DL full form

Meaning : Download

Category : Internet / Computers
Sub Category : Function 

What does DL mean or stand for ?

Everyone who uses the Internet downloads data – even if they do not know it.The process of data transfer from a network server to a client – that is a home based subscriber happens like traffic on a two way street.When data is transferred from the end subscriber’s computer to the server it is known as Upload,and when data is sent from the server to our computers it is known as DL or Download.

Download speeds are usually faster then uploads and there are a variety  of file transfers that we download everyday like Рmedia files,videos,audio and documents.It is such a common term nowadays that is why we use the short form of DL.

In-fact even if we do not intentionally download any files,and only open a web-page,the bytes load onto our screen and this too is a DL.