BEd full form

Meaning : Bachelor of Education

Category : Education
Sub Category : Qualification

What does B.Ed mean or stand for ?

BEd or B.Ed is a degree course that lasts a  duration 3 to 4 years depending on the university.It is a mandatory course requirement by schools for teachers.This degree is a certification that the teacher is fully trained in all forms of methods of classroom teaching,educational systems,verbal communication,child psychology and grading techniques.

Apart from this, other teaching skills are also taught in order to bring a certain level of standardization for all faculty members of an institution.

The BEd degree is post graduate program that needs to be done after completing either 14 or 15 years of education.Only teachers who wish to teach the higher grades in school need to do it,junior school teachers have a seperate Diploma/Degree that is required of them.

This is because there is huge difference in junior and senior school kids.Everything about them – from attention span,grasping power,intellect,retention capacity,mannerisms and mental prowess changes once they enter the teenage years.

After doing the BEd program the teachers are scored and according to the score, subject specialization and vacancies,they will receive teaching positions depending on their merit.Some teachers will get only temporary positions in schools and receive a daily salary as opposed to full time teachers who are on the roster and receive perks,benefits as well as a higher salary.