• DZ full form
    Meaning : Drop Zone Category : AviationSub Category : Terminology Type : Initialism What does DZ mean or stand for ? Drop Zone is used by pilots and crew of paramilitary aircraft and also of skydiving aircraft to refer to a position on the ground where cargo can be air dropped.The military cargo or personnel is then dropped off ...
  • DYWTMUSW full form
    do you want to meet up some where
  • DYW full form
    Meaning : Dont you worry Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYW mean or stand for ? don’t you worry is told to someone in order to make them feel comfortable and so that they do not get anxious about something.
  • DYTH full form
    Meaning : Damn You To Hell Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYTH mean or stand for ? Damn You To Hell is the same like goto hell or go die in hell.These are all the same types of curse phrases used online by young people and are used more in a fun casual ...
  • DYSP full form
    Meaning : Deputy superintendent of police Category : Law & OrderSub Category :Hierarchial positionType : Initialism What does DYSP mean or stand for ? The full form of DYSP is used as a rank in the police force in many parts of the world.Deputy Superintendent of Police is a high rank in the Police force and this position ...
  • DYSIM full form
    Dynamic Simulator
  • DYOR full form
    Do Your Own Research
  • DYNMX full form
    Dynamic Mixing Model
  • DYNM full form
    Meaning : Do you know me Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYNM mean or stand for ? Do you know me is a phrase used most commonly while people are using chatroom online and there are many strangers who approach you through private message.You can then ask them – DYKM.Depending on how comfortable ...
  • DYNK full form
    do you not know What does DYNK mean or stand for ? When we are confronting someone with information that they may not have heard about,you start off the topic by saying DYNK.
  • DYN full form
    Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
  • DYM full form
    Do you mind
  • DYLM full form
    Meaning : Do you love me Category : SlangSub Category : Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYLM mean or stand for ? Do you love me is a phrase of affection when one asks another and this is shortened to DYLM so that it can be used easily in a text message or an online message.
  • DYLH full form
    Meaning : Do you like him Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYLH mean or stand for ? do you like him is a phrase used by young adults and teens who are talking online or texting each other.This banter and gossip is common in school girls and teenagers who are now in the ...
  • DYKT full form
    Meaning : Did You Know That Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DYKT mean or stand for ? Did You Know That? is the full form of DYKT and is used in short form online when we dont have time to type this long cumbersome phrase.Its also used in our everyday text messages when we ...
  • DYK full form
    did you know
  • DYJHIW full form
    Don’t You Just Hate It When…
  • DYJ full form
    Meaning : Do Your Job Category : SlangSub Category :Professional slang  Type : Initialism What does DYJ mean or stand for ? Do Your Job is the full form of DYJ and is told to someone either online or on text message to get down to doing what they are supposed to be doing.This could be a professional quote ...
  • DYHWIH full form
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • DYGTP full form
    did you get the picture
  • DYEL full form
    Meaning : Do You Even Lift Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slangType : Initialism What does DYEL mean or stand for ? Do You Even Lift ? is a teasing or mocking phrase used in online chat and also in real life.It means to tell the other person if they actually go to the gym and lift weights and ...
  • DYEC full form
    Don’t You Ever Care
  • DYDEO full form
    Deputy District Education Officer
  • DYA full form
    Meaning : Do you Category : Slang Sub Category :Urban slangType : Initialism What does DYA mean or stand for ? Do you is what DYA means and is a slang way of saying – do you.Often used by the R & B generation of young adults and kids.
  • DY44 full form
    Dyaxis format sampling rate 44k Sound file
  • DY22 full form
    Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
  • DY.SP full form
    Deputy Superintendennt of Police
  • DY full form
  • DXVA full form
    Meaning : Directx Video Acceleration Category : ComputersSub Category : Software & Applications  Type : Initialism What does DXVA mean or stand for ? Directx Video Acceleration is a codec that is used to play media files in a GUI operating system.The main purpose of this codec just like DIVx is to run the video file smoothly because nowadays ...
  • DXS full form
    Diffuse XRay Spectrometer
  • DXL full form
    Domino Xml Language
  • DXK full form
  • DXING full form
    Meaning : Receive radio transmission Category : HobbiesSub Category :Ham Radio  Type : Initialism What does DXING mean or stand for ? DXING is the term when we referred to HAM radio enthusiasts.It is the hobby of receiving and listening to a long Distant short wave radio station. 
  • DXI full form
    Data Exchange Interface
  • DXGI full form
    Directx Graphics Infrastructure
  • DXF full form
    Drawing Exchange Format
  • DXER full form
    A long-Distance listener of short wave radio stations (Ham Radio)
  • DXC full form
    Data Exchange Control
  • DXB full form
    Drawing Interchange Binary (file name extension)
  • DXA full form
    dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
  • DX full form
    A type of processor that also does numeric processing (better than an SX or SLC)
  • DWZ full form
  • DWY full form
    Meaning : Driving While Yakking Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does DWY mean or stand for ? Driving While Yakking or driving while talking is a dangerous and stupid thing to do.Yet there are so many people who do it without realizing how distracting it is and how much risk they put themselves and ...
  • DWX full form
  • DWWM full form
    Decentralized Wastewater Management
  • DWV full form
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
  • DWTTAI full form
    Meaning : Don’t Want To Talk About It Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DWTTAI mean or stand for ? DWTTAI in full means Don’t Want To Talk About It and we use this short form when we are talking online to someone and are trying to avoid a sensitive topic.Also if it is ...
  • DWTT full form
    Drinking Water Taste Test What does DWTT mean or stand for ? The aim of this test is to check whether drinking water has any after taste due to the chemicals being added to it while filtration and  de -desalination if any.It is intended to have a natural tasting water with no other traces of taste at ...
  • DWTS full form
    Meaning : Bachelor of music Category : EducationSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does DWTS mean or stand for ? What is DWTS ? Out of the many search terms there is a possibility  of more than a single  meaning of DWTS , so make sure to check the meanings of DWTS one phrase at a time.   DWTS  definition / DWTS  means? The Definition of DWTS is given above so please go ...
  • DWT full form
    don’t wanna talk
  • DWSCRIPT full form
    Delphi Web SCRIPT
  • DWSCL full form
    Daily wear soft contact lenses
  • DWS full form
    Disaster Warning Satellite
  • DWRD full form
    Double Word
  • DWNT(S) full form
    double-wall nanotube(s)
  • DWN full form
  • DWMT full form
    don’t waste my time
  • DWM full form
    Dead White Male
  • DWLS full form
    Dependent Weighted Least of Squares
  • DWK full form
  • DWJ full form
  • DWIT full form
    Do What I’m Thinking
  • DWIOYOT full form
    Meaning : Deal With It On Your Own Time Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology & Phrases  Type : Similie What does DWIOYOT mean or stand for ? Deal With It On Your Own Time means to take care of it whenever you have the time or wish to attend to that particular matter.
  • DWIM full form
    Do What I Mean
  • DWH full form
    Deep and Wide Hash
  • DWG full form
  • DWFS full form
    Disjunctive Well-Founded Semantics
  • DWFQ full form
    Distributed Weighted Fair Queuing
  • DWEEB full form
    Meaning : DWEEB Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang  Type : Initialism What does DWEEB mean or stand for ? Dweeb is a slang name used to call someone who acts like a Dork or a  nerd.It is mostly used in the US and is meant to mock the other person.
  • DWDM full form
    Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • DWDL full form
    Diffuse Welldifferentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
  • DWCNT full form
    Double-Walled Carbon Nano-Tube
  • DWC full form
    Digital Wireless Communications
  • DWBI full form
    Don’t worry about it
  • DWBH full form
    don’t worry
  • DWBC full form
    Deep Western Boundary Current
  • DWARF full form
    Debug With Arbitrary Record Format
  • DWAI full form
    Meaning :          Driving while ability impaired Category :        LawSub Category : OffenceType :                 Initialism What does DWAI mean or stand for ? Not many people know this,but when you drink and drive and are caught by the police then they can slap charges of ...
  • DWAB full form
    Development and Welfare Association of the Blind (Andhra Pradesh)
  • DWA full form
    Device Wire Adapter
  • DW2 full form
    Drawing (DesignCAD for windows)
  • DW/DISP full form
    Dishwasher And Disposal
  • DW full form
    Divident Warrant
  • DVWA full form
    Damn Vulnerable Web Application
  • DVU full form
    Meaning : Domestic violence unit Category : Law and OrderSub Category : Police unitsType : Initialism What does DVU mean or stand for ? Domestic Violence Unit is a law enforcement section of the police that deals exclusively in family disputes and acts of violence against women and seniors.
  • DVTS full form
    Meaning : Desktop videoconferencing telecommunication system Category : ComputersSub Category :Rig  Type : Initialism What does DVTS mean or stand for ? Desktop Videoconferencing Telecommunications System is a hardware setup complete with front facing cameras of high resolution coupled with a fast processor and high bandwidth internet line.Nowadays even the smartphone has these features but the DVTS was solely created for video ...
  • DVT full form
    Meaning : Deep vein thrombosis Category : MedicalSub Category :Treatment & Procedure  Type : Initialism What does DVT mean or stand for ? Deep Vein Thrombosis is a medical technique and treatment that is used to clear a blocked vein or artery so that blood flow is restored and this can prevent any further strokes or heart attacks.
  • DVST full form
    Direct View Bistable Storage
  • DVSP full form
    Display Visibility Study Program
  • DVSI full form
    Digital Voice Systems Inc. (company)
  • DVS full form
    Design Verification Specification
  • DVS (NCTR) full form
    Division of Veterinary Services (NCTR)
  • DVRP full form
    Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • DVRN full form
    Dense Virtual Routed Network
  • DVR full form
    Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see DRV)
  • DVP&R full form
    Design Verification Plan And Report
  • DVP full form
    Delivery versus Payment
  • DVOR full form
    Meaning : Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range Category : NavigationSub Category :Technology  Type : Initialism Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range What is the full form of DVOR and meaning ? This is a technology that is used to help smaller aircraft to navigate to local airports and sea ports using a VHF – very high frequency ...
  • DVOM full form
    Meaning : Digital volt ohm meter Category : ScienceSub Category : Devices  Type : Initialism What does DVOM mean or stand for ? Digital Volt Ohm Meter is type of multi meter with two leads which can measure current and voltage between two terminals.
  • DVO full form
    Meaning : Domestic violence officer Category : Law & OrderSub Category :DepartmentType : Initialism What does DVO mean or stand for ? Domestic Violence Officer is a law enforcement officer that has the primary job of visiting homes of victims of domestic abuse,investigating and arresting the perpetrator. Abuse to seniors and elderly may also be one of the duties ...
  • DVN full form
    DataVerse Network
  • DVMU full form
    Dreamcast Virtual Memory Unit
  • DVMRP full form
    Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
  • DVM full form
    Meaning : Doctor of veterinary medicine Category : MedicalSub Category :Profession  Type : Initialism What does DVM mean or stand for ? Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is a medical doctor who tends and treats animals.He/she is fully trained in the physiology and anatomy of animals as well as the drugs needed to correct any conditions and ailments.
  • DVLP full form
  • DVLC full form
    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
  • DVLAN full form
    Dynamic VLAN
  • DVLA full form
    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • DVIU full form
    Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy
  • DVIDZ full form
    Digital Video Systems
  • DVI full form
    Meaning : Digital Video Interactive technology Category : EntertainmentSub Category : TechnologyType : Initialism What does DVI mean or stand for ? Digital Video Interactive is a technology that was used widely with home DVDs and offered a variety of interactive solutions like scene select, audio, images,virtual tours and other inbuilt features that allowed the viewer to be ...
  • DVFR full form
    Defense Visual Flight Rules
  • DVER full form
    Design rule VERification
  • DVE full form
    Meaning : Digital video effects Category : ComputersSub Category :Software & ProgramsType : Initialism What does DVE mean or stand for ? Digital Video Effects are the special effects of the new generation whereby computer graphics and software programs are used to create extravagant magical renditions on screen that can be used in films and TV.
  • DVDR full form
  • DVDNF full form
    Demand Ventures
  • DVD2 full form
    Digital Video Disk 2nd Generation
  • DVD-RW full form
    Meaning : Digital versatile disk re writable Category : ComputersSub Category : Storage & Media  Type : Initialism What does DVD -RW mean or stand for ? Digital Versatile Disk Re-Writable is a type of DVD onto which data can be written and erased and thereafter written again.It had a standard data capacity of 4.7 GB and by the use of ...
  • DVD-E full form
    Digital Video Disk-Erasable
  • DVCS full form
    Distributed Version Control System
  • DVCD full form
    Double Video Compact Disk
  • DVCA full form
    Meaning : Dividend in cash Category : FinanceSub Category :Investment  Type : Initialism What does DVCA mean or stand for ? CAsh Dividend (Dividend in CAsh) is a payout from a stock or share investment.It may also be a payment received from a financial product linked to the share market and is given out periodically/annually or is announced after the ...
  • DVC full form
    Damodar Valley Corporation
  • DVBG full form
    Digital Video Broadcasting Group
  • DVB/DAVIC full form
    Meaning : Digital Video Broadcast/ Digital Audio Visual Council Category : NetworkingSub Category :Video streaming Type : Initialism Digital Video Broadcast/Digital Audio Visual Council What is the full form of DVB/DAVIC and meaning ? This was an internet technology that was used for video streaming and voice over ip calls  in order to improve efficiency and reduce buffering of the ...
  • DVB-T full form
    DVB Terrestrial (standard)
  • DVB-SI full form
    DVB Service Information
  • DVB-S full form
    DVB Satellite transmission standard
  • DVB-RCS full form
    DVB-Return Channel by Satellite system
  • DVB-J full form
    Digital Video Broadcasting-Java
  • DVB-IRD full form
    DVB Integrated Receiver Decoder
  • DVB-H full form
  • DVB-C full form
    DVB Cable transmission standard
  • DVB full form
    Digital Video Broadcasting
  • DVA full form
    Distance Visual Acuity
  • DV full form
    DESQview Script (file name extension)
  • DUV full form
    Data Under Voice
  • DUTMA full form
    Meaning : Don’t you text me again Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DUTMA mean or stand for ? don’t you text me again is a warning phrase that is given to another person in short form either when they are talking online or texting.Its used most often by girls to tell their male ...
  • DUSTY full form
  • DUST full form
    Angel dust
  • DUSSI full form
    Dual Universal Synchronous Serial Interface
  • DUSS full form
    Run away
  • DUSI full form
    Drug Use Screening Inventory
  • DUS full form
  • DURE full form
  • DURAW full form
    Dura Pharmaceuticals
  • DUR? full form
    Do You Remember?
  • DUR full form
    Department of Urban Renewal
  • DUQ full form
    Delayed Update Queue
  • DUPS full form
    Dial- Up Power Switch
  • DUPE full form
  • DUP full form
    Data User Part (SS7)
  • DUO full form
    Meaning : Do Unto Others Category : SlangSub Category :Phrases   Type : Initialism What does DUO mean or stand for ? Do Unto Others sounds liek something that came out of the Bible or a quote from the middle ages and it actually means – do the same thing to the other person just like they did to ...
  • DUNZO full form
    Done over finished
  • DUNS full form
    Data Universal Numbering System
  • DUNCE full form
    Meaning : Dial up networking Category : ComputerSub Category :TechnologyType : Acronym What does DUNCE mean or stand for ? Dial Up Networking Connection Enhancement was a protocol tool used in the 90s in order to give a more secure and uninterrupted connection to the internet via a dial up modem.
  • DUNC full form
    Meaning : Dial-Up Networking Connection Category : ComputersSub Category : Internet  Type : Initialism What does DUNC mean or stand for ? Dial-Up Networking Connection was an old system of connecting to the internet through a telephone line.It was a long cumbersome process and required a modem to convert the analog signals to digital for the computer to understand ...
  • DUN full form
    Meaning : Dial up networking Category : ComputersSub Category :TechnologyType : Acronym What does DUN mean or stand for ? Dial Up Networking is an old method of connecting a computer to the internet via a dial up modem through the telephone line.This was a tedious process that involved a slow,insecure and unstable connection via the Hyper-terminal program in ...
  • DUMV full form
    Damage to Unattended Motor Vehicle
  • DUMC full form
    Duke University Medical Center
  • DUM full form
    Dorsal Unpaired Medium
  • DUL full form
    Diffuse Undifferentiated Lymphoma
  • DUKPT full form
    Derived Unique Key Per Transaction
  • DUIC full form
    Meaning : Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis Category : Law & OrderSub Category :Offense  Type : Initialism What does DUIC mean or stand for ? Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis is similar to the offense of DUI which is driving under the influence of a substance or alcohol.You can be pulled over for this offense and be ...
  • DUI full form
    Meaning : Driving under the influence Category : Law & OrderSub Category :OffensesType : Initialism What does DUI mean or stand for ? Driving Under the Influence is a crime and is punishable by law.Being intoxicated after consuming a  substance can cause harm to yourself,and to other traffic on the road and is an offense.
  • DUH full form
    Meaning : Of course Category : SlangSub Category :General  Type : Reference DUH full form – Of course What is the full form of DUH and meaning ? This is the perfect example of classic american slang.When we tell something to a friend that they already know or that is so obvious to them, then they retort with a “DUH”. ...
  • DUGI full form
    do you get it?
  • DUF full form
    Drug Use Forecasting
  • DUE full form
    Department Of Undergraduate Education
  • DUDS full form
    Casual clothes
  • DUDE full form
    Digger Underground Distribution Exchange
  • DUCY full form
    do you see why What does DUCY mean or stand for ? When we are trying to point out an error or a possible mismatch of figures to someone,its common to write DUCY while comparing the desired outcome.
