BEV full form

Meaning : Billion electron volts

Category : Physics
Sub Category : Electrical / Metric

What does BEV mean or stand for ?

BEV or also written as BeV is a unit of energy that a single electron has when it is accelerated from rest in a vacuum tube.An electron beam consists of million of these electrons that are high energy fast paced parcel.

BEV is the same as GigaElectron Volt – GEV.In numerical terms this is 10 raised to the power or 9 or 10 multiplied by itself 9 times.How did we measure this “Electron Volt”?

But Electron Volt is not a numerical measure and is only used in parlance.

In order to correctly ascertain the energy possessed by an electron,we use the formula E=qV.Where E is energy,Q is charge and V is the voltage.This Energy is now measured in Joules.