• EZI full form
  • EZ full form
    easy (one of the really old ones) What does EZ mean or stand for ? Rightly described, when we wanted to type in our mobile phone SMS to someone in short form we wrote EZ because those messages were charged per character back in the day!.
  • EYP full form
    Meaning : Electronic Yellow Pages Category : ComputersSub Category :Directories  Type : Initialism What does EYP mean or stand for ? Electronic Yellow Pages is a digital directory of local businesses of a particular area that can be accessed only through a web portal.It enlists all types of services,shops and commercial establishments with their address and telephone number.
  • EYOR full form
    Estimated Year Of Retirement
  • EYEZ full form
  • EXZ full form
    Excessive Zeros (data encoding)
  • EXTRN full form
    External Reference
  • EXT full form
    Meaning : External Category : EducationSub Category :TerminologyType : Abbreviation What does EXT mean or stand for ? External as opposed to internal is the exterior or outer portion of a physical entity, object or hardware device.
  • EXPO full form
    Exposition large-scale public exhibition
  • EXPGN full form
    Extracapillary Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
  • EXP full form
    Exponent What does EXPONENT mean or stand for ? This term is derived from the word exponential which is a graphical way to visualize a curve that has suddenly risen sharply.
  • EXOS full form
    Meaning : Extension Outside Category : ConstructionSub Category :TerminologyType : Acronym EXOS full form – Extension Outside What is the full form of EXOS and meaning ? This is a phrase that in most times is used with reference to a building house or a construction tenement that needs to be extended from one side.   What is EXOS ? Out of the ...
  • EXOR full form
    Exclusive OR (digital gate)
  • EXOFFICIO full form
    Meaning : Power of position Category : OfficialSub Category :Position  Type : Initialism What does EX OFFICIO mean or stand for ? By virtue of one’s office is what Ex officio actually means and this gives the person special powers to carry out duties.This could be a person employed with a large organization,a government agency,federal agency or even the ...
  • EXM full form
    Enterprise Messaging Exchange
  • EXIT full form
    Meaning : Stop execution and close a Batch file Category : ComputersSub Category :Programming & Coding  Type : Given name stop execution and close a Batch file What is the full form of EXIT and meaning ? This is one of the computer language commands that are used when the programmer wants to close a batch file  and exit the ...
  • EXIST full form
    a Batch command that tests for the existence of a specified file
  • EXIM full form
    Export Import Bank of India
  • EXIM BANK full form
    Export-Import Bank of India
  • EXIF full form
    Exchangeable Image File
  • EXEN full form
    Executive Engineer What does EXEN mean or stand for ? The EE is a higher ranking official of a government concern or company that deals with civil works.He has assistant engineers and sub engineers that report to him.
  • EXE2BIN full form
    PKWare program (exe2binexe) that converts a compression (zip arc- lhz- etc) file to a binary or executable file This allows a user to decompress the file without having a copy of PK Zip
  • EXE full form
    Meaning : Executable Category : ComputersSub Category :File type  Type : Initialism What does EXE mean or stand for ? EXE means Executable and is a file extension in Windows operating systems. These types of files are the main program files of a software product that can be “run” and are “executable”.
  • EXCA full form
    Exchangeable Card Architecture
  • EXAFS full form
    Edge Xray Absorption Fine Structure
  • EX-GF full form
    Meaning : Ex-Girl Friend Category : SlangSub Category :Phrase  Type : Abbreviation What does Ex-GF mean or stand for ? Ex-Girl Friend is one of the most famous short forms that we have used in our real lives and also while chatting to talk about our past partners and to gossip about them.
  • EX full form
  • EWW full form
    Expression of disgust What does EWW mean or stand for ? When we see or hear something disgusting or absolutely revolting then EWW is the word that springs to mind first.Don’t ask me how and why but women more than men seem to use this alot.
  • EWT full form
    Extended Working Time
  • EWSM full form
    Electronic Warfare Support Measure
  • EWSD full form
    Elektronisches Wahl System Digital (Siemens Switching system)
  • EWS full form
    Employee Written Software
  • EWM full form
    Equine World Management
  • EWBA full form
    Meaning : Everything Will Be Alright Category : SlangSub Category :Online phrases  Type : Initialism What does EWBA mean or stand for ? Everything Will Be Alright is a phrase that we tell our loved ones to instill affirmation,support and hope.We say this online also with the short form of EWBA to people we care about and to make ...
  • EWAN full form
    Emulator Without A Good Name
  • EWA full form
    Estimated Warehouse Arrival
  • EVVK full form
    Couldn’t Care Less (Finnish)
  • EVTR full form
    Electro Video Tape Recording
  • EVT full form
    Engineering Verification Test
  • EVSU full form
    Meaning : Extravehicular Space Unit Category : AerospaceSub Category :Gear Type : Initialism Extravehicular Space Unit What is the full form of EVSU and meaning ? This is a spacesuit that astronauts wear when they leave the orbiter, shuttle or confines of the space station. Outside they are at the mercy of cosmic radiation, pressure, no oxygen and the EVSU ...
  • EVSC full form
    Meaning : Extravehicular Suit Communications Category : AerospaceSub Category :Devices & Hardware  Type : Initialism What does EVSC mean or stand for ? Extravehicular Suit Communications is a state of the art communications channel and wireless technology that was developed many decades ago based on radio communications.This was part of a spacesuit and allowed the astronaut to communicate with ...
  • EVS full form
    Meaning : Extra vehicular suit Category : AerospaceSub Category : Space suit Type : Initialism What does EVS mean or stand for ? Extra Vehicular Suit is a type of space suit that was commonly used by NASA for missions outside the safety of the spacecraft.These could be for lunar missions or even for repairs outside the orbiting module.It ...
  • EVRYTIN full form
  • EVRY1 full form
    every one
  • EVRY full form
  • EVRC full form
    Enhanced Variable Rate voice Coder
  • EVR full form
    Electro Video Recording
  • EVPRT full form
    Event Printer
  • EVP full form
    Meaning : Executive Vice President Category : CorporateSub Category :Position  Type : Initialism What does EVP mean or stand for ? Executive Vice President is a corporate hierarchical post that is given to an individual who has immense knowledge and expertise in the company.He/she maybe hired directly from another company or even rise up the ranks from the same ...
  • EVOH full form
    Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol
  • EVO full form
    Engineering Verification Order
  • EVN full form
  • EVMU full form
    Extra Vehicular Mobility Unit
  • EVMS full form
    Earned Value Management System
  • EVM full form
    Meaning : Electronic voting machine Category : TechnologySub Category : Hardware EVM full form – Electronic Voting Machine EVMs have become popular in all democratic national elections all over the world due to their tamper proof technology.Traditional voting on paper become obsolete because of cases of miscounting, destruction and cheating.EVMs are safer and cannot be tampered with .Also they ...
  • EVLSS full form
    Meaning : Extravehicular Life Support System Category : AerospaceSub Category :Devices & SystemsType : Initialism What does EVLSS mean or stand for ? Extravehicular Life Support System consists of a pressurized suit fitted with an oxygen canister and communication equipment.This is the all retro fitted inside the EVS and keeps the astronaut alive when he goes outside ...
  • EVGA full form
    Extended Video Graphics Array
  • EVF full form
    Equipment Visibility File
  • EVERY1 full form
  • EVE full form
    Extensible VAX Editor
  • EVDV full form
    Evolution Data Voice
  • EVD full form
    External Ventricular Drainage
  • EVCU full form
    Extravehicular Communications Umbilical
  • EVCS full form
    Extravehicular Communications System
  • EVC full form
    Meaning : Executive Vice Chancellor Category : EducationSub Category :Position  Type : Initialism What does EVC mean or stand for ? Executive Vice Chancellor is a high position of power in an institution, democratic government or organization.He/she is entrusted with duties and special privileges and is only second to the chancellor.
  • EVB full form
    Energy Vitality Balance
  • EVATA full form
    Extravehicular Activity Translational Aid
  • EVAS full form
    Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
  • EVAR full form
  • EVAL full form
    Earth Viewing Applications Laboratory
  • EVAA full form
  • EVA full form
    Equine Viral Arteritis
  • EV-DV full form
    EVolution Data/Voice
  • EV-DO full form
    EVolution-Data Optimized
  • EV MPD full form
    EudraVigilance Medicinal Product Database
  • EV full form
    Exposure Value
  • EUW full form
    End-User Workstation
  • EUVS full form
    Extreme UltraViolet Spectrometer
  • EUVL full form
    Extreme UltraViolet Lithography
  • EUV full form
    Extreme Ultraviolet
  • EUU full form
    Meaning : End user update Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & Services  Type : Initialism What does EUU mean or stand for ? End User Update is a prompt that appears to the user when a software program receives a new version.The user can then choose to receive the new update that maybe a patch or even a new ...
  • EUTP full form
    Enhanced Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • EUT full form
    Early User Test
  • EUSW full form
    Estimated Utilizable Surface Water
  • EUSU full form
    Eastern University Students’ Union
  • EUSSR full form
    External Unit Support Service Request
  • EUSR full form
    Energy and Utility Skills Register
  • EUSP full form
    Electric Universal Service Program
  • EUSN full form
    Endoscopic UltraSound-guided fine Needle aspiration biopsy
  • EUSM full form
    Emory University School of Medicine
  • EUSI full form
    End-User Support Interface
  • EUSE full form
    Meaning : Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems Category : GeoglobeSub Category : Ecosystem & Environment  Type : Initialism What does EUSE mean or stand for ? Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems is the adverse effects of industrialization and destruction of forest cover in order for infrastructure and development.In the process the flora and fauna that make up ...
  • EUSB full form
    EID Universal Serial Bus
  • EUS full form
    Endoscopic UltraSonography
  • EURMIC full form
  • EURBOT full form
    Euromicro Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots
  • EUR full form
    Meaning : Euro Category : EconomySub Category :Monetary value  Type : Abbreviation What does EUR mean or stand for ? Euro is the official currency of the European Union and it is a strong currency which has a value of more than the dollar.This currency can be traded all over the world in international markets but only the countries ...
  • EUP full form
    Environmental Use Permit
  • EUNU full form
    East Ukrainian National University
  • EUNSD full form
    electronic Unique Non-Standard Data
  • EUN full form
    Egyptian Universities Networks
  • EUMI full form
    Environmental Urban Management Initiative
  • EUM full form
    End User Manual
  • EULA full form
    Meaning : End user license agreement Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & Services Type : Acronym What does EULA mean or stand for ? End User License Agreement is a mandatory legal terms and conditions that appear on your computer screen when you install a new software application.It can also be seen in hardware,game consoles,electronics and other consumer ...
  • EUI-64 full form
    Extended Unique Identifier-64 (bits)
  • EUI-48 full form
    Extended Unique Identifier-48 (bits)
  • EUI full form
    Meaning : End-User Interface Category : ComputersSub Category :HardwareType : Initialism What does EUI mean or stand for ? End-User Interface is a graphical user interface system that can be easily controlled by the user through easy to use panels. This is the only interface that the user gets to see after the program developers work on it ...
  • EUD full form
    End User Development
  • EUCL full form
    End User Common Line
  • EUC full form
    End User Computing Extended Unix Code
  • EUAL full form
    External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
  • EUA full form
    Examination Under Anesthetic What does EUA mean or stand for ? There are some medical procedures and tests that require the patient to be under anesthesia else they might move or shake and skew the results.Also some medical devices that use a camera need the patient to be absolutely still.This is done by administering anesthesia and known ...
  • EU full form
    Meaning : Execution Unit Category : MilitarySub Category :Units  Type : Initialism What does EU mean or stand for ? Execution Unit is a band of military soldiers who are in charge of executing a prisoner of war by firing their rifles in unison at him.This brutal way of execution by a firing squad without trial or judgment still ...
  • ETX full form
    End Of Text
  • ETW full form
    Event Tracing For Windows
  • ETVA full form
    External Tank Vent Arm
  • ETV full form
    Meaning : Educational tv Category : EducationSub Category :E LearningType : Initialism What does ETV mean or stand for ? Educational TV is a type of online education platform and new age teaching technology that uses software applications, computer media and images and other techniques via websites and smartphone applications to explain ideas. 
  • ETUE full form
  • ETTX full form
    Ethernet To The X (X = whatever)
  • ETTM full form
    Electronic Toll and Traffic Management What does ETTM mean or stand for ? This is a more advanced and manageable way to collect a toll fee on highways and check pints.In order to psychically pay the toll charges,ETTM ensures a faster and digital way of making the payment hence easing traffic and faster clearance of vehicles.
  • ETTH full form
    Episodic Tension Type Headache
  • ETTDC full form
    Electronics Trade and Technology Development Development Corporation
  • ETT full form
    Meaning : Elementary Teachers Training Category : EducationSub Category :Certification courseType : Initialism What does ETT mean or stand for ? Elementary Teachers Training is a course specifically designed for teachers of elementary school to learn basic skills and classroom techniques in order to try and teach these young kids.In many countries this course is mandatory before they ...
  • ETSU full form
    East Tennessee State University
  • ETSS full form
    External Tank Separation Subsystem
  • ETSI full form
    European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • ETS full form
    Econometric Time Series
  • ETROD full form
    Eastern Test Range Operations Directive
  • ETRI full form
    Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea)
  • ETRF full form
    Electrically Tuned RF (filter)
  • ETRAN full form
    Monte Carlo computer code for Electrons and Photons through Extended Media
  • ETRA full form
    Egyptian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • ETR full form
    Meaning : ETSI technical report Category : TechnologySub Category : StandardsType : Initialism What does ETR mean or stand for ? ETSI Technical Report is a compiled list of standards that are released each year with the latest technological standards and frameworks by which companies need to work with.These standards can be regarded as rules or regulations which are formulated ...
  • ETQR full form
    External Total Quality and Reliability
  • ETPS full form
    Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation
  • ETPL full form
    Endorsed Tempest Products List
  • ETPI full form
    Eastern Telecommunications of Philippines Inc.
  • ETP full form
    Effluent Treatment Plan
  • ETOS full form
    Electronic Trading Opportunities
  • ETOP full form
    Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal
  • ETOM full form
    Electron-Trapping Optical Memory
  • ETOH full form
    Meaning : Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) Category : ScienceSub Category : Organic chemistry  Type : Initialism What does ETOH mean or stand for ? Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) is pure alcohol with an alcoholic strength of close to a 100%.It is an organic compound that can easily be formulated in the laboratory but would be almost lethal if ingested directly.
  • ETO full form
    Meaning : Earth transfer orbit Category : AerospaceSub Category : Navigation & TrackingType : Acronym What does ETO mean or stand for ? Earth Transfer Orbit is a propulsion and navigational technique used by spacecraft and satellites to transfer orbits.These low orbit maneuvers happens when the spacecraft wants to move from one circular orbit to another, in this case ...
  • ETN full form
    Electronic Telecommunications Network
  • ETMS full form
    Enhanced Traffic Management System What does ETMS mean or stand for ? This state of the art advanced operational system is used in metro cities to effectively manage high traffic density.