  • DUCX full form
    Digital Use Case eXecution
  • DUCWIC full form
    Do You See What I See?
  • DUCK full form
    Dial Up Chat Kit
  • DUCES full form
  • DUCE full form
    Dynamic Universal Communications Engine
  • DUCBT full form
    Double Unrelated Cord Bone Marrow Transplant
  • DUC full form
    Designated Underlying Carder
  • DUBTC full form
    Duke University Brain Tumor Center
  • DUBSTEP full form
    Meaning : Music genre Category : MusicSub Category :Style  Type : Initialism What does DUBSTEP mean or stand for ? DUBSTEP is a type Music genre that has taken fame through the last 2 decades and is extremely popular in the US where it originated.It involves singing a Capella hip hop beats and is a combination of R&B ...
  • DUBS full form
    Meaning : Twenty inch wheels Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang  Type : Acronym What does DUBS mean or stand for ? Twenty inch wheels are fancy rims that are also known as MAgwheels and these give a cool sporty look to any car.These DUBS come in shiny chrome alloys and are retro fitted onto the axel directly. 
  • DUBL. full form
  • DUBH full form
  • DUB DUB DUB full form
    WWW World Wide Web What does DUB DUB DUB mean or stand for ? In the 90s when the internet was in its infancy and everyone spelled out web addresses with a www, it become common to replace that with a dub dub dub.
  • DUAT full form
    Direct User Access Terminal
  • DUART full form
    Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
  • DUAL full form
    Distributed Update Algorithm
  • DUAC full form
    Delhi Urban Arts Commission
  • DUAA full form
    Davenport University Alumni Association
  • DUA full form
    Directory User Agent
  • DU2H full form
    damn you to hell
  • DU JOUR full form
    Meaning : Of the day Category : LanguagesSub Category :FrenchType : Translation What does DU JOUR mean or stand for ? Of the day is the literal translation of this french phrase and is used in the English language in many situations,most notably in restaurants to explain a soup dujour or maybe even a dish/flavor of the day.
  • DTZ full form
    Dtz Hldgs
  • DTYT full form
    Don’t Take Your Time What does DTYT mean or stand for ? This is a sarcastic way of saying – “i need this back quickly”.IT could be when you give a job to a co worker to get done and need it done asap you use this phrase to reiterate its important.
  • DTX full form
    Discontinuous Transmission (cellular networks)
  • DTWP full form
    diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and whole cell vaccines
  • DTVE full form
    Digital Transversal Equalizer
  • DTVC full form
    Meaning : Desktop video conferencing Category : ComputersSub Category :Technology  Type : Initialism What does DTVC mean or stand for ? Desktop Video Conferencing is a computer setup used in offices and professional meetings in order for people to have a joint virtual video conference.
  • DTV full form
    Meaning : Digital Television Category : TelecommunicationSub Category :  TechnologyType : Initialism What does DTV mean or stand for ? Digital Television is the new age technology through which digital signals are directly received by a television unit though a set top box.This box acts as an authorization device that contains a type of sim card with a chip ...
  • DTUPC full form
    Design To Unit Production Cost
  • DTU full form
    Data Transfer Unit
  • DTTX full form
    Sfax-Thyna/El Maou
  • DTTRIAA full form
    don’t tell the RIAA
  • DTTPOU full form
    Don’t tell the police on us
  • DTTN full form
    Digital Trade Transport Network
  • DTTM full form
    don’t talk to me What does DTTM mean or stand for ? When we are not in the mood to talk to someone and are peeved for some reason then we tell them bluntly DTTM.This should send the message straight across to them.
  • DTTL full form
    Data Transition Tracking Loop
  • DTTJ full form
  • DTTD full form
  • DTTC full form
    Don’t Text The Cell
  • DTTB full form
    Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
  • DTT full form
    Digital Trunk Testing
  • DTSXW full form
    Meaning : Digital Transmission Systems Warrants Category : Data transmissionSub Category :SystemType : Initialism Digital Transmission Systems Warrants What is the full form of DTSXW and meaning ? DTSXW are systems that allow the efficient transmission of digital data over a secure network.The dynamic movement of this data is important to transfer digital data at high speeds.   What is DTSXW ? Out ...
  • DTSR full form
    Dial Tone Speed Recording
  • DTSQ full form
    Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • DTSP full form
    Diagnostic Technologies and Screening Panel
  • DTSL full form
    Defense Travel System Limited
  • DTSI full form
    Digital Twin Spark Ignition
  • DTSE full form
    Driver And Traffic Safety Education
  • DTS-SI full form
    Digital Twin Spark Swirl Engine
  • DTS-I full form
    Meaning : Dual twin spark ignition Category : AutomobilesSub Category :EngineType : Initialism What does DTS -I mean or stand for ? Dual Twin Spark Ignition is a device that is used in automobiles in a gasoline combustion engine.This ignition spark plug ignites the gas and air mixture to produce torque and drive the engine.
  • DTS full form
    Distributed Temperature Sensing
  • DTRX full form
    Detrex Corporation
  • DTRU full form
    Defense Threat Reduction University
  • DTRT full form
    do the right thing
  • DTRS full form
    deep tendon reflexes
  • DTRL full form
    DeSoto Trail Regional Library
  • DTRE full form
    Duty and Tax Remission on Export
  • DTRD full form
    Development Test Requirements Document
  • DTRC full form
    Diagnostic and Translational Research Center
  • DTR full form
    Data Terminal Ready Data Transfer Rate
  • DTQ full form
    Drill Torque Limited
  • DTPR full form
    Detailed Test Procedures
  • DTP full form
    Desk-Top Publishing
  • DTP (CDER) full form
    Division of Therapeutic Proteins (CDER)
  • DTOS full form
    Design To Order Service
  • DTOC full form
    delayed transfer of care
  • DTNT full form
  • DTN full form
    Data Transmission Network
  • DTMX full form
    Digital Trunk Manual (telephony) Exchange
  • DTMWTD full form
    Meaning : Don’t Tell Me What To Do Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DTMWTD mean or stand for ? Don’t Tell Me What To Do is the full form of DTMWTD and is a warning phrase that is used in chat between two people who are not seeing eye to eye over ...
  • DTMS full form
    Does That Make Sense?
  • DTMPN full form
    Defect Test Monitor Phase Number
  • DTMF full form
    Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
  • DTMC full form
    Durban Transitional Metropolitan Council
  • DTMB full form
  • DTM full form
    Dynamic Thermal Management
  • DTLR full form
    Transport Local Government Regions
  • DTLLS full form
    Meaning : Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Category : EducationSub Category :DiplomaType : Initialism Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector What is the full form of DTLLS and meaning ? If someone wanted to earn a teaching degree in the UK,then this was one of the pre requisite courses required to be passed and ...
  • DTL/TTL full form
    DTL input to TTL output and vice versa (digital electronics)
  • DTIC full form
    Defense Technical Information Center
  • DTI full form
    Department of Trade and Industry
  • DTH full form
    Direct to Home
  • DTGA full form
    Differential Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
  • DTF full form
    Distributed Test Facility
  • DTERT full form
    Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training (India)
  • DTE full form
    Meaning : Data Terminal (2 Transfer) Equipment Category : CommunicationsSub Category :DeviceType : Initialism Data Terminal (2 Transfer) Equipment What is the full form of DTE and meaning ? This is a hardware device that is used to receive signals and also convert inputted data by a user into electronic signals that can be transmitted over a channel. What is DTE ...
  • DTD full form
    Document Type Definition
  • DTCS full form
    Dye Terminator Cycle Sequencing
  • DTCP full form
    Development Training Communication Programme
  • DTCM full form
    Differential Trellis Coded Modulation
  • DTCC full form
    Delaware Technical & Community College
  • DTC full form
    DeskTop Conferencing
  • DTBV full form
    Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria
  • DTBOP (CDER) full form
    Division of Therapeutic Biological Oncology Products (CDER)
  • DTBM full form
    Demineralized Trabecular Bone Matrix
  • DTBIMP (CDER) full form
    Division of Therapeutic Biological Internal Medicine Products (CDER)
  • DTB full form
    don’t text back
  • DTAU full form
    Digital Test Access Unit
  • DTAP full form
    Diphtheria Tetanus Acellular Pertussis
  • DTAM full form
    Document Transfer and Manipulation (ISO)
  • DTAD full form
    Digital Telephone Answering Device
  • DTAB full form
    Demountable Tape-Automated Bonding (IC)
  • DTAA full form
    Double taxation avoidance agreement
  • DTA full form
    Disk Transfer Area
  • DT-M full form
    IEEE Design & Test of Computers
  • DT(S) full form
    delirium tremens
  • DT(HQ) full form
    Deputy Tahsildar(Head Quarters)
  • DT full form
    Derivative with respect to T
  • DSZ full form
    Decrement and Skip on Zero
  • DSX-2 full form
    Digital Stream Crossconnect 2 (6.312 Mbps)
  • DSX full form
    Digital Signal Cross-connect
  • DSVD full form
    Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
  • DSV full form
    Disgruntled Side Villain
  • DSUA full form
    Dynamic Special Use Airspace
  • DSU full form
    Digital Service Unit
  • DSTP full form
    Double-Shielded Twisted Pair
  • DSTN full form
    Double Supertwisted Nematic
  • DSTI full form
    Defense Trade Security Initiatives
  • DSTE full form
    Digital Subscriber Terminating Equipment
  • DST full form
    Department of Science and Technology
  • DSSSB full form
    Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board
  • DSSS full form
    Direct-Sequencing Spread Spectrum
  • DSSP full form
    Deep Submergence Systems Project
  • DSSM full form
    Defense Superior Service Medal
  • DSSLL full form
    Differentiated Services over Specific Link Layer
  • DSSD full form
    Meaning : Data Structured Systems Development Category : ComputersSub Category :Development  Type : Initialism DSSD full form – Data Structured Systems Development What is the full form of DSSD and meaning ? The full form of DSSD are used extensively by programmers working in the computers and information technology industry.This is a method of structural systems development that may include ...
  • DSSD full form
    Data Structured Systems Development
  • DSSCS full form
    Defense Special Service Communications System
  • DSSA full form
    Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry
  • DSS2 full form
    Digital Subscriber Signaling System 2
  • DSS1 full form
    Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1
  • DSS full form
    Decision Support System
  • DSS (CDRH) full form
    Division of Surveillance Systems (CDRH)
  • DSRV full form
    Meaning : Deep submarine rescue vehicle Category : VehiclesSub Category :Submersive  Type : Initialism What does DSRV mean or stand for ? Deep Submarine Rescue Vehicle is an underwater aquatic submersible vessel that can set one or 2 occupants and is used as an emergency vehicle in case of deep sea operations and rigs.
  • DSRM full form
    Directory Services Restore Mode
  • DSRCT full form
    Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor
  • DSRC full form
    Dedicated Short-Range Communications
  • DSR full form
    Data Set Ready Device Status Register
  • DSQD full form
    Double Sided Quad Density (diskette)
  • DSQ full form
    Disability Services Queensland
  • DSPS full form
    Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
  • DSPRUD full form
    Delhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs
  • DSPOP full form
    Data Service Point Of Presence
  • DSPM full form
    decessit sine prole malus (died without sons)
  • DSPD full form
    Meaning : Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder Category : MedicalSub Category :Mental illness  Type : Initialism What does DSPD mean or stand for ? Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder is a mental illness on the lines of Schizophrenia where the patient develops multiple personalities.One of these personalities may manifest itself with harsh and violent tendencies which may require institutionalization.
  • DSOS full form
    Dependable Systems Of Systems
  • DSOM full form
    Distributed System Object Model
  • DSOG full form
    Deep Submergence Operations Group
  • DSO full form
    Detailed Supplementary Objective
  • DSNM full form
    Demand Supply Network Management
  • DSNL full form
    Direct Swift Network Link
  • DSNI full form
  • DSNG full form
    Digital Satellite News Gathering
  • DSNET full form
    Meaning : Defense Secure Network Category : MilitarySub Category :Communications  Type : Acronym What does DSNET mean or stand for ? Defense Secure Network is a telecommunications network that uses a secure bandwidth that isn’t accessible to the civilian population.The transmission are encrypted and highly confidential.
  • DSMU full form
    Directory Service Migration Utility
  • DSMP full form
    Damn Small Media Player
  • DSMC full form
    Danvers State Memorial Committee
  • DSMA full form
    Digital Sense Multiple Access
  • DSM-5 full form
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th ed.
  • DSM full form
    Meaning : Distinguished service medal Category : Awards & FelicitationsSub Category : Military  recognition  Type : Initialism What does DSM mean or stand for ? Distinguished Service Medal is an honorary award given to people in the military factions who have served their country in wars and in times of armed conflicts.It is bestowed with immense pride and accomplishment.
  • DSLR full form
    Digital Single Lens Reflex
  • DSLP full form
  • DSLD full form
    Meaning : Double sided low density disk Category : ComputerSub Category : Storage & Memory  Type : Initialism What does DSLD mean or stand for ? Double Sided Low Density disk is an old style of disk format which was used in the 90s but is not used anymore as a medium of digital storage.
  • DSLAM full form
    Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
  • DSL full form
    Meaning : Digital subscriber line Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :Networking Type : Initialism What does DSL mean or stand for ? Digital Subscriber Line  is a private sector connection for direct connect to internet and was popular in the 90s.It was usually a much faster internet connection was also used for corporate office computers.
  • DSJ full form
    Delhi Safdarjang
  • DSIS full form
    Distributed Support Information Standard
  • DSIR full form
    Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • DSIE full form
    Director State Institute of English
  • DSIDED full form
  • DSIDC full form
    Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
  • DSI full form
    Drive Select Interface
  • DSHS full form
    The Department Of Social And Health Services
  • DSHIS full form
    Meaning : Defense Service Homes Insurance Scheme Category : MilitarySub Category :SchemesType : Initialism What does DSHIS mean or stand for ? Defense Service Homes Insurance Scheme is  family insurance scheme that is specifically provided for families of defense personnel.In the unfortunate event a family member who is part of the defense should perish in the field or ...
  • DSHD full form
    Meaning : Double sided high density  Category : ComputersSub Category : Storage & Media  Type : Initialism What does DSHD mean or stand for ? Double Sided High Density is a type of disk format used in storage of media in the early 90s.The most common disk capacities were between 35MB and 144 Mb.
  • DSH full form
    Meaning : Destroy Sector Header Category : ComputersSub Category :Storage Media  Type : Initialism DSH full form – Destroy Sector Header What is the full form of DSH and meaning ? Sectors are portions of a physical hard drive in a computer storage that are further divided into clusters.The header is the layer above the sectors and if any of these ...
  • DSG full form
    Decision Support Group
  • DSFSA full form
    District School Food Service Association
  • DSFM full form
    DirectShow Filter Manager
  • DSF full form
    Device Simulation Framework
  • DSEP full form
    Discontinuation of antidepressants in people with dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • DSECT full form
    Dummy Control Section
  • DSEA full form
    Display Station Emulation Adapter
  • DSE full form
    Data Storage Equipment
  • DSDT full form
    Differentiated System Description Table
  • DSDD full form
    Double Sided Double Density (type of disk format) 35 disks = 720 Kb
  • DSDC full form
    Direct Service Dialing Capability
  • DSDB (CDRH) full form
    Diagnostic and Surgical Devices Branch (CDRH)
  • DSD P full form
    Dayton Superior Corporation Preferred
  • DSD full form
    Meaning : Dry sterile dressing Category : MedicalSub Category :First Aid  Type : Initialism What does DSD mean or stand for ? Dry Sterile Dressing is a type of first aid that is administered to a wound that does not require any liquid ointment or medication.This could be used for burns injuries and is more of a protective sheath ...
  • DSCS-MOD full form
    Defense Satellite Communications System MODernization
  • DSCS full form
    Meaning : Defense Satellite Communications System Category : MilitarySub Category :Communication  Type : Initialism What does DSCS mean or stand for ? Defense Satellite Communications System is a unit of technology that exists between a satellite in standard orbit and a relay substation on the Earth at a military facility.This highly technological and secure channel is used solely by ...
  • DSCP full form
    Differentiated Services Control Point
  • DSCI full form
    Derma Sciences
  • DSCF full form
    Destination Sectional Center Facility
  • DSCE full form
    Dark Slayer Confusion Engine
  • DSCC full form
    Deep Space Communications Complex
  • DSBU full form
    Ameribrom Incorporated
  • DSBB full form
    Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
  • DSB-TC full form
    Double-Sideband Transmitted Carrier (modulation)
  • DSB-SC full form
    Double-Sideband Suppressed Carrier (modulation)
  • DSB-RC full form
    Double-Sideband Reduced Carrier (modulation)
  • DSB-EC full form
    Double-Sideband Emitted Carrier (modulation)
  • DSB(S) full form
    double strand break(s)
  • DSB full form
    Document Status Bulletin
  • DSAVA full form
    Danish Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • DSATOS (CFSAN) full form
    Division of Science and Applied Technology (OS) (CFSAN)
  • DSAT full form
    Digital Supervisory Audio Tones
  • DSAP full form
    Destination Service Access Point
  • DSAM full form
    Deoxyabdrographolide Succinic Acid Mono-ester
  • DSAIL full form
    Decision Systems and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • DSA full form
    Directory System Agent
  • DS3 full form
  • DS1 full form
    Digital Signal 1 (1.544Mbits/second)
  • DS0 full form
    Digital Signal Zero
  • DS-CDMA full form
    Direct Sequence CDMA (access)
  • DS-5 full form
    Digital Signal Level 5 (synonym for T54)
  • DS-4 full form
    Digital Signal | Level 4 (274.176 Mbps)
  • DS-3 full form
    Digital Signal | Level 3 (44.736 Mbps)
  • DS-2 full form
    Meaning : Digital Signal | Level 2 (6.312 Mbps) Category : TransmissionSub Category :Signal technologyType : Initialism Digital Signal | Level 2 (6.312 Mbps) What is the full form of DS 2 and meaning ? This is a transmission channel specification and iterates that the signal would be allowed to transfer at a speed of 6.312 Mbps. What is DS2 ? Out ...
