DIY full form

Meaning : Do it yourself

Category : Education
Sub Category : Hobbies

What does DIY mean or stand for ?

DIY was made popular decades ago and was called “crafts” or “hobbies” back then.Today it represents much more than that – it is more of a culture and motto rather than a hobby project.

Sure, most of the hobbies are still the same like building a model airplane to stitching a mitten,but the range and depth of materials has increased.

New Age DIY – Youtube!

With so much hardware and technology,we can create much more than just a model airplane.Today by watching Youtube videos anyone can create almost anything!From RC planes,cars,electronics,repair of cellular phones,fixing of a fridge,cooking a gourmet meal or repairing you own car.

These are just a fraction of the DIY projects that anyone of any age group can achieve by watching youtube.Professionals upload DIY videos on their youtube channels and help millions.In odays age everyone wants to be self sufficient and independent and DIY is what it has manifested into.

One of the main reason DIY has kicked in recent times is cost of professional services which have skyrocketed.Blue collar workers are well paid and many hourly jobs rates are on par with those of a white collar professional.With todays cheap raw materials and 3d printing technology DIY has ventured even into plastics.