DHFS full form

Meaning : Diet heart feasibility study

Category : Medical
Sub Category : Cardiology 

What does DHFS mean or stand for ?

The DHFS is one of the most controversial and thought provocative medical analysis in recent times.It deals with the theory that diet and low intake of fatty substances can reduce the chances of Corony Artery Disease.

CAD is the accumulation of fat and plaque in the arteries which ultimately results in blockages.This blockages can further turn into¬† blood clots as the blood cannot pass through and can have adverse effects on the heart’s normal working. This can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Statins are an expensive class of drugs that aim to lower the formation of cholesterol in the blood,thereby reducing the chances of blood clots and fat deposits.Women have hormones that naturally act as statins and prevent accumulation of cholesterol.That is why men are more prone to heart disease.