  • DS-1C full form
    Digital Signal | Level 1C (3.152 Mbps)
  • DS-1 full form
    Digital Signal | Level 1 (1.544 Mbps)
  • DS full form
    Digital Service | Digital Signal
  • DS (CVM) full form
    Division of Surveillance (CVM)
  • DRZ full form
  • DRX full form
    Meaning : Discontinuous reception Category : Cellular technologySub Category :  Features Type : Initialism What does DRX mean or stand for ? Discontinuous Reception is a mode of energy saving or battery saving for the mobile handset device.It is used when power consumption needs to be conserved and in this type of technology,the device goes into a sleep mode when there ...
  • DRWP full form
    Doppler Radar Wind Profiler
  • DRV full form
    DRiVe (file extension)
  • DRUP (CDER) full form
    Division of Reproductive and Urologic Products (CDER)
  • DRUM BEAT full form
    Meaning : Follow a particular pattern Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology  Type : Similie What does DRUM BEAT mean or stand for ? On a particular pattern or what the common consensus is about a particular decision.For example many politicians are on the drum beat for war.
  • DRUGS full form
    Drugs Really Use Gross Substances
  • DRUG full form
    Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • DRUCC full form
    divisional railway users consultative committee
  • DRU full form
    Data Receive Unit
  • DRTT full form
    Discrepancy Report Tracking Tool
  • DRTL full form
    Dial Repeating Tie Line
  • DRT full form
    Discourse Representation Theory
  • DRST full form
    Delayed Recognition Span Test
  • DRSS full form
    Discrepancy Report Squawk Sheet
  • DRSP full form
    Drug Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae What does DRSP mean or stand for ? This is a viral strain of pneumonia that affects the lungs and can cause edema.It is a very special strain that has been found to be drug resistant.
  • DRS full form
    Document Registration System
  • DRR full form
    Double Replacement Reaction
  • DRQ full form
    Data ReQuest
  • DRPSC full form
    Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees
  • DRPROF full form
    Meaning : Title of teaching faculty member Category : EducationSub Category :DepartmentType : Abbreviation What does DRPROF mean or stand for ? Doctor-Professor is  title given to a teaching faculty member who also has a title of a Phd doctor or medical doctor.It maybe used unofficially and most students would simply refer to the person as professor. 
  • DRPM SSP full form
    Direct Reporting Program Manager for Strategic Systems Programs
  • DRPM full form
    Design Resource and Program Manager
  • DRPH full form
    Doctor of Public Health
  • DRP II (CDER) full form
    Division of Regulatory Policy II (CDER)
  • DRP full form
    Debt Reduction Program
  • DROV full form
    Drovers Bancshares Corporation
  • DROT(AA) full form
    drotrecogin alfa (activated)
  • DRONE full form
    Meaning : Drone Category : AviationSub Category : Technology  Type : Initialism What does DRONE mean or stand for ? Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, generally remote controlled, usually used in the training of anti-aircraft crew,recon missions,surveillance missions and also fitted with warheads to detonate over enemy targets.
  • DRO full form
    Data Request Output Destructive Read-Out
  • DRMO full form
    Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office
  • DRM full form
    Digital Rights Management
  • DRL full form
    Dealers Room Liaison
  • DRK full form
    Display Request Keyboard
  • DRIVE BY full form
    Meaning : Recce or checkout Category : LawSub Category : Surveillance What does DRIVE BY mean or stand for ? A Drive BY is a sort of informal reconnaissance mission used by cops and law enforcement officers to check out the activities of a house or building. Also used in stake outs by private investigators,this visual surveillance is done ...
  • DRIS full form
    Dakota Radio Information Service
  • DRIRU full form
    Dry Rotor Inertial Reference Unit
  • DRIP full form
    Detector Response Intercomparison Program
  • DRINKY POO full form
    Alcoholic drink What does DRINKY POO mean or stand for ? This is a strange but slang phrase to mean an alcoholic drink just as the same way BOOZE does in a different region of the world.
  • DRINK full form
    Double-blind Randomized Intervention Study in Kids
  • DRI full form
    Digital Research Incorporated
  • DRHS full form
    Danville Regional Health System
  • DRGS full form
    Direct readout ground stations
  • DRG full form
    Dorsal Root Ganglions
  • DRF full form
    Depriciation Reserve Fund
  • DRES full form
    Department of Renewable Energy sources
  • DREQ full form
    DMA REQuest lines
  • DREAMS full form
    Development of Re
  • DREAM full form
    Diabetes Readiness Education Awareness and Management
  • DREADD full form
    designer receptor exclusively activated by a designer drug
  • DRE full form
    Destruction and Removal Efficiency
  • DRDW full form
    Direct Read During Write
  • DRDS full form
    Defence Research and Development Services
  • DRDRAM full form
    Direct Rambus Dynamic RAM (memory)
  • DRDL full form
    Defence Research and Development Laboratory
  • DRDA full form
    District Rural Development Agency
  • DRD(DRD) full form
    Department of Redundancy Department ( Department of Redundancy Department)
  • DRCS full form
    Davenport Radio Control Society
  • DRCOG XX full form
    Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists
  • DRCOG full form
    Denver Regional Council Of Governments
  • DRC full form
    District Resource Centre
  • DRBOND full form
    Dial-up Router Bandwith On Demand
  • DRBD full form
    Distributed Replicated Block Device
  • DRBC full form
    Denaturated Red Blood Cell
  • DRB full form
    Design Requirements Baseline
  • DRAX full form
    Draxis Health
  • DRAW full form
    Direct Read After Write
  • DRAT full form
    Data Redundancy Avoidance Tool
  • DRASER full form
    Meaning : Doppler Radar And Storm Electricity Research Category : WeatherSub Category :Data SystemType : Acronym Doppler Radar And Storm Electricity Research What is the full form of DRASER and meaning ? This is a weather and data collection system that is used to research and correctly predict weather patterns using electrical, acoustic and mechanical using Doppler radar technology.   What is ...
  • DRAR full form
    Meaning : Data Recovery And Repair Category : ComputersSub Category :Storage & Media  Type : Initialism What does DRAR mean or stand for ? Data Recovery And Repair is the physical scanning and chip level fix of storage media like hard drives of computers.Sometimes due to bad sectors on the hard disk,it cannot be fully repaired due to physical ...
  • DRAPAC full form
    Design Rule And Process Architecture Council
  • DRAO full form
    Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
  • DRAMA full form
    Dynamical Recurrent Associative Memory Architecture
  • DRAM full form
    Meaning : Dynamic random access memory Category : ComputersSub Category :Storage & Memory  Type : Acronym What does DRAM mean or stand for ? Dynamic Random Access Memory  is a  type of RAM and is one of the fastest types of computer memory available that is used to run programs and acts as a temporary storage space for the ...
  • DRAI full form
    Data Research Associates
  • DRAH full form
    Davenport Road Animal Hospital
  • DRAE full form
    Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Espanola
  • DRA full form
    Detailed Requirements Analysis
  • DR.MED.DENT full form
    Doctor of Medical Dentistry
  • DR.AIT full form
    Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology
  • DR-DOS full form
    Digital Research-Disk Operating System
  • DR(AM) full form
    Doctor of Alternative Medicine
  • DR full form
    Data Received
  • DQTV full form
    Distribution Quality Television
  • DQS full form
    Discrete Quantum State
  • DQPSK full form
    Differential Quadrature PSK (modulation)
  • DQMOT full form
    Don t Quote Me On This
  • DQM full form
    Data Quality Message
  • DQL full form
    DataEase Query Language
  • DQDB full form
    Distributed Queue Dual Bus
  • DQ PA full form
    Duquesne Capital
  • DQ full form
    Daily Question
  • DPWS full form
    Devices Profile For Web Services
  • DPWH full form
    Department of Public Works and Highways
  • DPVL full form
    Digital Packet Video Link
  • DPV5 full form
    Downing Plan 5
  • DPUBASE full form
    Dma Position Upper Base Address
  • DPTOTP full form
    Display Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates
  • DPT full form
    Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • DPSWG full form
    Digital Privacy and Security Working Group
  • DPST full form
    Double-Pole Single-Throw (switches)
  • DPSSL full form
    Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser
  • DPSS full form
    DATA Processing Services Subsystem
  • DPSRAM full form
    Dual-Port Static Random Access Memory
  • DPSI full form
    dynamic postural stability index
  • DPSA full form
    Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft
  • DPS full form
    Document Processing System
  • DPRS full form
    Domestic Public Radio Service
  • DPROF full form
    Doctor of Professional Studies
  • DPRO full form
    Department of Information & Public Relations
  • DPRAM full form
    Dual Port RAM (memory)
  • DPR full form
    Meaning : Detailed Project Report Category : CorporateSub Category :Documentation  Type : Initialism What does DPR mean or stand for ? Detailed Project Report is a planned study which outlines the intricate details of the project or plan which is going to be assessed or examined.It will mainly contain the feasibility plans and may either pertain to a financial ...
  • DPQ full form
    Default Print Queue
  • DPPT full form
    Directed Pressure Point Technique
  • DPPG full form
    Defense Policy and Planning Guidance
  • DPPE full form
    Device Power Policy Engine
  • DPPC full form
  • DPPB full form
    Digital Primary Patch Bay (fiber optics)
  • DPP full form
    Deployment Pointing Panels
  • DPOF full form
    Digital Print Order Form
  • DPNL full form
    Distribution Panel
  • DPNB full form
    Dorsal Penile Nerve Block
  • DPNAP full form
    Distinguished Member of the National Academies of Practice
  • DPN full form
    Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
  • DPMZM full form
    dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator
  • DPMU full form
    Documentation and Publications Management Unit
  • DPMT full form
    D Ports And Maritime Transport
  • DPMS full form
    Display Power Management Support
  • DPMPC full form
    Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care
  • DPMO full form
    Meaning : Dont piss me off Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does DPMO mean or stand for ? Don’t piss me off means dont irritate me or dont get on my nerves.This is used even in normal verbal conversation since years,but only has it recently been introduced online in chatting through DPMO.
  • DPMI full form
    DOS Protected Mode Interface
  • DPMA full form
    Data Processing Management Association
  • DPM full form
    Digital Panel Meter
  • DPLS full form
    Division of Public Library Services
  • DPLL full form
    Digital Phase-Locked Loop
  • DPLBASE full form
    Dma Position Lower Base Address
  • DPL full form
    Descriptor Privilege Level
  • DPKO full form
    Department Of Peace Keeping Operations
  • DPINST full form
    Driver Package Installer
  • DPI full form
    Meaning : Dots per inch Category : ComputersSub Category : Display & Resolution  Type : Initialism What does DPI mean or stand for ? Dots Per Inch  is a printing resolution or screen resolution that is used in computer terminology to describe the sharpness and level of clarity of an image when printed on a paper or displayed on the ...
  • DPHARP full form
    Differential Pressure High accuracy Resonating Pressure
  • DPH full form
    Doctor Of Public Health
  • DPGPE full form
    Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education
  • DPGN full form
    Diffuse Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
  • DPG full form
  • DPFS full form
    Data Processing and Forecasting
  • DPF full form
    Data Private Facility
  • DPEP full form
    District Primary Education Programme
  • DPDU full form
    Data Protocol Data Unit
  • DPDS full form
    International Symposium on Databases in Parallel & Distributed Systems
  • DPDL full form
    Diffuse Poorly Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
  • DPD full form
    Data Processing Division
  • DPCS full form
    Meaning : Defense Satellite communication system Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category : Satellite Network  Type : Initialism What does DPCS mean or stand for ? Defense Satellite Communication System is a highly confidential and secured system that is used solely by the defense network for recon missions as well as to spy on neighboring countries. It is also used for ...
  • DPCO full form
    Meaning : Drug prices control order Category : GovernmentSub Category :Policies & Regulations  Type : Initialism What does DPCOmean or stand for ? Drug Prices Control Order is a resolution by the government of certain countries to regulate and control the prices of medicinal drugs.This is done so that everyone has a chance to be able to afford to ...
  • DPCM full form
    Differential Pulse Code Modulator
  • DPCG full form
    Diagonal Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
  • DPC full form
    Dabhol Power Company
  • DPBX full form
    Digital Private Branch Exchange
  • DPB full form
    Meaning : Drive Parameter Block Category : ComputersSub Category : Storage Media  Type : Initialism DPB full form – Drive Parameter Block DPB is drive parameter block or disk parameter block and is used in sorts of hard drives and fixed memory devices.It is part of the physical drive that contains information regarding the different components and parameters of ...
  • DPAREN full form
    Data Parity Enable
  • DPAP full form
    ‘Drought Prone Area Programme
  • DPAM full form
    Demand Priority Access Method
  • DPAF full form
    Dual Payload Attachment Fitting
  • DPA full form
    Demand Protocol Architecture
  • DP full form
    Dance Party
  • DOYPOV full form
    depends on your point of view
  • DOW full form
    Meaning : Day of the week Category : EducationSub Category : Terminology  Type : Initialism What does DOW mean or stand for ? Day Of Week is a particular day that is chosen for a task or event.Just like DD/MM/YY that is the exact date with month and year,this DOW is just a single day in the week.
  • DOV full form
    Data Over Voice
  • DOUBLE NICKLE full form
  • DOTS full form
    Directly Observed Treatment with Short-term Course
  • DOTE full form
    Department of Technical Education
  • DOTCC full form
    Department of Transportation Computer Center
  • DOTC full form
    dancing on the ceiling
  • DOT full form
    DOcument Template file extension
  • DOST full form
    Department of Science and Technology
  • DOSH full form
    Defenders Of Shelley Hack
  • DOSEM full form
    DOS Emulation
  • DOS full form
    Meaning : Disk operating system Category : ComputersSub Category : Operating system  Type : Acronym What does DOS mean or stand for ? Disk Operating System is the full form of Microsoft DOS and this was one of the most popular character based operating systems that gained popularity in the early 80s.Its still used today and is known as ...
  • DOS CAL full form
    Docusate Calcium
  • DORT full form
    Discrete Ordinates Code
  • DORIS full form
    Doppler Orbitography And Radiopositioning Integrated By Satellite
  • DORE full form
    Dynamic Object Rendering Environment
  • DORB full form
  • DORAN full form
    Doppler ranging system
  • DORA full form
    Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment
  • DOR full form
    Dynastic Organ Revitaliser
  • DOQ full form
    Digital Orthographic Quadrangle
  • DOPT full form
    Department of Personnel & Training
  • DOPS full form
    direct observation of procedural skills
  • DOPLIGHT full form
  • DOPC full form
    Determined Osteogenic Precursor Cell
  • DOP full form
  • DOOM full form
    Database Online Operational Management
  • DOOFUS full form
    Meaning : Stupid person Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does DOOFUS mean or stand for ? Similar to DWEEB doofus means Stupid person or a goofy person.This is classic american slang at its finest and is used often when kids call each other this term to show how idiotic and senseless the other kid ...
  • DOOD full form
  • DONTCHA full form
    Meaning : Dont you Category : SlangSub Category :Urban SlangType : Initialism What does DONTCHA mean or stand for ? Dontcha or Dont – cha is the same and it means don’t you.It is pronounced this way by the new hip hop kids in the US.There is also a song called dont cha by the Pussycat Dolls. 
  • DONT full form
  • DONNO full form
    don’t know
  • DONER full form
    Meaning : Department of North-East Region Category : GovernmentSub Category :Ministry  Type : Acronym Department of North-East Region What is the full form of DONER and meaning ? DONER refers to the ministry of development of North east India that comprises of eight states like Meghalaya,Tripura,Arunachal pradesh,Sikkim,Assam ,Manipur,Nagaland and Mizoram.With a budget of more than 3000 crores, this ministerial department ...
  • DONE full form
    Meaning : Done for the day Category : SlangSub Category :Professional slang Type : Abbreviation What does DONE mean or stand for ? Done for the day is used often in a sentence.Done in this reference means Finished or finito when you have completed a certain task. 
  • DON full form
  • DOMS full form
    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • DOMF full form
    Distributed Object Management Facility
  • DOMES full form
    Deep Ocean Mining and Environmental Study
  • DOM full form
    Divisional operations manager
  • DOLS full form
    Deprivation Of Liberty Safeguards
  • DOLO full form
    Alone solo
  • DOLE full form
    Department of Labor and Employment
  • DOLARS full form
    Departmental Online Accounting Reporting System
  • DOL full form
    Meaning : Department of Labor Category : GovernmentSub Category :DepartmentType : Initialism What does DOL mean or stand for ? Department of Labor is a section either in a government ministry,enterprise or coprporate entity that deals with human resources.Its primary objectives are recruitment,employment and also formulating and stipulating rules and regulations regarding workforce and jobs.
