DVD-RAM full form

Meaning : Digital versatile disk random access memory

Category : Technology
Sub Category : Storage media

What does DVD RAM mean or stand for ?

The RAM in a computer is a temporary memory space that is used to store programs that are running.When the computer is switched off the RAM is cleared until the PC is turned on again.It is an erasable memory which is both readable and writable just like the DVD-RW.

A DVD that has the capability to mimic this RAM (albeit rather poorly) is called the DVD RAM.In the early 2000s this double sided disc that had 4.8 GB storage space on each side.(total space of 9.6GB)It could be used to run programs on and worked as a secondary RAM.

The difference between a traditional computer ram and the DVD RAM is that the DVD RAM was very slow to access data.This is because the DVD ROM or DVD player had to spin the disc in order to read its optical components.