D 5% DW full form

Meaning : Dextrose 5% distilled water

Category : Medical
Sub Category : Paramedic

D 5% DW full form – Dextrose 5% in distilled water

D5% DW is a liquid solution that is to be given intravenously to a patient and is a “sugar water solution”. When somebody is feeling weak due to exhaustion or even if they have not eaten food in a while,D %% DW is what is given to them to get energy.Physical intake of food stops when we have no appetite,which could be due to a simple flu or some infection.Due to this we feel even more weak and tired.Since D 5% DW is given through an IV line,it goes into your blood stream immediately and  is packed with carbs to instantly make you feel energized. It may also be administered to someone with low glucose diabetes or someone whose blood sugar level has dropped low for some reason.