  • DOKA full form
    Doğu Karadeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (Eastern Black Sea Development Agency)
  • DOK full form
    Defender Of Kings
  • DOJ full form
    Meaning : Decree of justice Category : LawSub Category : Judgement  Type : Initialism What does DOJ mean or stand for ? Decree Of Justice is an order,grant or direction by a court for a particular case that has been petitioned.The judge will pass the decree ether in favor of the petitioner or the respondent
  • DOIT full form
    Meaning : Department Of Information Technology Category : EducationSub Category :DepartmentType : Initialism What does DOIT mean or stand for ? Department Of Information Technology is also known as an IT cell in a company or when referring to an education department in a college.In a corporate building,this IT cell houses employees that tend to and maintain key ...
  • DOIP full form
    Data Over Internet Protocol
  • DOIN full form
  • DOIM full form
    Director Of Information Management
  • DOI full form
    Meaning : Date of injury Category : MedicalSub Category : Documentation  Type : Initialism What does DOI mean or stand for ? Date of injury is a medical short form that is written on the prognosis report of a patient by an attending surgeon,physician,paramedical officer or ER doctor.With the date of the injury the nature of the injury and treatment ...
  • DOHM full form
  • DOHE full form
    Department of Higher Education
  • DOHC full form
    Dual Overhead Cam
  • DOH full form
    Department Of Health
  • DOGG full form
    Meaning : Friend Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slang  Type : Initialism What does DOGG mean or stand for ? DOGG means mate or friend or a thick close pal.Its often used by people of a specific race in the US in urban areas and larger cities.Young people casually use this term to refer to someone who is close ...
  • DOFL full form
    Meaning : Dying On Floor Laughing Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DOFL mean or stand for ? Dying On Floor Laughing is a take on the most famous of them all ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing.These are used ever so often when we chat and are trying to express how humorous ...
  • DOF full form
    Meaning : Data over fiber Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :TechnologyType : Initialism What does DOF mean or stand for ? Data Over Fiber is the technology of transferring large amounts of data over a fiber optic cable.This is used often in broadband internet services where large files of video and also live video calls require the movement of ...
  • DOELAP full form
    Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • DOEACC full form
    Department of Electronics Accredited Computer Courses
  • DOE full form
    Distributed Objects Everywhere
  • DODISS full form
    DoD Index of Specifications and Standards (U.S.A.)
  • DODI full form
    Department of Defense Instructions (U.S.A.)
  • DODGY full form
    Meaning : Of questionable legality morality integrity Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slang  Type : Initialism What does DODGY mean or stand for ? Dodgy is a slang word used in the UK and also in Australia and it means – “Of questionable legality morality integrity”. This is used for a person who is not trustworthy.
  • DOD-STD full form
    Department of Defense Standard (U.S.A.)
  • DOD full form
    Directorate of Disinvestment
  • DOCX full form
    document extended
  • DOCSIS full form
    DataOverCable Service Interface Specification
  • DOCS full form
    Department Of Community Services
  • DOCOMO full form
    Meaning : Docomo NTT Japan Category : CorporateSub Category :Companies  Type : Acronym What does DOCOMO mean or stand for ? DoCoMo is a trademark of the NTT DoCoMo corporation of JAPAN.It is a telecommunication company and has a joint venture with many many partner companies in different parts of the world to provide mobile network services to consumers.
  • DOCCMED XX full form
    Diploma in Occupational Medicine
  • DOCA full form
    Deeds of Company Arrangement
  • DOC full form
    DOCument (file format extension used by word processors such as MS Word)
  • DOBT full form
    Department of Bio Technology
  • DOBBS full form
    Doctors Only Bulletin Board System
  • DOB full form
    Doctorate of Business
  • DOAS full form
    Differential optical absorption spectroscopy
  • DOALOS full form
    Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
  • DOAG full form
    Delegation Of Authority Guide
  • DOA full form
    Meaning : Department of agriculture Category : GovernmentSub Category :Department  Type : Initialism What does DOA mean or stand for ? Department of Agriculture is a section of an organization either in a research or agro industrial corporation or a government ministerial office.This department deals with policy,produce,equipment,infrastructure and purchase of agricultural products.
  • DO-IT full form
    Disabilities- Opportunities- Internetworking and Technology
  • DO full form
    Data Out Distributed Objects
  • DNX full form
  • DNWBPRC full form
    Dinka Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference
  • DNVBDCP full form
    Directorate of National Vector
  • DNV full form
    Dorsal Nucleus Of Vagus Nerve
  • DNUS full form
    Digital Networking Unit – SONET
  • DNU full form
  • DNTX full form
    Do Not Transmit (Morse code)
  • DNTP full form
    DeoxyriboNucleotide TriPhosphate
  • DNTK full form
    Meaning : Don’t Need To Know Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DNTK mean or stand for ? Don’t Need To Know is a short form used in chatting when you if dont want the other person to know what information you have and dont want to reveal it for a particular reason. You ...
  • DNTBU full form
    Department of Nanoscience and Technology Bharathiar University
  • DNT full form
    Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor
  • DNSSEC full form
    Domain Name System SECurity Extensions
  • DNSSE full form
    Domain Name System Security Extensions
  • DNSIX full form
    Defense Network Security Information Exchange
  • DNS full form
    Meaning : Domain name server Category : InternetSub Category : Domains & Hosting  Type : Initialism What does DNS mean or stand for ? Domain Name Server  is a system owned by a hosting company that changes a web addresses from www.myname.com to 116225253 and vice versa.In order to host your website on that particular platform it need to point ...
  • DNRTA full form
    did not read the article
  • DNRC full form
    Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • DNR full form
    Destruction of Nature Resources
  • DNPS full form
    Divisional Network Product Support
  • DNPL (CFSAN) full form
    Division of Nutrition Programs and Labeling (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
  • DNPIC full form
    Directory Number Primary InterLATA Carrier
  • DNPA full form
    Data Numbering Plan Area (X.25)
  • DNP (CFSAN) full form
    Division of Natural Products (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
  • DNN full form
    Diploma in Nursery Nursing
  • DNMS full form
    Delayed Non-Matching to Sample
  • DNMI full form
    Det Norske Meteorologiske Institutt (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
  • DNM full form
    Desmoplastic Neurotropic Melanoma
  • DNLD full form
    Meaning : Download Category : ComputersSub Category :Internet  Type : Abbreviation What does DNLD mean or stand for ? Download is the process of saving information from the internet onto the fixed disk drive of a PC or smartphone.All information from the internet from the server to the user is known as download data and when bytes are transmitted ...
  • DNL full form
    Define Number Of Lines
  • DNKA full form
    Did Not Keep Appointment
  • DNIS full form
    Dialed Number Identification Service
  • DNIR full form
    Dominion Resources
  • DNIE full form
    Digital Natural Image Engine
  • DNID full form
    Data Network Identification code (Inmarsat)
  • DNIC full form
    Data Network Identification Code
  • DNI full form
    Distributable Net Income
  • DNGN full form
    Disability Network Group Net
  • DNG full form
    Data Network Group
  • DNFTT full form
    Do Not Feed The Troll
  • DNF full form
    Did Not Finish
  • DNET full form
    Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor
  • DNEM full form
    Dynamic Numeric Encoding Method
  • DNEL full form
    Derived No Effect Level
  • DNEA full form
  • DNDRN full form
    Dementias and Neurodegenerative Disease Research Network
  • DNDR full form
    Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • DNDP-1 full form
    Dominant-Negative DP-1 transcription factor
  • DNDH full form
    Dimethyl aminoNaphthalin1
  • DNDF full form
    Digestable Neutral Detergent Fiber
  • DNDC full form
    Meaning : Specific refractive index increment Category : PhysicsSub Category :Optics  Type : Initialism Specific refractive index increment What is the full form of DNDC and meaning ? This phrase is used in optical physics when light is passed through two  or more mediums have different refractive indices, and is used in refractometry and viscometry research. What is DNDC ? Out of the ...
  • DNCF full form
    Directory Number Call Forwarding
  • DNCA full form
    Daily Nutrition Council of Alberta
  • DNBS full form
    Department of NonBanking Supervision
  • DNB full form
    Diplomate of National Board of Medical Examiners
  • DNAR full form
    Meaning : Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Category : MedicalSub Category :DiagnosisType : Initialism What does DNAR mean or stand for ? Do Not Attempt Resuscitation is a similar phrase to do not attempt cardio pulmonary resuscitation and is a note written by a physician,paramedic or ER -emergency room doctor advising not to perform any CPR possible due to ...
  • DNAPL full form
    Dense NonAqueous Phase Liquids
  • DNAP full form
    Meaning : Doctor of nursing anesthesia practice Category : MedicalSub Category :Profession  Type : Initialism What does DNAP mean or stand for ? DOCTOR of NURSING ANESTHESIA PRACTICE is a medical profession that deals exclusively with the administering of anesthetic drugs.This extremely technical aspect of medical studies needs to be researched and learnt separately from the regular nursing practice.
  • DNAL full form
    Dedicated Network Access Line
  • DNAC full form
    Developing Nation Aid Commission
  • DNA-CR full form
    Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation – is a warning that is written by a paramedic or ER doctor if the patient already has some upper torso injury or a rib fracture.In CPR as it is also known,pressure is applied to the rub cage to pump the heart and get it to start beating again.
  • DNA full form
    Di-oxyribo-Nucleic Acid
  • DN/DC full form
    Specific refractive index increment
  • DN full form
  • DMZ full form
    Divide Memory by Zero
  • DMY full form
    Day Month Year
  • DMX full form
    Digital Music Express
  • DMWM full form
    Meaning : Dont mess with me Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DMWM mean or stand for ? don’t mess with me is a stern warning and this is used as a short form online as DMWM to tell the other person not to play around or take you for granted,else there will be ...
  • DMV full form
    Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DMU full form
    Meaning : Dont mess up Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DMU mean or stand for ? Don’t mess up is the same as dont screw up and we tell this to someone when there is something large at stake.This is a warning to take things cautiously and not make any erors.
  • DMTF full form
    Desktop Management Task Force (joint effort Microsoft- Compaq- IBM- Cisco- etc to standardize object management on LAN)
  • DMT full form
    Discrete Multitone
  • DMSU full form
    Digital Main Switching Unit
  • DMSS full form
    Data Management System Simulator
  • DMSP full form
    Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
  • DMSO full form
    Dimethyl Sulfoxide
  • DMSD full form
    Digital Multistandard Decoding
  • DMSC full form
    Data Mining Solutions Center
  • DMSA full form
    Di Mercapto Succinic Acid
  • DMS full form
    Digital Multiplex Switch (Nortel Networks Switching Product Family DMS 100 | 200 | …)
  • DMRT full form
    Diploma in Medical Radio Therapy
  • DMRS full form
    Debt Management and Recovery System
  • DMRL full form
    Defence Metalurgical Research Laboratory
  • DMRD full form
    Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
  • DMRAA full form
    Des Moines Radio Amateur Association
  • DMR full form
    Detailed Mission Requirements
  • DMQS full form
    Display Mode Query and Set
  • DMPR full form
  • DMPK full form
    Destroy Memory Protect Key
  • DMPHIL full form
    Master of Philosophy
  • DMPDU full form
    Derived MAC PDU (service)
  • DMPC full form
    Distributed Memory Parallel Computer
  • DMP full form
    Meaning : Dot Matrix Printer Category : ComputerSub Category :HardwareType : Initialism What does DMP mean or stand for ? Dot Matrix Printer is an old school printing device that uses a set of printed dots to create an image or text on paper.These are still in use all over the world and are used for ticket printing ...
  • DMOS full form
    Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  • DMO full form
    Directx Media Object
  • DMO (ORA) full form
    Division of Management Operations (ORA)
  • DMNL full form
    Direct Multi Network Link
  • DMN full form
    Data Multiplexing Network
  • DMMS full form
    Dynamic Memory Management System
  • DMMC full form
    Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre
  • DMM full form
    Meaning : Digital multimeter Category : ElectronicsSub Category :Measuring devices  Type : Initialism What does DMM mean or stand for ? Digital Multi-meter is an instrument that is used by engineers and technology based professionals.It is a device that can measure a variety of readings and includes a voltmeter,ammeter,ohm meter and others.
  • DMLT full form
    Meaning : Diploma in medical technology Category : EducationSub Category :CertificationType : Initialism What does DMLT mean or stand for ? Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is an educational cum professional degree that is useful in getting a job as a medical lab technician.The job profile would include analyzing and testing of clinical samples taken from patients.
  • DMLS full form
    Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • DMLC full form
    Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance
  • DML full form
    Data Manipulation Language
  • DMKP full form
    Dalit Mazdoor Kisan Party
  • DMK full form
    Dravida Munetra Kazhagam
  • DMISS full form
    Doctor of Missiology
  • DMIS full form
    Data Management Information System
  • DMIPS full form
    Dhrystone Million Instructions Per Second
  • DMIN full form
    Doctor of Ministry
  • DMIID full form
    Meaning : Don’t Mind If I Do Category : SlangSub Category :Phrases  Type : Initialism What does DMID mean or stand for ? Don’t Mind If I Do is phrase that is used to loosely explain that “you would like to..” or “you wouldn’t mind..”.This is now being used online in short form as DMIID to explain the same ...
  • DMIA full form
    Dual Multiplexer Interface Adapter
  • DMI full form
    Desktop Management Interface (keeping personal PC settings stored in a central location- (eg server) Then where ever you login looks and acts like your PC (near future Technology) Networks running NT and 95 from server location are now doing this
  • DMHG full form
    DiMethyl Mercury
  • DMHE full form
    Department of Mental Health for the Elderly
  • DMHC full form
    Department of Managed Health Care
  • DMHA full form
    Division of Mental Health and Addiction What does DMHA mean or stand for ? This is a department in a hospital or healthcare facility that deals exclusively with patients so suffer from some type of addiction and/or also have mental health issues.
  • DMH full form
    DiMethyl Hydrazine
  • DMG full form
    Di Methyl Glycine
  • DMF full form
    Distributable Media Format (a Microsoft disk formatting that allows 177 Meg of info to be placed on a 35 disk that normally holds only 144 Meg
  • DMET full form
    Directorate of Marine Engineering Training
  • DMESP full form
    IEEE/ACM Conference on Developing and Managing Expert System Programs
  • DMERC full form
    Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier
  • DMER full form
    Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex
  • DMED full form
    Doctor of Mediation
  • DME full form
    Distributed Management Environment (OSF)
  • DMDK full form
    Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam
  • DMDD full form
    disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
  • DMDC full form
    Defense Management Data Center
  • DMDAOC full form
    Meaning : Depressive and Manic Depressive Association of Orange County Category : MedicalSub Category :Mental illness  Type : Initialism What does DMDAOC mean or stand for ? Depressive and Manic Depressive Association of Orange County is a collective of people who can come together to discuss and deal with this dreaded mental illness of Bipolar disorder.
  • DMD full form
    Digital Micromirror Device
  • DMCS full form
    Data Mapping Control System
  • DMCI full form
    Direct Memory Communications Interface
  • DMCG full form
    Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups
  • DMCC full form
    D M C Corporate Diversified Fund
  • DMCA full form
    Meaning : Digital Millennium copyright act Category : ComputersSub Category : Acts & Laws Type : Initialism What does DMCA mean or stand for ? Digital Millennium Copyright Act is used to protect digital data from theft and plagiarism.Websites and other digital information can use the DMCA to protect their intellectual properties and also notify the DMCA regulatory authority ...
  • DMBU full form
    Deadly Modifier BuildUp
  • DMBT full form
    Difference in Mean Body Temperature What does DMBT mean or stand for ? This is a medical measurement analysis that is recorded from a certain time to the next and takes into account a person body temperature with respect to a standard set average and compares both the readings.
  • DMBS full form
    Dean Markley Blue Steel
  • DMBR full form
    DecaMethonium Bromide
  • DMBO full form
    Delta Marsh Bird Observatory
  • DMBL full form
    Deterministic Modal Bayesian Logic
  • DMBIPF6 full form
    DiMethyl3Butyl Imidazolium HexaFluoro Phosphate
  • DMBI-PF6 full form
    DiMethyl-3-Butyl Imidazolium HexaFluoro Phosphate
  • DMBE full form
    Department of Minority Business Enterprise
  • DMBD full form
  • DMB full form
    Department of Management and Budget
  • DMAU full form
    Meaning : Direct Memory Access Unit Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does DMAU mean or stand for ? Direct Memory Access Unit is a part of the computer motherboards physical architecture that allows a certain hardware on the board to be connected directly to the memory and tap into it so that it can ...
  • DMAT full form
    Disaster Medical Assistance Team
  • DMAS full form
    Distributors Management Accounting System
  • DMARDS full form
    disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs
  • DMARD full form
    Disease Modifying AntiRheumatic Drug
  • DMARC full form
    Dallas Municipal Archives and Records Center
  • DMAP full form
    4DiMethyl Amino Phridine
  • DMAO full form
    Directorate of Medical Administration and Operations
  • DMAM full form
    Digital Media Asset Management
  • DMALM full form
    DiMethyl ALaninate Methobromide
  • DMALF full form
    Des Moines Action Loan Fund
  • DMAK full form
    DMa request AKnowledgement
  • DMAII full form
    Death Metal Attack II computer game
  • DMAIF full form
    Meaning : Direct Memory Access Interface Category : ComputersSub Category :Hardware  Type : Initialism What does DMAIF mean or stand for ? Direct Memory Access Interface is part of the DMA controller which is a subsystem on the motherboard of a computer which through the use of a bus has a direct route to use the resources of the ...