  • ETMC full form
    East Texas Medical Center
  • ETM+ full form
    Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
  • ETM full form
    Etiotropic Trauma Management
  • ETLPDS full form
    Emerging Technologies: Designing Low Power Digital Systems
  • ETL full form
    Embedded Transmission Line (microwave)
  • ETKA full form
    Elektronischer TeileKAtalog
  • ETITO full form
    Electro-Technology Industry Training Organization
  • ETID full form
    EveryTime I Die (band)
  • ETI full form
    Environmental Technology Initiative
  • ETHERLEC full form
    Ethernet Local Exchange Carrier
  • ETH full form
    Ecdysis Triggering Hormone
  • ETG full form
    Enhanced Target Generator
  • ETFTP full form
    Enhanced Trivial FTP (networking)
  • ETFE full form
    Ethylene Tetra Flouroethylene
  • ETFA full form
    IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation
  • ETF full form
    Meaning : Exchange Traded Fund Category : FinanceSub Category :Stocks & Shares  Type : Initialism What does ETF mean or stand for ? Exchange Traded Fund is a type of financial product and investment scheme that is based on the performance of stock market. Similar to mutual funds and hedge funds, these instruments are volatile and come with a ...
  • ETEC full form
    Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli
  • ETE full form
    Estimated Time En Route What does ETE mean or stand for ? When we are in the middle of a journey fro one place to another and wish to our estimated time from there to the arrival point then we call it as ETE.
  • ETDRS full form
    Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study
  • ETDP full form
    Expert Tsunami Database for the Pacific
  • ETDMA full form
    Extended TDMA (access)
  • ETDM full form
    Electrical Time-Division Multiplexing
  • ETD full form
    Elevated Temperature Drawn
  • ETCP full form
    Electrolytic Tough-pitch Copper (wires)
  • ETCO2 full form
    End tidal carbon dioxide
  • ETC full form
    Meaning : Etcetra Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation What does ETC mean or stand for ? ETC is a short form for etcetera and is used in the English language to mean so on and so forth without actually saying it.For example there were monkeys,cows,sheep etc.
  • ETB full form
    End of Transmission Block
  • ETAP full form
    Enroute Traffic Analysis Program
  • ETAH full form
  • ETACS full form
    Meaning : Extended Total Access Communication System Category : TechnologySub Category :Cellular  Type : Acronym Extended Total Access Communication System What is the full form of ETACS and meaning ? Before GSM became the standard for mobile technology communication, there was TACS and ETACS which was an extended version of TACS and was the original 1st generation of cellular ...
  • ETACOM full form
    Annual Conference on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Communications
  • ETAB full form
    Executive Technical Advisory Board
  • ETA full form
    Meaning : Estimated time of arrival Category : TravelSub Category :Aviation  Type : Initialism What does ETA mean or stand for ? Estimated time of arrival is a phrase terminology used in aviation transport and passenger aircraft to denote when it will arrive. The time of departure and estimated time of arrival are displayed on electronic ticker boards at ...
  • ET full form
    Enhancement Technology
  • ET AL full form
    Meaning : Et Alli Category : EducationSub Category :TerminologyType : Acronym What does ET AL mean or stand for ? “et alii” or and all is also known as “and everyone else” is the short form derived from a latin phrase et alli.It is used in book references, law petitions, journal publications and theory citations and is similar ...
  • ESZ full form
    Eco Sensitive Zones What does ESZ mean or stand for ? These are zones in natural habitats that are preserved and conserved by the government in order to protect the ecology in that region.
  • ESYS full form
    En Route Equipment Systems
  • ESVS full form
    Escape Suit Ventilation System
  • ESV full form
    Meaning : End systolic volume Category : MedicalSub Category : Cardiology  Type : Initialism What does ESV mean or stand for ? End Systolic Volume is a graphical measurement point that can be visually represented on a heart echocardiogram.This is the moment on the graph when the heart finishes one contraction after pumping blood and then starts to fill ...
  • ESU full form
    Electro-Static Unit
  • ESTS full form
    Express Sequence Tags
  • ESTL full form
    Electronic Systems Test Laboratory
  • ESTIR full form
    Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
  • ESTHR full form
    Emergency short term home relief
  • ESTD full form
    Easier Said Than Done What does ESTD mean or stand for ? This is an old saying which means that advice is cheap and easy to give,but actually getting down to doing it and acting on that advice is much harder to do.
  • ESTCP full form
    Environmental Security Technology Certification Program
  • ESTA full form
    Electronic System Test Equipment
  • EST full form
    Employees State insurance
  • ESSP full form
    Earth System Science Pathfinder Mission
  • ESSG full form
    Education Strategy Steering Group (of the RCVS)
  • ESSENCE full form
    Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics
  • ESSD full form
    Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
  • ESSC full form
    Engineering Support Services Contract
  • ESSB full form
    Earth Systems Science Building
  • ESSA full form
    Environmental Sciences Services Administration
  • ESS full form
    Meaning : Electronic switching systems Category :  TelecommunicationsSub Category : Switches & Routers  Type : Initialism What does ESS mean or stand for ? Electronic Switching Systems are primarily used in telephone exchanges and voice communication networks to transmit data signals. Nowadays the analog lines also interact with digital computer systems in order to establish and disconnect calls between ...
  • ESRO full form
    Meaning : European Space Research Organisation Category : Space organizationSub Category :Aerospace  Type : Acronym European Space Research Organisation What is the full form of ESRO and meaning ? The full form of ESRO is used in the aerospace industry and is on par with others in the space arena.Just like India has ISRO and USA has NASA as the ...
  • ESRF full form
    Meaning : End Stage Renal Failure Category : MedicalSub Category : Condition  Type : Initialism What does ESRF mean or stand for ? End Stage Renal Failure is the medical term to describe kidney failure.The kidneys lose the ability to process and filter blood and produce urine hence dialysis is an option or a kidney transplant is suggested to ...
  • ESRD full form
    Meaning : End stage renal disease Category : MedicalSub Category :ConditionType : Initialism What does ESRD mean or stand for ? End stage renal disease is kidney failure and can happen due to many reasons. In some cases a kidney transplant can be advocated and dialysis is one of the last measures to help the body drain blood ...
  • ESRC full form
    Economic and Social Research Council
  • ESRB full form
    Entertainment Software Rating Board
  • ESR full form
    Event Service Routine
  • ESQA full form
    Extended System Queue Area
  • ESPS full form
    Experiment Segment Pallet Simulator
  • ESPN full form
    Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  • ESPC full form
    Meaning : Early Stage Prostate Cancer Category : MedicalSub Category :Condition  Type : Initialism What does ESPC mean or stand for ? Early Stage Prostate Cancer is detected by pain and discharge from the penis.It is an uncomfortable feeling and is first treated with a round of medication to numb the effects of the pain.In later stages surgery is ...
  • ESPAN full form
    Egress Switched Port ANalyzer
  • ESP full form
    Meaning : Enhanced serial port Category : ComputersSub Category :HardwareType : Initialism What does ESP mean or stand for ? Enhanced Serial Port was widely used back in the day to support external hardware like modems,VGA monitors and other peripheral equipment.They were highly efficient and allowed these accessories to be plug and play easily like todays USB ports.In comparison ...
  • ESOW full form
    Engineering Statement of Work
  • ESOS full form
    Meaning : Employee’s Stock Option Scheme Category : BusinessSub Category : Payments  Type : Initialism What does ESOS mean or stand for ? Employee’s Stock Option Scheme is a way of compensation for employees by the founder of a new company.The founder will give part of the companies stock as payment and also a fixed low salary.
  • ESOP full form
    Meaning : Employee Stock Option Plan Category : CorporateSub Category :Payment  Type : Acronym What does ESOP mean or stand for ? Employee Stock Option Plan is the choice given to employees of new startup companies to take a lower salary and also a chink of the companies initial stock as payment compensation package. When and if the startup ...
  • ESOL full form
    English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • ESOA full form
    Eurpoean School of Antennas
  • ESO(S) full form
    Meaning : Eating disorder(s) Category : MedicalSub Category :Conditions  Type : Initialism What does ESO mean or stand for ? Eating disorder(s) are a mental illness that manifests into a variety of diet and food related ailments. Some of these are Anorexia and Bulimia which are common in young girls and teens. Stress by their peers and society, makes ...
  • ESNUG full form
    E-mail Synopsis User Group
  • ESN full form
    Electronic Security Number
  • ESMU full form
    Extended Subscriber Module-100 URBAN
  • ESMTP full form
    Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • ESMR full form
    Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
  • ESMOS full form
    Earth Science Mission Operations and Systems
  • ESMC full form
    Eastern Space and Missile Center
  • ESMA full form
    Essential Services Maintenance Act
  • ESM full form
    Engineering Systems Management
  • ESLOC full form
    Equivalent Source Lines Of Code
  • ESLNT full form
    Equivalent Satellite Link Noise Temperature
  • ESL full form
    Electro Science Laboratories
  • ESKI full form
    Type of urban music
  • ESIS full form
    Meaning : Employees State Insurance Scheme Category : GovernmentSub Category :Schemes  Type : Initialism What does ESIS mean or stand for ? Employees State Insurance Scheme is a government initiative that deducts a small portion of an employees monthly salary and collects it into a fund.This fund grows systematically with time and can be withdrawn or used by the ...
  • ESIR full form
    Electronic Safety Incident Report
  • ESIG full form
    Environmental And Societal Impacts Group
  • ESIC full form
    Employees State Insurance Corporation What does ESIC mean or stand for ? ESIC is a government company that gives a monthly fixed amount to employees and the same amount i s also deducted from the salary of the person.This sum is kept in an account and builds with time.IT can be withdrawn after a period of time ...
  • ESI full form
    Employees State Insurance
  • ESHCRU full form
    Economics of Social and Health Care Research Unit (UK)
  • ESH full form
    End System Hello packet
  • ESG full form
    Executive Steering Group
  • ESFMU full form
    Extended Super-Frame Monitoring Unit
  • ESFDL full form
    Extended Super Frame Data-Link
  • ESF full form
    Engineered Safety Features
  • ESES full form
    Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep
  • ESEC full form
    En Route Broadband Secondary Radar
  • ESE full form
    Environment And Safety Expert
  • ESDU full form
    Event Storage and Distribution Unit
  • ESDT full form
    Earth Science Data Type
  • ESDRAM full form
    Enhanced Synchronized Dynamic RAM (memory)
  • ESDIS full form
    Earth Science Data and Information System
  • ESDIM full form
    Earth System Data and Information Management
  • ESDIAD full form
    ElectronStimulated Desorption Ion Angular Distributions
  • ESDI full form
    Enhanced Small Device Interface (Hard disk interface- older than SCSI- ISA- PCI newer than the ST506)
  • ESDA full form
    Electronic System Design Automation (ICT)
  • ESD/IPC full form
    Environmental Satellite Distribution/Interactive Processing Center
  • ESD full form
    EletroStatic Discharge (transfer of electrical current from carrier to object)
  • ESCWA full form
    Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
  • ESCU full form
    Extended Service and Cooling Umbilical
  • ESCRT full form
    endosomal sorting complex required for transport
  • ESCR full form
    Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance
  • ESCOT full form
    Educational Software Components Of Tomorrow
  • ESCON full form
    Enterprise System Connection (IBM)
  • ESCO full form
    Energy Service Company
  • ESCM full form
    Extended Services Communications Manager
  • ESCH full form
    Executive Service Corps of Houston
  • ESCD full form
    Extended System Configuration Data
  • ESCAR full form
    Empirically Successful Classical Automated Reasoning
  • ESCAPE full form
    The Exotic Species Compendium Of Activities To Protect The Ecosystem
  • ESCAP full form
    Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • ESC-P full form
    Epson Standard Code for Printers
  • ESC full form
    EISA System Component Escape
  • ESBAR full form
    Epitaxial Schottky Barrier (diode)
  • ESB full form
    Meaning : English Speaking Background Category : EducationSub Category :CultureType : Initialism What does ESB mean or stand for ? English Speaking Background means a western upbringing and where the mother tongue spoken is English. This is one of the requirements by foreign universities who invite applicants for admission of overseas students.
  • ESAVA full form
    Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • ESAS full form
    Electronic Service Activation System (Inmarsat)
  • ESAF full form
    Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
  • ESA(S) full form
    Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent(s)
  • ESA full form
    Enterprise Systems Architecture
  • ES/NO full form
    Energy per symbol to Noise power spectral density (ratio)
  • ES-IS full form
    End System to Intermediate System (protocol)
  • ES full form
    Extra Segment
  • ERX full form
    Data (ERWin)
  • ERWDA full form
    Meaning : Environmental Research And Wildlife Development Agency Category : OrganizationsSub Category :Environment & Ecology  Type : Initialism Environmental Research And Wildlife Development Agency What is the full form of ERWDA and meaning ? This is an agency based in the United Arab Emirates and this organization is responsible for creating sustainable development through agricultural food products as its primary ...
  • ERW full form
    Electrical Resistance Welding
  • ERV full form
    Expiratory Reserve Volume
  • ERU full form
    Emergency Recovery Utility (configuration backup utility with Windows 95)
  • ERTS full form
    Earth Resources Technology Satellite
  • ERTL full form
    Electronics Regional Test Laboratory
  • ERTF full form
    Exchange Rate Transaction Fee What does ERTF mean or stand for ? When we do a foreign transaction or use our card in a foreign country then the bank that our account is attached to will levy an ERTF which is either a small fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction amount.
  • ERTEE full form
    Everything is Related to Everything Else
  • ERTA full form
    Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
  • ERT full form
    Estrogen Replacement Therapy What does ERT mean or stand for ? In todays gender fluid world,sex change surgery and hormone replacement are easy to get done and ERT is a hormone replacement therapy that some female go through with testosterone shots in order to try and alter their gender into a male.
  • ERSS full form
    Earth Retaining Stabilizing Structure
  • ERSIR full form
    Earth Resources Shuttle Imaging Radar
  • ERSI full form
    Elastomeric Reusable Surface Insulation
  • ERSC full form
    Environmental Remote Sensing Center
  • ERS full form
  • ERRYTHIN full form
  • ERR full form
    Meaning : Error Category : ComputersSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation What does ERR mean or stand for ? Error is the full form of ERR and this is used in most computer programs and compilers to indicate to the programmer that there is a syntax error in the code and this needs to rectified in order to the ...
  • ERPS full form
    Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society
  • ERPM full form
    Engineering Requirements and Procedures Manual
  • ERPC full form
    Evacuation Of Retained Products Of Conception
  • ERP full form
    Enterprise resource planning
  • EROS full form
    Earth Resources Observation System
  • EROM full form
    Meaning : Erasable Read Only Memory Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Initialism What does EROM mean or stand for ? Erasable Read Only Memory or ROM is a memory of a computer when it boots.This memory contain startup programs and also the system BIOS loads through this memory.When the computer shuts down this memory is ...
  • EROC full form
    Ecological Rates of Change
  • ERO full form
    Meaning : Emergency Response Operations Category : MedicalSub Category :Parademedics  Type : Initialism What does ERO mean or stand for ? Emergency Response Operations are the paramedical and fire department and law enforcement operatives that arrive a a scene of an accident or crime. They are the first wave of aid that constitutes the ERO.
