FCT full form

Meaning : Flight control team

Category : Aviation / Aerospace
Sub Category : Mission control 

FCT full form – Flight Control Team

The flight control team consists of a set of flight operators who work at a space center like NASA or ESA (European space agency).They all have different duties and all sit in front of a computer terminal when a space mission is underway.Some may be in charge of Telemetry,flight dynamics,altitude,astronaut and crew health parameters,orbital position,launch etc. They oversee a space mission which can either be manned like a rocket that sends a crew to the ISS or could be just a rocket with a payload which is a satellite and has to be launched into orbit.  

Meaning : Give me your best shot

Category : Internet Chat
Sub Category : Slang

What does GMYBS mean or stand for?

GMYBS is used in a variety of situations,here are two possible ones.When Lucy and James were chatting online on an instant chat box – Lucy wanted to go for her college reunion and couldn’t decide what to wear. She sent few shots of her apparels to John , then John replied to her  GMYBS .

When John is studying with Lucy’s help and struggling to answer many questions, Lucy shout out to John  –  GMYBS.