  • DMAHTC full form
    Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center
  • DMAH full form
    DiMethyl Aluminum Hydride
  • DMAF full form
    do me a favor
  • DMAE full form
    DiMethyl Amino Ethanol
  • DMACS full form
    Distributed Manufacturing Automation & Control Software
  • DMACC full form
    Des Moines Area Community College
  • DMAB full form
    DiMethyl4Amino Biphenyl
  • DMAA full form
  • DMA full form
    Meaning : Dynamic Memory Access (software equivalent to a hardware interrupt) Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory  Type : Initialism Dynamic Memory Access (software equivalent to a hardware interrupt) What is the full form of DMA and meaning ? DMA is a technology that allows hardware devices or peripheral components connected to a computer system to access the main memory directly ...
  • DM2 full form
    Diabetes mellitus type 2
  • DM(S) full form
    Digital material(s)
  • DM WATER full form
    Demineralized Water
  • DLVD full form
    Meaning : Diastolic left ventricular diameter Category : MedicalSub Category :Cardiology  Type : Initialism What does DLVD mean or stand for ? Diastolic Left Ventricular Diameter is the actual metric measure of this area of the cardiac system.An approximation can be made by doing tests like echo cardiogram and this is also helpful in showing how easily or how difficult ...
  • DLV full form
    Defective Leukemia Virus
  • DLUS full form
    Dependent LU Server
  • DLUR/S full form
    Dependent LU Requester / Server
  • DLUR full form
    Dependent LU Requester
  • DLU full form
    Digital Line Unit
  • DLTU full form
    Data Link Trunk Unit (AT&T)
  • DLTR full form
    Data Link Terminal Repeater
  • DLTM full form
    Don’t Lie To Me
  • DLTBBB full form
    Don’t Let
  • DLT full form
    Digital Linear Tape
  • DLSW full form
    Data Link Switching
  • DLSU full form
    De La Salle University
  • DLSM full form
    Data Link Summary Message
  • DLSH full form
    Dry Leached Surface Hardness
  • DLSGP full form
    Division of Libraries Serving the General Public
  • DLSE full form
    Device Level Selection Enhanced
  • DLSC full form
    Defense Logistics Service Center
  • DLS full form
    Date last seen
  • DLRR full form
    DisneyLand RailRoad
  • DLRES full form
    David L. Rainer Elementary School
  • DLR full form
    DOS LAN Requester
  • DLPI full form
    Data Link Provider Interface (ATM)
  • DLPBC full form
    Dual Loop Port Bypass Circuitry
  • DLP full form
    Digital Light Processing
  • DLO-NL full form
    Netherlands Organization for Agricultural Research
  • DLO full form
    Dead Letter Office
  • DLNC full form
    Diamond-Like Nano-Composite
  • DLNA full form
    Digital Living Network Alliance
  • DLN full form
    don’t look now
  • DLMS full form
    Device Language Message Specification
  • DLM full form
    District Level Monitor
  • DLLA full form
    Double Leading Logarithmic Approximation
  • DLL full form
    “Dynamic Link Library (file extension) (sometimes called a “dumb little library”)”
  • DLIT full form
    Meaning : Digital Learning & Instructional Technology Category : EducationSub Category :E LearningType : Initialism What does DLIT mean or stand for ? Digital Learning & Instructional Technology is a new E learning platforms whereby websites and applications use the latest media and analytics to create stunning visuals that make it easy for kids and young adults to ...
  • DLIR full form
    Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • DLIBU full form
    Meaning : Dont let it bother you Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DLIBU mean or stand for ? Dont let it bother you or dont worry about a thing are both phrases used as short forms online in order to tell the other person to chill out and not to get too stressed ...
  • DLI full form
    Donor Leukocyte Infusion
  • DLGW full form
    Data Link GateWay
  • DLGS full form
    Decreto Legislativo
  • DLF full form
    Delhi Land & Finance
  • DLEC full form
    Data Link Exchange Carrier
  • DLE full form
    Data Link Escape
  • DLD full form
    Display List Driver
  • DLCV full form
    drugs of limited clinical value
  • DLCST full form
    Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial
  • DLCS full form
    Digital Loop Carrier System
  • DLCO full form
    Diffusion Lung capacity for CO (Carbon Monoxide)
  • DLCL full form
    Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma
  • DLCI full form
    Data Link Connection Identifier
  • DLC full form
    Data Link Control (a low-level protocol)
  • DLBL full form
    Diffuse Large Bcell Lymphoma
  • DLBI full form
    Device Level Burn-In
  • DLBCL full form
    Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
  • DLB full form
    Direct Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy
  • DLAT full form
    Destructive Lot Acceptance Testing
  • DLAP full form
    Diversified Liberal Arts Program
  • DLAN full form
    Defense Logistics Agency Network
  • DLAM full form
    Don’t Laugh At Me
  • DLAG full form
    Dog Legislation Advisory Group
  • DLA full form
    Doctor of Liberal Arts
  • DL/1 full form
    Data Language 1
  • DL-1 full form
    Data Manipulation Language 1
  • DKZ full form
    Delhi Kishanganj
  • DKV full form
    Deer Kidney Virus
  • DKSME full form
    International Conference on Data & Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing & Engineering
  • DKP full form
    Disavow Knowledge of Programmer
  • DKNY full form
    Ddi Kiem Nguoi Yeu
  • DKMS full form
    Dynamic Kernel Module Support
  • DKIM full form
    DomainKeys Identified Mail
  • DKG full form
    Decryption Key Generator
  • DKFS full form
    Don’t Know For Sure
  • DKDB full form
    Dynamic Knowledge Data Base
  • DKD full form
  • DKCS full form
    Senior Chief Disbursing Clerk
  • DKC full form
    Distinguished Key Clubber
  • DKBW full form
    Department Klinisch Biologische Wissenschaften
  • DKB full form
    Deep knee bends
  • DKA full form
    Meaning : Diabetic ketoacidosis Category : MedicalSub Category : ConditionType : Initialism What does DKA mean or stand for ? Diabetic keto – acidosis is a process where there are excess ketones in the system and this can easily be seen in the urine sample of a person who is diabetic.
  • DK2 full form
    Disbursing Clerk Second Class
  • DJXKRF full form
    Djia Mini E-cbot
  • DJU full form
    did you
  • DJSKRB full form
    David Jones Limited
  • DJS full form
    Meaning : Desperate job seeker Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DJAS mean or stand for ? Desperate Job Seeker is a slang phrase to call someone who is actively looking for employment.It may sound harsh but in most cases is used in a humorous and satirical way.
  • DJRU full form
    Dedicated JTIDS Relay Unit
  • DJPM full form
    Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications
  • DJP full form
    Direktorat Jenderal Pajak
  • DJM full form
    David J Mckinnon
  • DJFLCC full form
    Deputy Joint Force Land Component Commander
  • DJD full form
    Degenerative joint disease
  • DJ full form
    Meaning : Disc Jockey Category : EntertainmentSub Category :Music  Type : Initialism What does DJ mean or stand for ? Disc Jockey is a person who entertains a crowd at a party,event or nightclub by playing recorded music.He/She may also mix different tunes and alter the harmony and beats.
  • DIZ full form
    Description In Zip (file name extension)
  • DIX full form
    DEC- Intel- and Xerox
  • DIW full form
    D-Inside Wire
  • DIVX full form
    Digital Video Express
  • DIVE full form
    Direct Interface Video Extension
  • DIV. full form
    Meaning : Divide or division Category : EducationSub Category :Mathematics  Type : Abbreviation What does DIV. mean or stand for ? divide  or division is one of the mathematical operations.Out of the main 4 operations it is the hardest to understand.
  • DIV full form
    Meaning : Divide Category : EducationSub Category :Mathematics  Type : Abbreviation What does DIV mean or stand for ? Divide is a mathematical operation and is the inverse of multiplication out of the main 4 fundamental,the others being addition,subtraction and multiplication.|Compared to the other four it is the most difficult to comprehend and apply in basic calculations.
  • DIU full form
    Data Interface Unit
  • DITTO full form
    Direct Input Tube Transformer Output
  • DITP full form
    Day In The Park
  • DITC full form
    Dead Inside The Chrysalis
  • DITA full form
    Darwin Information Typing Architecture
  • DIT1 full form
    2-Oxoglutarate/malate Translocator
  • DIT full form
    Department of Information Technology
  • DISXD full form
    Disney XD (channel 122)
  • DISU full form
    Dual Input Switching Unit
  • DISTRO full form
    Distribution (software music etc)
  • DISTN full form
    Meaning : Distillation Category : ScienceSub Category :Chemistry  Type : Abbreviation What does DISTN mean or stand for ? Distillation is the chemical process of heating up a liquid and then collecting the evaporated vapor or fumes and cooling it down to form a “distilled” liquid.This process is used often in the production of alcohol and more specifically Whiskey.
  • DISTAT full form
    United Nations Disability Statistics Database
  • DIST full form
    Drug Inspector Selection Test
  • DISSOS full form
    Distributed Office Support System
  • DISS full form
    Meaning : Disrespect Category : SlangSub Category :Urban SlangType : Abbreviation What does DISS mean or stand for ? Diss is used often in urban slang communication  for Disrespect. Especially in the hood or some lower income areas of the US,respect is paramount in every way and if you diss someone its not going to be good for ...
  • DISP full form
    Displacement (offset)
  • DISOSS full form
    Distributed Office Support System (IBM)
  • DISO full form
    Deparmental Individual Standing Offer
  • DISNET full form
    Defense Integrated Secure Network
  • DISN full form
    Defense Information Systems Network
  • DISK full form
    Meaning : Computer disc Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Abbreviation What does DISK mean or stand for ? Disk is just another way of talking about a computer disc or discette.These are memory storage devices that were made popular in the 90s and could hold 700 MB of information
  • DISH full form
    Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis Syndrome
  • DISCOM full form
    Division Support Command
  • DISC full form
    Digital Information Science And Communication
  • DISA full form
    Data Interchange Standards Association
  • DIS full form
    Did I Say
  • DIRT full form
    Deposit Interest Retention Tax
  • DIRT CHEAP full form
    Meaning : Really cheap Category : EducationSub Category :PhrasesType : Initialism What does DIRT CHEAP mean or stand for ? Dirt cheap means really cheap or something that is Inexpensive or available at a throwaway price. Sometimes we find bargains at retails stores when they want to get rid of old stock and then price them at half ...
  • DIRSPACEFOR full form
    Director of Space Forces (USAF)
  • DIRL full form
    Die in real life
  • DIRBE full form
    Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment
  • DIPS full form
    Defense Independent Pitching Statistic
  • DIPR full form
    Detailed In-Process Review
  • DIPPM full form
    Diploma in Project Management
  • DIPP full form
    Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
  • DIPL full form
    Display Initial Program Load
  • DIPHEN CITR full form
    Diphenhydramine Citrate
  • DIPHEN CIT full form
    Diphenhydramine Citrate
  • DIPGERMED full form
    Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
  • DIPEX full form
    Database of Individual Patient Experiences
  • DIPBM full form
    Diploma in Business Management What does DIPBM mean or stand for ? This certification is what some students opt for if they do not get into a good MBA program.Most management courses are hard to get into in Business school and especially MBA is the most sought after.
  • DIPAS full form
    Defence Institute of Physicology and Allied Sciences
  • DIP FHS full form
    Diploma in Family Historical Studies
  • DIOT full form
    Declaración Informativa de Operaciones con Terceros
  • DIO full form
    Data Input-Output
  • DIO (OC) full form
    Division of Infrastructure Operations (OC)
  • DINT full form
    Meaning : Did not Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does DINT mean or stand for ? Did not  or didn’t is how the new age kids spell DINT online.Understandably its a faster way of typing when on the go and when in a hurry.
  • DINLO full form
    Meaning : Stupid person Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slangType : Acronym What does DINLO mean or stand for ? Stupid person is the meaning of DINLO and this is used in many countries as regional slang,most notably in the UK.It has also found its way into the online community and is used in chats and texts.
  • DINGY full form
  • DING full form
  • DINERO full form
    Money What does DINERO mean or stand for ? Another term that is used exclusively for money other than dough or bucks is dineros.It is used more often by  the latin american population and in South American countries.
  • DIN full form
    Translated from German it stands for German National Connector
  • DIMS full form
    Document Image Management System
  • DIMM full form
    Meaning : Dual inline memory module Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Acronym  What does DIMM mean or stand for ? Dual In-line Memory Module  are new processors or RAM slots hooked together on the motherboard.These DIMM ports or sockets are placed parallel to each other on the motherboard and are usually 4 in number.
  • DIME full form
    Diploma In Manufacturing Engineering
  • DIM full form
    1 DIMention
  • DILO full form
    Day In The Life Of
  • DILLIGAF? full form
    Meaning : Does It Look Like I Give A F***? Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DILLIGAF mean or stand for ? Does It Look Like I Give A F***? is a phrase that is used online when two young people are in disagreement and one of the them does not care at all.He/she ...
  • DIL. full form
  • DIL full form
    Discrete Input Low
  • DIJ full form
  • DIIP full form
    Direct Interrupt Identification Port
  • DII-COE full form
    Defense Information Infrastructure- Common Operations Environment
  • DII full form
    Design Institute of India
  • DIH full form
    Discrete Input High
  • DIGS full form
    Home lodgings
  • DIGE full form
    Differential In-Gel Electrophoresis
  • DIFXAPP full form
    Driver Install Framework For Applications
  • DIFT full form
    Discrete Inverse Fourier Transform
  • DIFFZL full form
    Differential Ziv-Lempel (data encoding)
  • DIFCOD full form
    Differential Coder
  • DIFA full form
    Direct ImmunoFluorescence Assay
  • DIF full form
    Data Interchange Format
  • DIETS full form
    District Institutes of Education Training
  • DIET full form
    District Institute of Education and Training
  • DIESEL full form
    Direct Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language
  • DIEP full form
    Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator
  • DIEM full form
    Dimensionally Independent Exponential Mapping
  • DIE full form
    Device Intended For Exploration
  • DIDTMLCC full form
  • DIDRA full form
    Dalhousie Infectious Disease Research Alliance
  • DIDO full form
    Meaning : Same as Category : SlangSub Category :General slang  Type : Initialism What does DIDO mean or stand for ? DIDO or DITTO is “same as”.Ditto is used often when we talk in normal real world conversations and DIDO is supposed to mean the same thing -only its online.
  • DID full form
    Discharge of Internal Debt
  • DICT full form
    Dominant Introvert Concrete Thinker
  • DICOM full form
    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
  • DICODE-NRZ full form
    Di-Code-Non-Return to Zero level (data encoding)
  • DICHLORAL full form
  • DICHLOR full form
  • DICGC full form
    Meaning : Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Category : FinanceSub Category :Institution  Type : Initialism Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India What is the full form of DICGC and meaning ? The DICGC that is operated by the RBI and provides insurance and protection to people who deposit money into banks.In case the bank closes ...
  • DICE full form
    Drug Intervention Community Educators
    Device-Independent Color
  • DIBS full form
    Desktop Integrated Browsing System
  • DIBOL full form
    DEC Business Oriented Language
  • DIBL full form
    DrainInduced Barrier Lowering
  • DIBEG full form
    Digital Broadcasting Expert
  • DIB full form
    Graphic File Format extension (in bitmap format)
  • DIAS full form
    Digital Information Archiving System
  • DIAR full form
    Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Regulation
  • DIAPHOX full form
    DIAminoPHosphine OXide
  • DIAO full form
    Cool hip
  • DIANA full form
    Dawning Into A New Awareness
  • DIAL full form
    A Day In A Life
  • DIAG full form
    Meaning : Diagnosis Category : ScienceSub Category :Analysis  Type : Abbreviation What does DIAG mean or stand for ? Diagnosis is the investigation and analysis of a problem.In medicine this same investigation can also be known as prognosis and is followed by a course of action,in this case treatment and drugs.
  • DIAF full form
    die in a fire
  • DIAC full form
    Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
  • DIA/DCA full form
    DIA Document Content Architecture
  • DIA full form
    Document Interchange Architecture
  • DI-O full form
    Data Input / Output
  • DI full form
    Meaning : Direct investment Category : FinanceSub Category :Funding & InvestmentType : Initialism What does DI mean or stand for ? Direct Investment is the method for a parent company or a multinational to directly infuse funds into its subsidiary company or branch in another country or territory.Depending on local financial laws,it may or may not be possible to ...
  • DHYB full form
    Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • DHV full form
    Demonstration of Higher Value
  • DHTML full form
    Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
  • DHSS full form
    Data Handling Subsystem
  • DHSP full form
    Department of Human Service Programs
  • DHSB full form
    Darussalam Holdings SDN BHD
  • DHS full form
    Dermatological Hair and Scalp
  • DHQ full form
    Division Headquarters
  • DHPR full form
    dihydropteridine reductase
  • DHPG full form
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Privacy Group
  • DHP full form
    Dr Halo PIC (file name extension)
  • DHOC full form
    Davis Hollow Outdoor Center
  • DHO full form
    District Health Officer
  • DHNY full form
    Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
  • DHND full form
  • DHMU full form
    Meaning : Don’t Hit Me Up Category : SlangSub Category :Urban Slang  Type : Initialism What does DHMU mean or stand for ? The full form of DHMU is all too familiar to young people who use it online. Don’t Hit Me Up means – do not keep in touch with me,opposed to the common phrase that we tell ...
  • DHMS full form
    Dense Hydrous Magnesium Silicate
  • DHMO full form
    DiHydrogen MonOxide
  • DHMC full form
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • DHM full form
  • DHLY full form
    Meaning : Does he like you Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does DHLY mean or stand for ? does he like you is a phrase that young kids and people online use these days.Its common gossip between high school kids who are talking about their crushes and romantic liaisons.
