D.P. full form

Meaning : Doctor of Podiatry

Category : Medical
Sub Category : Qualification

D.P. full form – Doctor of Podiatry

A D.P or also D.P.M is a Podiatrist which is a healthcare practitioner who treats the lower limbs and feet.One thing to note is that a Doctor of Podiatry is not an MBBS degree holder,neither is he an M.D- however,they are doctors in the sense that they are certified to medically treat a part of the human body. D.P s also goto medical school that lasts 4 to 5 years and get the same rigorous training that traditional doctors receive.In many ways they are the same,only the method of proactive might differ. They treat all sorts of conditions associated with anatomy below the knees.These include lesions,abysses,corns,injuries and sometimes even bones.