  • ERNET full form
    Education and Research Network
  • ERNE full form
    Energetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron Experiment
  • ERNC full form
    Emerging Researchers National Conference
  • ERNA full form
    Erasmus Remote Network Access (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • ERMA full form
    Electronic Recording Machine Accounting
  • ERM full form
    Extension Renovation Modernization
  • ERLL full form
    Enhanced Run Length Limited
  • ERL full form
    Environmental Research Laboratory
  • ERK full form
    Extracellular Regulated Kinase
  • ERISA full form
    Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
  • ERIP full form
    Experiment Requirement and Implementation Plan
  • ERIN full form
    Environmental Resources Information Network (Australia)
  • ERIC full form
    Meaning : Educational Resources Information Center Category : EducationSub Category :Information systemType : Acronym ERIC full form – Educational Resources Information Center What is the full form of ERIC and meaning ? ERIC is an online library of journals, literature, information and documents that can be accessed by the public simply by logging into the system.   What is ERIC ? Out ...
  • ERI full form
    Environmental Response Inventory
  • ERGOT full form
    Ergotamine Tartrate
  • ERGO full form
    Energy Rich Glucose Optimized
  • ERG full form
    Emergency Response Group
  • ERFC full form
    Complementary ERror Function
  • ERF full form
    External rotation in flexion
  • EREP full form
    Earth Resources Package
  • EREC full form
    Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse
  • ERE full form
    External rotation in extension
  • ERDS full form
    Emergency Response Data Sheet
  • ERDI full form
    Enhanced Remote Defect Indication
  • ERDAS full form
    Earth Resource Data Analysis System
  • ERDA full form
    Energy Research and Development Administration
  • ERD full form
    Meaning : Emergency Recovery Disk Category : ComputersSub Category : Storage & Media  Type : Initialism What does ERD mean or stand for ? Emergency Recovery Disk is a secondary bootable floppy disk/CD or USB drive that contains key operating system files and diagnostic utility programs which are essential for repairing and startup .
  • ERCP full form
    Meaning : Endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography Category : MedicalSub Category :Procedure  Type : Initialism What does ERCP mean or stand for ? Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography is an invasive procedure that is the same as an endoscopy.After giving anaesthesia to the patient,the endoscopy scans the pancreatic region as well as the Gastrointestinal region.In cases of problems like gallbladder,pancreatitis and ...
  • ERCA full form
    Electrochemically Regenerable CO2 Absorber
  • ERC full form
    Employee Relocation Council
  • ERBS full form
    Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
  • ERBF full form
    Meaning : Effective Renal Blood Flow Category : MedicalSub Category : SystemType : Initialism What does ERBF mean or stand for ? Effective Renal Blood Flow is the actual blood flow that is measured by the kidneys.This gives us a good picture of the health of the kidneys and how much blood it is capable of purifying.
  • ERBE full form
    Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
  • ERAU full form
    Meaning :  Embry Riddle Aeronautical university Category :  EducationSub Category : SchoolsType :  Acronym What does ERAU mean or stand for ? Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is one of the biggest schools for flight mechanics and aircraft pilots in the US and also one of the largest in the world. It has two main physical campuses in the ...
  • ERATO full form
    Meaning : Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology Office Category : GovernmentSub Category :Schemes  Type : Acronym Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology Office What is the full form of ERATO and meaning ? This is a program that exists in Japan that is used to provide funding for various projects in science and technology and has been doing so for the ...
  • ERASE full form
    Delete File(s) What does ERASE mean or stand for ? This is a computer command that was earlier used in text based compilers to issue a command to delete a certain file.
  • ERAS full form
    Electronic Routing and Approval System
  • ERAP full form
    Environmental Risk Analysis Program
  • ERAD full form
    En Route Broadband Radar
  • ERA full form
    Extended Registry Attributes
  • ER2 full form
    Earth Resources
  • ER1 full form
    Data (ERWin)
  • ER/LA full form
    Meaning : Extended release/long acting Category : MedicalSub Category : Terminology  Type : Initialism What does ER/LA mean or stand for ? Extended release/long acting is the full form of Er /LA and this is in reference to over the counter drugs that are prescribed for fast results like a stuffy nose or pain relief.These drugs are not only ...
  • ER-RC full form
    Extended Result-Response Code
  • ER full form
    Eastern Railway
  • EQUIPRTC full form
    EQUIPment Real-Time Control
  • EQUIPC/I full form
    EQUIPment Control and Integration
  • EQUIP full form
    Meaning : Education and quality in primary care  Category : MedicalSub Category : Standards Type : Acronym What does EQUIP mean or stand for ? Education and Quality in Primary Care is a standard initiated by the WHO and other regional health organizations.It aims to provide quality and timely healthcare by professionals who are educated and efficient. Primary care has ...
  • EQUARIDGE full form
    International Study of the Equatorial Segment of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge
  • EQUAPAC full form
    Cooperative Survey of the Pacific Equatorial Zone
  • EQTV full form
    Extended Quality Television
  • EQS full form
    Environmental Quality Standard
  • EQPT full form
    Meaning : Equipment Category : Hardware Sub Category : Tools & Garage What does EQPT mean or stand for ? EQPT is the items or tools that are needed for a particular purpose.It maybe to fix a tyre or to play a game of football.Simple things in life don’t require equipment,they are available in nature.In order to fix my ...
  • EQP full form
    End Quantity Pricing
  • EQM full form
    Equilibrium What does EQM mean or stand for ? In science and physics to be precise,EQM is a state of balance that occurs either between tow bodies or within a single body around a fixed axis or point of reference.
  • EQL full form
  • EQF full form
    Equalizer Settings file (WinAmp)
  • EQE full form
    Easy Quick Efficient
  • EQAS full form
    External Quality Assurance Service
  • EQ-5D full form
    EuroQol five dimension scale
  • EQ full form
    Encephalization Quotient
  • EPZ full form
    Export Processing Zone
  • EPWG full form
    Environmental Projects Working Group
  • EPU full form
    Meaning : Early pregnancy unit Category : MedicalSub Category : Childbirth  Type : Initialism What does EPU mean or stand for ? Early Pregnancy Unit is a segregational department in a hospital or clinic that is dedicated solely to the investigation and prognosis of early pregnancy.In the early stages of the term,there are greater chances of abnormalities which need ...
  • EPTS full form
    Enhanced Print Trouble Shooter
  • EPTOX full form
    Extraction Procedure Toxicity
  • EPT full form
    Extended Page Table
  • EPSS full form
    Meaning : Electrical power sub system Category : AerospaceSub Category : Onboard Systems Type : Initialism What does EPSS mean or stand for ? Electrical Power Subsystem is the power management and distribution in a spacecraft or satelite.It is one of the most vital components of the module and is responsible for almost all functions onboard like communications,life support,avionics and ...
  • EPSRC full form
    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • EPSP full form
    Experiment Power Switching Panel
  • EPSON full form
    Epson printer graphics file
  • EPSN full form
    Eurasian Political Studies Network
  • EPSF full form
    Encapsulated PostScript Files
  • EPSCS full form
    Enhanced Private Switch Controlled System
  • EPSA full form
    Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement
  • EPS full form
    1 Encapsulated PostScript (file extension)
  • EPRS full form
    Eprss Prepared Recharge Service
  • EPROM full form
    Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (re-programmable ROM chips)
  • EPRML full form
    Extended Partial Response/Maximum Likelihood
  • EPRLF full form
    Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front
  • EPRI full form
    Electric Power Research Institute
  • EPR full form
  • EPPI full form
    Expanded Plan-Position Indicator
  • EPP full form
    Enhanced Parallel Port (can use longer printer cable than SPP) What does EPP mean or stand for ? These types of ports were used in early computers and they consisted of a socket that required a 40 pin  cable connector.Nowadays of course the USB port has become the standard for peripheral interfaces.
  • EPOW full form
    Early Power Off Warning
  • EPOS full form
    Meaning : Electronic point of sale Category : TechnologySub Category : Retail /Business What does EPOS mean or stand for ? An Electronics point of sale system is a computer that retail stores use to collect cash,issue bills,swipe credit cards,store customer information as well as record transaction and create reports.A Traditional POS system has its software incorporated into it,but ...
  • EPON full form
    Ethernet Passive Optical Network
  • EPOCS full form
    Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies
  • EPOC full form
    Elevated PostExercise Oxygen Consumption
  • EPNN full form
    Eldor Peripheral Nerve Needle
  • EPN full form
    Emphysematous Pyelonephritis
  • EPMS full form
    Engineering Performance Management System
  • EPMF full form
    Environmental Performance Measurement Framework
  • EPM full form
    Meaning : Enhanced editor for presentation manager Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & Programs  Type : Initialism What does EPM mean or stand for ? Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager  was a text based editor that was used in the Operating system of the same name presentation manager.This OS was jointly developed by IBM and Microsoft in the late ...
  • EPLSR full form
    Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
  • EPLR full form
    Meaning : Early Pregnancy Loss Rate Category : MedicalSub Category : Pregnancy  Type : Initialism What does EPLR mean or stand for ? Early Pregnancy Loss Rate measures the natural death of the an unborn fetus through miscarriages and other gestational complications.This data is compiled for further use and analysis.
  • EPLF full form
    Eritrean People’s Liberation Front
  • EPLD full form
    Electrically Programmable Logic Device
  • EPLANS full form
    Engineering Planning and Analysis System
  • EPL full form
    Effective Privilege Level
  • EPIRB full form
    Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (COMSAR)
  • EPIPS full form
    Export Promotion Industrial Parks
  • EPIP full form
    Export Promotion Industrial Park
  • EPIN full form
    Epic Win
  • EPICS full form
    Experimental Physics And Instrument Control System
  • EPIC full form
    Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
  • EPI HCL full form
    Epinephrine Hydrochloride
  • EPI full form
    External Provisioning Interface
  • EPI BOR full form
    Epinephrine Borate
  • EPI BIT full form
    Epinephrine Bitartrate
  • EPHIN full form
    Electron Proton Helium Instrument
  • EPH full form
    Ephedrine Hydrochloride
  • EPGC full form
    Executive Program for Growing Companies (Stanford University)
  • EPG full form
    Electrical Power Generator
  • EPFO full form
    Employees Provident Fund Organization What does EPFO mean or stand for ? Similar to how ESIC and employee state insurance works,a certain sum is deducted from the employee every month and is matched by the EPFO.This is kept in an account and can be withdrawn later on by the employee to utilize or kept till a maturity ...
  • EPFD full form
    Electronic Position-Fixing Device (GPS)
  • EPF full form
    Meaning : Employees Provident Fund Category : GovernmentSub Category :Schemes  Type : Initialism What does EPF mean or stand for ? Employees Provident Fund is a government backed financial package that deducted a small set fee from all employees of a state and collects it in an account. The government will be match that same fee and this way ...
  • EPEP full form
    Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging
  • EPE full form
    Employees Provident Fund
  • EPDU full form
    Meaning : Electrical Power Distribution Unit Category : TechnologySub Category : Power  Type : Initialism What does EPDU mean or stand for ? Electrical Power Distribution Unit is setup at an electrical station and its primary roll is to transfer power from the incoming transmission lines,step it up or down using transformers and then re routing this power through ...
  • EPDS full form
    Electrical Power and Distribution Subsystem What does EPDS mean or stand for ? After the power has been generated from the plant it is diverted to the EPDS which in turn regulates the flow of power to different sectors in an area via transmission channels depending on the load required by each. 
  • EPDP full form
    Enhanced Performance Drill Pipe
  • EPDM full form
    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
  • EPDE full form
    Electronic Product Data Exchange
  • EPDCS full form
    Meaning : Electrical Power Distribution and Control System Category : Electrical engineeringSub Category : Distribution  Type : Initialism What does EPDCS mean or stand for ? Electrical Power Distribution and Control System is a mechanical and electrical system that is employed at a power distribution plant/grid.This efficient complex mechanism allows the power to the transmitted through power lines and ...
  • EPDC full form
    Meaning : Electrical Power Distribution and Control Category : ElectricalSub Category :Power  Type : Initialism EPDC full form – Electrical Power Distribution and Control What is the full form of EPDC and meaning ? This is the branch of electrical engineering whereby the electrical power that is generated can be distributed through high voltage transmission lines and grid.   What is EPDC ? Out ...
  • EPDB full form
    Electrical Power Data Box
  • EPDA full form
    Engineering Professional Development Award
  • EPCS full form
    Export Promotion Councils
  • EPCH full form
    Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
  • EPCG full form
    Export Promotion Capital Goods
  • EPCAM full form
    epithelial cell adhesion molecule
  • EPCA full form
    Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority
  • EPC full form
    Electronic Pressure Control
  • EPBR full form
    Extended Partition Boot Record
  • EPBF full form
    Effective Pulmonary Blood Flow
  • EPB full form
    Equivalent Pension Benefits
  • EPARS full form
    Enterprise Planning And Review System
  • EPAR full form
    External Tank Project Assessment Review
  • EPACT full form
    electronic prescribing analysis and costing
  • EPAC full form
    Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coder
  • EPABX full form
    Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  • EPA full form
    EicosaPentaenoic Acid
  • EP full form
    Electrophotographic Engine
  • EOW full form
    Meaning : Economic Offence Wing Category : Law & OrderSub Category :UnitsType : Initialism What does EOW mean or stand for ? Economic Offence Wing is a law enforcement department of a state government that investigates white collar crimes, money laundering,bribery,smuggling,scams and any other crime involving financial irregularities.
  • EOUS full form
    Export Oriented Units
  • EOU full form
    Expert Oriented Unit
  • EOTWAWKI full form
    Meaning : End Of The World As We Know It Category : SlangSub Category :PhrasesType : Initialism What does EOTWAWKI mean or stand for ? End Of The World As We Know It is described in many cultures,religions and texts as different situations.In the bible it is known as the Armageddon and different stories show a new outcome ...
  • EOTW full form
    end of the world What does EOTW mean or stand for ? This might probably not happen in reality but this scenario has been long been projected in pop culture and religion where the Bible calls it the Armageddon- also made into a Hollywood blockbuster.
  • EOTD full form
    Enhanced Observed Time Difference
  • EOTC full form
    Edge Of The Continent
  • EOT full form
    Meaning : End Of Thread Category : EducationSub Category :Forums Type : Initialism What does EOT mean or stand for ? End Of Thread (meaning end of discussion) is a phrase used online in forums and question answer FAQ threads to denote the end of a particular discussion thread or conversation.
  • EOSP full form
    Earth Observing Scanning Polarimeter
  • EOSESD full form
    Annual Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge Symposium
  • EOSDIS full form
    Earth Observing System Data and Information System
  • EOSAT full form
    Meaning : Earth Observation Satellite Company Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellite  Type : Acronym Earth Observation Satellite Company What is the full form of EOSAT and meaning ? The Earth observation satellites are used to take readings of the atmosphere and constantly gather data related to the earths natural habitats.   What is EOSAT ? Out of the many search terms there is a possibility  ...