  • DHLS full form
    Double Haploid Lines
  • DHLD full form
    Double-Heterojunction Laser Diode
  • DHLC full form
    Deborah Heart and Lung Center
  • DHLA full form
    DiHydroLipoic Adid
  • DHL full form
    Dynamic Head Loading
  • DHKR full form
  • DHJ full form
  • DHI full form
  • DHH full form
    Dallas Hip Hop
  • DHF full form
    Dilute HydroFluoric acid
  • DHEAS full form
    dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate
  • DHEA full form
    Di Hydroxy Epi Androsterone
  • DHE-45 full form
  • DHE full form
    Dihydroergotamine (an antimigraine drug)
  • DHCPD full form
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Daemon
  • DHCP full form
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • DHCC full form
    Dubai Healthcare City
  • DHCA full form
    Dehydrocholic acid
  • DHC full form
    Daigaku Honyaku Center
  • DHBT full form
    Double-Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  • DHB full form
    Dao Heng Bank
  • DHACP full form
    Dynamic Host Automatic Configuration Protocol
  • DHA full form
    DocosaHexaenoic Acid
  • DH full form
    Developmentally Handicapped
  • DH (CBER) full form
    Division of Hematology (CBER)
  • DGVA full form
    Delaware Valley Geographical Association
  • DGTWM full form
    Don’t Go There With Me
  • DGTD full form
    Directorate General of Technical Development
  • DGT full form
    Denier Gradient Technology
  • DGSE full form
    Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange
  • DGS-1 full form
    Deployable Ground Station-1
  • DGS&D full form
    Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal
  • DGS full form
    Director Of Graduate Studies
  • DGR full form
    Duodenogastric Reflux
  • DGQA full form
    Directorate General Quality Assurance
  • DGPT full form
    Department of General Posts and Telecommunications Vietnam
  • DGPS full form
    Differential Global Positioning System
  • DGPG full form
    Diffuse Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
  • DGPA full form
    Dirección General de la Producción Agraria
  • DGP&T full form
    Director General Posts and Telegraphs
  • DGOT full form
    Don’t Go Over There
  • DGOAI full form
    don’t go on about it
  • DGO full form
    Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • DGNSS full form
    Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
  • DGNA full form
    Dynamic Group Number Assignment
  • DGN full form
    Diffuse Glomerulonephritis
  • DGMS full form
    Directorate General of Mines Safety
  • DGLW full form
    Director General Labour Welfare
  • DGLB full form
    Director General Labour Bureau
  • DGL full form
    De Glycyrrhizinated Licorice
  • DGJ full form
    Dungar Jn.
  • DGIT full form
    Director General of Income Tax
  • DGIS full form
    Direct Graphics Interface Standard
  • DGI full form
    Disseminated Gonococcal Infection
  • DGHT full form
    Deutsche Gesellscaft fur Herpetologie and Terrarienkunde (German Society for Herpetology)
  • DGHS full form
    Directorate General of Health Services
  • DGHC full form
    Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council
  • DGHA full form
    Digha Flag Station
  • DGH full form
    Meaning : Directorate general of Hydrocarbons Category : GovernmentSub Category : MinistryType : Initialism What does DGH mean or stand for ? Directorate General of Hydrocarbons is a government department of the ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas.Its main aim is to regulate the oil wells and resources and also to keep in mind the environmental and ecological ...
  • DGG full form
  • DGFT full form
    Directorate General of Foreign Trade
  • DGFASLI full form
    Directorate General of Factory Advice Services Labour Institutes
  • DGET full form
    Directorate General of Employment Training
  • DGEN full form
    Dirección General de Energia Nuclear
  • DGEBA full form
    Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A
  • DGE&T full form
    Directorate General of Employment and Training
  • DGE full form
    Delayed Gastric Emptying
  • DGDP full form
    Dairy Goat Development Project
  • DGD full form
    Dworkin’s Generic Driver
  • DGCSO full form
    Director General Central Statistical Organisation
  • DGCI&S full form
    Directorate General of Commercial ntelligence and Statistics
  • DGCEI full form
    Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence
  • DGCA full form
    Director General of Civil Aviation
  • DGC full form
    Differentiated Type Gastric Carcinoma
  • DGBA full form
    Department of Government and Bank Accounts- RBI
  • DGAF full form
    Meaning : Don’t Give A F*** Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DGAF mean or stand for ? Don’t Give A F*** is a slang word just like dont give a damn about something.Its usually said when irate and just dont care enough about what is beign discussed or said.
  • DGAD full form
    Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties
  • DGAC full form
    Meaning : Dont give a crap Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DGAC mean or stand for ? Don’t give a crap ,dont give a dam or explicitly used dont give a f*ck are all the same phrases that are used to relate the fact that you care about something.
  • DGA full form
    don’t go anywhere
  • DG full form
    Meaning : Director General Category : MilitarySub Category :Rank  Type : Initialism What does DG mean or stand for ? Director General is a rank that is usually represented by the police force in some countries but might also be a position in the armed forces.This is one of the top ranking official posts and is usually achieved above ...
  • DFX full form
    DESIGN FOR eXcellence
  • DFWMAC full form
    Distributed Foundation Wireless Media Access Control
  • DFW full form
    Dallas Fort Worth
  • DFU full form
    Data File Utility
  • DFTVS full form
    IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems
  • DFTT full form
    Don’t Feed The Troll
  • DFTSYP full form
    Don’t Forget To Say Your Prayers
  • DFTP full form
    Duty Free Tariff Preference
  • DFTI full form
    Daily Flight Time Index
  • DFTC full form
    down for the count
  • DFTBA full form
    Meaning : Don’t forget to be awesome Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DFTBA mean or stand for ? Don’t forget to be awesome is a parting greeting that we sometimes give on another in order to boost their morale and leave the conversation on a positive note.Its a reminder to keep striving ...
  • DFT full form
    Diagnostic Function Test
  • DFSORT full form
    Data Facility Sort
  • DFSMS full form
    Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem
  • DFSK full form
    Double FSK (modulation)
  • DFSG full form
    Debian Free Software Guidelines
  • DFSC full form
    Defense Fuel Supply Center
  • DFS full form
    Distributable File System (Delphi- VB- BDE- etc)
  • DFRM full form
    Drug Facility Registration Module (FURLS)
  • DFRI full form
    Datacom Reference Frame Input
  • DFRF full form
    Dryden Flight Research Facility
  • DFRC full form
    Dryden Flight Research Center
  • DFP full form
    DART for Publishers
  • DFO full form
    Divisional forest officer
  • DFN full form
    Dedicated Frogans Network
  • DFMC full form
    Meaning : Duray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company Category : CompaniesSub Category :Lighting  Type : Initialism DFMC full form – Duray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company DFMC is a company based in the US that has been providing lighting and illumination  solutions to all sorts of clients for more than 75 years.They provide all types of lighting including the popular LED fixtures,florescent as ...
  • DFMA full form
    Design For Manufacturing and Assembly
  • DFM full form
    Design For Manufacturability
  • DFLI full form
    Meaning : Don’t Feel Like It Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DFLI mean or stand for ? Don’t Feel Like It is a phrase used online as a short form for DFLI and is used when we chat with our friends and want to tell them that you are not in the mood ...
  • DFLDG full form
    Design Flow and Loading Determination Guidelines
  • DFL full form
    Meaning : Down For Life Category : SlangSub Category :General  Type : Initialism Down For Life What is the full form of DFL and meaning ? This is the name of a crime drama Hollywood movie that released in 2009.It has been referenced many times ion different genres.   What is DFL ? Out of the many search terms there is a possibility  of more ...
  • DFIR full form
    Diffused Infrared
  • DFID full form
    Department of International Development
  • DFIA full form
    Duty Free Import Authorization
  • DFI full form
    Development Finance Institution
  • DFHSM full form
    Data Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager
  • DFHI full form
    Discount and Finance House of India
  • DFH full form
    Dot Filter Hybridization
  • DFG full form
    Display Format Generator
  • DFF full form
    David Frost Fund
  • DFET full form
  • DFES full form
    Department For Education and Skills
  • DFEP full form
  • DFED full form
  • DFE full form
    Data Flow Engineer
  • DFDSS full form
    Data Facility Data Set Services
  • DFDR full form
    Meaning : Digital Flight Data Recorder Category : AviationSub Category :Onboard devices  Type : Initialism What does DFDR mean or stand for ? ‘Digital Flight Data Recorder of an airplane is also known as a black box,but ironically is painted bright orange so that it can be found in the wreckage of a crash if needed.It records all the ...
  • DFDBA full form
    demineralized freeze-dried bone allografts
  • DFDB full form
    Demineralized Freezedried Bone
  • DFD full form
    Data Flow Diagram
  • DFCU full form
    Dacorum First Credit Union
  • DFCS full form
    Digital Flight Control Software
  • DFCI full form
    Data Farber Cancer Institute
  • DFCE full form
  • DFCD full form
    Data Format Control Documents
  • DFCCIL full form
    Meaning : Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited  Category : TravelSub Category :Railways Type : Initialism Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited  What is the full form of DFCCIL and meaning ? The DFCCIL is part of the Indian Railways that develops and manages all areas of planning and finance of the dedicated freight corridor rail network line. What is ...
  • DFC full form
    Data Flow Control
  • DFB full form
    Distributed Feedback (laser)
  • DFAT full form
    Department of Foreign Affairs Trade
  • DFAS full form
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service
  • DFAIT full form
    Canada Department Of Foreign Affairs And International Trade
  • DFAC full form
    Deans Faculty Advisory Committee
  • DFA full form
    Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • DF full form
    Data Field Destination Field Device Flag
  • DEZ full form
    Distal Elongation Zone
  • DEY full form
  • DEXBROMPHEN full form
    Dexbrompheniramine Maleate
  • DEXAMETH ACE full form
    Dexamethasone Acetate
  • DEXA full form
    Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry
  • DEWR full form
    Department of Employment Workplace Relations
  • DEWIZ full form
    Distance Early Warning Identification Zone
  • DEWI full form
    Data Extraction Web Interface
  • DEWA full form
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
  • DEW full form
    Dollar Every Week
  • DEVT full form
  • DEVS full form
    Meaning : Developers Category : ComputersSub Category : Application & Software  Type : Abbreviation What does DEVS mean or stand for ? Developers or also known as software or application developers are the architects and creators of that program and are responsible for the coding and execution.
  • DEVMAC full form
    Development Milestone Achievement Certificate
  • DEVIL full form
    Meaning : Daily Enthusiastic Victories Inspirational Leadership Category : EducationSub Category :TerminologyType : Initialism What does DEVIL mean or stand for ? If you wanted the version where the devil is a mythical demon or satan,this is not really that.However in a philosophical way we can say that the full form of DEVIL is Daily Enthusiastic Victories Inspirational ...
  • DEVICE full form
    Dynamic Environment For Visualization In Chemical Engineering
  • DEV full form
    Meaning : Device Category : TechnologySub Category : HardwareType : Abbreviation What does DEV mean or stand for ? Device is a hardware unit that is capable of some type of technology and can perform some function.
  • DEU full form
    Display Electronic(s) Unit
  • DETR full form
    Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions
  • DETEM full form
    Optical detector/emitter combiner (transducer)
  • DET full form
    Device Execute Trigger
  • DESY full form
    Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron
  • DEST full form
    Department of Education
  • DESS full form
  • DESPOT full form
    Design Performance Optimization
  • DESO full form
    Directory of Exservice Organisations
  • DESMOND full form
    Meaning : Diabetes Education & Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed Category : MedicalSub Category :Treatment  Type : Initialism What does DESMOND mean or stand for ? Diabetes Education & Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed is a program that was initiated for patients who recently have contracted this dreaded disease.The program is very useful on ...
  • DESMOA full form
    Directorate of Economics and Statistics Ministry of Agriculture
  • DESMOA full form
    Meaning : Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture Category : GovernmentSub Category :Ministry  Type : Acronym Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture What is the full form of DESMOA and meaning ? The full form of DESMOA is an important part of the government and has many responsibilities and duties to fulfill. This department of the government ...
  • DESIGNCON full form
    Semiconductor and Electronic Design Conference
  • DESIDOC full form
    Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
  • DESI full form
    Data Entry Software For Industry
  • DESECO full form
    Development of Selected Contacts
  • DESCO full form
    Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited
  • DESCA full form
    Development of a Simplified Consortium Agreement
  • DESC full form
    Defense Electronics Supply Center
  • DESACS full form
    Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services- RBI
  • DES-CBC full form
    Data Encryption Standard – Cipher Block Chaining
  • DES full form
    Data Encryption Standard (security methods used for transmitting data)
  • DERT full form
    Disaster and Emergency Response Team
  • DERO full form
    Derelict loser
  • DERNOE full form
    Meaning : Dont know Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does DERNOE mean or stand for ? I don’t know or dont know are the same and these are also used as DUNNO often when people talk online.Its a faster and quicker way of pronouncing “dont know” hence it is used.
  • DERG full form
    Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant
  • DERF full form
    Data Element Request Form
  • DERE full form
  • DERD full form
    Delta Encoding via Resemblance Detection
  • DERC full form
    Discrete Emission Reduction Credit
  • DERB full form
    Disassemble Resource Bundle command
  • DERA full form
    Department of Environmental Review and Assessment
  • DER full form
    Designated Employer Representative
  • DEPT. full form
    Meaning : Department Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation What does DEPT. mean or stand for ? Department is the full form of department.This maybe used to describe a section of a company or an organization that deals with a particular purpose or cause.Like a human resource department or account department etc.
  • DEPT full form
    Meaning : Department Category : EducationSub Category :Terminology  Type : Abbreviation What does DEPT mean or stand for ? Department is a separate section of an organization that deals with a particular cause,subject or ministry.It has a dedicated set of employs who are trained only in this field.
  • DEPS full form
    Departmental Entry Processing System
  • DEPRESS full form
    Meaning : DE-PRESSurize Category : ScienceSub Category :Physics  Type : Abbreviation What does DEPRESS mean or stand for ? DE-PRESSurize is a scientific term used to bring down the pressure of a enclosed vessel or container until it reaches the atmospheric pressure of the environment.This cold be used in reference with a cylinder that has its contents under pressure ...
  • DEPO full form
    Double Even Pass Odd
  • DEPB full form
    Duty Entitlement Passbook
  • DEPA full form
    Dynamic Elastic Properties Analyzer
  • DEP. full form
    Meaning : Departure Category : Travel Sub Category :Airline  Type : Abbreviation What does DEP. mean or stand for ? Depart(ure) or ARR- ival are two important short forms that are used often at airports and in the airline industry.These are displayed on the ticker board where the entire chart of live incoming and outgoing list is shown for the ...
  • DEP full form
    Diplome d’Etude Proffessionnelle
  • DEOS full form
  • DEOR full form
  • DEO(P) full form
    District Education Officer(Primary)
  • DEO full form
    Meaning : Data entry officer Category : ComputerSub Category :Position  Type : Acronym  What does DEO mean or stand for ? Data Entry Officer is a person entrusted with the clerical desk job of manually entering information into the computer.The idea is to digitize all the information that is now on hard copy papers.
  • DENS full form
    doctor’s educational needs
  • DENR full form
    Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • DENIM full form
    Directory Enabled Network Infrastructure Model
  • DENET full form
    Danish Ethernet Network
  • DENCH full form
    Awesome cool
  • DEMUXING full form
  • DEMS full form
    Digital Electronic Management System
  • DEMPR full form
    DEC Multiport Repeater
  • DEMKO full form
    Denmark Elektriske Materie Kontrol
  • DEM full form
    Demonstration (file name extension)
  • DELTIC full form
  • DELTA full form
    Dieting Effort Lowering Transfatty Acids
  • DELSTR full form
    Delete String
  • DELL full form
    Meaning : DELL Category : CorporateSub Category :Companies  Type : Initialism What does DELL mean or stand for ? The Dell company has derived its name from the founder of Dell who is Michael Dell.He setup this company in the early 80s assembling PCs from his garage and now is a multi billion dollar enterprise. 
  • DELISH full form
    Meaning : Delicious Category : EducationSub Category :PhrasesType : Abbreviation What does DELISH mean or stand for ? Another word for Delicious in short is DELISH and this is used often online to describe something that is both scrumptious and tasty at the same time.
  • DELED full form
    Meaning : Diploma in elementary education  Category : EducationSub Category :Degrees & DiplomaType : Acronym What does DELED mean or stand for ? Diploma in Elementary Education is a teachers training course for those who wish to teach small kids in the the elementary section of school.Special training methods and classroom teaching techniques are needed to deal with ...
  • DEKE full form
    Avoid fake decoy
  • DEK full form
    Data Encryption Key (digital key to unlock encrypted files)
  • DEIV full form
    International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum
  • DEIO full form
    Department of External Investments and Operations
  • DEI full form
    Disk Eject Immediate
  • DEGT full form
    Dont Even Go There (I dont want to talk about it)
  • DEGMT full form
    Don’t Even Give Me That
  • DEG full form
    DiEthylene Glycol
  • DEFT full form
    Doseeffect Factor For Tumor
  • DEFRA full form
    Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
  • DEFF full form
    Departmental Expenses Funding Framework
  • DEF full form
    Desktop Functional Equivalent
  • DEEZ full form
  • DEET full form
    Meaning : Department of employment Category : GovernmentSub Category : DepartmentType : Acronym What does DEET mean or stand for ? Department of Employment is usually part of a government ministry that deals with recruitment drives,labor laws,enforcement of labor. Its primary objective it to provide labor to poorer sections of the society and those that are unemployed.
