BBQ full form

Meaning : Barbecue

Category : Food
Sub Category : Cuisine

What does BBQ mean or stand for ?

BBQ is the short form for Barbecue and has been a method of cooking meats for millennia now.It involves slow roasting the meat on an open flame that is fueled by either coal embers,cooking gas or electrical.The original of course is the coal or wood roasted as these also give a distinct smokey and natural flavor to the meat.The BBQ is covered with a lid to contain the heat,flavor and juices.

Nowadays with so many vegans around,vegetables too are roasted.Anything from potatoes,aubergines,squash or broccoli and char grilled.

In order to prepare the feast,the meats are first marinated with basic condiments -salt,freshly ground pepper and then a “rub” is applied generously all over.This rub is a mixture of spices that are either store bought or can be concocted at home.

Red meats taste especially delicious when put in a barbecue and no garden party is complete without BBQ grilled beef burgers !