Ground-to-Ground communication as opposed to ground to air which is used by air traffic controllers to aircraft.G/G can be used in various situation and is mostly used by military units that need a secure communications channel to relay important ...
  • G/DL full form
    grams per deciLiter
  • G/A full form
    Meaning : Ground-to-Air communication Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :AviationType : Initialism What does G/A mean or stand for ? Ground-to-Air communication is a method of keeping contact via radio communication from aircraft and space craft to the ground air terminals and flight stations on the ground.These communication channels operate on a higher frequency as compared to standard civilian ...
  • G-SEC full form
    Government Securities
  • G-L full form
    General Ledger
  • G-E full form
  • G-CSF full form
    Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor
  • G-20 full form
    Group of Twenty