  • DEEC full form
  • DEE full form
    Digital Events Evaluator
  • DEDS full form
    Data Entry and Display System
  • DED full form
    Meaning : Doctor of Education Category : EducationSub Category :CertificationType : Acronym What does DED mean or stand for ? Doctor of Education is an educational specialist who has done a Phd after completing a  master course in the education. Such an individual can easily be selected to be a principal of a school or high school.
  • DECU full form
    Data Exchange Control Unit
  • DECT full form
    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
  • DECSS full form
    Decrypt Content Scrambling System
  • DECS full form
    Civil Engineering Office at Vandenberg
  • DECNET full form
    Digital Equipment Corporation (proprietary networking protocols)
  • DECL full form
    Direct Energy Conversion Laboratory
  • DECK full form
  • DECG full form
    Decor Group
  • DECENT full form
    Meaning : Not so bad Category : SlangSub Category :Urban slang  Type : Similie What does DECENT mean or stand for ? Decent is “not so bad” or also Good and awesome.This is used alot nowadays when people are content about something or someplace,but at the same time and not thrilled about it but perceive it to be moderately ...
  • DECCEN full form
  • DECA full form
    Digital Electronics Control Assembly
  • DEC full form
    Digital Equipment (Electronics) Corporation
  • DEBS full form
    Dynamic Electronic Bias System
  • DEB full form
    Diet Exercise And Behavior
  • DEAT full form
    Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
  • DEAR full form
    Dearborn Bancorp
  • DEAP full form
    Department of Economic Analysis and Policy
  • DEAL full form
    Defense Electronics Application Laboratory
  • DEAF full form
    Deaf Equality And Access Forum
  • DEAD IN THE WATER full form
    Meaning : Dead in the water Category : SlangSub Category :General Slang  Type : Similie What does Dead in the water mean or stand for ? Dead in the water refers to either a machine or car or any other mechanical failure that occurs and leaves you stranded.It can also mean Unproductive and is used for a thing rather ...
  • DEAD ASS full form
    Meaning : Dead serious Category : SlangSub Category :Phrases  Type : Initialism What does DEAD ASS mean or stand for ? DEAD ass means dead serious about something or some event that took place.It is a sang word used by people of an urban community to explain how serious or determined they are.
  • DEA full form
    Meaning : Drug enforcement administration Category : Law and OrderSub Category : Narcotics  Type : Initialism What does DEA mean or stand for ? Drug Enforcement Administration is a part of law enforcement and DEA agents and officers actively work in the field to investigate the use,sale and trade of narcotics in the US.
  • DE-EMPH full form
    De-emphasis (frequency modulation)
  • DE-9 full form
    9-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
  • DDY full form
  • DDWS full form
    Department of Drinking Water Supply
  • DDWG full form
    Digital Display Working Group
  • DDWB full form
    Deposit Directly in Wastepaper Basket
  • DDW full form
    Meaning : Dextrose in distilled water Category : MedicalSub Category :FluidsType : Initialism What does DDW mean or stand for ? Dextrose in distilled water is a solution that is used for an intravenous drip.This is an instant energy booster and is prescribed for people who have fainted or exhausted. Also it can be used for patients who ...
  • DDU full form
    Data Display Unit
  • DDTS full form
    Dynamic Docking Test System
  • DDTF full form
    Dynamic Docking Test Facility
  • DDT full form
    Dichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane
  • DDST full form
    Data Driven Self Timed
  • DDSD full form
    Delay Dial Start Dial
  • DDSA full form
    Deputy Director of School Administration
  • DDS full form
    Meaning : Direct digital sound Category : ComputersSub Category : Technology  Type : Initialism What does DDS mean or stand for ? Direct Digital Sound is a technology that is used in mobile devices and media players to enhance the sound quality of audio.
  • DDRT full form
    Differential Display Reserve Transcriptase
  • DDRP full form
    Drug Demand Reduction Program
  • DDRM full form
    Meaning : Device driver interface/Driver kernel interface Category : ComputersSub Category :Drivers  Type : Initialism Device driver interface/Driver kernel interface What is the full form of DDRM and meaning ? This device driver interface is a layer of interface that allows direct access of software to hardware.Through the DDI, several peripheral accessories and operating systems can access the device.   What is DDRM ...
  • DDR3 full form
    Meaning : Double data rate 3 Category : ComputerSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Initialism What does DDR3 mean or stand for ? Double Data Rate 3 is a new type of computer memory RAM that is used in all types of computers,laptops and other devices.This is extremely important for the running of the programs and DDR3 technology ...
  • DDR-SDRAM full form
    Meaning : Dynamic data rate synchronous dynamic ram Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Initialism What does DDR-SDRAM mean or stand for ? Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM (memory) is a type of computer memory used in next generation PCs in the early 90s. Nowadays the technology of DDR rams are still in existence.
  • DDR&E full form
    Director of Defense Research and Engineering
  • DDR RAM full form
    Double data rate random access memory
  • DDR full form
    Daily Diary Report
  • DDPS full form
    Digital Data Processing System
  • DDPRQ full form
    Difficult Doctor Patient Relationship Questionnaire
  • DDPO full form
    Disco Dot Pink Orange
  • DDPF full form
    Dedicated Display Processing Function
  • DDPC full form
    Digital Data Processing Center
  • DDP full form
    District Domestic Product
  • DDOS full form
    Distributed Denial of Service
  • DDOP full form
    Developmentally Disabled Offenders Program
  • DDO full form
    Drawing and Disbursing Officer
  • DDNS full form
    Dynamic Domain Naming System
  • DDN-NIC full form
    Defense Data Network-Network Information Center
  • DDMS full form
    DOD Manager for Space Shuttle Support
  • DDMMYY full form
    Meaning : Day Month Year Category : EducationSub Category :GeneralType : Abbreviation What does DDMMYY mean or stand for ? Day Month Year is the format that DDMMYY stands for and this is different for every region in the world.In Asia this is the norm but in the west most dates are expressed as MM/DD/YY.
  • DDMA full form
    Defense Distribution Mapping Activity
  • DDM full form
    Distributed Data Management
  • DDL full form
    Data Definition Language Data Description Language
  • DDK full form
    Device Driver Kit (Microsoft)
  • DDJ full form
  • DDIS full form
    Data Depository Index System
  • DDIF full form
    Bitmap graphics (DEC DDIF file)
  • DDI full form
    Device Driver Interface Direct Dial In
  • DDG full form
    Deputy Director General
  • DDFT full form
    Dynamic Density Functional Theory
  • DDFD full form
    Decorrelating Decision Feedback Detector
  • DDF full form
    Display Data Channel Dynamic Data Formatting
  • DDEX full form
    Dupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
  • DDES full form
    Digital Data Exchange Specifications
  • DDEML full form
    Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library
  • DDE full form
    Meaning : Dynamic Data Exchange Category : ComputersSub Category : Operating System  Type : Initialism What does DDE mean or stand for ? Dynamic Data Exchange  is a technology that was the predecessor to OLE in earlier versions of Windows.
  • DDDL full form
    Digital Data DownLink
  • DDD full form
    Direct Distance Dialing
  • DDCU full form
    DCtoDC Converter Unit
  • DDCS full form
    Distributed Database Connection Services
  • DDCP full form
    Direct Digital Color Proof
  • DDCNZ full form
    Daily Demand Charge for Non-Zone Network Load
  • DDCMP full form
    Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
  • DDC1 full form
    Display Data Channel One
  • DDC full form
    Digital Data Channel Display Data Channel
  • DDBMS full form
    Distributed Database Management System
  • DDBJ full form
    DNA Data Bank of Japan
  • DDBE full form
    Data Descriptors by Example (IBM)
  • DDB full form
    Device Dependent Bitmap Device Descriptor Block
  • DDAVP full form
    Desmopressin test for urine osmolality
  • DDAT full form
  • DDAS full form
    Digital Data Acquisition System
  • DDAM XX full form
    Diploma in Disability Assessment Medicine
  • DDAF full form
    Design Description And Features
  • DDA full form
    Delhi Development Authority
  • DD-50 full form
    50-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
  • DD STO full form
    Direct DebitSTanding Order
  • DCYL full form
    Dauphin County Young Lawyers
  • DCX full form
    Delta Clipper EXperimental
  • DCWV full form
    DC Working Voltage (electronics)
  • DCW full form
    Diesel Component Works- Patiala
  • DCVMA full form
    District of Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
  • DCVG full form
    Direct Current Voltage Gradient
  • DCVD full form
    Dielectric Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • DCV full form
    Direct Current Volts
  • DCU full form
    Distribution and Control Unit
  • DCTNRY full form
    Meaning : Dictionary Category : EducationSub Category :ThesaurusType : Abbreviation What does DCTNRY mean or stand for ? Dictionary is what DCTNRY means and this is not much of a short form but is sometimes used to talk about a glossary of words like a thesaurus along with the meaning of the word.
  • DCTN full form
    Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
  • DCTL full form
    Discrete Coupled Transistor Logic
  • DCTI full form
    Meaning : Desktop computer telephony integration Category : ComputersSub Category : TechnologyType : Initialism What does DCTI mean or stand for ? DDesktop Computer Telephony Integration or even known as CTI was a common way of using a computer to make telephone calls.Along the lines of Voice over IP,there were several software programs that allowed the user to dial a number ...
  • DCTE full form
    Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
  • DCT full form
    Discrete Cosine Transform
  • DCSSI full form
    Development Commissioner for Small Scale Industries
  • DCSINT full form
    Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
  • DCSI full form
    Data and Control Signal Interface
  • DCSC full form
    Delhi Cargo Service Center
  • DCSA full form
    Distinguished Chapter Service Award
  • DCS full form
    Data Control Systems
  • DCRG full form
    Meaning : Death cum Retirement Gratuity Category : CorporateSub Category :Pension policy Type : Initialism Death cum Retirement Gratuity What is the full form of DCRG and meaning ? This is a pension policy that government employees can avail of and receive a huge lump sum payment when they retire.If they die then this will be paid to a family ...
  • DCRF full form
    Dependency Court Resource Facilitator
  • DCR full form
    Define Constant Reversed
  • DCPV full form
    Daily Customer Pool Volume
  • DCPU full form
    Directory Central Processing Unit
  • DCPSK full form
    Differentially Coherent PSK (modulation)
  • DCPS full form
    Dorchester Center Postal Station
  • DCPR full form
    Diagnostic Criteria for Psychosomatic Research
  • DCPPA full form
    Defence College of Police and Personnel Administration
  • DCPO full form
    Division of Capital Planning and Operations
  • DCPN full form
    DirectionChanging Positional Nystagmus
  • DCPM full form
  • DCPJ full form
    Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire
  • DCPI full form
    Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure
  • DCPG full form
  • DCPF full form
    District of Columbia Pensions Fund
  • DCPD full form
  • DCPB full form
    Data Collection Proto Board
  • DCPA full form
    Data Capture and Processing Application
  • DCP 3 (CDER) full form
    Division of Clinical Pharmacology 3 (CDER)
  • DCOV full form
    Deamino Carba Ornithine Vasopressin
  • DCOT full form
    Double precision trigonometric COTangent
  • DCOP full form
    Detailed Checkout Procedures
  • DCOM full form
    Distributed Component Object Model
  • DCOK full form
    District Court Of Kathmandu
  • DCOH full form
    Days Cash On Hand
  • DCOG full form
    Differential Curve Of Growth
  • DCOF full form
    Meaning : Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction Category : PhysicsSub Category :Friction  Type : Initialism What does DCOF mean or stand for ? Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction is a ratio in physics to show strong the friction is between two moving surfaces.With a maximum value of 1 or 100% this coefficient of friction is useful in measurements and in the ...
  • DCNP full form
    Document Change Notice Proposal
  • DCN full form
    Document Change Notice
  • DCMS full form
    Dartmouth Community Medical School
  • DCMR full form
    Drug Cost Management Report
  • DCMI full form
    Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
  • DCMH full form
    Deputy Configuration Manager For Hardware
  • DCME full form
    Diploma Of Continuing Medical Education
  • DCM full form
    Department of Currency Management- RBI
  • DCLG full form
    Department for Communities and Local Government
  • DCLD (CDRH) full form
    Division of Clinical Laboratory Devices (CDRH)
  • DCL full form
    Data Control Language Declaration
  • DCJ full form
    Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan
  • DCIU full form
    Digital Control and Interface Unit
  • DCIT full form
    New name for CID (Surrey)
  • DCIS full form
    Ductal Carcinoma In Situ type of breast cancer
  • DCIO full form
    Defense Criminal Investigative Organization
  • DCIM full form
    Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • DCI full form
    Meaning : Display Control Interface (video display technology) Category : ComputersSub Category :Display  Type : Initialism Display Control Interface (video display technology) What is the full form of DCI and meaning ? This technology is beneficial to the end user by which he/she can change different operating levels of the computers display like resolution, contrast ratio, color depth etc. What is DCI ...
  • DCHB full form
    Denver Community Housing Board
  • DCH full form
    Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • DCGA full form
    Davis Center Graduate Association
  • DCG full form
    Dispersion Compensation Grating (optical signals)
  • DCFS full form
    Directorate of Counter Fraud Services
  • DCFPS full form
    Discretionary Cash Flow Per Share
  • DCFL full form
    Direct Coupled FET (Field Effect Transistor) Logic
  • DCEPT (CBER) full form
    Division of Clinical Evaluation and Pharmacology/Toxicology (CBER)
  • DCEP full form
    Direct Current Electrode Positive
  • DCED full form
    Distributed Computing Environment Daemon
  • DCE full form
    Distributed Computing Environment
  • DCDI full form
    Directional Correlation Deinterlacing
  • DCD full form
    Data Carrier Detect
  • DCCX full form
    Direct Circuit Control Exchange
  • DCCU full form
    Digital Command and Control Unit
  • DCCT full form
    Meaning : Diabetes Control and Complications Trial Category : MedicalSub Category :Intervention  Type : Initialism What does DCCT mean or stand for ? Diabetes Control and Complications Trial is a medical analysis and study in a research department in order to ascertain and search for new ways to curb the blood sugar level so that it does not interfere ...
  • DCCS full form
    Dynamic Cell Culture System
  • DCCF full form
    Discounted Cumulative Cash Flow
  • DCCC full form
    Dallas County Community College
  • DCCA (CBER) full form
    Division of Communication and Consumer Affairs (CBER)
  • DCC full form
    Direct Cable Connection
  • DCBK full form
    Desert Community Bank
  • DCBA full form
    Dade County Bar Association
  • DCAS full form
    Data Collection and Analysis System
  • DCAR full form
    Design Corrective Action Report
  • DCAP full form
    Delaware County Action Plan
  • DCAM full form
    Direct Chip Attach Module
  • DCAF full form
    Distributed Console Access Facility
  • DCAB full form
    Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau
  • DCAA full form
    Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • DCA; DOCA full form
    Deoxycholic acid
  • DCA full form
    Department of Company Affairs- (Now known as Ministry of Companies Affairs- MCA)
  • DC/DC full form
    Direct_Current-to-Direct_Current converter (electronics)
  • DC(S) full form
    dendritic cell(s)
  • DC full form
    District Collector
  • DBZ full form
    Divide By Zero
  • DBY full form
  • DBW full form
    Desirable Body Weight
  • DBV full form
  • DBU full form
    Dialog Base Units
  • DBTVS full form
    Direct Broadcast Television Satellite
  • DBTL full form
    Drowned Baby Time Line
  • DBTG full form
    Data Base Task Group
  • DBTA full form
    Database Trends and Applications
  • DBT-ICRISAT full form
    Department of Biotechnology-International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
  • DBT full form
    Department of Biotechnology
  • DBST full form
    Direct Broadcast Satellite Television
  • DBS full form
    Department of Banking Supervision- RBI
  • DBS (CDRH) full form
    Division of Biostatistics (CDRH)
  • DBRNC full form
    deciBel Relative to Noise in a Circuit
  • DBRITE full form
    Digital Bright Radar Indicator Tower Equipment
  • DBQ full form
    Data Base Query
  • DBOD full form
    Department of Banking Operations and Development
  • DBN full form
    Data Bus Network
  • DBMS full form
    DataBase Management System
  • DBMD full form
    Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy
  • DBM full form
    Data Base Manager
  • DBLP full form
    DataBase and Logic Programming
  • DBLE full form
    Double Eagle Petroleum & Mining Company
  • DBLA full form
  • DBJ full form
    Meaning : Dont be jealous Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DBJ mean or stand for ? Don’t Be Jealous is one of those slang phrases that is used often while we talk online to our friends or to someone who we care about deeply.
  • DBIU full form
    Data Bus Interface Unit
  • DBIT full form
    Meaning : Delivery confirmation Bit (X.25) Category : NetworkingSub Category :Data Communication Type : Initialism DBIT full form – Delivery confirmation Bit (X.25) What is the full form of DBIT and meaning ? The DBIT X25 is an industry standard that is used in data communication in a wide area network transmission line.Data bits are sent in packets of data ...
  • DBIS full form
    Dun & Bradstreet Information Services
  • DBIR full form
    Database Information Retrieval
  • DBIA full form
    Data Bus Interface Adapter
  • DBI full form
    Meaning : Decibels referenced to Isotropic gain Category : CommunicationSub Category :Equipment  Type : Initialism DBI full form – Decibels referenced to Isotropic gain When an antenna is measured for its sending or receiving power,this is known as “gain” and it is measure in Decibels – dB.DBI is the gain in power of an antenna for radiation given out ...
