C-SECTION full form

Meaning : Cesarean section

Category : Medical
Sub Category : Gynaecology / Prenatal

What does C – SECTION mean or stand for ?

C Section is a surgery is performed by a GYN РOBS and used to remove a baby directly from the uterus using an invasive procedure.A slit  6 inches wide is made on the bikini line to access the uterus.This method of childbirth is used alternatively to traditional vaginal birth if complications are foreseen.

The C Section scar remains for life and the recovery time after this procedure is 3 weeks to 6 weeks.Pain from the healing scar as well as the uterus which is stitched back can last for a little over 2 weeks.

In a way this type of childbirth delivery is less painful as compared to natural vaginal as it is done uder anaesthesia.