  • EOS full form
    Earth Observing System End Of String
  • EORM full form
    Environmental and Occupational Risk Management
  • EOR full form
    Meaning : Exclusive OR Category : ElectronicsSub Category : Logic GatesType : Initialism What does EOR mean or stand for ? Exclusive OR (Also XOR) is a type of electrical signal gate used in physics,semiconductors and electronic circuits.These are known as Boolean operators and function by logic gate theory.In signal systems and electronics,these logical operators only understand On and Off ...
  • EOQ full form
    Economic Order Quantity
  • EOPR full form
    Engineering Order Purchase Requisition
  • EOPO full form
    Meaning : Equal Opportunity Program Office Category : GovernmentSub Category :Welfare  Type : Initialism What does EOPO mean or stand for ? Equal Opportunity Program Office is an employment backed by the government and NGOs.Its purpose is to rehabilitate and offer employment opportunities for all citizens of a country unbiased of their race,color or gender.
  • EOPD full form
    Meaning : East Orange police department Category : LawSub Category : Precinct & Units What does EOPD mean or stand for ? The EOPD is a police department in East Orange,New Jersey.This community centric PD patrols the streets of the city 24/7 and is responsible for law and order.It does an efficient job of controlling crime in the area and ...
  • EOP full form
    Earth and Ocean Physics
  • EOO full form
    Equal Opportunity Office
  • EOMS full form
    Meaning : Early onset multiple sclerosis Category : MedicalSub Category : Conditions  Type : Initialism What does EOMS mean or stand for ? Early Onset Multiple Sclerosis occurs in most cases in people of the age group 20 to 40 years.Some do experience symptoms like vision blur and muscle spasms as warning signs of this incurable disease that affects ...
  • EOMI full form
    Extraocular Movements Intact
  • EOMB full form
    explanation of medical benefits What does EOMB mean or stand for ? Medical benefits and healthcare plans are given to employees of a company and the limitations and usage of this policy is explained by a member of the Human Resource department. 
  • EOM full form
    End Of Message (file transfer marker)
  • EOLAS full form
    Embedded Objects Linked Across Systems
  • EOL-RR full form
    end-of-life recycling rate
  • EOK full form
    Environmentally OK What does EOK mean or stand for ? This is a certification that is given to some of today’s electronic devices and needs to be displayed on the product packaging.due to the growing concern of electronic waste and how its polluting the land fills,EOK is a feather in the cap for technology companies.
  • EOJ full form
    End Of Job (file transfer marker)
  • EOI full form
    Meaning : Expression of Interest Category : BusinessSub Category :Proposition  Type : Initialism What does EOI mean or stand for ? Expression of Interest is a business term for a company or an entity that responds to a sale or acquisition of a property/another business/business merger/contract or a stake in another concern.
  • EOHT full form
    External Oxygen and Hydrogen Tanks
  • EOFYS full form
    Meaning : End of financial year sale Category : BusinessSub Category : RetailType : Initalism What does EOFYS mean or stand for ? End Of Financial Year Sale is a retail store gimmick that is used to lure potential customers into a frenzied shopping. Huge discounts are posted and is coincided with the holiday season sometimes so that ...
  • EOF full form
    End Of File
  • EOE full form
    Errors and Omission Excepted
  • EODC full form
    Export Obligation Discharge Certificate
  • EOD full form
    End of the Day What does EOD mean or stand for ? This is a phrase that is used in electronic communication between employees of a company whereby a deadline to finish a job is given by the EOD.
  • EOC full form
    End Of Conversion What does EOC mean or stand for ? When we are talking to someone online in an semi formal manner and have nothing more to add to the conversation then we intimate the other person by saying EOC.
  • EOBJ full form
    Object code (error-checking version) (Geoworks)
  • EOBI full form
    Early Onset Bacterial Infections
  • EOB full form
    end of business
  • EOAM full form
    Endoscopic Oblique Aspiration Mucosectomy
  • EOA full form
    End Of Address
  • EO-ICWG full form
    Earth Observations International Coordination Working Group
  • EO full form
    Meaning : Essential Oils Category : Health & BeautySub Category : Oils  Type : Initialism What does EO mean or stand for ? Essential Oils are  range of natural infused and herbal concoctions that are said to have healing properties when applied on the body. They contain vitamins from flowers, fruits and trees and are added to shampoos and ...
  • ENVIS full form
    Environmental Information System
  • ENV.E. full form
    Meaning : Environmental Engineer(ing) Category : EducationSub Category :EngineeringType : Abbreviation What does ENV.E mean or stand for ? The main job of an environmental engineer is to create systems and products that will indirectly affect the environment. This could be systems for irrigation, oceans,forestry,agriculture etc.
  • ENV full form
    Meaning : Environment Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Environment & Ecology Type : Abbreviation What does ENV mean or stand for ? Environment or also the ecological habitat is the natural world that we live in and consists of flora fauna, weather systems,water bodies, geo physical constructs and all other natural phenomena.
  • ENTER full form
    Enter Stack Frame
  • ENSS full form
    Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem
  • ENSDF full form
    Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File
  • ENS full form
    Enhanced Network Services
  • ENRP full form
    Environment and Natural Resources Program
  • ENRM full form
    Ethernet Network Routing Module
  • ENR full form
    Enrichment and reprocessing
  • ENOS full form
    endothelial nitric oxide synthase
  • ENOD full form
    Effective Number Of Digits
  • ENOB full form
    Effective Numbers of Bits
  • ENO full form
    Awesome cool
  • ENNIT full form
    Meaning : Aint it Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slang  Type : Initialism What does ENNIT mean or stand for ? ENNIT or INNIT is a regional slang phrase to describe “isnt it” or “aint it”.This expression of agreement is used mainly in the UK by immigrants of Indian origin,
  • ENN full form
    Emergency News Network
  • ENMU full form
    Eastern New Mexico University
  • ENMOC full form
    Meaning : El Nino Monitoring Center Category : GeoglobeSub Category :Weather & ClimateType : Acronym What does ENMOC mean or stand for ? El Nino Monitoring Center is a weather station that tracks,measures,analyzes this unusual weather formation pattern that brings drought to cities along the coast.the ENMOC has a primary job of warning the countries before hand of ...
  • ENM full form
    Emergency Notification Message
  • ENLF full form
    Elam National Liberation Front
  • ENL full form
    Eleven Nineteen Leukemia
  • ENIT full form
    Meaning : Isn’t it Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slang  Type : Accent What does ENIT mean or stand for ? Isn’t it or INNIT is a phrase used often by Indians and Asians who live in England. Due to their accent mix of traditional Indian and British INNIT has become a very familiar word used by them.
  • ENID full form
    EGC (closed-) Network Identification code (Inmarsat)
  • ENIAC full form
    Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
  • ENHD full form
    Meaning : Egyptian Navy hydro graphic department Category : MilitarySub Category : Navy What does ENHD mean or stand for ? ENHD is one of the premier hydro-graphic departments in Egypt and assists the Egyptian Navy and other commercial vessels.Some of its main functions are surveying,navigation,oceanography,Maritime safety and coastal management among others.IT patrols the waters of Egypt and also ...
  • ENFIA full form
    Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
  • ENFF full form
    Extended Neutral File Format
  • ENEA full form
    Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie
  • ENE full form
    Erratic Neurotic Erotic
  • ENDZ full form
    Area where you live
  • ENDT full form
    ElectroNeuro Diagnostic Technology
  • ENDS full form
    Ends Segment What does ENDS mean or stand for ? This is a term ion code that is used often in many types of computer programming languages in order to end a specific program segment before a new one can be started.
  • ENDOR full form
    Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance
  • ENDL full form
    Evaluated Nuclear Data Library
  • ENDF full form
    Evaluated Neutron Data File
  • END full form
    Exotic Newcastle Disease
  • ENCODE full form
    Encyclopedia of DNA Elements
  • ENCL full form
    Meaning : Enclosed Category : EducationSub Category :TerminologyType : Abbreviation What does ENCL mean or stand for ? Enclosed is a term used in correspondence, letters and email in order to notify the recipient that there is another document attached along with the primary letter. It is denoted by ENCL.
  • ENCG full form
    Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion
  • ENC full form
    Encoded (file name extension)
  • ENAV full form
    En Route Navigational Aids
  • ENAT full form
    every now and then What does ENAT mean or stand for ? When we want to say “ever so often” or an event that occurs moderately often or regularly in small intervals we say ENAT.
  • ENAP full form
    Energetic Neutral Atom Precipitation
  • ENACW full form
    East North Atlantic Central Water
  • ENAC full form
    Energetic Neutral Atom Camera
  • ENABL full form
    IEEE Workshop on Enabling Technologies
  • EN full form
  • EMWRT full form
    Euromicro Workshop on Real-Time Systems
  • EMVTI full form
    Eastern Maine Vocational Technical Institute
  • EMVER full form
    Experimento Meteorologico del Verano
  • EMV full form
    Electronic Money Value
  • EMUS full form
    Electro-Mechanical Units and Systems
  • EMUO full form
    Early Morning Urine Osmolality (evaluating urine concentration)
  • EMULS. full form
    emulsum – emulsion What does EMULS. mean or stand for ? An emulsion is a chemical reaction that occurs when a thick viscous semi solid and a liquid are mixed under pressure.
  • EMUL full form
    Abbreviation for emulsion What does EMUL mean or stand for ? An emulsion is a mixture of a thick liquid and semi solid oil based fluid that has been forcefully mixed together to create a third fluid.
  • EMU full form
    Electric Multiple Unit
  • EMTS full form
    IEEE International Electronic Manufacturing Technology Symposium
  • EMTC full form
    Eastern Maine Technical College
  • EMTALA full form
    Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
  • EMT-P full form
    Meaning : Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Category : MedicalSub Category :Profession  Type : Initialism What does EMT-P mean or stand for ? Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic is an individual who is trained in both the medical as well as electronic knowledge of medical systems.This technician knows basic paramedic duties and also takes care of equipment onboard ambulances.
  • EMT-B full form
    Meaning : Emergency Medical Technician Category : MedicalSub Category :ParamedicType : Initialism What does EMT – B mean or stand for ? Emergency Medical Technician – Basic is a trained technician who is conversant in medical procedures,medical equipment as well as all the technical aspects of these machines.With a science background and medical knowledge he can attend to ...
  • EMT full form
    Meaning : Emergency Medical Technician Category : MedicalSub Category :TechnicianType : Initialism What does EMT mean or stand for ? Emergency Medical Technician is a trained paramedic who has immense knowledge about emergency life saving methods as well as a good knowledge of the technical aspects of all the medical apparatus and machines onboard the ambulance.
  • EMSS full form
    Electromagnetic Servoactuator System
  • EMSF full form
    External Maintenance and Servicing Facility
  • EMSAW full form
    EnRoute Automated Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
  • EMS full form
    Expanded Memory Specification (LIM Lotus / Intel / Microsoft)
  • EMRSA full form
    epidemic meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • EMRP full form
    Effective Monopole-Radiated Power (Intelsat)
  • EMRO full form
    Eastern Mediterranean Region of Operations
  • EMRL full form
    Equipment Maintenance Requirements List
  • EMRCP full form
    Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit
  • EMRAP full form
    Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program
  • EMR full form
    Extra Mural Research
  • EMPS full form
    Expanded Modular Power System
  • EMPI full form
    Enterprise Master Patient Index
  • EMPH full form
    Emphasis (FM transmission)
  • EMPF full form
    Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
  • EMPDP full form
    Euromicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • EMPD full form
    International Conference on Energy Management and Power Delivery
  • EMP full form
    Meaning : Electromagnetic pulse Category : ScienceSub Category : Physics  Type : Initialism What does EMP mean or stand for ? Electro-Magnetic Pulse is a short burst of energy or electromagnetic radiation exhibited by the explosion of a device or natural phenomena.In far reaches of the cosmos,the formation of stars and destruction of them cause these high wavelength pulses.Also man ...
  • EMOTICON full form
    Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg 🙂 What does EMOTICON mean or stand for ? Nowadays in our chat messengers we have ready  emoticons that represent various emotions and smiley faces.In the absence of these, we can also manually type them and they appear like :> .
  • EMO full form
    Meaning : Electronic Money Order Category : BankingSub Category :Funds transfer  Type : Initialism What does EMO mean or stand for ? Electronic Money Order is a method of transferring funds from one account to another and this can also be done for oversees transactions. It is an insured mode of payment conducted by banks and also offers insurance ...
  • EMN full form
    Engineering Management Network
  • EMML full form
    Enterprise Mashup Markup Language
  • EMMC full form
    Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • EMMA full form
    Euclidean Model MAtching
  • EMM full form
    Expanded Memory Manager
  • EMLE full form
    Electrochemical Molecular Layer Epitaxy
  • EMLA full form
    EMulsion Local Anesthetic
  • EML-EMS full form
    Element Management Layer- Element Management Service
  • EML full form
    and Email file extension What does EML mean or stand for ? In some email providers there was a way to save an entire email conversation directly without the use of Copy paste.This file that was saved on the computer had an *eml extension.
  • EMIT full form
    Enhanced Management Information Tool
  • EMIS full form
    Engineering Management Information and Systems
  • EMIR full form
    Easy Management for Internet Routers
  • EMIP full form
    Employment Market Information Programmes
  • EMILM full form
    Electro-absorbtive Modulated Isolated Laser Module
  • EMIB full form
    Executive Masters in International Business
  • EMI full form
    Meaning : Equal Monthly Installments Category : FinanceSub Category :Schemes  Type : Initialism What does EMI mean or stand for ? Equal Monthly Installments is a payment technique after taking a loan from a bank or finance institution. The loan can then be repaid by the borrower in small equal denominations every month and this EMI consists of part ...
  • EMH full form
    Emergency Medical Hologram
  • EMG full form
    Electro Myogram
  • EMF full form
    Enhanced MetaFile (graphic file format- often used as extension)
  • EMERGE full form
    East Manchester Environment and Resources Group Emergency
  • EMERG. full form
    Meaning : Emergency Department Category : MedicalSub Category :WardType : Abbreviation What does EMERG. mean or stand for ? Emergency Department or Emergency room also known as ER is a casualty ward in a hospital where emergency medical attention is given to patients who have suffered injuries,burns,trauma,accidents and chronic bouts of an illness.
  • EMERG full form
    Electronics Manufacturing Engineering Research Group
  • EMERALD full form
    Environmental Management Exchange And Resource Alliance For Local Development
  • EMEMS full form
    Elastomeric Micro-Electro-Mechanical System
  • EMEC full form
    Electromagnetic Effects Capability
  • EMEA full form
    Meaning :  Europe Middle east and Africa Category :  GeographySub Category : RegionsType :  Acronym What does EMEA mean or stand for ? Europe, the Middle East and Africa or collectively known as EMEA is a way of referring to the three regions by physical demarcation. This geographical territory all taken together as one can be used for ...
  • EME full form
    Electro Magnetic Effects
  • EMD(S) full form
    Meaning : Emergency Medical doctor Category : MedicalSub Category :Profession  Type : Initialism What does EMD(S) mean or stand for ? Emergency Medical doctor(s) are those healthcare workers and physicians who work in the ER or emergency unit or casualty ward of a hospital.They are required to report for duty all round the clock and is a very intense ...
