DNP full form

Meaning : Doctor of nursing practice

Category : Education
Sub Category : Qualification

What does DNP mean or stand for ?

DNP and DSN -which is a similar doctoral degree and is called as a Doctor of science in Nursing.They might sound like almost the same course wise and curricular wise.However that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes its true that both are terminal end degree courses that can be applied for after doing  post graduate studies.

The DNP differs from the DSN is such a way that it prepares the candidate for actual nursing practice.When you are employed after doing a DNP,it will probably in a ward of a hospital or a healthcare center and you will be thrust into care giving.Of course since you are a doctoral holder,you might not necessarily attend to patient care,but you will be in charge of a nurse station and check records,medications,equipment that nurses use on a daily basis.

As a DSN your job will also be in the nursing field,but there you could go in for an administrative desk job or a corporate career.