DENG full form

Meaning : Doctor of Engineering

Category : Education
Sub Category : Professional qualification

What does DENG mean or stand for ?

DENG is somewhat similar to a PHd degree.Both these confer the status of “Dr” and are doctoral terminal degrees.They can be taken up after completing a Masters Degree from a university and is a research psot graduate program.

However it may be important to note that there is a difference between a traditional P.Hd degree and a DENG.Firstly not all countries offer a DENG as it is not so popular as compared to a P.Hd.

A Doctor of Engineering a degree that is more suited for a professional career where applied and practical knowledge is used.Corporate jobs in factories and industries hire them for their R& D department to invent new products.

A Phd is more of a scholars degree that is purely research oriented from a theoretical point of few.If you want to be an academician and work in a college or university,a Ph.D would serve that purpose.