FACSIM. full form

Meaning : Facsimile

Category : Technology
Sub Category : Telecommunications

What does Facsimile mean or stand for ?

A FACSIM. is the short form for facsimile and is most popularly used to describe a FACSIM. machine or a fax machine.Though fax machines are a thing of the past every since internet was made mainstream,they are still used today in offices.

The exact meaning of facsimile mean “to make a copy of” or to replicate exactly.this is referred to replicating old texts,literature and books that are in bad shape and need to be reproduced on new paper.

The fax machine works in the same way – At one end the user feeds a paper document into the fax machine.It is scanned,converted to digital signals and sent across the telephone line network to the recipient the other end,the receiving fax machine converts these signals back and prints it out on the paper.