  • DBH full form
    Diameter Breast Height
  • DBGMP full form
    Data Bus Generation and Maintenance Package
  • DBG full form
    Data Bus Group
  • DBFS full form
    Department of Building and Fire Safety
  • DBFN full form
    Data Base File Number
  • DBF full form
    DataBase File (file extension)
  • DBEYR full form
    don’t believe everything you read What does DBEYR mean or stand for ? This is a piece of advice that we give other every now and then and DBEYR is one of the best ones out there which warns people not to give in to rumors and small talk.
  • DBE full form
    Data Bus Element
  • DBDU full form
    Distinguishable Balls and Distinguishable Urns
  • DBDR full form
    Dairy Bull DNA Repository
  • DBDQ full form
    Meaning : Doubling Bandwidth by Doubling the Queue Category : NetworkingSub Category :Technology Type : Initialism Doubling Bandwidth by Doubling the Queue What is the full form of DBDQ and meaning ? This is a phrase used in data transmission networks whereby the data carrying capacity of the bandwidth is increased substantially by doubling the queue. What is DBDQ ? Out of the ...
  • DBDPPPV full form
  • DBDPA full form
    Dual Band Dual Polar Antenna
  • DBDN full form
    DarkBASIC Developers Network
  • DBDL full form
    DataBase Design Language
  • DBDK full form
    DataBlade Developer’s Kit
  • DBDI full form
    DiBenzyl DiIscyanate
  • DBDH full form
    Decisional Bilinear DiffieHellman
  • DBDF full form
    DataBase Development Framework
  • DBDE full form
    DecaBrominated Diphenyl Ether
  • DBDD full form
    DiBromoDoDecenoic acid
  • DBDB-V full form
    Digital Bathymetric DataBase – Variable
  • DBDB full form
    Digital Bathymetric DataBase
  • DBDA full form
    Downtown Business District Authority
  • DBD full form
    Disruptive Behavior Disorder
  • DBCS full form
    Delivery Bar Code Sorter Double-Byte Character Set
  • DBCRC full form
    Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission
  • DBCP full form
    Data Buoy Cooperation Council
  • DBCL full form
    Dilute Blood Clot Lysis What does DBCL mean or stand for ? DBCL is a medical procedure to dilute a blood clot that may occur in an artery and maybe the cause for a stroke or heart attack.By allowing blood vessels to carry oxygenated blood naturally reduces risk of such events.
  • DBCI full form
    DB with Respect to a Circular Polarized Antenna
  • DBCE full form
    Data Based Channel Estimation
  • DBC full form
    Distributor Business Consultant
  • DBBS full form
    Digital Bass Boost System
  • DBASE II full form
    software program product
  • DBAFWTT full form
    Don’t Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
  • DBA full form
    Adjusted Decibel
  • DB8 full form
  • DB4L full form
    Meaning : Drinking buddy for life Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DB4L mean or stand for ? Drinking buddy for life is a close friend who you give the esteemed honor of being your drinking partner and listening to your life triumphs forever.
  • DB3 full form
    dBASE III Database file
  • DB2 full form
    Database 2
  • DB-25 full form
    25-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
  • DB$ full form
    Temporary file (dBASE – Modula2)
  • DB full form
    1 DataBase
  • DAZ full form
    Delhi azadpur
  • DAYTON full form
    Avionics Integrity Program: IEEE/AESS Dayton Chapter Symposium
  • DAY full form
    Daisy Grp
  • DAX full form
  • DAWS full form
    Defense Automated Warning System
  • DAWN full form
    Dance Again With Nature
  • DAW full form
    Dispense As Written
  • DAVP full form
    Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
  • DAVID full form
    De Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij
  • DAVI full form
    Digital Audio- Visual Interface
  • DAVE full form
    Digital Applications Virtual Engineer
  • DAV full form
    Meaning : Digital Audio Video Category : ComputersSub Category : Technology  Type : Initialism What does DAV mean or stand for ? Digital Audio-Video is the next generation of technology that took mainstream commercial popularity in the early 90s. Before this audio and video was stored on magnetic tapes and used alot of space for storage.Digital conversion assured the ...
  • DAU full form
    Data Acquisition Unit
  • DATV full form
    Direct Airside Transit Visa What does DATV mean or stand for ? This is a visa that is required by some countries that a passenger flies through without leaving the premises of the airport.He/She will only disembark in order to take another flight from that terminal.
  • DATU full form
    Dart Containerline Incorporated
  • DATS full form
  • DATO full form
    Dining At The Orifice
  • DATE full form
    Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity (Intelsat)
  • DATCOM full form
    Data Communications Symposium
  • DATA full form
    Datatrak International
  • DATA CLEC full form
    Data Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
  • DASSL full form
    Differential Algebraic System Solver
  • DASS2 full form
    Digital Access Signaling System No. 2
  • DASS full form
    Meaning : Dumbass Category : SlangSub Category : Online slang  Type : Abbreviation What does DASS mean or stand for ? Dumb ass is a foolish person or an idiot.If someone does something without thinking or maybe something really stupid then instead of calling him a moron,you can call him dumb ass.
  • DASM full form
  • DASI full form
    District Attorney Staten Island
  • DASH full form
    Dietary Approach to Stopping Hypertension
  • DASD full form
    “Direct Access Storage Device (mainframe terminology – pronounced “daz-dee”)”
  • DASA full form
    Direct Admission of Students Abroad
  • DAS full form
    Decimal Adjust for Subtraction
  • DARTS full form
    Digital Automated Radar Tracking System
  • DART full form
    Digital Audio Reconstruction Technology
  • DARS full form
    Data Acquisition and Reduction System
  • DARPANET full form
    Meaning : Defense Arpanet Category : MilitarySub Category :Telecommunication  Type : Acronym What does DARPANET mean or stand for ? Defense ARPANet is a secure telecommunications network that is used solely by the defense department to transmit sensitive confidential data.It maybe use also to deploy troops and to communicate with platoons that are on foreign soil.
  • DARPA full form
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • DARMS full form
    Digital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
  • DARI full form
    Database Application Remote Interface
  • DARE full form
    Department of Agricultural Research and Education
  • DARDNI full form
    Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland (formerly DANI)
  • DARD full form
    Dynamic Axial Rotational Device
  • DARC full form
    Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
  • DARB full form
    Darbepoetin Alfa
  • DARAB full form
    Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudicatory Board
  • DARA full form
    Deutsches Agentur fur RaumfhartAngelegenheiten
  • DAR full form
    Dorsal Acetabular Rim
  • DAQ full form
    Delivered Audio Quality
  • DAPTI full form
    Drug and Alcohol Program Treatment Inventory
  • DAPS full form
    Deputy Auxiliary Police
  • DAPR full form
    Department of the Army Program Review
  • DAPP full form
    Division of Adult Probation and Parole
  • DAOV full form
    Done At Office Visit What does DAOV mean or stand for ? When certain documentation or paperwork needs to be done by an official where the customer will come in person is known as DAOV.
  • DAOM full form
    Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle
  • DAOI full form
  • DAO full form
    Data Access Objects (Visual Basic & Access terminology)
  • DANIDA full form
    DANish International Development Agency
  • DAND full form
    Despun Active Nutation Damper (Intelsat)
  • DANA full form
    Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment
  • DAN full form
    Meaning : Defeat Autism now Category : SocialSub Category :Stigmas  Type : Acronym What does DAN mean or stand for ? Defeat Autism Now is a movement started by a series of NGOs to raise awareness about this mental condition.It brings to light the pitfalls and prejudices faced by those that are affected by this condition especially kids in ...
  • DAMS full form
    Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
  • DAMPS full form
    Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
  • DAMP full form
    Device Assessment and Migration Plan
  • DAMHIKIJK full form
    Meaning : Dont ask me how i know Category : SlangSub Category :Online slangType : Initialism What does DAMHIKIJK mean or stand for ? Don’t Ask Me How I Know – I Just Know sounds exactly what it is.This long sentence is actually used online or even in text conversations.
  • DAMHIK full form
    don’t ask me how I know
  • DAME full form
    Designated Aviation Medical Examiner What does DAME mean or stand for ? A DAME is in the employ of the FAA or the airline directly and is tasked with giving routine examinations to flight crew.He/she will prepare a report which will be useful to check whether the crew member is fit to fly or not.
  • DAMA full form
    Demand-Assignment Multiple-Access
  • DAM full form
    Data Acquisition and Monitoring
  • DALY full form
    Disability Adjusted Life Year
  • DALI full form
    Digital Analysis of Lattice Images
  • DAL full form
    Data Access Language
  • DAK full form
  • DAIU full form
    Docked Audio Interface Unit
  • DAIP full form
    Meaning : Diallyl Isophthalate Category : ChemicalSub Category :Organic Type : Initialism DAIP full form – Diallyl Isophthalate What is the full form of DAIP and meaning ? This chemically organic compound has a molecular formula of C14H14O4 and its exposure to humans can cause irritation to the eyes and throat. What is DAIQ ? Out of the many searchterms there is a ...
  • DAIICT full form
    Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
  • DAII full form
  • DAIDS full form
    Development of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • DAI full form
    Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • DAHDI full form
    Digium/Asterisk Hardware Device Interface
  • DAHDF full form
    Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries
  • DAHD full form
    Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
  • DAHC full form
    Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
  • DAH full form
    Disordered Action Of The Heart
  • DAGU full form
    Disability Advisory Group for Users
  • DAGGY full form
    Meaning : Uncool and untidy Category : SlangSub Category :Regional slang  Type : Acronym What does DAGGY mean or stand for ? Daggy means Uncool and untidy,something that is not trendy.A person may also be called Daggy if he/she is sloppy,unkempt and laid back.This regional slang phrase is not used all over the world but only in select regions ...
  • DAG full form
    Distress Alert Generator
  • DAFZA full form
    Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
  • DAFT full form
    Data Acquisition Frequency Table
  • DAFS full form
    Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure
  • DAFO full form
    Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses
  • DAFNE XX full form
    dose adjustment for normal eating
  • DAF full form
    Dissolved Air Flotation
  • DAE full form
    Meaning : Department of atomic energy Category : GovernmentSub Category : EnterpriseType : Initialism What does DAE mean or stand for ? Department of Atomic Energy is a section of a government enterprise or research center that is committed to harnessing nuclear power for distribution to the population of a city.
  • DADT full form
    Meaning : Dont ask dont tell Category : SlangSub Category :Online slang  Type : Initialism What does DADT mean or stand for ? Don’t ask Don’t tell is used when there are no questions to be asked or nothing to be told between two people about a particular subject or event.
  • DADS full form
    Dual Air Density Satellite
  • DADA full form
    Detroit Auto Dealers Association
  • DAD full form
    Desktop Application Director (Word Perfect / Corel Perfect Office button bar)
  • DACX full form
    VIP Tank Services
  • DACU full form
    Data Acquisition and Control Unit
  • DACT full form
    Disposable Absorption Collection Trunk
  • DACS full form
    Data Acquisition and Control System
  • DACO full form
    Diplomatic and Consular Officer
  • DACD full form
    Digital Automatic Call Distributor
  • DACC full form
    Development Authority of Columbia County
  • DACBU full form
    Data Acquisition and Control Buffer Unit
  • DABS full form
    Discrete Address Beacon System
  • DAAWG full form
    Disability Awareness and Action Working Group What does DAAWG mean or stand for ? This is a social reform group that aims to not only create awareness about people with disabilities but also intends to work closely with those affected to create change.
  • DAAC full form
    Departmental Affirmative Action Coordinator
  • DAAA(S) full form
    Direct-acting antiviral agent(s)
  • DAA full form
    Data Access Arrangement
  • DA full form
    Meaning : Destination address Category : TelecommunicationsSub Category :InternetType : Initialism What does DA mean or stand for ? Destination Address is used in telecommunications when sending a packet of data across from a client to a server or vice versa.The destination address is the physical address denoted by a series of numeric values.
  • DA BOMB full form
    Meaning : Excellent or best Category : SlangSub Category : Urban slang  Type : Similie What does DA BOMB mean or stand for ? An awesome and exciting way to say “Excellent and the best” which is used in urban communication by young adults and hip hop new power generation to sound cool and trendy.
  • D80DV full form
    Descendants of the 80th Division Veterans
  • D5W full form
    Meaning : 5% dextrose (in water) Category : MedicalSub Category : Solutions  Type : Initialism What does D5W mean or stand for ? 5% dextrose (in water) injection is a glucose mixture in sterile water that is used in an IV fluid line to treat people with low diabetes or also those who suffer from weakness,exhaustion and dehydration.
  • D5LR full form
    Dextrose 5% in Lactated Ringer’s injection
  • D50 full form
    Meaning : Dextrose 50% Category : MedicalSub Category : Solution  Type : Abbreviation What does D50 mean or stand for ? 50% dextrose injection is used in intravenous fluid and the strength of the dextrose is higher at 50% in this solution.In most cases just a 5 percent dextrose or glucose solution is used.
  • D5%NS full form
    Meaning : Dextrose 5 % in normal saline Category : MedicalSub Category : Fluids  Type : Initialism What does D5%NS mean or stand for ? Dextrose 5% in normal saline is an IV – or intravenous drip that is administered to patients when they are admitted to a hospital or nursing home.It is used as a base for the ...
  • D5 1/2NS full form
    Meaning : Dextrose 5% 45% sodium chloride Category : MedicalSub Category :Solutions  Type : Abbreviations What does D5 1/2NS mean or stand for ? Dextrose 5% in 045% sodium chloride injection is administered to an intravenous fluid line and is directly added with the help of a syringe into the IV fluid line that is inserted into the vein ...
  • D4T full form
  • D4 full form
    Digital 4th Generation Channel Bank (transmission)
  • D2X full form
    Decimal To Hexadecimal
  • D2T2 full form
    Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)
  • D2R full form
    dopamine D2 receptor
  • D2O full form
    Deuterium Oxide (Heavy Water)
  • D2H full form
    Direct to home
  • D2G full form
    Digital To Go
  • D2C full form
    Decimal To Character
  • D2010 full form
    Delhi 2010
  • D2-MAC full form
    Multiplexed Analog Component type D2 (TV format)
  • D2 full form
    Diablo 2
  • D/I full form
    Develop/ Inspect
  • D/H full form
    Drug History
  • D/C full form
    Meaning : Diarrhea / constipation Category : MedicalSub Category :Terminology  Type : Initialism What does D/C mean or stand for ? Diarrhea/Constipation is a medical note and series of symptoms written by an attending physician or paramedic when a patient displays these signs of uneasiness.
  • D.W. full form
    Meaning : Distilled water Category : ScienceSub Category :Terminology  Type : Initialism What does DW mean or stand for ? Distilled water is water in its purest form,free from toxins and also has no acidity or alkalinity.It can be used in various industrial purposes and also as battery water in automobiles.
  • D.V.M.S. full form
    Doctor of Veterinary Medical Science
  • D.V.M. full form
    Meaning : Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Category : EducationSub Category :Professional certificationType : Initialism What does D.V.M mean or stand for ? Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is a practicing physician that treats animals.He/she is well trained to administer drugs and medication to animals and needs to have a degree of medicine to be in this profession.
  • D.T.D. full form
    dentur tales doses – give of such doses
  • D.S.W. full form
    Director of Social Work
  • D.POD full form
    Doctor of Podiatry
  • D.PHIL. full form
    Doctor of Philosophy
  • D.LITT full form
    Doctor of Letters (Humanities)
  • D.D. full form
    Doctor of Dentistry
  • D.COM full form
    Meaning : Diploma in commerce Category : EducationSub Category : Certification  Type : Initialism What does D.COM mean or stand for ? Diploma In Commerce is an educational degree that teaches you all about accounting,finance and business.It maybe a 2 or 3 year course or even a short term course spanning a few months.
  • D.C.M. full form
    Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
  • D. SC. N. full form
    Doctor of Science in Nursing
  • D. P. T. full form
    Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • D. full form
  • D-VHS full form
    Digital version of VHS recording or playback
  • D-TGA full form
    Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries
  • D-SUB full form
    Series D SUBminiature connector
  • D-RAM full form
    Meaning : Dynamic Random Access Memory Category : ComputersSub Category :Memory & Storage  Type : Abbreviation What does D-RAM mean or stand for ? Dynamic Random Access Memory is a type of computer memory RAM that came into commercial production in the early 2000s.After the end of the EDO RAM that dominated the 90s,the DRAM and the subsequent Double ...
  • D-R full form
    Direct or Reverse
  • D-NBAP full form
    Dedicated Node B Application Part
  • D-MAX full form
    Maxinun Density (film)
  • D-LINK full form
    Diagonal Link (SS7)
  • D-FET full form
    Depletion-mode FET (semiconductors)
  • D-DIS full form
    Destroy Disposal
  • D-DAY full form
    Meaning : Decision day Category : EducationSub Category :TerminologyType : Abbreviation What does D-DAY mean or stand for ? Everyone has used the word D DAY many times but did you know it stands for Decision Day.It is like judgement day and the day that  will change your near fate is a way. 
  • D-CLEC full form
    Digital Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
  • D-CHANNEL full form
    Data Channel
  • D-BIT full form
    Delivery confirmation Bit (X.25)
  • D-AMPS full form
    Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
  • D-A full form
    Meaning : Digital to analog Category : ComputerSub Category : Technology Type : Initialism What does D-A mean or stand for ? Digital to Analog is the conversion of digital to analog signals and this can easily be done by a modem.The same modem also is used to convert analog to digital to be read by a computer.The D/A converter ...
  • D LIT full form
    Doctor of Literature
  • D full form
    Meaning : Divorcee Category : SlangSub Category :Urban SlangType : Abbreviation What does D mean or stand for ? D is a slang for Divorcee and its used selectively in chat and texting as this could be offensive to some people.
  • D & C full form
    dilation and curettage