FARTS full form

Meaning : Functional Approach for real time systems

Category : Computers
Sub Category : Programming

What does FARTS mean or stand for ?

FARTS are not exactly what you thought they were going to be.In Fact it is nothing to do with flatulence or the human body.A Real time system is a computer system based programming interface that is controlled by either a physical human operator or an automated operator.

These real time systems are complex software that are used to perform huge tasks.One of the them could be described as a Database Management system.This complex architecture is used by big E – commerce companies for a wide variety of computations,like financial transactions linked customer profiles with addresses and orders.Each order has to be parsed through the inventory and then accepted/declined,payment mode,timing of delivery calculations and so forth – ALL IN REAL TIME.

FARTS are the study of improving and analysing these real time systems in order to increase their computational time and efficiency.