ARMY full form

Meaning : Armed Forces

Category : Military 
Sub Category : Faction

What does ARMY mean or stand for ?

Every country has an army but no one realised that ARMY is just the full form of armed forces.The army is part of the military wing that operates primarily on land.The Navy guards the waters around the country and the Air Force guards the airspace above the country.These three are collectively called as Armed Forces.

This defense is necessary to protect the country from neighbouring country invasions and terrorists.National security is of prime importance and every year billions are budgeted for the armed forces.

In the US,in addition to the three armed forces,there also exists a fourth known as the Navy Seals.These highly decorated faction of the military is so versatile and trained that they can fight on land as well as the waters.The Navy Seal training program is one the toughest courses in the world and very few make it through the grades to become Navy Seals.

The army has special powers too.In case of a crisis in the country like a civil war or an unstable government,the army can seize power of the country which is known as a “coup”.This is done in order to overthrow diplomacy.

Dozens of countries in the world,most notably the middle east and north africa have military dictators that were former generals of the Army.