  • EMD full form
    Meaning : Earnest Money Deposit Category : BusinessSub Category :Tenders  Type : Initialism What does EMD mean or stand for ? Earnest Money Deposit is a small token sum taken by an issuing agency who has just advertised a tender for a contract. When prospective applicants apply and bid for this tender, they need to also deposit an earnest ...
  • EMCON full form
    Emission Control (propagation)
  • EMCO full form
    Egyptian Maritime Consultant Office
  • EMCI full form
    Engineering Model Configuration Inspection
  • EMCET full form
    Engineering and Medicine Common Entrance Test
  • EMCEE full form
    MC What does EMCEE mean or stand for ? An MC is a person who is the host of a show ,which could either be a musical event, professional or recreational in nature.The emcee announces and entertains the audience and keeps them informed of the acts that are in progression.
  • EMCE full form
    Electrical Measurement and Control Engineering
  • EMCD full form
    ElectroMechanical Control Diagram
  • EMCC full form
    Emergency Mission Control Center
  • EMC(S) full form
    IEEE International Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium
  • EMC full form
    Executive Management Committee
  • EMBARC full form
    Meaning : Electronic mail broadcast to a roaming computer Category : ComputersSub Category : InternetType : Acronym What does EMBARC mean or stand for ? Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer was a common way of sending emails in the 90s.Just as we do so easily today,the networking capabilities were less technologically advanced and i order to send ...
  • EMBA full form
    Executive Masters of Business Administration
  • EMB-M full form
    IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine
  • EMB full form
    Extended Memory Block
  • EMAS full form
    Environmental Management and Auditing System
  • EMAR full form
    Electronic Medication Administration Record
  • EMAN full form
    Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
  • EMAG full form
    Editorial Management Advisory Group
  • EMACS full form
    Editing MACroS (Linux / Unix text editor)
  • EMAC full form
    Ethernet Media Access Controller
  • EMA full form
    Meaning : Email address Category : InternetSub Category :Technology  Type : Abbreviation What does EMA mean or stand for ? EMA is the short form of E-mail Address and is used in a sentence like – what is your EMA?This is a fixed ip address on the internet that is in the format of [email protected]
  • EM64T full form
    Extended Memory 64-bit Technology
  • ELV full form
    EndofLife Vehicles
  • ELTS full form
    Epithelial Lesions Triage Study
  • ELT full form
    Elementary Laboratory Technology
  • ELSU full form
    Ethernet LAN Service Unit
  • ELSSE full form
    Electronic Sky Screen Equipment
  • ELSS full form
    Meaning : Emergency Life Support System Category : TechnologySub Category :ApparatusType : Initialism What does ELSS mean or stand for ? Emergency Life Support System is a setup of oxygen tanks, breathing apparatus and electronic medical machines that are all attached to a separate power line through a generator.
  • ELSR full form
    Edge Label Switch Router
  • ELSC full form
    Earth Landing Sequence Controller
  • ELS NETWARE full form
    Entry Level System NetWare (networking)
  • ELS full form
    Entry Level Systems (early terminology for scaled down PC – no frills)
  • ELRTS full form
    Elevated Light Rail Transit System (proposed- Bangalore)
  • ELRF full form
    Meaning : Extremely Low Radio Frequency Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does ELRF mean or stand for ? This type of radiation is seen in far out galaxies and they are detected by observatories and research stations here on Earth.There are some other scientific basis for ELRF and their production.
  • ELPG full form
    Extended Life Premium Generator
  • ELPAT full form
    Environmental Lead Proficiency Analytical Testing Program
  • ELP full form
  • ELOT full form
    Greek Organization for Standardization (Greece)
  • ELOB full form
    Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound
  • ELO full form
    Explosives Liaison Officer
  • ELNS full form
    Eller noe s
  • ELNES full form
    EnergyLoss NearEdge Structure
  • ELMU full form
    Elaeagnus Multiflora
  • ELMT full form
    ElectroMechanical Technology
  • ELMS full form
    Environmental Land Management Scheme
  • ELMQ full form
    Elaboration Likelihood Model Questionnaire
  • ELML full form
    eLesson Markup Language
  • ELMF full form
    Emitted Light Modulation Frequency
  • ELMB full form
    Extended Local Monitor Board
  • ELM3 full form
    ELongated Mitochondria 3
  • ELM2 full form
    ELongated Mitochondria 2
  • ELM1 full form
    ELongated Mitochondria 1
  • ELM full form
    Emitted Light Modulation
  • ELLO full form
    Meaning : Hello Category : SlangSub Category :GreetingType : Similie What does ELLO mean or stand for ? Ello is quick ,cute and modern way of saying hello.People pronounce this even in real life and online it is used alot by young users of the internet.
  • ELLLO full form
    English Listening Lesson Library On-line
  • ELLIPT full form
    Meaning : Elliptical Category : MathematicsSub Category : TrajectoryType : Abbreviation What does ELLIPT mean or stand for ? Elliptical is the shape of a path or trajectory traced by a moving object.It is not circular but oval in shape similar to the revolution of the Earth around the Sun in its annual cycle.
  • ELLIOT full form
    Engineers Live Life In Otts Together
  • ELLF full form
    Expected LogLikelihood Function
  • ELLE full form
    Elle Looks Like EMACS
  • ELLD full form
    Elective – Lower Division
  • ELLB full form
    eDAQ Low Level Board
  • ELL full form
    Equivalent Loudness Level
  • ELKS full form
    Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset
  • ELIZA full form
    Meaning : Primitive AI program (1966) after Eliza Doolittle of Pygmalio Category : ComputersSub Category :Program  Type : Reference primitive AI program (1966) after Eliza Doolittle of Pygmalion What is the full form of ELIZA and meaning ? This was one of the earliest attempts at artificial intelligence and was created by a department at MIT in order to try ...
  • ELIX. full form
  • ELISA full form
    Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay
  • ELINT full form
    Electromagnetic Intelligence
  • ELINSL full form
    IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation
  • ELIF full form
    ELse IF
  • ELH full form
    Entire Life History
  • ELFEXT full form
    Equal-Level Far-End Cross-Talk
  • ELF full form
    Extremely Low Frequency What does ELF mean or stand for ? This is a short form that is used quite often in radio frequency communication or also in the telecom and mobile industries to refer to a part of the spectrum.
  • ELEO full form
    Meaning : Extremely Low Earth Orbit Category : AerospaceSub Category :Satellites  Type : Initialism What does ELEO mean or stand for ? Extremely Low Earth Orbit is achieved by satellites that are launched into the atmosphere by rockets and this term could also be used to describe the altitude of weather balloons and similar weather measurement devices.
  • ELED full form
    Edge-emitting Light-Emitting Diode
  • ELECTRA full form
    Enhanced Light Efficiency Cophasing Telescope Resolution Actuator
  • ELECTR full form
  • ELEC full form
    Enterprise Local Exchange Carrier
  • ELE full form
    Extremely Low-frequency Emission (monitors)
  • ELDV full form
    Electrically Operated Depressurization Valve
  • ELDISC full form
    Electrical Disconnect
  • ELD full form
    Equivalent Lens Diameter What does ELD mean or stand for ? This measurement is used for various types of glass lenses that maybe used in either microscopes,telescopes or other types of optical instruments.
  • ELCS full form
    Equipment Load Carrying Subsystem
  • ELCP full form
    Emergency Lighting Control Panel
  • ELCIWA full form
    Electronics Component Industries Association
  • ELCINA full form
    Electronics and Radar Development Establishment
  • ELCI full form
    Environment Liaison Centre International
  • ELC full form
    Embedded Linking and Control
  • ELBW full form
    Meaning : Extremely Low Birth Weight Category : MedicalSub Category :PregnancyType : Initialism What does ELBW mean or stand for ? When a child is born it is immediately weighed and head circumference taken.If the weight is too less then it might need to be in an incubation chamber for a few days or weeks.
  • ELAN full form
    Emulated Local Area Network
  • ELAD full form
    Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device
  • ELACS full form
    Extended Life Attitude Control System
  • EL.B.A. full form
    ELectronics and Biotechnology Advanced
  • EL full form
    Meaning : Earned Leave Category : CorporateSub Category :Systems  Type : Initialism What does EL mean or stand for ? Earned Leave is different from casual leave and these holidays are given to employees of a company. Each employee is allotted certain number of free days in the calendar year that they can avail of  anytime during the term ...
  • EKTS full form
    Electronic Key Telephone Set
  • EKOR full form
    Trojan Backdoor.Sdbot.AQ computer virus
  • EKN full form
  • EKMS full form
    Electronic Key Management System
  • EKM full form
  • EKE full form
    Encrypted Key Exchange (protocol)
  • EKC full form
  • EKAS full form
    Essential Knowledge and Skills What does EKAS mean or stand for ? EKAS are some of the most important parameters that are needed in order to be selected or hired for a particular purpose/job. These might be technical EKAS related to a certain hardware or business.
  • EJTAG full form
    Enhanced JTAG
  • EJO full form
    Engineering Job Order
  • EJDE full form
    Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
  • EJB full form
    Enterprise Java Beans
  • EJASA full form
    Electronic Journal Of The Astronomical Society Of The Atlantic
  • EIVT full form
    Electrical and Instrumentation Verification Test
  • EIUS full form
    Meaning : Environmental Improvement of Urban Slums Category : Socio EconomicSub Category :Infrastructure  Type : Initialism What does EIUS mean or stand for ? The slums in large cities area  major cause of water pollution and also put lots of pressure on the resources of the municipality. In order to curb this menace,the state government forms a committee known ...
  • EIU full form
    Eastern Illinois University
  • EITS full form
    essential IT skills
  • EITF full form
    Emerging Issues Task Force
  • EITC full form
    Earned Income Tax Credit What does EITC mean or stand for ? When we pay our taxes then there are certain rebates and credits that come back to us in our account depending on the documents we have submitted and these are known as EITC.
  • EIT full form
    Extremeultraviolet Imaging Telescope
  • EISA full form
    Extended Industry Standard Architecture
  • EIS full form
    Meaning : Executive information system Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & ProgramsType : Initialism What does EIS mean or stand for ? Executive Information System is a new type of information system that is available on a networked computer to managers and senior staff of a company office.This EIS contains vital information about the company that can help ...
  • EIRR full form
    Economic Internal Rate of Return
  • EIRP full form
    Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
  • EIRF full form
    Electronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee
  • EIR full form
    Equipment Identity Register
  • EIPP full form
    Environmental Internet Procurement Portal
  • EIPA full form
    Meaning : Electronic Information and Communication for Pedagogical Academies (Austria) Category : EducationSub Category :Information systemsType : Initialism Electronic Information and Communication for Pedagogical Academies (Austria) What is the full form of EIPA and meaning ? This is one of the ICTs – Information and communication systems used between schools by teachers who are being trained in classroom techniques ...
  • EIP full form
    Meaning : Early intervention in psychosis Category : MedicalSub Category :Psychology  Type : Initialism What does EIP mean or stand for ? Early intervention in psychosis is the timely professional help that is sought from an expert in mental health. If the issue is nipped in the bud early on then there is faster and more positive chance of ...
  • EIO full form
    Enhanced Input Output
  • EINA full form
    Encrypted Inbound Network Access
  • EIMWT full form
    Echo Integration-MidWater Trawl
  • EIM full form
    Ethernet Inverse Mapper
  • EIL full form
    Engineers India Limited
  • EIINET full form
    Emerging Infections Information Network (Yale University)
  • EIIA full form
    Embedded Industrial Internet Appliance
  • EIHDW full form
    Evaluation Of Ischemic Heart Disease In Women
  • EIGRP full form
    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • EIFI full form
  • EIFA full form
    Element Interface Functional Analysis
  • EIF full form
    Echogenic Intracardiac Focus
  • EIET full form
    Electrical and Information Engineering Technology
  • EIERA full form
    Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
  • EIEQ full form
    Electronic Interlocking EQuipment
  • EIEOS full form
    Electric Idle Exit Ordered Set
  • EIEO full form
    Energy In
  • EIEM full form
    Environmental Interference Effects Model
  • EIEK full form
    Equilibrium Isotope Exchange Kinetics
  • EIEG full form
    Equipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Grant
  • EIEEA full form
    Excellence In Engineering Educator Award
  • EIEE full form
    Electrically Independent Earth Electrode
  • EIEC full form
    Enteroinvasive Escherichia Coli
  • EIE full form
    Electron Impact Excitation
  • EIDP full form
    End Item Data Package
  • EIDI full form
    Bitmap graphics (Electric Image EIDI file)
  • EIDE full form
    Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
  • EID full form
    Exercise Intolerance Disorder
  • EICS full form
    Emergency Integrated Communication System
  • EICCD full form
    Eastern Iowa Community College District
  • EICAS full form
    Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System
  • EIC full form
    Electron Indifferent Cardinal
  • EIBW full form
    Effective Instantaneous BandWidth
  • EIBJ full form
    Electromigration-Induced Break Junction
  • EIBI full form
    Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention What does EIBI mean or stand for ? This type of treatment is administered early on in a patient who might show signs of psychological or mental disorder that affect personality,behavior and temperament. Trained professionals often conduct multiple sessions in order to try and correct the disorder.
  • EIBA full form
    Eastern Iowa Bonsai Association
  • EIB full form
    Economic Intelligence Bureau
  • EIASN full form
    End Item Assembly Sequence Number
  • EIAS full form
    Export Inspection Agencies
  • EIAP full form
    Emirates Institute of Architects and Planners
  • EIAF full form
    Expanded Inward Access Features
  • EIA full form
    Electronic Industries Association
  • EI-M full form
    IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
  • EI full form
    Meaning : Electromagnetic Interference Category : ScienceSub Category :Physics  Type : Initialism What does EI mean or stand for ? Electromagnetic Interference is due to the strong electromagnetic waves emitted and these high frequency pulses cause disturbance in electronic equipment.
  • EHZ full form
    Meaning :  Exa Hertz Category : ScienceSub Category : MetricType :  Initialism What does EHZ mean or stand for ? Exa-Hertz (1018 Hz) is a unit of frequency and is used widely in physics and science in general. It is measures as 10 raised to 18 hertz or a billion billion hertz – also known as quintillion in ...
  • EHX full form
    Experiment Dedicated Heat Exchanger
  • EHW full form
    East Headwaters
  • EHVT full form
    Edinburgh Heart Valve Trial
  • EHV full form
    Electric Heart Vector
  • EHTP full form
    Electronics Hardware Technology Park
  • EHT full form
    Extremely High Tension What does EHT mean or stand for ? This is a phrase that is used in electrical engineering and refers to a current carrying transmission line that is high voltage in the range of several kilovolts.
  • EHSDS full form
    Experimental Health Services Delivery System
  • EHS full form
    Enhanced HOSC System
  • EHPS full form
    Endurance Horse and Pony Society of Great Britain
  • EHPH full form
    Extrahepatic Portal Hypertension
  • EHPC full form
    Extended High Priority Command
  • EHP full form
    Extended High Power
  • EHOB full form
    elevated head of bed
  • EHO full form
    Environmental Health Officer
  • EHLP full form
  • EHLLAPI full form
    Emulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface
  • EHIB full form
    Meaning : Environmental health investigations branch Category : Environment & EcologySub Category : Research What does EHIB mean or stand for ? The EHIB is part of an organization that studies and researches the ill effects of pollutants and carcinogens in the atmosphere on the human body. These contaminants are all man made and the reason for their prevalence in the air ...
