EQPT full form

Meaning : Equipment

Category : Hardware 
Sub Category : Tools & Garage

What does EQPT mean or stand for ?

EQPT is the items or tools that are needed for a particular purpose.It maybe to fix a tyre or to play a game of football.Simple things in life don’t require equipment,they are available in nature.In order to fix my tyre,i needed a jack,tommy,spare wheel,spanner,WD-40,wrench and some muscle! When i had all these things,i could complete the task of changing the tyre!

EQPT is also referred to in airline jargon as the aircraft.Pilots talk to each other asking what equipment you fly,meaning what type rating he/she is trained to fly.-FYI each pilot can only fly 1 type of aircraft.A 737 pilot cannot fly a 747.He has to be trained in that and needs a license in order to do that.