CBOS full form

Meaning : Chesapeake bay observing system

Category : Geography
Sub Category : Places of interest

What does CBOS mean or stand for ?

CBOS is a collection of smaller data centers operated by dedicated users and small oceanographic institutes. Not only this,but there are various entities and independent organizations that make up the CBOS.

The Chesapeake bay area is one of the most advanced ecological natural water systems in the US.It has a vast array of aquatic life and a busting industrial area spearheaded by the shipping industry.Commercial fishing of Crabs and lobsters is highly concentrated in the area and the Chesapeake bay is also a hub of commercial activity.

Meaning : Give me your best shot

Category : Internet Chat
Sub Category : Slang

What does GMYBS mean or stand for?

GMYBS is used in a variety of situations,here are two possible ones.When Lucy and James were chatting online on an instant chat box – Lucy wanted to go for her college reunion and couldn’t decide what to wear. She sent few shots of her apparels to John , then John replied to her  GMYBS .

When John is studying with Lucy’s help and struggling to answer many questions, Lucy shout out to John  –  GMYBS.