  • EHI full form
    Meaning : Enormous hail index Category : WeatherSub Category :  Measurements Type : Initialism What does EHI mean or stand for ? The full form of EHI forms part of an array of weather mapping systems used all over the world.Enormous Hail Index is a mesauring system used to predict hail storms and its frequency.This is especially useful for weather prediction ...
  • EHF full form
    Extremely High Frequency (more than 30 GHz)
  • EHEN full form
    Exceptional Human Experience Network
  • EHD full form
  • EHCI full form
    Enhanced Host Controller Interface
  • EHC full form
    Electrical Heating Control
  • EHBP full form
    Extrahepatic Biliary Passages
  • EHBF full form
    Estimated Hepatic Blood Flow
  • EHBD full form
    Extrahepatic Bile Duct
  • EHAP full form
    Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia What does EHAP mean or stand for ? EHAP is a group of citizens that have come together to monitor the internet and try to trap pedophiles by luring them using fictitious accounts.These citizens then produce the preying pedophiles to the cops.
  • EHA full form
    Emergency and Humanitarian Action What does EHA mean or stand for ? An EHA is a mission that is undertaken by a social group or government that is trying to help out a group of people or work together for a particular cause.For example when African refugees crossed the sea and entered Europe in small barges which ...
  • EH&S full form
    Environmental Health and Safety
  • EGW full form
    Edge Gateway
  • EGTA full form
    Ethylene glycol bis(2aminoethyl ether)tetraacetic acid
  • EGT full form
    Meaning : Elapsed ground time Category : AerospaceSub Category : Metrics Type : Initialism What does EGT mean or stand for ? Elapsed Ground Time is a measurement metric used by space agencies like NASA and ESA who use this as a reference to calculate parameters of an ongoing mission.With respect to Earth time a clock timer is started from ...
  • EGSM full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does EGSM mean or stand for ? Extended GSM is the frequency range of a mobile handset that  is receiving or transmitting on the GSM range of frequencies.This is usually in the coverage spectrum of 88 MHZ to 960 Mhz.All mobile handsets are tuned to ...
  • EGSE full form
    Electrical Ground Support Equipment
  • EGS-PMDA full form
    Meaning : Project Management Decisional Assistant for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Category : GeologySub Category :Systems professional  Type : Initialism Project Management Decisional Assistant for Enhanced Geothermal Systems What is the full form of EGS PMDA and meaning ? An enhanced geothermal system is a naturally occurring heat and rock system that naturally allows the generation of energy from this system. ...
  • EGS full form
    Education Guarantee Scheme
  • EGRET full form
    Energetic Gamma Ray Explorer Telescope
  • EGREP full form
    Extended Global Regular Expression Print
  • EGR full form
    Energy Generation Region
  • EGPWS full form
    Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • EGPRS full form
    Enhanced General Packet Radio Service
  • EGP full form
    Exterior Gateway Protocol
  • EGOM full form
    Empowered Group of Ministers
  • EGO full form
    Exhaust Gas Oxygen
  • EGN full form
    Experimental Glomerulonephritis
  • EGM full form
    extraordinary general meeting
  • EGL full form
    English as a Global Language What does EGL mean or stand for ? This was a program promoted by many entities that tried to propagate the usage of English as a global language and a medium to transact all types of business and culture.
  • EGIF full form
    Electronic Government Interoperability Framework
  • EGI full form
    Embedded Gateway Interface
  • EGG full form
    Energy Gradient Growth
  • EGF full form
    Epidermal Growth Factor
  • EGDS full form
    Ethylene Glycol DiSstearate
  • EGD full form
    Electronic Government Directorate
  • EGCS full form
    Meaning : Early Gastric Carcinomas Category : MedicalSub Category :ConditionType : Initialism EGCS full form- Early Gastric Carcinomas What is the full form of EGCS and meaning ? These are types of stomach cancers that originate in the mucosa or sub mucosa and maybe treated by various techniques depending on their position and stage.   What is EGCS? Out of the many search terms ...
  • EGCG full form
    epigallocatechin gallate
  • EGC full form
    Experiments Ground Compute
  • EGAS full form
    ECCMA Global Attribute Schema
  • EGAPP full form
    Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention
  • EGADS full form
    Edwards Geophysical Analysis Display System
  • EGA full form
    Enhanced Graphics Adapter (Accelerator)
  • EG full form
    Evil Grin What does EG mean or stand for ? EG is just of the many expressions we type out while talking to someone online.If we want to be mischievous or play a prank on someone, then we use this short form.
  • EFX full form
    EFfect eXtenstion
  • EFWP full form
    Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania
  • EFWA full form
    Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
  • EFV full form
  • EFTS full form
    Meaning : Electronic Funds Transfer System Category : BusinessSub Category :Banking  Type : Initialism What does EFTS mean or stand for ? Electronic Funds Transfer System is a way of transferring funds from one bank account to another through a secure protected electronic channel. There are three main ways of doing this, either through an NEFT,RTGS or IMPS transfer.
  • EFTPS full form
    Electronic Federal Tax Payment System What does EFTPS mean or stand for ? The EFTPS is a secured online  portal that helps users login to the system and submit their tax documentation as well as pay their tax liabilities directly.
  • EFTPOS full form
    Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale What does EFTPOS mean or stand for ? This POS system is used in retail outlets, shopping marts etc and gives the customer a direct link to pay their bill from their bank accounts or cards into that of the seller.
  • EFTO full form
    Encrypted for Transmission Only
  • EFTIR full form
    Emission Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
  • EFTA full form
    European Free Trade Association
  • EFT full form
    Meaning : Electronic Funds Transfer Category : BankingSub Category :Funds transfer  Type : Initialism What does EFT mean or stand for ? Electronic Funds Transfer is the technological process of transferring money from your bank account to another account known as a beneficiary. This routing system is interlinked between all banks and financial institutions each having a unique IFSC ...
  • EFSQ full form
    Ex Falso Sequitur Quodlibet
  • EFSB full form
    Energy Facilities Siting Board
  • EFS full form
    Event Free Survival time from diagnosis to defined events (eg
  • EFRF full form
    Equipment Failure Report Form
  • EFRD full form
    EcoFriendly Radiation Detector
  • EFRC full form
    Environmentally Friendly Road Construction
  • EFRB full form
    Educational Facility Revenue Bond
  • EFRA full form
    Enhanced Farm Research Analyst
  • EFR full form
    Meaning : Exchange Fluctuation Reserve Category : EconomicsSub Category :Reserve systemType : Initialism EFR full form – Exchange Fluctuation Reserve What is the full form of EFR and meaning ? When gold bullion prices and foreign exchange rates fluctuate over a certain period of time, then these monetary losses or gains can be recorded and funds stored separately in ...
  • EFPS full form
    Meaning : Employees Family Pension Scheme Category : GovernmentSub Category :Schemes  Type : Initialism What does EFPS mean or stand for ? Employees Family Pension Scheme is a payout method for retired government employees that wish to nominate a member of their family-usually spouse- to receive part of their pension after their demise.
  • EFP full form
    Effective Fringing Property
  • EFOCS full form
    Evanescent Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor
  • EFMP full form
    Electronic Forest Management Plans
  • EFL full form
    Emitter Follower Logic
  • EFIS full form
    Electronic Flight Information Systems What does EFIS mean or stand for ? These are the types of electronic interfaces that give all types of information related to the flight including basic data like altitude,flight times,speed,schedules etc. 
  • EFICS full form
    Electronic Financial Inventory Control System
  • EFI&T full form
    Engineer Furnish Install and Test
  • EFI full form
    Extensible Firmware Interface
  • EFFORT full form
    Easy Flat File Organization Report Tool
  • EFFFL full form
    extra friendly friends for life
  • EFFC full form
    East Freehold Fire Company
  • EFF full form
    Meaning : Electronic frontier foundation Category : InternetSub Category : Organizations & Foundations  Type : Initialism What does EFF mean or stand for ? Electronic Frontier Foundation is  an organization that works towards civil liberties on the internet.It advocates and fights for the freedom of expression for people in the online world and also educates users on digital rights in ...
  • EFEC full form
    Enhanced Forward Error Correction
  • EFDS full form
    Explicit Fractional Derivative System
  • EFD full form
    Engineer Friendly Documentation
  • EFCT full form
  • EFCS full form
    Earth Fixed Coordinate System
  • EFCI full form
    Explicit Forward Congestion Indication
  • EFC full form
    Expect Further Clearance
  • EFA full form
    Extended File Attribute
  • EF&I full form
    Engineering | Furnishing and Installation
  • EF full form
    Epidermal Fragments
  • EEZ full form
    Exclusive Economic Zone
  • EEV full form
    Emergency Escape Vehicle
  • EETDN full form
    End-to-End Transit Delay Negotiation
  • EETB full form
    Electronic Electrical Termination Building
  • EET full form
    Electrical Engineering Technologies
  • EESS full form
    Earth Exploration Satellite Service (ITU)
  • EESN full form
    Expanded Electronic Serial Number
  • EESA full form
    Energy Efficiency Standards Act What does EESA mean or stand for ? In todays day and age of climate control and excessive pollution, all electronic products need to be energy compliant and save energy by using good hardware. The EESA makes this mandatory and even publishes ratings for energy efficiency on these consumer products.
  • EES full form
    Escrow Encryption Standard
  • EERUF full form
    Error Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing
  • EEROM full form
    Meaning : Electronically Erasable Read-Only Memory Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Acronym What does EEROM mean or stand for ? Electronically Erasable Read-Only Memory is a computer ROM that is also used in other devices and contains startup files, bios boot files,diagnotic programs and essential commands that are needed to boot the device. You cannot ...
  • EERA full form
    Educational Employment Relations Act
  • EER full form
    Estimated Energy Requirement
  • EEQ full form
    Evaluation Of Effort And Quota
  • EEPROM full form
    Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • EEPLD full form
    Electrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device
  • EEPG full form
    Enhanced Electronic Program Guide
  • EEPC full form
    Equal Employment Practices Commission
  • EEP full form
    Einstein Equivalence Principle
  • EEOIFNO full form
    Execute Every Other Instruction From Now On
  • EEOC full form
    Meaning : Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Category : GovernmentSub Category : Commission  Type : Initialism What does EEOC mean or stand for ? Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a band of representatives from different all sections of society,gender and race who ensure that there is no bias in the selection of citizens for a particular job or opportunity.
  • EEO full form
    Equal Employment Opportunities
  • EENT full form
  • EEMS full form
    Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification
  • EEMP full form
    Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program
  • EEM full form
    Extended Memory Management
  • EELV full form
    End Expiratory Lung Volume
  • EELS full form
    Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
  • EEL full form
    Epsilon Extension Language
  • EEK full form
    Expression of surprise distress What does EEK mean or stand for ? When we see or hear something ghastly and horrific or disgusting then the first word that comes to our mouths is EEK! This has long been used as a representation of a horror shriek! 
  • EEIC full form
    Electrical/Electronics Insulation Conference
  • EEI full form
    External Environment Interface
  • EEHO full form
    Either End Hop Off
  • EEHA full form
    Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas
  • EEG full form
    Electro Encephalogram
  • EEFL full form
    External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp
  • EEFC full form
    Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
  • EEF full form
    Extended Fund Facility
  • EEEV full form
    Eastern equine encephalitis virus
  • EEE full form
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering What does EEE mean or stand for ? Some colleges offer a combination of both electronics as well as electrical engineering as a single subject to graduate in.Here we learn all about power transmission as well as electronic components of hardware devices.
  • EEDID full form
    Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data
  • EEDF full form
    Electron Energy Distribution Function
  • EECT full form
    Electricity Electronics Computer Technology
  • EECS full form
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science What does EECS mean or stand for ? This is a branch of electrical engineering that has a good part of the syllabus dealing with computer science and programming.
  • EECP full form
    Enhanced External Cardiac Pulsation
  • EECC full form
    Extraordinary Electrical Circuit Change
  • EEC full form
    Extended Error Correction
  • EEA full form
    Exchange Equalization Account
  • EE full form
    Meaning : Executive engineer Category : EngineeringSub Category :Position  Type : Initialism What does EE mean or stand for ? Executive Engineer is usually an engineer from the civil department of a municipal of government building repair department. This executive engineer reports to the chief engineer and his main duties include inspecting the building plans, survey plans, blueprints and ...
  • EDY full form
    Edit Data Yourself
  • EDXRF full form
    Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
  • EDX full form
    EnergyDispersive Xray Analysis
  • EDVAC full form
    Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
  • EDV full form
    Meaning : End Diastolic volume Category : MedicalSub Category : Cardiology  Type : Initialism What does EDV mean or stand for ? End Diastolic Volume is the volume of blood in the hearts ventricular chambers when it is at its peak filing capacity.Once the chamber is completely filled up,then the systolic process of emptying the chamber begins.This diastolic volume ...
  • EDUMACATION full form
  • EDUC full form
    education What does EDUC mean or stand for ? Short form for any sentence that deals with education, training and places where scheduled teaching classes are conducted.
  • EDU full form
    Meaning : Education  Category : InternetSub Category : Domain and Hosting  Type : Abbreviation What does EDU mean or stand for ? Education is also used as .edu and is a extension for domain names on the internet.This type of domain name extension is not given freely to everyone and is regulated for use only by verified educational organizations.Its frequently ...
  • EDTV full form
    Enhanced Definition Television
  • EDTR full form
    Effective Data Transfer Rate (transmission)
  • EDTA full form
    Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid
  • EDT full form
  • EDSX full form
    Electronic Digital Signal Cross-connect
  • EDSS full form
    Expanded Disability Status Scale
  • EDSL full form
    Extended DSL (access)
  • EDSI full form
    Enhanced Small Device Interface
  • EDSAC full form
    Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
  • EDS. full form
  • EDS full form
    Electronic Data Systems (corporation)
  • EDRMS full form
    Electronic Document and Records Management System
  • EDRM full form
    Enterprise Digital Rights Management
  • EDRAM full form
    Enhanced DRAM (also EDORAM- EDOSRAM- EDOVRAM) What does EDRAM mean or stand for ? In the early and mid 90s this was the standard memory module that was used in all types of computer systems. It was available in 16MB/32MB and 64MB variants.
  • EDR full form
    Event Data Recorder
  • EDQNM full form
    Eddie- Dampened Quasi- Normal Markovian
  • EDPS full form
    Electronic Data Processing System
  • EDPM full form
    Electronic Data Processing Machine
  • EDPE full form
    Electronic Data Processing Equipment
  • EDPAF full form
    EDP Auditors Foundation
  • EDPAA full form
    EDP Auditors Association
  • EDOS full form
    Enhanced DOS for windows What does EDOS mean or stand for ? When Windows was introduced, DOS and other character based interfaces became almost obsolete. In order  to get users to continue using DOS,a version known as EDOS was bundled with Windows Installations.
