CAFF full form

Meaning : Caffeine

Category : Food
Sub Category : Beverages

What does CAFF mean or stand for ?

CAFF is the chief ingredient of the most loved beverage in the world-.CAFF is used as a short form for caffeine and it has become such an integral part of our culture and life that we even use it on our instant messengers to chat about and made an acronym for it – CAFF.

Its almost like a drug for some of us the first thing in the morning, and our day does not start without it.I was referring to coffee which has a large dose of caffeine in it.This makes the heart pump faster,increases blood pressure. That’s what gives us that drive and extra “kick”.

The new rage of the next generation is however not coffee,but energy drinks.These beverages are high on Caffeine and Toluene.When mixed with an alcoholic drink can give you energy to dance the night away.So potent is the levels of caffeine in it that here have been several cases of cardiac arrest associated with large consumption of energy drinks.