CHB full form

Meaning : Complete Heart Block

Category : Medical
Sub Category : Cardiology

What does CHB mean or stand for ?

A CHB is a medical condition that occurs when all the major arteries in the heart are blocked either due to calcium deposits or a blood clot.Also in many cases the arteries lose their elasticity and become rigid therefore obstructing blood flow.All these conditions may result in a heart attack or a stroke.

In order to check for CHB,an Angiography s performed whereby an ink dye in passed through the leg into the arteries.It maps the entire tributary of the heart and the image is captured.

When CHB is seen in the Angiogram then there a need for surgery called as a Bypass surgery whereby a vein and artery are taken from the leg and chest and attached to heart to allow blood flow to be restored and so that the blocked arteries get bypassed.

If there is incomplete heart block then a “stent” can be used,which is a spring that is placed in the heart to open it up by pushing it upwards,thereby restoring blood flow.