  • EDOMP full form
    EDO Medical Project
  • EDODRAM full form
    Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory.
  • EDO-RAM full form
    Meaning : Extended Data Output Random Access Memory Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Abbreviation What does EDO RAM mean or stand for ? Extended Data Output Random Access Memory is a type of computer RAM that existed in the mid 90s and powered Intel Pentium PCs.They were available in memories of 8MB,16MB,32MB and would fit onto the motherboard ...
  • EDO RAM full form
    Meaning : Extended Data Output RAM Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Acronym What does EDO RAM mean or stand for ? Extended Data Output RAM (memory) were old memory modules that were placed on motherboards in PCs of the 90s.They were available in 16,32 and 64MB sticks and were used to power the Pentium core ...
  • EDO full form
    Extended Data Out (new RAM and DRAM data access technology)
  • EDO DRAM full form
    Meaning :  Extra data output DRAM Category :  ComputersSub Category :Memory  Type :  Acronym What does EDO DRAM mean or stand for ? The full form of EDO RAM is used often in hardware and computing.Extended Data Output DRAM is a type of computer memory random access memory hardware that was used in the mid 1990s.IT was the successor ...
  • EDNS full form
    Extension mechanisms for the Domain Name System protocol
  • EDN full form
    Meaning :  Edition Category :  BooksSub Category : Language & LiteratureType : Abbreviation What does EDN mean or stand for ? An edition is a version of a particular text,book, publication, journal or written transcript that is released at a particular time.Editions are released periodically which are numbered and have variations between each consecutive release. 
  • EDMU full form
    External Debt Management Unit
  • EDMO full form
    High Performance Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications
  • EDMAX full form
    Educational Management Exchange
  • EDMA full form
    Enhanced DirectMemoryAccess
  • EDM full form
    Electronic Document Management
  • EDLT full form
    Electric Double Layer Transistor
  • EDLN full form
    Engineering Development Logic Network
  • EDLIN full form
    EDitor for LINe text
  • EDLC full form
    Ethernet Data Link Control
  • EDL full form
    Edit Decision List
  • EDKM full form
    Every Disease Known to Man
  • EDIU full form
    Expansion Digital Interface Unit
  • EDIS full form
    Emergency Digital Information System/Service
  • EDIMAR full form
    Electronic Data Interchange of Maritime documents (ICT)
  • EDIM full form
    Electronic Data Interchange Message
  • EDIFACT full form
    EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport
  • EDIF full form
    Electronic Design Interchange Format
  • EDIDAG full form
    Electronic Data Interchange of Dangerous Goods information
  • EDID full form
    Extended Display Identification Data
  • EDI full form
    Electronic Data Interchange
  • EDH full form
    Electronic Document Handling
  • EDGY full form
    Cutting edge What does EDGY mean or stand for ? This is a word that is used when we want to describe the latest gadgets and technological marvels that showcase new and improved features.
  • EDGE full form
    Meaning : Enhanced data for GSM evolution Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :TechnologyType : Acronym What does EDGE mean or stand for ? Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution or also known as EDGE is a mobile technology that works on GSM networks which was used to transfer data at a faster rate.Not only was this technology capable of better ...
  • EDGAR full form
    Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval
  • EDFA full form
    Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (fiber optics)
  • EDF full form
    Engineering Data File
  • EDESPL full form
    Endorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
  • EDEPR full form
    Electrically Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
  • EDENDOR full form
    Electrically Detected Electron-Nuclear DOuble Resonance
  • EDE full form
    Embedded Development Environment
  • EDDMS full form
    Electronic Document Database and Management System
  • EDDC full form
    Extended Distance Data Cable
  • EDD full form
    Enhanced Disk Drive Services
  • EDCT full form
    Expedite Departure Path
  • EDCP full form
    Engineering Design Change Proposal
  • EDCOMP full form
    EdCompCon – Educational Computing Conference
  • EDCM full form
    Every Disabled Child Matters
  • EDCIL full form
    Educational Consultants India Limited
  • EDCH full form
    Enhanced D-Channel Handler
  • EDC full form
    Enhanced Data Correction
  • EDBP full form
    Erect Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • EDBI full form
    Educational Development Bank of India
  • EDB full form
    Embedded Data Base
  • EDAX full form
    Energy Dispersive Analysis Of X
  • EDAR full form
    Education Department Acquisition Regulation
  • EDAMS full form
  • EDAM full form
    Enhanced Digital Announcement Machine
  • EDACS full form
    Enhanced Digital Access Communications System
  • EDAC full form
    Error Detection and Correction (transmission)
  • EDA full form
    Embedded Document Architecture
  • ED.S. full form
    Meaning : Educational specialist Category : EducationSub Category : Awards & AccoladesType : Initialism What does ED.S mean or stand for ? Educational Specialist is an academic scholar who is trained in the profession of teaching,classroom studies and the imparting of education to others.This is a high level speciality course that is done as a postgraduate course after bachelors ...
  • ED.L.D. full form
    Doctor of Education Leadership
  • ED. D full form
    Educational Doctorate
  • ED RAM full form
    Meaning : Enhanced Dynamic RAM Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does ED RAM mean or stand for ? Enhanced Dynamic RAM is a type of computer memory device that can be placed on the motherboard of a computer.It was released before the advent of the dynamic data RAM hit the commercial markets.
  • ED full form
    Meaning : External Device Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does ED mean or stand for ? External Device is a hardware peripheral or auxiliary plug and play device that can be directly connected to an external port or hub of a computer or smartphone. Most of these devices have their own software which auto loads ...
  • ED D full form
    Education Doctorate What does ED D mean or stand for ? This is also known as a PHD in education or a doctorate in philosophy of education.There are various topics of choice that can be taken up for the thesis in order to achieve the certification.
  • ECWCFS full form
    Electrostatic Cloth and Wet Cloth Field Study
  • ECW full form
    Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • ECVFP full form
    Expanded Charted Visual Flight Procedures
  • ECVF full form
    Extra cellular Fluid Volume
  • ECV full form
    External cephalic version
  • ECUST full form
    East China University of Science and Technology
  • ECUS full form
    EC2 Compute Units
  • ECU full form
    EISA Configuration Utility
  • ECTP full form
    Ethernet Configuration Test Protocol What does ECTP mean or stand for ? When a broadband internet line is newly introduced to a client and the modem and Ethernet adapter has to be correctly configured with respect to the service providers parameters, an ECTP is conducted.
  • ECTMS full form
    electronic clinical transfusion management system
  • ECTL full form
    Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe
  • ECTFE full form
    Ethylene Chloro TriFlouroethylene
  • ECTF full form
    Meaning : Enterprise computer telephony forum Category : ComputersSub Category : Forums & GroupsType : Initialism What does ECTF mean or stand for ? Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum is group of business owners and hardware solutions companies that both traded and were involved in the technology of computer telephony.In the mid 1990s when there was dependency for telephone lines ...
  • ECTEL full form
    Eastern Caribbean TELecommunications Authority
  • ECTA full form
    Meaning : Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway Category : MedicalSub Category :AnatomyType : Initialism What does BMUS mean or stand for ? The ECTA is known as the esophagus and is primary meant for the passage of air.However since it so close to the food pipe there are times when we cough due to dust or a food particle ...
  • ECSU full form
    Eastern Connecticut State University
  • ECST full form
    Meaning : Exercise Cardiac Stress Test Category : MedicalSub Category : Clinical testing  Type : Initialism What does ECST mean or stand for ? Exercise Cardiac Stress Test is a medical evaluation of a persons physical ability with respect to the heart.The patient is made to do physical exercises like running on a treadmill and electric leads are attached ...
  • ECSSB full form
    Exalted Carrier SSB (modulation)
  • ECSM full form
    Effective Current Source Model
  • ECSFF full form
    Embedded Computing Small Form Factor
  • ECSED full form
    Electronic Commerce in Scientific and Engineering Data
  • ECSD full form
    Enhanced Circuit-Switched Data
  • ECSA full form
    Exchange Carrier Standards Association (now ATIS)
  • ECS full form
    Enhanced Chip Set
  • ECRT full form
    Meaning : Elder crime report team Category : LawSub Category : Precints & Units What does ECRT mean or stand for ? The ECRT is a watchdog that assists ane helps seniors and elders who may or have been a victim of crime and abuse.In most cases elders are ill treated or abused by their caregivers and family members.Its ...
  • ECRS full form
    Expense Cost Recovery System
  • ECRIS full form
    ElectronCyclotronResonance Ion Source
  • ECRA full form
    Engineering Change RequestAuthorization
  • ECR full form
    Engineering Change Request
  • ECQB full form
    Electro-Chemical Quartz crystal Balance
  • ECPR full form
    ElectricallyCalibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer
  • ECPE full form
    Embedded Customer-Premises Equipment (telephone company)
  • ECPC full form
    Experimental Climate Prediction Center
  • ECPAT full form
    End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism What does ECPAT mean or stand for ? This social cause was setup by a group of concerned citizens together with the help of NGOs and governments of countries like Cambodia, Laos and Thailand to name a few.
  • ECPA full form
    Electronic Communications Privacy Act 1986
  • ECP full form
    Meaning : Extended capabilities port Category : ComputersSub Category : HardwareType : Initialism What does ECP mean or stand for ? Extended Capabilities Port – This is a type of parallel port that is found on the backside of a computer and was used almost exclusively for printers.It was also known as a printer port for this reason.It could be ...
  • ECOWAS full form
    Economic Cooperation Organization of West African States
  • ECOSOC full form
    Economic and Social Council ( of the United Nations)
  • ECOSAR full form
    Ecological Structure Activity Relationships
  • ECOR full form
    Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources
  • ECON full form
    Meaning : Economics Category : EducationSub Category :EconomyType : Abbreviation What does ECON mean or stand for ? Economics is the financial health system of a country or a state and is described by the trade and business generated by the occupants of that country.
  • ECOMEG full form
    Meaning : E-Commerce Experts Group Category : InternetSub Category :E Commerce  Type : Acronym E-Commerce Experts Group What is the full form of ECOMEG and meaning ? This is a group or organization that is made up of people with a special skill set related to e commerce management, business development and information technology.   What is ECOMEG ? Out of the many search terms ...
  • ECOG full form
    Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group
  • ECNE full form
    Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer
  • ECN full form
    Engineering Change Notice
  • ECMR full form
    Equal Cost Multipath Routing
  • ECMP full form
    Equal Cost Multiple Routing (traffic)
  • ECMO full form
    Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
  • ECMIT full form
    Emirates College for Management & Information Technology
  • ECMHSA full form
    East Central Michigan Health Systems Agency
  • ECMEA full form
    Enhanced Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm
  • ECMA full form
    European Computer Manufacturers Association
  • ECM full form
    Electronic Control Module
  • ECLSS full form
    Environmental Control and Life Support System What does ECLSS mean or stand for ? These are artificial systems that exist on spacecraft and aircraft where there is no natural oxygen available and machines pump oxygen into the cavity of the spacecraft in order for the occupants to breathe easily.
  • ECLS full form
    Environmental Control and Life Support
  • ECLA full form
    Economic Commission For Latin America
  • ECL full form
    Emitter Coupled Logic
  • ECKD full form
    Extended Count Key Data
  • ECJ full form
    Engineering Change Journal
  • ECIO full form
    Experiment Computer InputOutput
  • ECIL full form
    Electronic Corporation of India Limited
  • ECIB full form
    Extracorporeal Irradiation Of Blood
  • ECI full form
    External Call Interface
  • ECHI full form
    Meaning : East Carolina Heart Institute Category : MedicalSub Category :Healthcare centers  Type : Initialism What does ECHI mean or stand for ? East Carolina Heart Institute is one of the leading cardiac care centers in the state and is dedicated solely to the treatment of cardiac ailments,blockages,arrhythmia and other .There are many surgeries performed there to install stents ...
  • ECHAM-1/LSG full form
    Coupled global Ocean- Atmosphere Model
  • ECH full form
    EnoylCoA Hydratase
  • ECGF full form
    Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty
  • ECGC full form
    Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
  • ECGA full form
    Energy Conservation Grant Award for Affordable Multifamily Housing
  • ECFVG full form
    Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (of the AVMA)
  • ECFMG full form
    Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • ECFA full form
    Evangelical Child and Family Agency
  • ECF full form
    Extracellular Fluid
  • ECET full form
    Meaning : Electrical and computer engineering technology Category : ComputersSub Category : EducationType : Initialism What does ECET mean or stand for ? Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology is an education course that is offered by technical universities all around the world.They are sometimes known as ECE and differs from the traditional computer and electrical engineering because the students learn ...
  • ECES full form
    Environmental Cost Element Structure
  • ECEP full form
    Experiment Checkout Equipment Processor
  • ECE full form
    ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING What does ECE mean or stand for ? One of the newest branches of engineering that deals with telecommunications and electronic hardware devices.Mobile communication service providers hire ECEs for their companies and there is lots of scope for these engineers.
  • ECDSA full form
    Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
  • ECDIS full form
    Electronic Chart Display Information System
  • ECDIN full form
    Environmental Chemicals Data and Information Network
  • ECD full form
    Meaning : Economic Census Division Category : GovernmentSub Category :Ministry  Type : Initialism What does ECD mean or stand for ? Economic Census Division is a department of the ministry of family affairs or part of an NGO that tracks, records and prepares reports of sections of the population with reference to their socio economic status and employment details.
  • ECCR full form
    Emerging Chemicals Control Regulations
  • ECCO full form
    Earth Coincidence Control Office
  • ECCM full form
    Electronic CounterCountermeasures
  • ECCKT full form
    Exchange Company Circuit
  • ECCE full form
    Meaning : Early Childhood Care Education Category : EducationSub Category :Certification coursesType : Initialism What does ECCE mean or stand for ? Early Childhood Care Education is a course that is meant for teachers training in order to learn the required skills to teach toddlers and elementary school children.
  • ECCB full form
    Engineering Change Control Board
  • ECC RAM full form
    Error Correcting Code RAM (memory)
  • ECC full form
    Error Correction Code
  • ECBV full form
    Effective Circulating Blood Volume
  • ECBI full form
    Effectiveness of Coping Behaviours Inventory
  • ECBC full form
    Eastern Carpathians Biodiversity Conservation
  • ECB full form
    External Commercial Borrowing
  • ECAT full form
    Electronic Card Assembly and Test
  • ECAS full form
    Experiment Computer Application Software
  • ECAM full form
    Environmental Cost Analysis Methodology
  • ECAL full form
    Enjoy Computing And Learn
  • ECAFE full form
    Economic Commission for Asia and Far East
  • ECAE full form
    Meaning : Electronic computer aided engineering Category : ComputersSub Category : Programs & SoftwareType : Acronym What does ECAE mean or stand for ? Electronic Computer-Aided Engineering is a broad phrase used to describe software programs that are used to design,modify,rectify and help engineers.These complex programs also help with mathematical problems that affect a product and how its 3 dimensional ...
  • ECAD full form
    Estimates cost attribution development
  • ECA full form
    Essential Commodities Act
  • EC2 full form
    Elastic Computing Cloud
  • EC-GC full form
    Electron Capture-gas Chromatograph
  • EC-50 full form
    Effective Concentration at which 50% of worms will leave sediment
  • EC full form
    Meaning : Election commission Category : PoliticsSub Category :Polling  Type : Initialism What does EC mean or stand for ? Election Commission is a committee of selected people who are unbiased and unaligned from any political party and are in charge of the entire election process of a democratic country. They oversee the electoral process and ensure it is ...
  • EBX full form
    Embedded Balanced Technology Extended
  • EBWQA full form
    Elliott Bay Water Quality Assessment
  • EBT full form
    Electronic Benefits Transfer
  • EBSP full form
    Electron BackScattering Pattern
  • EBSDA full form
    Electron BackScattered Diffraction Analysis
  • EBSD full form
    Electron Back Scatter Diffraction
  • EBS full form
    Emergency Breathing Subsystem
  • EBR full form
    Enterprise Backup / Restore (UNIX tape backup utility)
  • EBPS full form
    Environmental Benefit Permit Strategy
  • EBPP full form
    Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
  • EBP full form
    Enterprise Buyer Professional
  • EBONY full form
    Meaning : Dark theme Category : SlangSub Category :Pop culture  Type : Similie What does EBONY mean or stand for ? Ebony is a word used to describe a Dark skin tone.It is in no way racially biased or derogatory and infact is used as a compliment.Even in fashion models this hue is in great demand and gives an ...
  • EBO full form
    Embedded Base Organization
  • EBNF full form
    Extended Backus Naur Form
  • EBME full form
    Electro Biomechanical Engineer
  • EBM full form
    Evidence Based Medicine
  • EBLIP full form
    Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  • EBL full form
    Meaning : Estimated Blood Loss Category : MedicalSub Category :MeasuresType : Initialism What does EBL mean or stand for ? Estimated Blood Loss is a metric measured in millilitres and this loss can be either die to accident trauma or surgery and  is calculated so that the appropriate amount of blood transfusion can be ordered.
  • EBK full form
    Embryonic Bovine Kidney
  • EBJ full form
    Error-checking object file (Geoworks)
  • EBIZ full form
    Meaning : E business Category : Internet Sub Category : Monetization What does EBIZ mean or stand for ? An electronic business is one that does not have a brick mortar store to conduct business from in the rel world.It trades and sells on the Internet.Amazon LLC is the largest E business in the world with a cumulative value ...
  • EBITDAR full form
    Meaning : Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization And Rent Category : BusinessSub Category : Accounting  Type : Initialism What does EBITDAR mean or stand for ? Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization And Rent is an accounting terminology that is used to calculate the gross profits only from sales and services before the major overheads are deducted.
  • EBITD full form
    Meaning : Earnings Before Interest Category : AccountingSub Category :Terminology  Type : Initialism Earnings Before Interest What is the full form of EBITD and meaning ? This is an accounting phrase that companies use to calculate their annual earnings before deducting any interest that is being to them.   What is EBITD ? Out of the many search terms there is a possibility  of more ...
  • EBITA full form
    Earnings Before Interest Taxes And Amortization
  • EBIT full form
    Electron Beam Ion Trap
  • EBIOS full form
    Meaning : Enhanced BIOS Category : ComputersSub Category :Software & Systems  Type : Acronym What does EBIOS mean or stand for ? Enhanced BIOS in a computer is an onboard device that control many functions of the startup and disk management system.It also allows not only boot options but also can run diagnostics to check for errors in disk ...
  • EBIDT full form
    Earnings Before Interest What does EBIDT mean or stand for ? Earnings before interest is calculated so that a clear picture of the net profit can be summarized by an accountant working for a company or a commercial entity,
  • EBIDA full form
    Earnings Before Interest
  • EBICON full form
    Electron Bombardment Induced Conductivity
  • EBI full form
    Equivalent Background Input
  • EBHT full form
    Electron Beam High Throughput Lithography
  • EBHC full form
    Equated Busy Hour Call (Intelsat)
  • EBH full form
    Electronic Bone Enhancement
  • EBGA full form
    Enhanced Ball-Grid Array (microchips)
  • EBF full form
    Electron Backscatter Factor
  • EBEF full form
    Equivalent Beam on Elastic Foundation
  • EBE full form
    Extraterrestrial Biological Entity
  • EBDITA full form
    Earnings Before Depreciation What does EBDITA mean or stand for ? This is an accounting term that is used to calculate the earnings of a company before deducting the fixed costs like depreciation,interest and taxes.
  • EBDI full form
    Electronic Business Data Interchange
  • EBD full form
    Emotional Behavioral Disorders What does EBD mean or stand for ? EBDs may sometimes be classified as mental disorders if the symptoms are re occurring with increased frequency and if they get intensified. Behavioral changes and mood swings might aggravate the situation and manifest into violent behavior which is when intervention by [professionals is sought.
  • EBCPR(S) full form
    evidence-based clinical practice resource(s)
  • EBCDIC full form
    Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (8-bit code to represent 256 chars)
  • EBCDC full form
    Extended Binary Coded Decimal
  • EBCD full form
    Extended Binary Coded Decimal
  • EBCAK full form
    Meaning : Error Between Chair And Keyboard Category : ComputersSub Category : Professional Slang  Type : Initialism What does EBCAK mean or stand for ? Error Between Chair And Keyboard is jargon used by an IT department worker in a large corporation.By this,they mean that the error is not caused by an actual hardware or software fault,but that of ...
  • EBC full form
    EISA Bus Controller
  • EBBD full form
    Economic Botany Bibliographic Database
  • EBAM full form
    Electron-Beam-Accessed Memory
  • EB/NO full form
    Energy per bit-to-Noise power spectral density (ratio)
  • EB full form
    Meaning : Executive board Category : BusinessSub Category :Position  Type : Initialism What does EB mean or stand for ? Executive Board is a collection of the board of directors in a corporation that meet once in a way in the boardroom and take key strategic decisions regarding the future of the company. Many members of the board are ...
  • EAY full form
    Effective Annual Yield
  • EAX full form
    Electronic Automatic Exchange
  • EAV full form
    Equalized Assessed Valuation
  • EAU full form
    Estimated Annual Usage
  • EATS full form
    Empire Air Training Scheme
  • EATERS full form
    Entitlement and Treatment Eligibility Recording System
  • EATA full form
    Enhanced AT Bus Attachment
  • EAT full form
    Environmental Acceptance Test
  • EASIC full form
  • EASI full form
    Easy Access For Students And Institutions
  • EASE-GRID full form
    Equal Area SSMI Earth Grid
  • EASCON full form
    IEEE Electronics and Aerospace Systems Convention
  • EASA full form
    Meaning : Easy Access Savings Account Category : BankingSub Category :AccountsType : Initialism What does EASA mean or stand for ? Easy Access Savings Account is a bank account in which cash can be liquidated easily and withdrawn through an ATM card or check.As opposed to a checking account in which paychecks are deposited, the savings account offers ...
  • EAS full form
    Employment Assurance Scheme
  • EARTS full form
    En Route Automated Radar Tracking System
  • EARTHKAM full form
    Earth Knowledge Acquired By Middleschoolers
  • EARTH full form
    Education And Research Towards Health
  • EARS full form
    Electronic Access to Reference Services
  • EARP full form
    Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
  • EAROM full form
    Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
  • EARDS full form
    Experimental Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • EARC full form
    Economic Administrative Reforms commission
  • EARAS full form
    Meaning : Establishment of an agency for reporting agricultural statistics Category : AgricultureSub Category :Census & StatisticsType : Acronym What does EARAS mean or stand for ? Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics is a scheme initiated by the Central government in order to get timely estimates of crop yields,harvest forecasts and an overall picture of ...
  • EAR full form
    External Access Register
  • EAPU full form
    Epithelial Protein Induced Uveitis
  • EAPS full form
    Environmental Action Programme Support
  • EAPR full form
    Energy Assistance Program Rate
  • EAPOL full form
    Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN
  • EAPO full form
    Engineering Academic Programs Office
  • EAPMO full form
    Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office
  • EAPMC full form
    Equitable Access to Primary Medical Care
  • EAPM full form
    Engineering And Production Management graduate program
  • EAPL full form
    Electronic AstroPhysical Journal Letters
  • EAPJ full form
    Electronic AstroPhysical Journal Letters
  • EAPD full form
    Engineering Access Permits Division
  • EAP-FAST full form
    Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
  • EAP full form
    Externally Aided Project What does EAP mean or stand for ? When the parent company or country does not directly supply funds for a project and a foreign investor takes part in the infusion of funds then it is known as an EAP.
  • EAO full form
    Educational Affairs Office
  • EAMFRO full form
    East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization
  • EAMCET full form
    Engineering And Medical common Entrance Test
  • EAM full form
    External Antenna Module
  • EAIT full form
    Meaning : Earnings After Income and Taxes Category : FinanceSub Category :Accounting  Type : Initialism What does EAIT mean or stand for ? Earnings After Income and Taxes is a financial and business term used to methodically evaluate who much the earnings are on a balance sheet after deduction of some overheads like interest,taxes.
  • EAI full form
    Enterprise Application Integration
  • EAHC full form
    East Asia Hydrographic Commission
  • EAH full form
    Early Administrative Hearing
  • EAGLE full form
    Extended Area GPS Location Enhancement
  • EAGE full form
    Electrical Aerospace Ground Equipment (Intelsat)
  • EAFC full form
    Enhanced Automatic Frequency Control (electronics)
  • EAF full form
    Experimenter’s Analysis Facility
  • EAEO full form
    End Access End Office
  • EAEC full form
    East Asian Economic Caucus
  • EAE full form
    Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis
  • EADI full form
    Electronic Attitude Director Indicator
  • EADAS full form
    Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
  • EAD full form
    Elite Athletes with Disability
  • EACU full form
    Environmental Analytical Chemistry Unit
  • EACP full form
    Emergency Auxiliary Control Panel
  • EACI full form
    Electronic Atlas of Central Indiana
  • EACH full form
    East Anglias Childrens Hospices
  • EACAP full form
    East Alameda County Area Plan
  • EAC full form
    Economic Advisory Council
  • EABV full form
    Effective Arterial Blood Volume
  • EAB full form
    Experimental Analysis Of Behavior
  • EAAS full form
    Essential Amino Acids
  • EAA full form
    Easy Animal Aid
  • EA full form
    Effective Address Extended Attribute
  • E> full form
    Meaning : Emoticon Category : InternetSub Category : Chatting Type : Initialism What does E> mean or stand for ? Heart like emoticon is one of the oldest symbols that were used using traditional keypads even before colored animated emoticons were invented.It was daily drawn by using the E alphabet and the symbol > to create the effect of ...
  • E=MC2 full form
    Meaning : Energy mass equation Category : EducationSub Category :PhysicsType : Formulae What does E=MC2 mean or stand for ? Energy=Mass * (Velocity of light)**2 or also known as E equals M C squared is one of the most famous equations in the world and was conceived by Albert Einstein in his Hypothesis for the theory of relativity. ...
  • E3 full form
  • E2PROM full form
    Electronically Erasable Programmable ROM (memory) What does E2PROM mean or stand for ? This type of ROM is used in computer systems where a certain program needs to be loaded on startup every time and this can be altered or deleted as seen fit by the user.
  • E2EG full form
    Meaning : Ear To Ear Grin Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does E2EG mean or stand for ? Ear To Ear Grin is a slang phrase for a very wide grin or smile and E2EG is used online when one of the people chatting is extremely happy about something and flashes his pearly whites.
  • E2ECE full form
    End-to-end Customer Experience
  • E2E full form
  • E2DIS full form
    Environmental Effects for Distribution Interactive Simulation
  • E1 full form
  • E/V full form
    H/V English Version and Hindi Version
  • E/S full form
    Meaning : Earth Station Category : AerospaceSub Category : Communication  Type : Initialism What does E/S mean or stand for ? Earth Station is a term used in satellite communication and this is the base on the surface of earth that directly receives signals from the satellite that has been launched into orbit.
  • E/A full form
    Events and Alarms subsystem (Intelsat)
  • E.O.M. full form
    every other month What does E.O.M mean or stand for ? As opposed to saying every month if we want to talk about a certain event that does not happen so often then we term it as E.O.M.
  • E.M.P. full form
    ex modo prescripto – as directed
  • E. COLI full form
    Meaning : Escherichia Coli Category : MedicalSub Category :Virus & Bacteria  Type : Abbreviation What does E.COLI mean or stand for ? Escherichia Coli is a bacterial infection that is transmitted though water bodies.It evolves from droppings and fecal matter of birds and animals and can cause food poisoning in humans if this water is ingested.
  • E-ZINE full form
    Electronic magaZINE
  • E-UAL full form
    External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
  • E-TDMA full form
    Expanded Time Division Multiple Access
  • E-OTD full form
    Enhanced Observed Time Difference
  • E-OK full form
    Meaning : Electronically OK Category : InternetSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation E-OK full form – Electronically OK What is the full form of EOK and meaning ? This is a digital signature that you give for a digital document online and can constitute a consent. EOK is also used when a digital product or hardware device is Electronically undergone ...
  • E-MAIL full form
    Meaning : Electronic Mail Category : InternetSub Category :Mail client  Type : Abbreviation E-MAIL full form – Electronic Mail What is the full form of E-MAIL and meaning ? This is way to communicate using the internet and became popular in the 90s.It overnight made the postal system redundant and all one needs is a email address of the receiver ...
  • E-LMI full form
    Enhanced Local Management Interface (frame relay)
  • E-LEAD full form
    Ear Lead
  • E-IUD full form
    emergency intrauterine device
  • E-IDE full form
    Enhanced IDE (interface)
  • E-FET full form
    Enhancement-mode FET (semiconductors)
  • E-EDID full form
    Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data
  • E-DDC full form
    Extended Display Data Channel
  • E-BPR full form
    Enhanced Bottom Pressure Recorder
  • E-BCCH full form
    Extended-Broadcast Control Channel
  • E-911 full form
    Enhanced emergency telephone number (USA)
  • E&T full form
    education and training
  • E&OE full form
    Errors and omissions excluded
  • E&I full form
    Engineering and Installation
  • E&E full form
    Meaning : Eye and Ear Category : MedicalSub Category :Senses  Type : Initialism E&E full form – Eye and Ear What is the full form of E & E and meaning ? This phrase is used to describe the two senses of hearing and sight and is referenced in several medical records.   What is E & E ? Out of the many search terms ...
  • E PORT full form
    Meaning : Expansion port Category : ComputersSub Category : Hardware  Type : Abreviation What does E PORT mean or stand for ? Expansion Port is a physical port either on a computer motherboard in order to attach other peripheral cards or devices.It can be referred to a USB expansion port whereby more USB devices can be attached.
  • E LINK full form
    Extended Link
  • E full form
    Meaning : Unit for charge Category : EducationSub Category :Science  Type : Abbreviation What does E mean or stand for ? E is a symbol for basic unit of electron charge and is also measured in the unit of Coulomb who was the discoverer of this phenomena. Electron charge is negative and is one of the key components in ...
  • E CHANNEL full form
    Echo Channel
  • E BAND full form
    Optical Frequency band ranging from 1360 to 1460 nm